The list has over 20 items and that does not include the engine and transmission pan removal and gut check to make sure everything is still OK. That will be done while the car is at the paint shop.

I completed running the fuel line and changed out some of the tie-wraps for hose clamps on the fuel line. Could not complete the bypass and vent. Sonny is on vacation until Friday, and I needed some AN fittings, so I ordered them to be safe. Not sure he has exactly what I need anyway.

I purchased new power cable to go from the trunk up to the front. Rounded up all my electronics, and the new switch panel. Found all the gauges for the dashboard.

Cleaned the complete inside of the car. Removed all the existing wiring, to be replaced with a complete new electrical system. Took all the decals off the outside and removed the glue. Now that it is totally yellow, I am sure I don’t want it to be yellow.

I also purchased some sheet metal to cover the fuel cell and the other openings in the trunk. Since I mounted the fuel pump directly behind the right rear tire, it needs to be be protected with some sheet metal also. I purchased some large heavy duty construction paper to make templates for my sheet metal panels.

I went to see the painter. The car will go into the paint shop on Aug. 4th. We decided on the deep blue/purple.

Testing in late October seems to be a good target.