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Winter - Spring 2016

 1st Qtr. 2014   2nd Qtr. 2014    
3rd Qtr. 2014
  4th Qtr. 2014

1st Qtr. 2015   Summer - 2015
Fall - Winter 2015

Mr Skip Win Round 2 in Super Pro -7-9-16

Mr. Skip Wins Round 3 in Super Pro-7-9-16

Mr. Skip Loses To Reggie Jackson's Mopar Dragster in Rd. 4 of Super Pro - 7-9-16

Mr. Skip Launch
(20 shot sequence) - July 9, 2016


Photos From Fun Friday at SCR - 7-8-2016


Photos From Test & Tune - July 6, 2016 At SCR.

Photos - July 1, 2016 @ SCR - BG/BG Pro-Mod and L'il Charlie's Pro-Mod Testing

Photos From Friday - Sat. June 24/25, 2016 at SCR

Fathers Day Classic - 2016

The day started out well, with Outlaw swapping out my starter. We checked out the rest of the car and did not find anything else wrong.

The only problem was the unbearable heat. I almost passed out and had to stay under the A/C in the trailer for several long periods. Heat and old age do not mix well.

The Bracket Masters Racing Team did a good job on the race. After cars slowly trickled in, we actually had a very good turn-out.

We ran in Top Doorslammer and qualified with a 5.673 on the 2nd pass. We lost in the 1st round on a double red light start for both drivers.

We bought back into Super-pro and we were matched up with Patrick Allen's Camaro again. This time it was a different story as we won the round when they went a little too quick and "Outlaw" ran a 5.650 on a 5.64 dial-in.

After winning rounds 2 and 3, we ended up having to run my good friend Reggie Jackson in his Mopar Dragster. Reggie beat us when we went too quick with a 5.638 on a 5.64 dial-in. That ended out night, but we had lots of fun and the car ran super and Outlaw was on his game. Video: Mr. Skip Loses To Reggie Jackson's Mopar
July 11, 2016 .


Mr. Skip Friday Prep For Fathers Day Classic - July 8, 2016

I went to the track with the intention of getting some competition seat time before the Fathers Day Classic. The car had been idle since mid- June and nothing had been changed, just charge the batteries and put in gas. We checked all the fluids and made sure everything was in working order.

Time trials went well. We ran a 8.968 @ 150.25 MPH in 87 degree F heat, with 67% Hum., which was very good for us. I was very happy. The 1/8 mile time was, 5.721 @ 121.2 MPH. Good enough to qualify in Top Doorslammer.

We made one more time trial before eliminations and that was a 8.921 @ 150.3 MPH with a temp of 84 degrees F and 71% Hum. Again, we were pleased. All of the runs for the whole weekend were made by "Outlaw".

In eliminations, we won round 1 and lost to Patrick Allen's son in the second round. That was a very good race and the the Margin of Victory was .0041 sec.. We ran dead on with an eight (5.648) and they had a dead on, 5.553 and we had actually cut a better light, thus the narrow MOV.

All four passes were straight down the track and we did not have a problem, until I tried to put the car in the trailer. The starter drive shaft broke!

Outlaw loaned me his starter from his truck and he changed it out in about 15-20 min. on Sat. morning before the big race started.
July 11, 2016

Mr. Skip - Friday Night Testing - June 17, 2016

The Air Damn works very well! We ran in 88 degree late afternoon weather, with 68% Humidity and we had a 8.98 @ 149 MPH. We were vary happy. There were no other changes from 2 weeks ago. Later that evening, with the temp about the same, we had a 8.91 @ 150 MPH in the left lane (1/8 time was, 5.66 @ 121 MPH).

The Fathers Day Classic was rained out. It has been rescheduled to: July 9, 2016 at State Capitol Raceway.
June 20, 2016.

We Are Ready To Go!

We finished the Air Damn and checked it out as much as possible in the shop, but what we really needed was a test hit at the track. I did not want to take a chance last Friday night, due to the rain, although they did run at SCR.

Everything seems to be falling into place for the Fathers Day Classic. Now all we have to look at, and pray for, is the weather.

Gary says the parking will be open, 1st come 1st served on Saturday. That's good.

Looks like some cars that have not run in a while will be ready for this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing the new car of Lloyd and Bryan Gaines run. I know two more that should be ready, but they may want to surprise folks. People will be working around the clock and keeping one eye on the sky
June 14, 2016.

Working on Air Flow To The Carburetor.

We decided to put the air damn back under the carburetor to stop the hot air from under the hood from entering the carb..

Before we ran on last Sunday, 5/22/15, we looked at two plugs and determined that we were in the ball park on jets. Right now we have 100/102 and the plugs are light brown. The temps. have been in the mid-80's and high 70's for most of our runs these past few weeks.

Between Outlaw and myself, we cut and fit a nice piece of Lexan to go under the carburetor. It is just like the one I had before the old hood deiced to take a flight. With temps. getting back into the Summertime 90's, we will probably have to re-jet too. I will not play with the jets until we make a couple of good passes and pull plugs again.

I worked on a small rear end oil leak and found a hair-line crack around the passenger side tube that goes into the differential. I sealed it with "The Right Stuff" for now. Next time the rear end is out, I will have it welded 360 degrees.
June 2, 2016


"Outlaw" and the Mr. Skip Camaro are Runner-Up In Top Doorslammer, Sat. May 21st.!

What a day! The car was right on and Kevin was driving his heart out. After our two time trials, we won round one, eliminating Double D Electric who had beat us many times in the past couple of years. In round two we took out the top man in points when Outlaw had a .000 Reaction Time and ran just a little over his dial-in. In round three we took out "The Wizard" on a red light start. We got a bye into the final and we red-lighted by -.003 against Mo-Jo in their little gray Beretta.

We had a excellent day! Sunday was good also, although we only one one round, the car ran good and we did not hurt anything. We are ready to run!
May 23, 2016


Friday Night At The Track

The crew, Barbara, Outlaw and I, took the car out, mainly for testing of the new delay box. We had put the same numbers in that we had in the old box and we had sat and tested as much as we could in the shop and once Outlaw arrived, we tested at the track. One thin that we did that I think effected a lot of what happened later, was to test the "Driver Reaction Tester". Kevin practiced on that for a few tries and got his numbers down quite a bit using the installed trans-brake button on the steering wheel.

After getting familiar with all the new settings and the screens, we went up for our first time trial. Kevin had a -.010 red light, but the car ran real good putting down a 8.90 @ 149. MPH. We were very happy. The car went straight and everything worked as it should have.

The second time trial was not much better with a -.006 red light, even after putting .012 in the box! The car ran a 8.88 @ 152 MPH. So the car is consistent.

In eliminations, we did not do well. After the burn-out we had trouble getting in position and we had some wheel spin and our 60' time was way off of the previous times and we lost.

All in all, it was a very good night, everything worked and we came home with nothing to work on.
May 17, 2016

Ready To Roll

Yesterday I started the engine, warmed it up and set my valves. Most were right on, but I had to make slight adjustments to 2-3 on each side, except #8 exhaust valve was about .006 off of the setting. I will keep an eye on it. Most likely it was my mistake from the last setting.

The batteries are charged, the gas tank is full and everything is ready to go for Friday testing.

I painted the floor of the trailer again, using some non-skid in some clear ploy-uterine paint. It came out real nice.

Looks like the weather will be nice for this Friday. Barbara and I missed last weeks race. We attended a funeral in Stuart, Florida.
May 12, 2016


Electrical System Enlightenment

I have learned something about my car electrical system that some of you may already know, but it is new to me.

During testing of the new box, I found some continuity that I did not understand. To make a very long story shorter, I found that my alternator completes a ckt. through the case of the alternator back to the grounded side of the system. It is very, very high ohmic value, but it does show up on a multi-meter.

Before I figured that out, I had disconnected most of the +12V wiring I had done on the new delay box installation. In fact, I had to go to sleep and dream about it before I decided to take the alternator out of the ckt. (turn off switch in trunk). When that was done, everything tested as it should have.

I cleaned all of my grounds and all of my battery connections while I was troubleshooting. The battery disconnect switch was replaced also.

Today I set up all my screens in the new delay box. It has a reaction time tester built in also. Lots of fun, but the numbers are confusing. I had to go to my instructions for my Final Round IV reaction tester (Practice Tree) to help understand what the numbers were telling me (Drivers Reaction Time).
April 30, 2016


The New Box Works!

The new box is installed and tested, as much as can be done in the shop. I will take it to the track and finish the testing.

There are some features that I have not connected yet. None of the Tach functions are hooked up and the shift function is not connected. These still work from the old RPM Activated Switch.

I have made the decision to order a new Throttle-Stop to fit under the Carburetor. I will go with the electric unit, unless someone can tell me why it should be air operated (I already have a air shifter but I really don't feel like dealing with the air lines.
April 29, 2016

New Delay Box

I started to install a new, Mega 350 Digital Delay, delay box last night. First I want to share a Facebook post from BG_BG on his new car. This is "Awesome". Can't wait to see it go down the track:

(click Here For Post)

you may have to sign into your Facebook account.

Back to the delay box. This is a lesson in listening to your driver. Last year in February, Outlaw made a pass in eliminations and left as soon as the bottom staged light came on. He said the box did not work right. I drove the car and everything worked as it should have, so I blew it off. Two weeks ago, I had the same thing happen to me and I know I did everything right. We determined the problem is low voltage to the box. The box works great when the voltage is above about 11.8 volts. Below that, it flashes to warn you of the low voltage condition. If I had a 16 volt system, this would not be a problem. The new box has many features that my old one does not have. The best feature is the "back-lit display". Now we will not have to use a flashlight at night. I called Outlaw and told him he was right, over a year ago, and we needed a new delay box. I had already purchased the unit back in February of 2015 and It has been on the shelf for all this time. Today the installation will be completed and I hope to test in the near future.
April 26, 2016

Working On Car

I gapped, indexed and installed a new set of NGK-7 plugs and made up a full set of MSD, 8.5mm, spark plug wires. I took the old set of Autolite plugs out and cleaned them up, set the gap again and put them back up for emergency use. I also have a full set of emergency use spark plug wires.

I changed the oil and oil filter Seven qts. of Lucus Syn. 10W-50 and a Fram HP4 Racing oil filter. I added about a pint of gear oil to my rear end.

Looking at the plugs that came out, we may be too rich. One of my friends observed some black smoke during the last burn-out, which would indicate a rich condition. We did have 94 jets and a power-valve in the front. We have 102 jets in the rear (1250 CFM Carb.). We removed the power-valve, put in a plug and 100 jets. Temperatures are starting to climb back up and the jets need to be cut back some anyway. I have to run some tests to determine what is best for the new combination. For now, we will leave it alone, since the last pass was so good, giving us the best MPH ever. I will make a full pass and pull a couple of plugs at the top end of the track and that will tell me exactly what I need to do.
April 22, 2016 update


Div. 4 IHRA Race Photos (Sunday) 4/17/16


All My Stuff Is Here!

I got my jets, rotor, cap and wires today. Started on the wire assembly. Don't know if I will make it to the race this weekend. Barbara is sick and I will be taking care of her. I am not too turned on by this race anyway. If I had been able to get some practice in on the .400 pro tree (Quick Rod), I would have felt much better about it. No since just giving away money with no chance of winning anything.

I have been asked to show the car at an event on the Southern University campus on April 24th. That will be my next outing for the car. After that I may not run until Father's Day. I wonder where they will let Bracket Masters team park this year. Out in the trees I suppose, with cones at all the good spots and no cars in them.
April 14, 2016


We Finally Made It To The Track!

After months of trying to get there, Friday finally got here. I arrived in time to get one of the parking spots behind the tower, on the grass, that had not been reserved yet (not ten minutes passed before the cones were all around me). The orange cones were everywhere!

I decided to drive, and Outlaw was my pit crew. Things went downhill from there. The first pass was bad because I did not press the T-brake button and the car rolled through the lights. The second pass was much better, but I had a horrible light, .156 RT, and just as I crossed about the 1000' line, there was a big "pop", but everything was good after that. That was the start of our weekend troubles.

We looked at everything under the hood but did not change anything. In the first round of Super Pro Money, I lost to Bubba, in his 5.28 sec. green Camaro. The car did not run the number and I had a bad light. The engine seemed to be holding back. I thought it may be the power valve in the carburetor. We put the car up for the night, still not making our minds up about running on Saturday.

We decided to run on Saturday and I decided to let Outlaw drive (we will talk about that later).

First thing Saturday morning, I replaced the power valve with a plug and increased the front jet by 8 steps, up to 100. We have 102 in the back but I don't have any 102 jets.

Outlaw made the first qualifying pass for Top Doorslammer and had a 5.73 @ 120 MPH, but the engine was missing and popping going down the track. At least we qualified!

Outlaw decided to check the ignition system, which included cleaning the rotor, cap and checking all the wires. The MSD wires should read approximately 40-50 ohms/ft. Number 1 wire was open (zero continuity). We went to several racers trying to find a spark plug wire. Pat Rauch, another Top Doorslammer driver, had a extra set of wires and gave us one.

We made our 2nd time trial and this one was worse than the first pass. Outlaw decided to change all of the plug wires. Pat gave us the complete set of spark plug wires and we were ready for the 1st round. (Thanks Pat, we really appreciate the help!)

I will give you one guess on who we ran in the first round! Pat Rauch was our opponent! We both had a good laugh and wished each other the best before the race.

After all that work, the engine still did not perform correct and we decided to change all the plugs.

We found 2 cracked plugs. I had an old set of spark plugs, from years ago, a set of Autolite's that had been in the trailer for years after running in my 555 for almost a year. They were kind of rusty, but cleaned up good and we set the gas. We put them in and went and asked for a time trial. By now it was after the 2nd round and they let us make a solo time trial. The car ran, 8.786 sec. @ 152.41 MPH, the best MPH we had ever run in the 1/4. The 1/8 time was 5.591 @ 123.27 MPH. That was probably due to those 100/102 jets in the 1250 Carb. We were super happy!

When we changed the plugs, we found 2 cracked plugs and that was the reason for the loss of power and all the popping. We had been running on 6 cylinders!

I came home and purchased two new sets of wires, a new set of plugs and a new rotor and cap, just in case.
April 12, 2016


Big Racing Weekend At Both Tracks!

No Problem Raceway has the Division 4 Championship race this weekend, April 7-10, 2016. If you like NHRA Class racing, this is the place for you. You will see some of the best Sportsman Racers in the division.

State Capitol Raceway has their "Bracket Bash", April 8-10, 2016. The areas best Top Doorslammers and Quick 16 cars will be racing.

I plan on going to SCR on Friday and running there on Saturday. I will go watch at NPR on Sunday, after church.
April 6, 2016


Preparing For The Weekend

Today I started the car, checked the trans. fluid and listened to everything run. Everything seems to be perfect. Can't wait to get out there for the 1st time this season.

Looks like some rain today and Thursday, but should clear early Friday. I will try to get out there early on Friday, since I don't have an assigned space.

Seems the word on purchasing parking spaces did not get out to everyone at the same time. I only heard about it in early March, and that was from a fellow racer. The spaces went up for sale the first week in February. I can see a lot of problems with the spaces, but I will wait and see. Out of town racers will be really at a loss for where to park and will be moving a lot (just like I had to do at Hattiesburg the last time I ran there). The grass and back under the trees is the only place to park for free, I think.

The SCR web site should have a map on where the assigned spaces are located, or where the free space is located. Either one would help.

I may have to get over my phobia on running at No Problem Raceway. Since I wrecked down there, I have only run my car there once. I am positive that my wreck was caused by my rack & pinion coming loose from the left wheel attachment point. There was nothing wrong with the track. I just...
March 30, 2016

We Plan On Running This Weekend, Friday, Sat. & Sun!

This will be our first race of 2016. We don't have anything new, nothing to test, the car is the same as it was in November. We did clean up the trailer and waxed the car, but nothing else. My seat belts expired and I had to purchase and install new ones. Everyone should check the expiration date of your racing Helmut. Many of them, like mine, expire on Dec. 31, 2016. See the IHRA Rulebook for details.


Keith Veal - Young Blood Racing

Photos of Young Blood's 2nd time trial at SCR on Saturday.
March 29, 2016

No Racing For Me This Weekend

We have work going on at the house in our master bathroom and we will not be going out to the track this weekend. I need the seat time, but with Easter and the work, I will put it off for another week. I may go out and take a few photos and watch the others run.
March 23, 2016


Bracket Masters Racing Team Celebrates 20 Years!
Read Story

Directly From SCR Web Site:


Postby Gary Carter » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:47 pm

Due to the excessive amount of rain in our area and the forecast for even more coming at the end of the week, the decision has been made to reschedule the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Pro Am to April 15th, 16th and 17th.
Gary Carter

And I Just Finished Replacing All My Decals To Show My Quick Rod Numbers!

I had also waxed the car, got all my gas, loaded the trailer and various other things to be ready to fight for a parking space early Weds. morning, rain or shine! The postponement will give me a chance to practice on that .400 Pro-tree.

The car is ready. All we need is for the driver to do his best (me).
March 14, 2016


Moving Day

We spent most of last weekend moving my grand daughter. At least my trailer moved her. I would have been very happy at the track on Sunday trying to get ready for this racing season.

Looks like the rain will wipe out the opener for this weekend. I hope the IHRA Pro-Am gets done without any problems.

I did get to start the car and warm it up, run it through all the gears and check out everything. It has been sitting since last November when I did that spin on the track.

I am going to drive again this year on a very limited basis, at least in the Father's Day race. That means I have to get ready by driving a few rounds before that.

I have been talking about building a mild, pump-gas, small block Chevy engine for my car. Just something to run in the mid-13 or 14 second range so I don't have to wear all that gear. I already have a good block, and the other parts can be obtained without much trouble. This would be a 2017 project.
March 10, 2016

Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and my family.

Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune

Painting Has Been Completed

The complete inside, all the black on the outside and much of the trip has been completed. I am tired and I am stopping for now.

The next project is to get the little Yamaha TTR90 started. I let it sit for too long before running it and now it will not continue to run.

My oldest daughter, Cynthia, is here for a short visit after spending 5 nights in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. She has been getting a lot of rest. She returns to Virginia Beach, VA tomorrow.

After dropping my daughter off at the airport, I may cone to the "Big Bucks Race" at No Problem. There should be some good cars there Saturday and Sunday.
Feb. 12, 2016

Trailer Painting - Inside

For the past two months, I have been repainting the inside of my trailer. After the top was replaced and half of the inside ceiling, I decided to paint the floor. That came out OK, but it showed up the rest of the inside as being ugly.

I have now completed all the walls, cabinets and some of the trim. I painted everything white. I still have the fender-wells to go (black) and after painting the sides, I have to retouch the gray floor. I put some non-skid in the floor paint and it works very well.

I also got some aluminum paint to paint all the outside hinges and some of the other trim.

The big part that will not get painted just yet is the "Vee" at the front. I want to get that done with a "wrap". I hope to be done by the end of February.

One last thing. The inside has been dry through all the rain and wind that we have had. No Leaks! Not even through the A/C unit. I am very happy with my repairs on the roof and inside ceiling. Thanks "Pro-Pull Trailers".
Feb. 4, 2016

Mr. Skip's Pecan Praline Adventure
(Nothing to do with racing)

Have you ever tried to make Pecan Pralines? If you listen to folks that make them, you may think, "I can do that, it's not much to it".

Well, let me tell you. The receipt is simple and all you need is a large pot (4qt saucepan) and a large spoon (wooden), measuring cup and teaspoon. A candy thermometer is recommended and wax paper.

Let's go back a little. The first thing I did was, go out on the INTERNET and read several receipts. Many photos and various techniques are there for telling when to "drop" the candy (take it out of the pot). They all stress putting all your necessary items out so you don't have to look for anything, especially when it is time to drop the candy (the first time, I forgot to lay out my wax paper and my candy cooked too long).

At this point, I have tried 4 receipts and made several tries at making Pralines. The first batch got as hard as a brick before I could get them out of the pot. One batch yielded about 30 pieces and only the last 4 got hard. So far non of them tasted like I wanted them to taste. So far I had not used a candy thermometer.

You are suppose to bring the candy to a boil, over med. heat and then let it get up to 234 degrees F. Well, let me tell you, that is not as easy as it sounds. By now I am on my third receipt and have studied at least two You Tube video's. My arm is tired from all the stirring and I am tired of cleaning the pot to start over. Two or three days have passed by now.

Anyway, I have my sugar, milk, butter and vanilla extract in the pot, pecans are standing by, and it starts to boil. The temp. is about 215 degrees F or so and going up. The temp. gets up to 230 degrees F and just sits there. I keep stirring and looking for something that looks like a "soft ball". I am also waiting on, "the pot to talk to me"? (One cook says, The pot will tell you when it is time to drop the candy) All of these helpful hints are in the various receipts that I have read or watched movies on You Tube. The temp. creeps up to 232 degrees F and just will not get to 234. I turned up the heat and hot sugar, milk and butter start to pop out of the pot! The temp is still at 232 degrees F. Now I see a slight glisten in the middle of the pot that I am franticly stirring (after lowering the heat back to a safe level. Oops! I forgot the pecans!, In they go, and I stir a little more. I'm going to drop my candy now! (never made it to 234 degrees F)

Well, this batch looks like the photo and it did get hard when it cooled down. The taste was, well, not that bad, but it could have been a little more creamy. Barbara said they were too hard after cooling. After making a couple of batches that never got hard at all, I was happy.

I gave these to the members at Bracket Masters Racing Team's meeting last Sunday. Out of 9 people, two said they were good! I'll take that.

I will try again. Maybe I will use Condensed milk or whole milk or evaporated milk or half & half. I may use only white sugar or mix white sugary and light brown sugar. Maybe I will not use any vanilla extract, add some salt or use salted butter instead of unsalted butter. All of these variations are present in the different receipts for Pecan Pralines. No wonder I am having such a hard time.

To sum it up, each cook I ask, has a different method and little tricks for their special way of making Pecan Pralines. I will try again for the Super Bowl, but I will do some ribs on the grill for backup! Go Panthers!
January 28,2016


Go Panthers! Cam, Olson & Luke! (Loyal to NFC South)
Jan. 17, 2016

Rising Water and Floods

We are praying for all of our racing friends in the St. Louis area and all along the rivers that are rising and putting families out of their homes and businesses. In our area, the water will not crest until January 18th or around that time. We are not predicted to get as high as we did in 2011, but that was high enough to cause major flooding in some of our areas that are not protected by concrete resourced levies. If the spillway is opened it will be good for some and bad for others.


Racing Season

Looks like the racing in our area will not start for any serious competition until February. We have a lot of test-and-tune before that. Keep an eye on the two tracks schedules. There may be some races before that.

Well, I am going back to watching football and eating... I started the car last week, just to hear it run. It is still ready to go, and so am I.


NHRA Changes?

There is suppose to be some changes announced by NHRA about their license requirements. They are about to back down some on the requirements (they may be closer to IHRA... Would you believe that??!!). Keep and eye on National Dragster and the NHRA web site.
Jan. 2, 2016


Vacation, vacation, vacation!

We just returned from 10 days of glorious days of vacation in South Carolina. We stayed in Hilton Head Island, SC and took a one day side trip to Charleston, SC where we took a tour of the city.

The trip was excellent, Barbara did most of the driving and I enjoyed the ride. The 2013 XPS performed without flaw.

We did just about all of our Christmas shopping while we were in South Carolina.

After we returned, my Christmas present was installed. Barbara had my office remodeled with new hardwood floors and a new desk with wall unit with cabinets. It is really nice. Only one problem. Everything is lost, or in boxes, or hidden so we can't find anything. The shop is full of office equipment and things out of the trailer, which is being painted on the inside. For a while all of the electronics, computer, security system and phones were down. We will, most likely, be disorganized for the next few months. It is beautiful! I love it.

The installing company did not take into account all of the electronics that I have in here and that caused a delay in installing everything. In fact, I had to do the majority of the wiring and hole cutting to make everything fit and look professional. My Navy electrical training came in handy. A good hole saw was another big asset! I have also done all the painting to make the walls nice behind the new wall units. Johnny Tate has given me technical direction in paint selection and how to handle the baseboards and shoe molding.
December 19, 2015


End Of Season Update

The Car is put up for the next few weeks. I don't plan on running until January. Too much home fix-up and other things to do.

I have been painting my office, getting ready for a new wall unit to be installed. This will give me much more room for books and camera gear that I had stacked all over and under things.

Barbara is having all of that installed for my big Christmas gift. What a Wife!

She also had my floors in the office done with wood flooring. I took advantage of all the furniture being out to do the painting. Reminded me of my Navy days, clean and paint, even if it was already looking good.

The computer was down because of the renovations. I still have not located everything and will not be back up to speed until everything is done around mid-month. Then I can take everything out of the boxes, through away the excess and make it look good and organized.
Dec. 3, 2015


What Does Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Skip Holbert Have In Common?

Neither one wanted to retire, and they don't know when to quit!

Except for a few seconds, I had a ball driving on Sunday in the Battle On The Bayou. I only won one round but that was the most exciting one. Almost hit the wall, almost crossed the center line, almost spun the car around, but still managed to win the round. Scared my wife almost to death and Kevin, Reggie,Silas, Jr, Gary May and James Mott, along with plenty of others, were really more upset than I was. Through it all, I was very calm.

I did allow Outlaw to make the next round, after a through check under the car and under the hood, looking for what could have been the problem. We did not find anything wrong and it was determined that I had backed up too close to the wall on my burn-out and got the right side rear tire full of sand and other stuff.

The car went straight on the next pass and Outlay made the quickest pass that the car ever made; 5.510 @ 123.9 MPH. Earlier I had gone 5.532 @ 123.2 MPH (1/8 mile times). Not bad for my 2nd time driving this year since Father's Day!

Saturday was a washout and after the forecast for the weekend was suppose to be very good, I woke up to heavy rain and it continued for most of the day, even when they said it was clearing. The track finally gave up around 4:pm and called it a day.

That's it for racing at SCD this year, except for Sunday Test & Tune until the end of the year. See the SCR Web Site.

For the past two weeks our house has been in a state of repair. We are having new floors put down in some rooms, including the office. The computer has been out for all that time. It is still not 100% back on line. As soon as all the work is complete AND we get things back in place (providing we find everything), we will get back to weekly updates and some photos.

It's the end of the racing season anyway, and it's the end of football season (college) and it is holiday time. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other things to do with the holidays!

This is Bayou Classic weekend! Go S. U.! We will send Grambling back to north Louisiana!
Nov. 23, 2015


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