I removed the old power cable from rear to front, which was run through the passenger compartment of the car. I did not like that arrangement. That cable was too short to route it under the car, so I took it out.

That cable was made of red, fine stranded, 0/1 welding cable. It is very flexible and light. I took that cable and cut it into lengths to connect the two batteries in parallel and to hook up my new charging posts and on-off switch at the rear of the car. I made several ground connections with this same cable, after painting the ground cables black. So now I have all red positive (+) cables in the trunk and all black (-) ground cables.

If you have ever tried to find that same type of cable and the ring connectors (lugs) that go on the ends, you know what a job that is. The bottom line is, go to your local welding supply outlet, not the big box stores or even the electrical supply houses. All those other places sell is very heavy, large stranded, heavy, stiff, house cable.The rating and size are correct, but it is not suited for the race car. The only color available was black, so I have a black power lead going from the on-off switch to the starter relay in the front. My electrical system is going to be one of the best (other than Van’s system with gold plated connectors). I am satisfied with copper connectors/lugs.

I received my AN fittings today and ran the by-pass and vent for the fuel cell. I purchased a hose cutter, which works excellent, as long as you put one thin wrap of electrical tape on the braid before you cut it. I put 4 fittings on in the time it took to do one, earlier this week.

I started covering the opening where the fuel cell is going to reside. Now that I have my vent and by-pass lines run, I can complete that task. I took all the cables and the fuel cell out of the trunk for the painting. All of the ends of the hoses are capped off.

All I have to do is remove the old Lexan to be ready for the painter.

This has been a very good week.