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August/Sept. 2010  

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Oct. 1, 2010 - I took "Mr. Skip" to SCR last night and ran in Super Pro $$$ bracket. It was good to get behind the wheel again. I really enjoyed driving again.

I came out of the trailer with a 9.18 @ 145 MPH. Everything was working excellent. Earlier in the day I changed out the starter (again), and it worked perfectly. All the shifts were good and the converter was doing its thing. On my second time trial, the car backed out of the lights when I pushed the T/B button, because I did it at idle. After that run, I went in a little deeper and I raised the RPM to just above 1500 RPM. That seemed to work.

In the first round I won because my opponent ran too quick. I was right at his front fender when we crossed the line, but my win light came on. In the second round I ran Charlie Robinson in his TDS Beretta I red lighted by -.018. Before the run, I had taken .030 out of the box. That's the way it goes.

The car ran 9.186; 9.163 and 9.173. Pretty good for not driving for about 4 months. I was very happy with the way the car ran and my driving.

Sept. 28, 2010 - I have thought about writing this entry for a while now.

Each morning when I get out of bed, before I start my busy day, I read my, "The Upper Room" Daily Devotional Guide. It helps me start each day off on the right foot.

Sometimes the daily meditation helps me with something that's going on in my life, and sometimes it makes no sense at all at the time I read it. Many times, before the end of the day, that devotional comes at me with full force and meaning.

My father read The Upper Room daily. If he forgot it, he would return home and read it. It was his protection. My dad was a Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff for 24 years before retiring and becoming a high school teacher (He needed The Upper Room more while teaching than while on the police force!).

When I read my daily devotional, sometimes I say to myself, "That would fit old *****, just fine. He needs to read this"! But I have come to the realization that, I am the one that needs it, I'm reading this for me. God is talking to Skip, not old So & So.

If the day's devotional is real good, sometimes I take the page out and put it in my Bible next to that day's Bible passage. The next time I am in that section of the Bible, I read that one over again and I seems to give me as much inspiration as it did the first time.

A day or two ago, I came upon one of my pages, dated, May 23, 2008. The title is: "Leadership". The Bible reading for that day came from Romans 12. That's the one where Paul talks about spiritual gifts. I have always been fascinated by gifted people, and I have often wondered what my gift is.

The devotional says, ...God doesn't call the qualified; God qualifies those called! Isn't that a profound statement? It goes on to say: The heroes of the Bible were ordinary people with typical human flaws and weaknesses. They show us that when it comes to serving in God's kingdom, we don's have to be spectacular-just available. Spiritual leaders are ordinary people, called and enabled by God.

My sermon for the quarter!

Sept. 27, 2010 - Saints lose to Falcons... Now that that is out of the way, the Saints can concentrate on winning the division, getting a bye in the play-offs, home field advantage and another trip to the Super Bowl!

Have you seen the weather forecast for this coming week in Baton Rouge? BR Weather. Wow! Fantastic!

Sept. 25, 2010 - LSU Won Again! Southern University did not make out so well, losing to Alabama A&M.

I spent about an hour at SCR today. Not much to talk about. I hope the promoters of this race will put more effort into advertising the race the next time. It would have been nice to know that the race was 1/8 mile, Pro-Tree start and heads-up (with some negotiated exceptions).

Sept. 24, 2010 - There is a Grudge Race at State Capitol Raceway tomorrow (Sat.), along with a regular Test & Tune. Gates open at 4:00 pm.

Sept. 20, 2010 - Saints 25 - 49's 22.
Yesterday I purchased a #12 Saints jersey, Colston, and wore it all day! Go Saints!

Sept. 17, 2010 - After looking at the weather forecast, 95 degrees on Sat., I decided to stay home and watch football. I haven't made up my mind on Sunday, after church,
7 - 9 AM.

Sept. 16, 2010 - I am thinking about going 1/8 mile racing at SCR this Saturday. That will be different. In the past, I have enjoyed 1/8 mile Index racing. I like the "Heads-Up" racing. The Battle on the Bayou is coming up soon. We should see some good Index Racing there. This race on Sat. will be a regular bracket race. The car is ready.

I may go see the finals at NPRP on Sunday (Cajun Sportsman Challenge - Sept. 17th -19th). That race is usually well attended by the national sportsman racers. Should be a good race to watch. If I had a stocker or a true TS car, I would participate. I have learned over the years that I don't care to run in the "Super" classes.

It was nice to hear from my friend and former driver of "Masterpiece", Wallace Keese, over the weekend. Wallace is a college administrator at Ft. Valley State University.

Sept. 14, 2010 - First of all, I would like to thank all the readers that have visited this site since we put it up last year.

Web site stats for Mr. Skip Racing dot Com. During the past 8.5 months, we have had over 2600 unique visitors from all over the world. Those unique visitors only get counted once per month. We are averaging around 30 unique visitors per day. Those visitors have come to the site over 6200 times. They have looked at over 30,000 pages and accumulated over 143,000 hits.

We are very happy that those of you that visit, keep coming back. I try to document as much as I can about this racing operation that is important or that someone can learn something from, especially my mistakes and errors.

The site helps me more than you can imagine. When things start to go wrong, as they often do in drag racing, I can always look back at my records and what I have written and get back to a point when we were running good. Sort of like the Pro's having a combination that they know will get them qualified.

Over the years, since 1989, I have been keeping a log book with information just like you see here, only much more detailed. I still have a lot of data on my old SBC engines and the original "Masterpiece" Camaro. Back then I used college ruled notebooks and all entries were by hand. The shift to the computer has made my log keeping much easier.

I still keep a Drag Racing Log Book with all my individual run information. A very big help, that was bought to my attention earlier this year is, 1320 GO Live Timing. It is available at State Capitol Raceway, but not at all tracks. The home page for 1320 Go has a list of participating tracks. State Capitol put it in during Nitro Jam 2010, so all my runs at State Capitol, including time trials on Friday, eliminations on Friday, eliminations on Saturday and Test & Tunes on Sunday are available. It helps me with the log book information. You get all the information in time slip, plus format and all the weather information at the time of the run, plus all of your split times in one place. Everything is calculated for you. There are a lot of other good sections to the site that help with analyzing your cars performance for a day or for all of your runs at that track. If you are a stats nut, like me, you will love 1320 Go! I forgot to mention that you can track all your friends and opponents information too. This is a subscription site, but the fee is low for what you get for one annual fee of $20.00 for one track.

Sept. 9, 2010 - I was at No Problem Raceway Park last night (Wed.), and there seemed to be no ill-effects from the oil well blow-out that I could see. Everyone was getting down the track with "No Problem".


Sept. 4, 2010 - SCR

Sept. 5, 2010 - SCR

YouTube Video:

Silas Rogers, Jr. Nova

Charlie Robinson - Top Doorslammer Winner 9/4/10

Various Bracket Racers
State Capitol Raceway Sat. - 9/4/10

Various Sunday Racers
State Capitol Raceway
Sunday - 9/5/2010

Sept. 5, 2010 - Congratulations to Reggie Jackson of Jackson & Jackson Racing. His new dragster turned an 8.08 sec. ET today at SCR!

Congratulations are in order for Charlie Robinson and his Lumina. He won the Saturday Top Doorslammer event at SCR!

I have some video and photos of some of the cars at the two day Labor Day Race at SCR. It will be posted later this coming week.

The weather is coming around. I can feel it in the morning air. Can it be long before I am back in the drivers seat? That drivers suit feels good when the temp. drops into the 50's and 60's.

Kevin should be testing his truck, with his new motor, shortly. I promised him I would help him with his truck and it looks like that time is here.

Sept. 3, 2010 - Been very busy, Liz is home and doing very well. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.

Barbara had her "Social Security" birthday on the 1st. We took time out from caring for Liz to go and have a nice romantic dinner for two at Dursilla Seafood.

Since I am home bound, I took time to clean all the ground connections on the car and the battery posts. There is nothing else to do on the car except wipe and shine.

I just read an article about a new transmission pan that has an O-ring seal and is made of some new type of aluminum that is not suppose to leak. This has been a problem of mine for a long time. I have used almost every type of gasket, silicone, The Right Stuff and anything else that I thought would seal it. Nothing ever worked. Now I find out that some aluminum trans. pans have "porosity", or super small holes in the casting. That is, most likely, why I could never find, or stop, the leaks! We are only talking, three or four drops per week. I am going to get one of those new pans.

I had been having trouble with my track generator the last two times we went to the track. I cleaned the carb., the gas tank and the lines from the tank to the carb. I did not know there is a small valve directly under the gas tank on my generator. This is where I think my problem was. Everything is working just fine now. The generator starts and runs excellent.

The weather is trying to get better. The humidity is a lot lower and the temp. has dropped from the mid-90's to the low 90's. To a lot of you around the country, that does not seem like much, but to us, it is a big difference.

Don't know what I am going to do this weekend for the race car. I will see how Liz is doing and what I may have to do.

Aug. 30, 2010 - Little Liz is doing fine! She is due to be released from the hospital tomorrow. She still has over 4 weeks of recovery to go.

If we had gone to Hilton Head, SC, we would be looking at hurricane Earl around Thursday of this week. I am happy that we did not go.

Aug. 28, 2010 (Late) - Liz is back in her room. Surgery went well. Now the long recovery. The doctor and our family are happy with the way it turned out. Praise God!

Aug. 28, 2010 - We were suppose to be on vacation, starting today. We were going to Hilton Head Island, SC. We had to cancel the vacation because our grand daughter, "Liz", has been in the hospital since Weds. of this week and she is going to have surgery tonight. Please say a prayer for Liz, that she comes through it OK.

Since we cancelled the vacation, I may be able to run in one, or both races this coming weekend at State Capitol Raceway. It is still too hot to think about running in Top Doorslammer on Saturday, but we will "represent" in Super Pro.

Christians say that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Although I was not suppose to be here on Sunday for our annual Men's' Day Program, I went to Male Chorus practice anyway, just to show support. Now I will be able to participate and I have practiced all the songs. Thank God!

Aug. 27, 2010 - No Problem Raceway Park sent this update to the racing schedule today:

Wed, September 1
Test & Tune
Racers $20, Spectators $10, Gates 5 pm, Racing 6-10 pm

Thurs, September 2
Two Wheel Thursday (M/C and ATV's only)
M/C Racers $20, Spectators $10, Gates 5 pm, Racing 6-10 pm

Fri, September 3
Trophy Bracket Race
Racers $20, Spectators $10, Gates 5 pm, Racing starts at 6 pm

Sat, September 4
Pro TnT (slick tire cars only)
Racers $40, Spectators $10, Gates 4 pm, Racing 5-12

Midnight Madness 8-midnight
Racers $20, Spectators $10, Gates 7 pm, Racing 8-12

Aug. 25th (Late) - Started up engine. After removing the start retard and the timing retard, the car started and ran very well.

The loose wire that I found going to the 2-step, must have been the problem. I tested the trans-brake and 2-Step and everything worked perfect.

Aug. 25, 2010 - I may have ruined a Optima Red Top battery by leaving it on high charge all night. It still indicates good, but it was smelling bad and very hot.

The oil well that is keeping NPRP closed has stopped spewing oil, gas and sand all over the place. The manager of NPRP has been on TV again, talking about having to move out of his home, which is right at the entrance to the track. We still don't know the effects of the debris that has fallen on the track.

We have said a prayer for all of the people that have been effected by the blow-out and we hope they get back to normal very soon.

I found a loose lead on the 2-Step, between the MSD and the Delay Box. This is why the car was leaving on the converter.

After talking to Silas Rogers, who reminded me about something I told him a couple of years ago ("Keep it simple"), I have decided to remove the two most recent additions to the electronics on the car. The Start Retard, which was not recommended by MSD Technical anyway, and the Automatic Timing Retard Module. I have not run any better with them, and the car does not start any better than it did.

It will not be easy. The two items consist of, in addition to the two units, a relay and an extra RPM Activated Switch. There was a lot of wiring and thought that went into these two projects. I will disconnect everything, rewire it back to normal, remove the modules and switches.

I still cannot believe my MPH has not gone up with the addition of the 4.30 gears. The RPM crossing the line has decreased much more than I thought it should have. It is time to get out my computer programs and see what the predicted speed and RPM should be. I will also jack the car up and count the tire revolutions for one rev. of the drive shaft to make sure I really have a 4.30 gear. Too bad I did not count the teeth before I installed it. Lesson learned.

Most people that I talk with seem to think the car is running just great, 9.23 @ 144 MPH, in this 97 degree and 80+% Humidity weather. If you think about it, it has only slowed down from 8.93 in excellent weather, 68 degrees and 42% Humidity, to 9.23 in very bad weather. That's just 3 tenths.

I went to several on-line calculators and they all agree that I am running the MPH and RPM that I should be, given the weight and times. I only have 700 HP to the rear wheels.

I have not been driving, but I can see the car is not near as violent as it was before the gear change. That's a good thing!

Last Weekend - Free Admission  All August Events at State Capitol Raceway - Click and copy this ticket for free admission to this weekend events at SCR!

Aug. 21, 2010 - Just returned from the track. We were not even close to my prediction! The best time was off the trailer at 9.23 @ 144 MPH.

We did discover that the 2-step is not working and we have been leaving on the converter (5800 RPM). I will have that fixed by the time we return to the track.

We ran in Super Pro 1/4 mile tonight. We lost in round one, bought back and lost in round two. I will take full responsibility, since I did the wiring and I did the dial-in. Kevin did his part. He is getting better each week.

Aug. 20, 2010 - I saw the owner of NPRP on the news last night. The track is closed until further notice. They are not planning to take the oil well owners to court, so I am guessing there is no damage at the track, which is a good thing.

I am predicting a 9.10 @ 150 MPH tomorrow at SCR!

Aug. 19, 2010 - Kevin's IHRA License arrived this week! He is happy, to say the least. Whenever No Problem has a chance to open again, we will go down there and make our NHRA license passes.

The oil well blow-out in the front door of NPRP track is a real stroke of bad luck. In one way it is a blessing. They had scheduled a down period for 8/22 - 8/31 anyway, so they are losing just over a week of racing (so far). Predictions for when the well will be capped are not too good. There may be some more major down time for No Problem after the 31st. I hope there is no oil settling on the track that might make them have to resurface the track (Thinking out loud, would that be a good thing, or not?). Keep an eye on the NPRP web site for their real re-opening date.

If it doesn't rain this weekend, we will take the car to State Capitol Raceway to the big bracket race on Saturday. We need to get into running with the big boys. I especially want to run on the track after it has been prepared for real fast cars and there is a lot of good rubber on the track. We will run in Super Pro, using "Crosstalk", to try to give Kevin some more real world practice at setting the box.

Because I have been doing this so long, I forget just how much stuff it is to learn and remember. From the head of the staging lanes, to the being ready for the lights to come down, is a lot of stuff to do. The key to winning is, have a set routine that you follow each time, run your own race, know matter who is in the other lane.

Once we get the starting line routine down pat, then we will start thinking about how to, "drive the finish line".

I expect mistakes, but they will be used as teaching opportunities and learning platforms. We will try to have some improvement each week, or month, until we get to the winners circle.

Aug. 15, 2010 - We took "Mr. Skip" to SCR Friday night and Kevin got some more seat time. He made two time trials, 9.28 and 9.23 @ 144 MPH. The last two passes were in S/P Trophy eliminations. We won the first round and lost in the finals to Mr. Troy Collins in his little Vega. Troy had a 9.12 on a 9.14 (.006 R/T) , but we had a red light when Kevin got a little deep into the staged light. We got the R/U trophy.

It was the first time Kevin got to experience "crosstalk", when we ran an 11 second Mustang in the first round and won.

Again, the car ran perfect all night. Kevin is learning a lot in a very short time. Barbara and I feel we made the right decision to ask Kevin to drive our car.

I still don't think we are getting the right MPH out of the car with the new gear. We may have found the problem, which is the new air pan that I fabricated and put on top of the carb. The next time out, we will run without the air pan, with no other changes. We are only crossing the line at 6600 RPM. I think I should be closer to 7000-7200 RPM.

Kevin has reported that he thinks the car is too rich on the top end for the past two weeks. Restricted air flow would result in a rich condition. My plugs are always dark.

I talked to Brandon about modifying my hood scoop to allow me to put my 4" K&N air filter on under a fwd. facing scoop. PHOTOS

Aug. 13, 2010 - All events for No Problem Raceway Park have been Cancelled for this weekend, Aug. 13th and 14th, due to the oil well blow-out!

Aug. 12, 2010 - I installed the requested trans-brake button on the steering wheel today. It works well. I put in 5 second delay to prevent inadvertent actuation before shifting into high gear.

Aug. 7, 2010 - Last night Kevin completed ALL of his IHRA license passes. The car was perfect again, and Kevin did his job to perfection too. The weather cooperated and there were not too many cars at the track and that allowed us to get all the runs in before 10:30 pm.

The paperwork is in the mail and Kevin should have his license in just over a week.

Kevin's last two full passes were; 9.28 @ 144 mph and 9.24 @ 145 mph. The car went straight as an arrow.

We are not getting the MPH that I thought we would get with the new 4.30 gear. Kevin thinks we have too much jet in the carb, which could be the problem. I did go from 87 square to 90 square at the same time that we changed the gear. The plugs did look somewhat dark last week when I checked them.

Today I checked the valve lash on all the valves. We are moving the Trans-brake button to the steering wheel, which will be better for Kevin. Our fix on the drive shaft leak did not work. I will try again, using "The Right Stuff", or "Mega Gray". The other gray silicone did now work, or I did not use enough.

Don't forget the free admission tickets to State Capitol Raceway. They are good for ALL events at SCR this August! FREE ADMISSION Print off as many as you need and present them at the gate. One for each adult.

Aug 5, 2010 (late) - The car is back on the ground and ready to go into the trailer.

The month of August at State Capitol Raceway is free for adults and children. Just copy the ticket from their website for the adult ticket and present it at the gate. This covers all events during the month of August.

Aug. 5, 2010 - Here is a problem that I don't think a whole lot of people know about. I had a very small leak coming from the rear end of my transmission. I just assumed it was the rear seal in the tail shaft. I even changed the seal once. I continued to have the leak. After careful inspection and cleaning up that area, I discovered the leak was not coming from the seal but was in the area of the front universal joint on the drive shaft.

My first thought was, how could that be? Kevin had seen this before and so had "Mr. Willie". The problem is, most likely, a pin-hole in the bottom (inside) of the spline area of the yoke that holds the front U-joint and slips onto the transmission output shaft.

I was instructed to clean everything real good and to put some silicone down, inside, in the bottom of the spline area of the yoke. This should stop the leak. We shall see.

Kevin and I had a very good practice session on the "Tree" last night. We practiced both on the regular "500" tree and using "Crosstalk", with him leaving last. We put a blinder up so we could not see the other persons lights, just the pre-stage and staged lights. We even had a tall partition between us so we could not see when the other person activated his side of the tree. He did real good (and consistent) by the end of the night. I did so good it made me want to get back in the car!

We downloaded the forms from and filled out all the paperwork to be able to make our IHRA license passes this Friday night at State Capitol Raceway. Since we do not need a medical exam for IHRA license, we will get that first then get his NHRA license later this year after getting the medical exam.

Aug. 1, 2010 - I would like to wish fellow racer, Ronnie "FoFo" Foret, owner/driver of "The Black Beast 69' Camaro", all the best and a speedy return to the track.

FoFo was involved in a very hard brush with the wall at SCR on Friday, July 30, 2010. He walked away, but the car was in very bad shape.

There is a series of photos and a couple of good write-ups on the accident on Message Board. Ronnie wrote about what happened, lessons learned and posted the photos.

July 30, 2010 - The new driver is, Kevin "Outlaw" Gray! Only one person guessed correct on who the new driver would be. Good guess Shannun Walker of Texas.

Kevin gets cap.  Outlaw  Skip Instructs

Everything went right last night. The car ran perfect, in fact, when we got home, Barbara commented that we did not take the hood off all night. We filled the gas tank once. All the wiring changes, rear end change and other things that we tweaked worked out fine.

I was so proud of Kevin. He got more confident as the night progressed. After the two allotted time trials, I asked if he wanted to wait until after round two for another time trial, or did he want to go into eliminations. Before he could answer, I said, "Let's go into round one of Electronic Trophy", and away we went.

We were blessed to get a bye in round one. Before the night started, "A. J.", the SCR Tech Inspector, said we could only make 1/2 track passes at full throttle. We did that on the first two run and ran 11.46 and then 10.84. I dialed in 10.50 for round one. On the bye run Kevin was "feeling it" and stayed in it a little too long and ran a 9.999 sec. at 99.94 MPH.

There was three cars left after round one and we got to run Dave Walker in his little 9 second truck in the semi-finals. We dialed in 10.00 and Dave had 9.98 on his window. We should have left first, but due to having the delay box set for me, we were a little late and Dave went into the finals. All in all, it was an excellent night.

I was so excited and happy that I forgot all about the 97 degree heat (my weather station said, 107 degrees F, but it is always a few degrees high). Not having to put on the drivers suit is a big plus for me not doing the driving.

This week Kevin and I will spend a lot of time on the practice tree to get the Reaction Time down to a respectable number. Now that he has actually "been into combat", we can work on some of the little things. Kevin is a quick learner and Barbara and I are very happy with our choice.

Father's Day Race Photos!



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