Today is the big day for Camaro lovers like me. The 2010, Generation 5, model will be shown on CNBC and on the Chevrolet web site. GM announced the production date of, Feb. 16, 2009 as the day we will be able to purchase them. It will be called a 2010 model.

That’s me inside the 2010 Camaro! Mine will be a LT, 300 HP, V-6, VVT, DI in Pearl White with Tan interior!

Cartoon - Camaro 2010

I almost purchased a CTS back in February, with the 300 HP DI V6 engine. This Camaro has the exact same engine, in a lighter body, and will get an EPA 26 MPG on the highway using regular gas. I am waiting to place my order. This time I will get exactly the options I want (it may be 2010 before I take delivery).

Those of you that want to drive a 2010 6.2 L V8 BBC SS Camaro have a choice of 2 engines, ranging in HP from 395 to 422, using premium gas.

My first Camaro was a 1969 Z28, green with a pure white vinyl interior. In street trim, it ran 11.35 @ 116 MPH. I have owned two 1967 models, both of which were racecars, with engines ranging from 350 CID Small Block to 555 CID BBC. They have run times from 10.60 to 9.15 sec. My next 1967 Camaro creation should be better, quicker, faster and safer than the last one.