Month: July 2008

Accomplished a lot on the electrical system.

 I removed the old power cable from rear to front, which was run through the passenger compartment of the car. I did not like that arrangement. That cable was too short to route it under the car, so I took it out. That cable was made of red, fine stranded, 0/1 welding cable. It is […]
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Mounted the fuel pump and connected the short hose from the pump back to the fuel cell. I started to route the #10 fuel line from the front to the rear.

When I removed the old fuel line, I discovered the section that I thought was rubber hose was actually rubber hose covering the copper line. Maybe for protection? Anyway, it’s gone now. Making up hose ends is no fun, especially the cutting part (on braided line). Making the bracket for the fuel pump was fun. […]
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After waiting for months, my concrete pad next to the workshop is finally finished! It really looks good and the trailer (small) will be very happy there.

We took the car to have an estimate on painting the car. For now, I have decided to paint the car blue/purple clearcoat with a fine metalflake, very close to the color of the Camaro that was wrecked, but with no stripes. I may have some flames put on using graphics from Central Graphics in Central, […]
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