It was a grand and glorious celebration. His wife Joyce was great, as was all the children and grandchildren that got up to speak, and she cooked all the food for over 300 invited guest. It was good to hear so many good things about a person that I have always had the most respect for.

When United Drag Racers of New Orleans combined with Bracket Masters to put on the first two Louisiana Drag Classics, Mailman was the pillow of stability between the two groups. He insisted on having Mrs. Harris attend all of our planning meetings and made sure her voice was heard and respected as the only woman in the group.

Mailman also had one of the quickest Camaro’s at the track. He never failed to help fellow racers and was always there to give good advice.

Joyce and Mailman have been traveling around the country for the past month, only coming home to have the retirement party, and they will be going away again soon.

Louisiana Representative, William Jefferson stopped by to give Mailman a plaque for his 42 years of service to the United States Postal Service.

Camaro moves Into Workshop – 7/14/08 – Photos