¬†Arthur had purchased a set of Weld Wheel Pro Star wheels that did not fit his dragster and he let me have them for almost 1/2 price. The wheels are 1/2″ off my present backspace, but I have a lot of room on both sides of my tires.

I talked to a painter Thursday and I will take the car to have an estimate done some time this week. This may set my date back, but when the car hits the track it should be looking good. Still undecided on the color. Thinking about making it the same as the last one (blue/purple) that was wrecked, or I may leave it yellow, which will cost less and be much quicker. I started to take some items off the car that I don’t want to get any over spray. I am going to let them do the Lexan, rear spoiler and front and rear fiberglass bumpers.

I got my wheelie bars back. They look good. They were done by Chad at Pro Powder Coating, 2912 Crater Lake Drive in Baton Rouge, (225) 248-9909.

I ordered a lot of items for the car this past weekend. Front rims, K&N Filtercharger (my old one got ruined in the wreck) and Muffler Inserts to pass the noise inspection for Super classes. Later, when I am really close, I will order seat belts and new tires, front and rear.

Today, 7/6/08, I did my first real work inside my new shop. I reworked one of my old BG King Demon Carbs. It is the removable sleeve type and it now flows 1025 CFM on a 4150 type base. Between the exhaust fan and the A/C unit, it was very comfortable and the air quality from the carb. cleaner was acceptable. So, everyone that said I would not do any work inside my shop, you lost your bet!!! [The car is still outside (smile)].