¬†We got the engine back in Silas’s car and it is ready to start, as soon as we put the fluids into the engine and trans. Silas is out of town until Friday, but his brother, Leo, will help me start it and then they can make the car show. This was not an easy task. We ran into many problems, but solved all of them, one by one. Thank God!

I took the pan off of my engine (555 CID BBC) and inspected #4 rod bearing. It is perfect (8 runs + 13 dyno pulls). The inside of the engine was in great shape. No metal anywhere, except on the screen at the inlet to the oil filter, there were a very, very few metal flakes and just a little thread material from the white towels that I use to wipe things during assembly. I had one broken plug (on outside) on #3 cylinder and when I pulled it, most likely from the accident, it was very rusty on the end of the plug. The engine has been sitting with the spring tension taken off for almost two years (valves closed and plugs tight). I am going to pull the oldest of the two heads, since it has not been off since before the dyno testing. The other head is new, and was put on after the engine went to the dyno shop (It had been repaired and leaked after a full day of dyno testing. It could not be repaired by DART and I purchased a new one). I want to see what the cylinder walls look like.

The painter is not done with the car that was suppose to take only a week and a half. I knew better when I sent it. It is working out in my favor, gives me one more check to help pay for it.