We had a lot of wind damage to the roof of our home, and got some water into several of the rooms on the front part of the house. We have the infamous “Blue Tarp” on the top, and we are waiting on the FEMA “Blue Roof Program” to install a temp. roof on the front of the house. Our insurance adjuster has talked with us, but has not made it to our neighborhood yet. The main electrical connection to the house was pulled down and several cables snapped. The workshop did not sustain any damage!

The generator ran for 10 days without any trouble while providing power to all the lights, the ceiling fans, several small fans, 4 TV’s, computer, printer and the gas hot water heater controls. One of the more important items was the sewage pump.

Next time I will purchase a small window A/C unit. Several of my neighbors, with generators, did this. The transfer switch that we installed after Katrina was an excellent purchase. It allowed us to power everything that we wanted to run without any extension cords. We were limited to the size of the generator, and could not run anything that required 220 volts. My generator is 5000 Watts continuous power. I was very pleased with the setup. Barbara wants a larger generator that will run the A/C for the whole house! If I know my wife, we will have it shortly.

The Coleman generator, with B & S engine, is about 7-8 years old and we had never run it that long. I learned a valuable lesson. The generator has an automatic shutdown when the oil level gets down to half on the dipstick. Twice it stopped for no good reason and I went out and checked the oil and gas and filled the crankcase before starting it again. Both times it ran without any problem. A neighbor told me about the automatic shutdown. I use Mobil One oil in my generator and I changed oil once during the 10 day period, and after the final shutdown. I am ready for Hurricane Ike and the remainder of this hurricane season!

We would like to thank the electricians from Pike Electric, in Middle Tennessee, for the fine work that did in replacing two broken electrical poles and removing the trees from the power lines in our back yard to restore our electricity. We were in the area that had an estimate of 14-21 days, from Sept. 4th, to have our power returned. We got it back in 6 days from the estimate (10 days total).