Month: September 2008

Skip’s Racing Summer 2008

Glend McDonald, BMRT Honorary Member, past Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and who was a valuable member in good standing of Bracket Masters for eight years, passed away on Monday, Sept. 29, 2008, after having a motorcycle accident. Funeral Services will he held at Hall Davis & Sons Funeral Service, 9348 Scenic Highway, Baton Rouge, LA.,11:00 […]
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My purchase of a Louisiana Fortune 500 stock has done OK with all the ups and downs, along with the uncertainty of the market. Since gaining 6 points, it has given back 1 of those points.

I dropped in on the painter, unannounced, today. The car is sanded but not ready to paint. The painter is not working on the car at all. He is doing a very large, non-automotive, project and has put everything else on the back burner (turned down real low). I started back to work on the […]
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My power has returned, but my internet service is out, along with my telephone (I am on DSL for internet service), and my cable is still out. So, I would not have internet no matter what!

We had a lot of wind damage to the roof of our home, and got some water into several of the rooms on the front part of the house. We have the infamous “Blue Tarp” on the top, and we are waiting on the FEMA “Blue Roof Program” to install a temp. roof on the […]
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