When I removed the old fuel line, I discovered the section that I thought was rubber hose was actually rubber hose covering the copper line. Maybe for protection? Anyway, it’s gone now.

Making up hose ends is no fun, especially the cutting part (on braided line). Making the bracket for the fuel pump was fun. I used my welding machine for the first time in about two or three years. I had to make the bracket so that the pump would be lower than the fuel cell outlet. I made it out of 1/2″ square tube and 1/2″ x1/2″ angle iron (yes, I welded, cut and did some grinding inside the shop). The tube went straight up and down and the angle was horizontal at a 45 degree angle to the front of the car. I came out very good (for an amateur).

I had to break one of MY rules and use a 90 degree outlet on the fuel cell. I have been told to stay away from greater than 45 degree turns in the fuel system. This fuel cell has a #12 outlet that goes into the pump/filter. I think #12 line can stand a 90 degree bend! The discharge of the pump is #12, but it goes down to #10 to the front of the car where the regulator is. The outlet of the regulator is #8 to both bowls of the BG King Demon 1090 carb.

Today was a very good day! Maybe because Barbara and I went to Outback Steakhouse and had a wonderful dinner last night. I had the New York Strip, medium well, and she had the Baby back Ribs. My steak was perfect and her ribs were falling off the bone. Barbara and I married on Oct. 20, 1985 and we celebrate each month on the 20th by going out for dinner. It can be any place from McDonald’s to Ruth Chris, the place does not matter, just as long as we are with each other. In all those years we have only missed 3-4 months, mostly because of family crisis, but even then, we always try to have a happy 20th!