We took the car to have an estimate on painting the car. For now, I have decided to paint the car blue/purple clearcoat with a fine metalflake, very close to the color of theĀ Camaro that was wrecked, but with no stripes. I may have some flames put on using graphics from Central Graphics in Central, LA. They have a variety of very nice flames and other graphics that you can apply or have them put on.

After returning from the painter, Jeremy and I decided to put the car in the workshop, assisted by Mrs. Barbara, who took all the photos above.

I will do some work that will not be effected by the painter, like install the fuel system and wiring, plus remove the old Lexan. The paint job will include putting on the front and rear fiberglass bumpers and the rear spoiler. I will deliver the car the first week in August and they estimate it should be done by mid-August (believe it when I pick it up).

I still have not finished the workbench, but to make my goal of having the car ready to test in October, I must get started. We will take a vacation while the car is being painted.