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Spring - Summer - Fall 2017               Home


Thanksgiving Holidays With Family

We had a very nice holiday with all the grandkids, great-grandkids and my niece, Milana, from Los Angeles. We set places for 14 people and we had two babies there.

The menu was great, but nothing out of the ordinary. The big change for this year was, every family provided a dish, desert or side. I had to do the greens and gumbo. Barbara Morris provided dressing, yams and potato salad. Ophelia made a very good pound cake and mac & cheese. Barbara did a pan of turkey wings and passed out pecan candy to everyone. Quaell provided a ham. we had Patty La Bell sweet potato pies along with a lot of drinks and juice.

Before dinner, Barbara blessed the food and prayed for all present and our relatives that have passed on, plus the ones that could not be present, especially Myeshia Whitfield, who was with us last year by suffered a problem that has her on a long recovery path this year. We ate dinner and then asked everyone to tell what they are thankful for this year. There were some very interesting comments.

The girls, Liz, Bianca, Ophelia and Milana all went to New Orleans to the Bayou Classic (won by Grambling). They had a nice time, staying overnight and going out on the city. Barbara and I watched on the TV.

The car is back up on jack-stands for the Winter. I don't have anything to do to it. It is running better than it has in the past, so, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I can't wait until next season so I can drive and win a few more rounds!

We are all getting ready for a great Christmas season. Barbara and I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!

Nov. 29, 2017


Congratulations To "Young Blood" (Keith Veal) For Winning "Top Doorslammer" on Saturday at the Ironman Classic!


Congratulations to "Cody" in His New Position at No Problem Raceway!


Prayer Works, Thank God For That! (Prostate Testing)

I talked to a friend today and he told me he had been diagnosed with 1st stage Prostate Cancer. I know the feeling.

Back in 1993, during a routine visit to my family doctor, Dr. Cynthia Coe (deceased), I was asked if I had had a prostate exam lately. The answer was no, not since I was getting out of the Navy in 1980. I was told to "Drop then and bend over". During the exam, the doctor said she felt something that was not normal. After the exam, she got on the phone with Dr. Clayton (also deceased), a Urologist, and they arranged for me to immediately have him do a follow-up exam. So, within an hour, I had to endure two prostate exams. One is bad enough.

After Dr. Clayton finished, he sat me down and said: Mr. Holbert, I have been a Urologist for over 40 years and these are the facts. #1, you are living in Baton Rouge, #2, you are over 40 years old and #3, you are black! You have prostate cancer. I was totally shook up and felt as though my life was ending. But that was not what was in store for me.

I came home and told my wife, Barbara, and she said, "Let's pray".

Let me back up a little bit to Dr. Clayton's final comments. First he said he needed to do a PSA test, but the results would not be available to me for two weeks! Two whole weeks! He said a bunch of other stuff, but I did not hear much after "Cancer". I know now he was trying to tell me my options..

Back at home with Barbara, I was being consoled and told what we were going to do while we waited. In other words, the prayer warrior was putting a plan in place to fight this with prayer.

We went to the Catholic Church on 22nd St. and lit candles and prayed. We had special prayers at different times of the day and at night after we got home from work. We lit more candles and said more prayers.

At then end of two weeks, when Dr. Clayton had returned from vacation, I was told to come in for the results.

Dr. Clayton had a puzzled look on his face when I walked into the office. He was reading the PSA results. He looked up and said: "Mr. Holbert, in all my years I have never been wrong about a cancer diagnosis, but, "You do not have prostate cancer"!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did not have it!

Well not so fast young man. You still need to have some work done to you so that you don"t have problems in the future. I was given a few choices on what I should do, as a male that is getting up in age.

Within a week I was in Baton Rouge General where they did a prostate procedure that was suppose to help me with future prostate problems.

I was 55 at the time. Today, at age 79, I have not had any other prostate problems. Every January since the surgery, I have gone to my current Urologist and had my checkup and PSA test.

I thank Dr. Coe and Dr. Clayton for their services, but I know that God did the healing, with the help of Barbara, my Prayer Warrior.

Men, go get tested. Early detection is the key. The test does not hurt, it is uncomfortable, but it is very quick.

Nov. 21, 2017


Mr. Skip Drives Again At Ironman Classic!

Wow! It was great getting behind the wheel again for a big event. The three day event at State Capitol Raceway was good. Not as many cars and spectators as in the past, but a good turnout. Top Doorslammer only had 19 cars on Sunday. Did not count on Saturday, when there were more cars.

My car is performing as well as it ever has. We had some personal "Best" for the car and driver over the weekend.

Friday and Saturday the track was fair. Our 60' times were nothing to brag about, but Sunday, something changed. Maybe it was the track prep, the overnight rain, the cooler temps. or something, but I picked up .040 sec. in 60' time on Sunday.

We did not win any money, but we did win a few rounds over the two days. Sunday, we went to round 4 in Super Pro.

I was so rusty, I forgot to put my (slower) opponent into my Delay Box when I moved into Super Pro on Saturday. I was wondering why my "Red Light" was so large!

I was so proud of how the car preformed. On Saturday, almost all my runs were between 5.68 and 5.66 sec. On Sunday, they were almost all between 5.56 and 5.53 sec.. A couple of times I had back to back identical runs. I aborted one run, which was my fault.

Now the lights were a different story. From Right Lane to Left Lane, I was inconsistent. I could not get a good handle on the Left Lane at all. From daylight to dusk to night , I had trouble. But just like I solved the problem in the Right Lane, I will do the same fro the left side. These old eyes are not as good as they once were, but that is what the box is for.

I was very happy to have "Outlaw" back in the staging lanes and on the line on Sunday. Felt just like old times. We are still praying for his 100% recovery in the near future.

Barbara and Mr. Skip wish all of my readers a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your food and friendship. Say a prayer for a neighbor, a friend and our nation.

Nov. 21, 2017


Outlaw Is Doing Much Better!

Thank God for praying friends. Outlaw spent a couple of hours visiting with me on Tuesday evening. He is still moving slow, but he is much better. He also spent a little time at Joe Louis' place, just watching the others work.

I am sure Outlaw will be back at work in a few weeks, but he is not rushing things.

Although I am having fun driving my car, I cannot wait to have him back in the drivers seat. I will continue to drive while he gets better and while he gets his truck back on the track and gets the bugs out and going straight. By then, it will be hot again and I will not drive in the heat.

Nov. 15, 2017


Skip & Reggie Get Results!

Working most of Thursday afternoon and night, we took many measurements and combined with data that we already had from previous work by others, we were able to determine the chassis is straight and level. Both tires are the same circumference. The shocks are mounted at the same spot on both sides and our coil-overs are at the same pre-load. We checked the weight distribution of the rear of the car also. We put 200 lbs. in the drivers seat, full tank of gas, tires at the correct pressures and all the other fluids were correct. We did not move the wheelie bars.

All the weights were less than 2% of the weights recorded in Sept. of 2015. We were less than 1/8" difference from side to side on ride height. We did not touch the Anti-roll adjustment, which remains at neutral on the left (drivers) side and 1/8" pre-load on the passenger side. We did not do anything to the front shocks.

The only adjustment that was made to the rear of the car was the setting of both bottom coil-over springs at 4 turns up. This measures 2.010" from the mounting bolt to the bottom of each spring pad. These pads had been found to be totally loose and down at the bottom with no tension (pre-load) on either coil.


Friday Night At State Capitol For Testing

we took the car to the track to make a couple of hits to see if the car is still going straight, like it did the last time out. With "Outlaw" out for his ailing ribs and leg, Outlaw has gone to the track the past two weekends to watch. He is recovering. Our prayers are with him, and we want him to hurry back to drive. Mr. Skip (me) had to do the driving. I tried to get Reggie into the seat, but he wanted no part of it :>).

We planned to make the 1st pass a short, 320' run, but when I left, the car went so straight and felt so good, I just stayed in it through the whole quarter mile! We got a 8.961 @ 151.8 MPH (5.73 in 1/8th) . The engine felt good and everything worked as it should have.

The 2nd pass was very good also (5.72 sec.) and we decided to run in the Trophy Class, where Silas Rogers, Jr. was the only other car. For more times than I can remember, he beat me again! The only goof thing was, we ran our quickest time of the night (break-out), with a 5.63 @ 122.4 MPH on a 5.70 dial-in. It was also the best 60' time of the night, 1.295 sec. Again, the car ran straight and smooth. We are very, very happy with the work we did and the way the car ran. We do not have the times, MPH or 60' times of many of the other 8 second cars, but we are happy. God Is Good!

Nov. 5, 2017


Stevie Ray Will Be Missed!

I do not have all the details of what happened, but No Problem Raceway's Track Manager, passed away earlier today, Nov. 1, 2017.

Stevie Ray always had a kind word or joked with me when I raced at No Problem or when I was just looking. I will always remember and be thankful for him when he cut me out of my wrecked racecar in 2007.

The motorcycle and drag car racing organization has lost a really good person.

Nov. 1, 2017


Happy Birthday Skip! Happy Anniversary Barbara & Skip - Oct. 20, 2017

The party of the year was held at The King's Palace" on Airline Highway, Friday night, Oct. 20th to celebrate Mr. Skip's 79th birthday and Barbara's and Skip's 32nd Anniversary! A great time was had by all that attended the party.

Many family members, neighbors, friends and team members attended. Barbara had the place decorated in Black & Gold (Grambling), but I had on my Blue & Gold (Southern)! Many friends told stories and gave us salutations that we were happy to hear.

Barbara and I really appreciate all the kind words that were spoken, the gifts that were given to us and most of all, your attendance, which was worth more that anything.

The King's Palace (Mr. & Mrs King (food & music) , and Robin on the decorations, did an excellent job, and more that met our expectations and beyond. The professional photos and video, by Charles, will be available later this month.

Here are some of my PHOTOS (unprofessional)


PHOTOS By Charles - 10-25-2017

Oct. 25, 2017


Working On Car - Finding Problems

Reggie Jackson came over and put another set of eyes on the car and found several problems.

I have been drilled on the two person checking concept for many years in the Navy Nuclear Power Program and Reggie works in the nuclear power program at River Bend Station where he is use to having someone look over everything that you do. They call it "Independent Second Checking".

To make a long story just a little shorter, Reggie found several problems with the rear end (even though it is going straight), and then went to the front and found almost double the amount of problems in the front. Most of the problems are the result of vibration and the shock of pulling the front end on launch. There was so much loose up there, it was "an accident waiting to happen".

Some of the problems were self inflicted (my fault) and some were the result of not checking periodically for loose bolts.

The rear end is another story. Most of the problems are associated with the installation (really the setup and adjustment, not the physical installation) of the new coil-over shocks and how they are adjusted.

Reggie and I have been reading and watching You Tube Video for the past week to try to learn how to do this setup correct. We will be testing for a few weeks to try to get the car to leave straight, bot pull the front end too much, not ride one one or the other wheelie bar too much and have a decent 60' time.

Reggie and I are going to try to do this ourselves and learn a little in the process. After all, I am retired and have all the time in the world, and Reggie wants to learn to help himself out in the future.

October 23, 2017


Arrangements For Wilford

The funeral for Wilford Guerin will be at Hall Davis & Son Funeral Home in Baton Rouge, on Scenic Highway. The service will be at 10 am on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017.

Oct. 20, 2017


"Outlaw" Is Home!

Kevin Gray was released from OLOL Hospital late this afternoon, after Barbara and I, Joe Scott and his wife Berniece, had visited him at 1:00 pm. He is coming along and will recover, after his ribs heal. Prayers really help!

Oct. 17, 2017


More Prayers Needed: "Outlaw" Kevin Gray Is In Hospital

The driver of the "Mr. Skip" Camaro suffered a fall while doing a home maintenance project on Sunday.

Kevin is in OLOL Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA and is in a critical care unit with limited visiting hours.

Kevin has some bumps and buses but nothing is broken. He is sitting up in his bed. As other information is available, I will post what he tells me to keep you informed.


Please Pray For The Family of Wilfred Guerin

Wilfred passed away over the weekend. Wilfred was a member of Arnold's Air Hogg's Racing Team. He will be missed at SCR.

Oct. 16, 2017


Another Weekend At The Track, Same Result...

We ran Friday night and lost in the first round of eliminations and again on Saturday in Top Doorslammer. Bought back into Super Pro and lost again. We have not won a round in the last three trips to the track.

Oct. 14, 2017


Happy Birthday Houston Hawkins! Oct. 12, 2017


Pray For The Daigre Family

"T" passed away on the morning of Oct. 12, 2017.

Oct. 12, 2017


Prayers Needed ( "T")

Mr. Tenoa Daigre, formally of Baton Rouge and Bracket Masters Racing Team, is currently living in the Houston, TX area. "T" is very sick, to the point of being in a coma. Please pray for "T" and his family.

Oct. 10, 2017


Straight As An Arrow!

We made two passes, with me driving the 1st pass, and Outlaw driving the 2nd pass, and the car went straight down the center of our lane both times. It did two perfect burn-outs and from the front, it appeared to come out level.

I had a 8.952 @ 149.959 MPH on the 1st pass, and Kevin had a 8.932 @ 147.34 MPH on the 2nd pass. Both passes were out of the right lane. My 80' time was 1.311 sec. and Kevin had a 1.312 sec. time. How close can you get!

I was so happy! It is unbelievable that the small, 1/8" adjustment of the passenger side Anti-Roll Bar could make such a difference.

We did encounter an electrical problem in the 1st round of eliminations. The power cable to the delay box shorted where it had been rubbing against the opening in the transmission tunnel. This was my fault for not properly insulating the cable. The short caused the car to launch before the lights came down and we had a red light.

Even with that small problem, I was so pleased with the evenings performance that Barbara and I celebrated all the way home!

Sunday Test & Tune has not been canceled yet... The weather is turning away from out area, so far.

Oct. 7, 2017


Anti-Roll Bar Adjustment

I spent two days doing research on the Internet and looking at my installation instructions that came with my anti-roll bar.

I also spent a lot of time under the rear of the car trying to determine if there is a chassis problem, as best I could. Everything looked tight and putting a wrench on most of the nuts and bolts did not show anything. The car has always been very loose and had a lot of flex. This most likely comes from the way the back-half job was done. Only a little of the original frame is left under the mid section of the car and the frame rails go out the the front but all the cross members are replaces with either single bars or double bars. From the back of the driver to the rear of the car, I have double frame rails. This is why I think I have so much flex.

Before I installed the 555 CID engine, it did not make a difference, but now that we have the 565 CID engine, producing a lot more horsepower, we are seeing handling problems.

I am sure the problem can be adjusted out with all the adjustable shocks and the anti-sway bar. I do plan on making a wheelie bar adjustment.

The first adjustment was to lengthen the passenger side down link. The link was found at: 11.830". I took it out to: 11.955", (1/8"). This is where we will start. I will try to make two passes before I make a change, just to see if it will repeat. Not going to play with the shocks at all.

I just noticed, there is a Test & Tune on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017 at SCR. Gates open at 10am. I can really get adjusted out the

Oct. 5, 2017n! (P.S. - 10/6/17 Hurricane Nate may alter this T&T event. See SCR Forum for information.)


Weekend At State Capitol Raceway! Mr. Skip Back In Drivers Seat.

Outlaw gave Mr. Skip permission to drive the Camaro on Sunday, only because he had to attend church (Deacon Gray) and a Friends & Family Day with his twin sister, Karen.

We had lots of fun in the drivers seat. Barbara was a great crew chief. She kept reminding me not to forget this and that all day! Shannun Walker and Silas , Jr. were also on hand to help me out.

The results were not any different with me driving. I only got one time trial, but I did qualify with a good pass of 5.72 @ 120 MPH. Not bad for the first time in the seat in a year. The first round loss was a big disappointment because the car did not go straight, again. Tarrus and Bulba Rhine crawling around under the car trying to find the problem. There are many ideas about what the problem is, but I have a theory and I am going to try my fix before I call in the experts.

I think it is only a matter of an adjustment on the anti-sway bar that was installed last year. Everything has been good since it was installed, but a few weeks ago we put new, taller, wider, tires on the car. They only had 3 passes at the start of this weekend. Then now have 12 runs, including my two passes on Sunday.

The car is pulling hard to the right on launch. I will try a slight adjustment on the passenger side to increase the traction n the right side. We also have AFR double-adjustable shocks that have not been touched since they were installed. I have nothing else to do but adjust, take note, test and adjust some more.

October 2, 2017


Sept. 2017 - Willie Davis gets recognition for superior performance in Baton Rouge postal district. Willie was one of three top performers that were given awards in the district by the regional postmaster. Congratulations Mr. Mailman! (AKA: 1st Sgt.)


Friday Night Testing Again  - Results Not Much Different

There was nothing wrong with the throttle cable, I guess it was a combination of the heat and the track.  The car did have better 60' times and we did get down to 5.659 in the 1/8 mile.  We had a best 60; time of 1.291 sec.  That was good for a Friday night.  We made no changes to the car over the past week.

We will race on Saturday and Sunday, with the help of God, and hope we can get into the winners circle.

Sept. 30, 2017


Testing At SCR on Friday Night


We finally got to the track. We had been idle since two weeks before the Father's Day race. I was looking forward to racing in that event but I found myself not eligible to run in that team event. We had a good time watching everyone else run.

The car ran well, but not as quick as I had been looking for. The 1/4 mile times were not as quick as I thought they should be. I have a good idea what the problem is, but I need to get back on the track to prove my point. I think it is my old problem of the throttle cable not opening the back butterfly all the way.

Since building this BBC 565 engine,, with the first pass being put on, April 16, 2015, we have put 147 passes on the engine. The Transmission has, 207 runs and the torque converter has 250 runs. The new Hoosier Tires have 6 passes. The crank (Eagle 4340) has been in since 1999 and never been turned (still standard on the rods and mains).

We are looking forward to this weekend at SCR. They have two races and we should be ready for Top Doorslammer on both days. With Cruz-in-On-The-Coast taking place this weekend, there may be a lot of empty spots at the track. Barbara and I may go down one of the weekdays and take a look at all the Hot Rods. We have never been, so we are looking forward to it.

Sept. 27, 2017


Warren Birkett Wins Class at Indy!

Warren Birkett, of Baker, LA, participated in the prestigious 2017 NHRA Chevrolet Performance U. S. Nationals, held at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. “The Big Go” is a six-day event ending on Labor Day each year. It draws drag racers from throughout the U.S., and several other countries to see who is the fasted in his/her class.  Both the professionals and sportsmen racers bring their “A” game and dream of winning an NHRA “Wally” (trophy).   This Wally is different from other national events (I’ve got others), coupled with more world championships points being awarded and photos of all class winners published in National Dragster makes winning class at Indy special.
Seven hundred and seven (707) contestants entered of which one hundred sixty-two (162) participants were attempting to win a Wally in various stock eliminator heads-up classes.  The quarter mile times in stock classes ranged from 8.109 seconds, 168.39 mph 2017 Camaro’s to a 1981 Ford Escort at 16.478 seconds at 79.00 mph.
Knowing that the Birkett’s 2016 NHRA national record holding Super Stock Buick 350 engine is being rebuilt, McNeal Freeman (Converse, Georgia), offered Warren his 1985 Chevrolet Caprice with a 262 c.i. V6 rated at 130 horsepower.  Freeman labels the 3735 pound, 4-door race car “the taxi”. Running in the V Stock Automatic (V/SA) class, Warren qualified at 15.112 which is -.388 seconds under the class index of 15.50. In the V/SA class final he raced against Dan Tool’s (Jacksonville, IL), 1980 Mustang. Birkett with a slight starting line advantage covered the quarter mile in 15.240 seconds @ 85.95 mph vs Tool’s 15.253 seconds @ 89.70 mph winning the Wally and contingencies.
In a Competition Plus video interview Warren was quoted saying “we are fast at being slow”.  Warren thanks McNeal Freeman for the opportunity to experience The Big Go, and to say “I Won Class at Indy”.



Lots Of Maintenance on Engine

I checked the adjustment of my valves on Thursday, trying to get ready for Friday night, but I did not make it. All of the valves were good, except #4 exhaust was tight. I set it and decided to check the compression and leak-down.

I really wanted to go the the races this weekend, but after missing Friday night and I did not get all my "Honey-Do" list done, I just wrote off the weekend.

Monday I worked on the Compression Test and Leak-down. I was mostly concerned with #4 Ex. and that compression turned out to be the highest on that side, at 192 psi. The lowest was 188 Psi for all the others on that side. The other side, #1 was 180 psi, #3 - 182 psi, # 5 - 185 psi and #7 - 190 psi. All were within the 10-15% that was MY specification. (all plugs removed, engine warm)

The Leak Down Test did not show any problems and I was satisfied with the results. The engine was started up on June 2, 2015 and made the first pass two weeks later. Two years of running. Not as hard as we have in years past, but the engine is holding up very well.

My leak down numbers are: #1 = 13%, #3 = 6%, #5 = 23%, #7 = 8%. #2 = 6%, #4 = 13%, #6 = 12%, #8 = 6%.

I am not going to panic until they go under 30% leak-down. As long as I can stay in the under nine second range (5.79 sec in 1/8) and keep myself qualified in Top Doorslammer, I will be happy.

Sept. 18, 2017



My Home State of Florida!

First of all, please pray for all the people that were in the path of hurricane Irma, all of the islands and the whole state of Florida.

As many of you know, I am from Daytona Beach, FL and have many relatives, classmates and friends from one end of the state to the other. My Dad was born in Key West, and Mom up in the Panhandle of Florida.

The size and strength of this hurricane was unbelievable! Over 400 miles wide.

FEMA will be streaked very thin, with Harvey still taking many of their resources and they are still responding to the flood of 2016 in Baton Rouge. Now this. The millions of people that need help is unrepresented, all at the same time.

All of the U.S.A. must come to the help of these people. This one is too big for FEMA, the state or the government to handle. All Americans must pitch in and do something, no matter how small.

"Mr. Skip"


Oil Filter Interference

Started to change my oil for the first time since changing the headers and ran into a problem getting the filter off. This could be a very long story, but I am going to cut to the chase.

When I installed the filter, I caught a piece of the pan diaper under the gasket of the filter. That make it very, very hard to get the filter loosened to take it off.

After much cussing and fussing, I installed a K&N short filter that gives clearance from the header and allows me to take it off using the built in 1" socket fitting on the bottom of the filter.

If you want to read the long version, read on: When I could not get the filter off due to the long filter touching the header, I punched a hole in the filter and used a screwdriver to try and twist it off. At this point I did not know the pan diaper was caught in the filter gasket. Wen I installed the filter originally, it had leaked upon startup. I tightened the filter until the leak stopped. This was the main reason I could not get the filter off using the normal tools.

At this point I decided to act on a suggestion by Reggie Jackson to put a remote filter kit on the car and solve the problem fro the future.

I ordered a kit from a on-line supplier and specified a kit with A/N fittings and braided hose. I was asked, "What year engine and make of the block?". I told them, BBC, Gen V, Bow Tie block. When the kit arrived, there was nothing in the kit to adapt the hoses to the block. There was a note on the other part of the assembly saying that I needed part # xxx for a Ford and #, for a Chevy and #, for a Mopar. I sent the whole thing back!

I will continue to use the K&N short filter that allows me to clear the header and use the screw-on wrench fitting on the bottom to help remove the filter. As Reggie pointed out, not using the remote kit eliminates a lot of potential leak points.

Sept. 12, 2017


SCR Chief Starter, Walker "Billy Jack" Nichols, Jr. Passes Away

The local Baton Rouge racing community has lost one of their most friendly and personable people. "Billy Jack" passed away last Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017. In addition to his duties as State Capitol Raceway Chief Starter, he was a member of the NHRA Safety Safari.

Billy Jack will be missed by all the racers at SCR. He always treated me with the greatest respect, at the track and in public.

The services were held on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017.

Sept. 1, 2017


Help Needed In Texas Flood Areas!

Please send whatever you can afford to help the flood victims in Texas. Hurricane Harvey had devastated all areas from Corpus Christi, TX to Lake Charles , LA and areas for many miles inland in Texas.

There are many ways you can contribute to the cause, including volunteering your time (or boat) to the rescue effort.

You can donate by going to this Red Cross web location:



Your Prayers are needed also.

At the monthly meeting of Bracket Masters Racing Team, we had a special prayer for all the flood victims in TX and for the predicted flooding in Louisiana.

Aug. 28, 2017


Weather Forecast Wipes Out Race

The big 3 day race at SCR has been called off again. I think this is the third time.

We hope the rain is not as bad, coming from hurricane Harvey, as predicted. We do not need any more flooding in our area, or anywhere in the South, for that matter.

My car has been sitting for the past 2 months, with a start now and then. My poor truck had not been started in so long that the battery had to be charged to start last week. I drove ii for a few days after that. I guess the racecar needs some track time too.

I went out and watched two of my friends, Reggie Jackson and his Mopar Dragster and Silas Rogers, Jr. in his S-10 truck, last Friday night. Both of them performed very well. "Jr." was trying to get ready for Super Rod (9.90) and Reggie was testing his fuel system repairs.

Nothing new on the computers. They are still being worked on and I am still learning a lot about the Mac. Keeps my brain working and prevents my brain from getting old.

August 23, 2017


Old Computer Still Hanging In

The 4 year old, Dell Core-i7, computer is still working. It is just running slow these days. I know the problem rests on all the anti-virus software and Malware software that I have on it. The many thousands of photos and the 4 large web sites do not help at all either.

Every time I think I am ready to switch over to the new computer, I find another reason that I cannot do something without learning a new program, which I must purchase or download and install.

I like the way all of my Apple products integrate with each other. The iPhone, iPad and iMac99 stay in-sync with each other.

I am in the process of completing a tutorial on the iMac Operating System right now. The un-learning of the Windows system is the hard part. The keyboard layout is different, with some keys missing all together (Backspace). Apple seems to have gone out of their way to make sure they don't do things the same way (law suit avoidance).

One of these days, I will be a happy Mac owner and I know I will love my Mac just as much as the other Mac owners, but the "Brain-washing is not complete yet!

Aug. 14, 2017


iMac Is Not My Cup Of Tea!

The move from PC to Mac has been going on for over two weeks and I am only about half way to my goal of getting all three sites moved over to the new computer. Each day I find a new challenge, such as the audio on my church's site. My old program will not work with the Apple Operating System. My Photo Gallery program will not work yet, but that will be relatively easy to solve. I may have to purchase a new license to use this web site program on the new computer, therefore I am writing this on the old, slow, Dell Computer, which still works, for now. Oh, I forgot to mention how hard it is to move all these files from one computer to another (and I had several sources of back-ups.

The new iMac, with 27" monitor, is very nice, but the learning curve is very steep for someone my age and only worked on PC's all my life. I think the need for new applications if the biggest problem. I see and have been told a lot about how much easier the Mac will be, once I get all the pieces in place and learn how to use it.

Rain, Rain Go Away!

New Orleans and Baton Rouge have both gotten a lot of rain in the last two days. Lots of flash flooding in New Orleans, with minor flooding (Is it ever minor to those effected?). We are all praying for those that got water and hope their recovery is quick. Many of the states, from Texas to Virginia were hit by the bad weather

I would love to go out to the track on Friday, just to make a couple of test hits. State Capitol has rescheduled the big IHRA race (again) on Aug. 24-27th. See their track web site for details.

Please give me a pass on the spelling.

August 8, 2017


Real Prayers Needed This Time: Donna Britt - Newscaster

Yesterday, I learned that one of my favorite news-persons and anchorperson on the Channel 9 News, has ALS (Lou Garic's Disease).

Donna made a very heartwarming announcement on the news show yesterday, 7/27/17, about her condition, her treatment and her plans for the future.

All we can do is pray for Mrs. Donna Britt and hope a cure will be found in the near future. I will be watching as she continues her fight and continues bringing us the news with a smile!

July 28, 2017 (from old PC)


Prayers Needed: Switching Computers

I am moving from a PC, to the iMac computer on Monday, July 24, 2017. I hope it is a smooth change over. I have three backups; cloud, Backblase Backup (cloud) and an external drive with all my documents and photos. I hope all of that will let me get to enjoy my new computer quickly.

It will probably take me a week to get up and running. The iMac has different software for running the website and working on the photo layouts. I will have to load the iOS comparable software from each website, or from disc.

I have been wanting to do this for years (two computers ago), but always talked myself out of it, as too expensive. What changed? I am older and not concerned about the initial cost any more. My software, for the most part, is in the "cloud" and can be switched for little or no cost. As all of you age, you will be looking at "Accessibility Features" on your computers (and cars and in the home) to help all of us with aging or disabilities. Growing old is a real challenge, but it sure beats the alternative!

See you on the other side of the changeover.

July 22, 2017


Milana Longmire Visits For The Wedding

Milana Longmire, daughter of Skip's sister, Sherry, visited Baton Rouge to attend the wedding of Jeremy and Ophelia at Ashley Manor last Friday. While here, she visited New Orleans and took a tour of Bourbon St. with the wedding party Saturday after the wedding. Milana returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday. PHOTOS

July 12, 2017


Jeremy Herbert & Ophelia Taylor Tie The Knot (The Event Of The Season)

Grandson Jeremy and Bride Ophelia had a very elegant wedding at Ashley Manor in Baton Rouge on Friday, July 7, 2017 in front of many family and friends. The ceremony was beautiful, the food was good and the wedding party way really decked out nice.


July 8, 2017

Orlando Shopping? Apple vs. Microsoft

While waiting on Barbara to try on clothes, almost an hour, I was sitting on a bench in the Orlando Florida Mall, and I was half sick, so not really noticing what was around me. All I wanted was to go back to the resort and get back in bed.

When I looked around, I was sitting right in front of a M&M store. Can you imagine, a whole mall store dedicated to one candy! It is sort of like a Disney Store, but only the little M&M candy men. Kids and grown`ups all over the place.

Next door to the M&M Store was the Microsoft Store, which was next to the Apple Store! I took photos of the two stores because the Apple Store was about full to capacity and the Microsoft Store had many sales associates walking around with nothing to do. It was probably 20:1 in favor of the Apple Store. The people in the Apple Store were probably getting information on the new release of iOS 11. . PHOTOS

I have been thinking about purchasing a iMac computer for a long time. The major holdup has alway been the large amount of software that I have that would have to be replaced that would not work on iOS. But not that most of my software is "in the cloud", that would not be a problem.

Many of the virus' that are unleashed on the web target Microsoft operating system. Apple iOS is normally not a target. That would be a big advantage. The largest disadvantage is the initial cost of the equipment. About one or two racing slicks difference.

The Florida Mall is larger than the Mall of Louisiana, but all on one level, with more stores and a much larger Food Court.

July 5, 2017


We're Back! Vacation Was Good!

Mrs. Barbara and I departed Saturday, June 24th and went to Orlando to have some much needed rest and relaxation in Florida. Barbara needed a nice black dress that she could wear to grandson, Jeremy Herbert's wedding on, July 7, 2017 at Ashley Manor in Baton Rouge (Invitation Only). She found a dress that she looks stunning in, and none of the other guest will have, for the wedding. That took most of day Sunday.

Monday she went shoe shopping and I was just beginning to feel bad from a sinus infection. I was down from Monday night to Thursday afternoon.

I had a lot of gift cards from Christmas and Father's Day that I had been saving for this trip. So I treated myself to some nice things also. We had a lot of good food during the trip, eating out all but two of the days we were gone.

There were three real highlights to the trip. I got to see my grade school and high school classmate, retired Navy Torpedoman, Henry Barrs. Henry is living in Winter Park, FL. He came over to our place and spent a few hours talking about old times. I was very happy to see him again.

On that same day, my sister, Beatrice Smith, drove over from Ormond Beach, FL and spent some time with Barbara and myself.

During the trip to Orlando, we stopped at the: "Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, in Ocala, FL, just off of Interstate 75, a little north of Gainesville, FL, and spent a lot of time going through the buildings of old drag racing history, cars, antiques, engines, carburetors and manifolds and much, much more. They recommend that you take about 2-3 hours to tour the two buildings. Barbara and I only had one hour and ten min. to see everything before closing time. The Sr. admission is $15 each, and it is worth every penny. Please give yourself at least 2 hours to see and read some of the information. They could use another big building for all the cars, trophies and photos they have stuffed into the two large buildings there. PHOTOS

We cut out a side trip to my hometown, Daytona Beach, FL due to my being sick. The city was hosting the Coke Firecracker 400 NASCAR race and there would have been wall to wall people all over the place anyway.

We had a safe, blessed, time. Both of us got some much needed rest and I am feeling much better now. Thank God for a safe trip.

July 2, 2017


Selected Photos From Fathers Day Classic

Mott's Firebird, Outlaw's S-10, Reggie's Mopar Dragster, Silas Jr. - S-10, Slim Davis' Mustang & Eddie's Camaro

June 22, 2017


Barbara & Mr. Skip send condolences to the Neal family on the loss of their family member.


Race Photos On Bracket Masters Site

Photos are sorted by category.

June 21, 2017


Bracket Masters 12th Fathers Day Classic

The race was great! Everyone had a nice time, the rain stopped about 30 min. before time trials begin and the track was so hot it almost dried itself.

The Jr. Dragster racers finished in the morning and the kids were awarded metals for participating. The winners and and runner-up drivers got plaques.

The Big cars started around 4pm and each car was given two time trials before eliminations started. We did not have one oil down or major spill. All of the drivers are to be congratulated for bringing there well prepared cars out and shaving a lot of fun without holding up for track clean-up.

The annual raffle was held and the awards for Father and son and father and daughter of the year were given out.

June 18, 2017 (Fathers Day)


Friday Night Testing & Super-Pro R/U

The primary reason for going to the track was to test our carburetor adjustments and to knock the "new" off the tires. We had one issue with the carburetor accelerator cable, but we seem to have fixed it with some WD-40. It was sticking at around 4000 RPM when coming out of a burn-out. That was on the first time trial, but did not happen the rest of the night.

The tires worked very well. Not as much, if any, increase in MPH, but the 60' times were lower and very consistent. During eliminations, we had tow rounds of back to back 5.63 sec. runs.

During eliminations, we had to run some of our best friends in each round. We met Eddie Fisher (my old Camaro) in the first round of Super-Pro Money and we met Troy Collins (Vega) in the 2nd round. We lost to Silas Rogers, Jr. in his little S-10 truck in the final round. We split the pot and had a nice hand shake after the finals.

All in all, it was a very good night. We are ready for Fathers Day. Outlaw should have his truck ready for Fathers Day.

Outlaw reported that he feels the jet change was too much. He could smell raw fuel in the car. I am thinking about going down too 981 (lean) in the front and leave the 102's in the back. Our decision will be made after we pull a couple of plugs and look.


June 10, 2017


Jet Change and other things

Today I removed the 98/98 jets and put 983 (rich) in front and 102 jets in rear. I normally go down in jet size in the Summer, but the car ran very good with the higher jets last year in the heat.

I reviewed weather data from last year, using "Effective Altitude" and found the car ran better with the higher jets. We will see how it does on Friday, June 16th. We will only make an exhibition pass on Saturday , June 17, 2017 at the Bracket Masters Fathers Day Classic.

The tires are still holding air. I have lost 0.2 lbs in the right tire and 0.1 lbs. in the left tire. That is in two days, sitting in an air conditioned space. Not bad. I normally lose abut 1.5 lbs. to 2.5 lbs. in two weeks. That was with tubes. These have no tubes.

I sold my old Dart Pro-1 heads today, along with the port matched manifold. Now I can pay for a new weather station (again). They also paid for my new tires. God Is Great!

IHRA and State Capitol Raceway made a good call on re-scheduling the race out too September 7, 2017 due to the weather forecast.

June 4, 2017


New Tires Mounted

My new Hoosier's (33 x 15 x 15) are on and they "appear" to fit. The drivers side, at the top, seems to be the closest point and may rub. I have good room at the front on both sides, down low, where Camaro;s normally have a problem.

This will be my first time running this size and the brand. I have always run 32 x 14 x 14S either M/TT or Good Year. I expect higher MPH and a little calmer with my 4.56:1 gear. Can"t wait to see the 80' time and ET. We may have to raise the rear body a little.

June 1, 2017


IHRA Race For This Weekend, Rained Out

The race has been rescheduled for September 7, 2017 - See or State Capitol Raceway web sites for details.

May 30, 2017


Saturday At The Track (Bracket Masters)

Bracket Masters Racing Team had a team meeting at State Capitol Raceway on Saturday, May 28, 2017. Three new members were taken in, Rev. Malcolm Stovall, Joe Scott Rambo and Silas Jr.

Team members, President Tarrus Jones, Mark Washington, Willie Davis and Skip Holbert had their cars on hand to run in eliminations. All except Mr. Skip ran in Non-Electronics class, while Outlaw ran the Mr. Skip Camaro in Top Doorslammer class.

Outlaw won in round one, taking out Jessie Marceaux, who beat us just two weeks ago in the first round. We lost to Jessie's dad in the 2nd round and went into Super Pro. We won in the 3rd round of Super Pro before losing in the 4th round.

Mark and Willie did much better. Both team members won in the first three rounds and met each other in round 4 of Non-E, where Willie Davis and his Duster took out Mark's Chevrolet Wagon on a hole shot. Willie lost in round 5, but took home some money and a $$ Sticker.

All in all it was a very good day at the track. Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Barbara were also on hand.

Photos From Saturday

May 29, 2017


Back On Track!

Skip & Outlaw took Mr. Skip to State Capitol Raceway Friday night and tried to get it ready for the Saturday race and to see how it would run in the heat. Not only was it hot, the Humidity was in the 80% area most of the night.

I changed the air bottle just before going to the track and on the second run of the night, the car did not shift. Of course we thought it was the air, and we did not worry about it after checking the bottle pressure and the air lines. We did not so a shift test. On the first round of eliminations, the same thing happed, no shift. Outlaw cut a f.000 R/T and we won the round anyway. When he returned to the pits, we found a broken wire in the air solenoid ckt. and that was the problem. This time we did the shift test and everything worked.

I the second round, we ran a dragster that cut an excellent light, while Outlaw was only .002 off on his R/s, the dragster ran dead on and Outlaw was .01 over (5.69 on a 5.68), we lost. The car ran perfect, everything works and we are ready for Top Doorslammer on Saturday.

May 26, 2017 ( A few PHOTOS)


Barbara's Retirement - May 2017

Retired after 36 years of service with Dept. of Public Safety - Office of Motor Vehicle (Headquarters - Baton Rouge, LA)

A party was given at headquarters for present and former employees to visit with Barbara and family on May 19, 2017. Cake and punch was served, and it was a very joyous occasion for all.

Later, Barbara's office and co-workers, took Barbara & Skip to dinner at Outback. A good time was had by all.


May 19, 2017


Isadore "Avery" Johnson Graduates!

"Avery" graduated from Belaire High School last night, 5/17/2017, with a certificate for outstanding work in the Pipe-fitting area. Avery is one of the best welders that his instructor has seen in high school. Congratulations Avery!

PHOTOS- Avery Graduation

May 18, 2017


Race Weekend - Finally!

It was one of our shortest racing days ever. We had two time trials and lost in round one of Top Doorslammer and bought back into Super Pro and lost in the first try in that class. It was not our day.

But, as we always say, "If nothing is broke, it was a good day!"

The car ran good. I had changed the jets from 100/102, down to 98/98 and in the 76 degree temp., I don't think it liked it as much as the richer setup. I pulled a couple of plugs and they looked good, but the car was "popping on the big end after we got out of it. That did not happen in the past. With the higher expected temps. coming, I am going to leave the jets where they are for now. This is on the Holley 1250 cfm carburetor. I am also going to go back and fine some time slips from last year around that same temp. and compare the times.

May 17, 2017


Weekend Getaway!

After an awesome weekend last week, I am ready for some racing.

Barbara and I stole away for a one night trip to Beaumont, TX to have dinner at one of our favorite seafood restaurants, Papadeaux's. She has been talking about the BIG fantail shrimp for over two years and I have been thinking about the seafood platter. I had so much I had to get a "dogie bag" for over half of the items that came on the platter. It was, not only, plentiful, but oh so good! Barbara celebrated her retirement with a strawberry daiquiri.

We did enjoy our trip, the food and the overnight stay at the Hampton Inn, within walking distance from Papadeaux's.

Now that Barbara is retired, we will be taking more trips. I want to go over to San Antonio for a weekend. I hear that is a nice city with lots to see and do.


We Are Ready For The Races!

The car has been sitting for over three weeks and I have major gas on my chest.

All of the gremlins seem to be fixed, but you never know until you actually put the car on the track and run it, but we think we have fixed everything.

After this weekend we will put new tires on the car. I want to try a set of Hoosiers for the first time. I have run only M/T for the past 10-12 years. I also want to move up to a 33" tall tire to raise my MPH and lower the finish line RPM. The car will be less violent also, although since we put the Anti-roll bar on, we have not had that problem.

Looks like we will get some rain on Friday, but with luck, it well pass and we will be ready for Saturday.
May 10, 2017


More Wiring Problems

I missed a loose connection on my power strip for the delay box and it was causing a intermittent loss of power to the delay box and to the by-pass push button (used to back up).

We are hopeful that this will cure all of our delay box problems. I must be getting old and forgetful to miss something like that.

I talked to "Outlaw" and we are ready to go out and test. The car and truck have been cleaned and polished and everything looks good. Now all we need to to run good. The carburetor seems to be running just fine after the cleaning and kit installation. Super responsive and very clean idle.
May 1, 2017


Everyone Be In Prayer For The Charles Coleman Family - His Wife Passed on Monday. Funeral Will Be Saturday, April 29th at 1 pm at the Saints Villa Church on Plank Rd. (Big Church across from the Airport, right down the street from Harding Blvd .)


Installed New Seat Belts...
April 26, 2017


Trying To Find Little Problems

During the last racing outing, we experienced several small problems that I had to look into during the past two weeks.

To solve problems 1 & 2, I removed the Holley HP 1250 carburetor and gave it a through cleaning . It had been in service since April of 2014 without giving any problems. I installed a new kit and made sure all the settings were where I wanted them. We have to go to the track to test it.

Did you know the Holley HP 1250 has a idle adjustment screw and spring in the center of the carburetor. It also has 4 small holes for air intake on that center flange between the four venture holes. That gives you four ways of adjusting idle (some people may count 7, but I say 4. I count the 4 metering block idle adjust screws as one, since I try to always keep them at equal adjustment).

The delay box problem is much more of a challenge. I do not want to send it back to Digital-Delay, so I got into the instruction manual and looked at all of the settings on my Mega 350 Delay Box. Digital-Delay just checked it out just over two months ago and it was good to go. I am willing to say at this point, I am doing something wrong.

The Mega 350 has 6 screens dedicated to the Bracket Racer. There is a "Pro" set of screens also, but I do not have to do anything with them.

Bracket Screen One is the screen that we deal with most often if we are just bracket racing. The other screens help you set up the box to allow multiplier hits at the tree, using one or two pushbuttons. You can also have a third pushbutton that is a "Bump" up or down pushbutton. I have a by-pass and two buttons that go through the box. I also have the bump pushbutton.

Setting up the Mega 350 is an adventure, and If you don't read the instructions frequently, you will forget how to do something. My only saving grace was, my old box was made by Digital-Delay, the maker of the Mega 350.

Anyway, I fixer the broken lead on my bypass pushbutton. I tested all of the other buttons and found one of them to have intermittent contact. I replaced that pushbutton. Everything else seems to be OK.

When I go back to the track, I need to test the box on a cross-over situation before I can say it is fixed.

While I was looking at all the screens, I zeroed out all the timing screens and made sure the things that are suppose to be off were actually off or blank. That would be everything to do with Throttle-Stop racing.

My brake fluid was about 1/2 full. I filled the reservoir.

April 22, 2017


Seat Belts

We received a new set of seat belts yesterday in the mail. Our seat belts were just replaced around October of 2016, so we should have had two years of use.

Last tome at the track we were involved in a NEAR accident where Outlaw stopped on the track to help a driver that had hit the wall and his car was on fire. We did not hit the other car or the wall.

As a result of that, our seatbelt tags were cut off and WE had to get new seat-belts. The SFI official at State Capitol Raceway tried to explain it as a requirement of SFI to remove the tags from any car involved in an accident on the track. The SFI official explained that the stress placed on the belts by Outlaw (any driver) when he stopped to help the other driver required him to remove the tags from all the cars involved.

So drivers, be aware of the rules., agree or not.
April 21, 2017

Wreck At SCR - Photos - April 8, 2017

Going Out Of Business!

Holbert Enterprises,Carburetor Repair, Web Design and Photography has officially gone out of business.

I will continue to maintain the web sites that I am responsible for, but no new sites. The photography was not doing anything anyway in the way of a business.

According to the IRS, everything I do is classed as a "Hobby" and not a business. This is the official notification. Last day of business was April 18, 2017.


Visit From Grand Daughter

Last week, Catherine "Chatty" Underwood and her husband, Samuel Underwood, with their daughter, Olivia and son, Preston, spent three wonderful days in the Baton Rouge area. They visited the homes of Barbara Morris and husband, McQuail Morris and the home of Ryland Gardner and Liz Herbert & son and they visited the home of Jeremy Herbert and Ophelia Taylor and their two boys.

The Underwood's are on their way to visit the home of Sam's father in Pensacola, FL and for a family reunion with his brothers and sister.

Sam and "Chatty" Underwood live in Waldorf, Maryland. Olivia is a "A" student and a 9 years old, speaks and writes Japanese. Four year old Preston loves cars and fire trucks. Preston sat in the Mr. Skip Camaro and did not want to get out.


April 19, 2017


Saturday, Not As Good, But We Got Home Safe

The car continued to run very well but the track went away overnight. This is real strange for the traction to be better on Friday night than on Saturday for a points race, but that was the case.

We lost in the 1st round of Top Doorslammer, after we were the #23 qualifier, out of 28 cars in the class. We had to run the #9 qualifier.

We did a Buy Back into Super-Pro and had to run a beautiful 2002 Camaro belonging to Charles Oubre of New Iberia, LA. Charles had a red light start, giving us the win. The 2002 had dialed in a time just slightly slower than our car and had left first and stayed ahead of us for the whole run.

I turned around and did not see the cars cross the finish line. Before I could get away from the starting line, people were screaming and saying, "Kevin had a wreck"! I turned around and saw a big plumb of black smoke going up into the sky.

I ran to our pit and took off on the motorcycle for the top end of the track. On the way, I heard the track announcer say, both drivers are out of their cars and are OK. On the way, I called Barbara and told her we had had a wreck, but Outlaw was out of the car.

When I arrived at the top end, I saw the 2002 Camaro, still smoking, in the right lane and a part of the wall had been knocked over. Our car was perpendicular to the wall, on the left side of the track. We had run in the right lane and the 2002 Camaro had run in the left lane.

Outlaw saw me and came over and tried to explain what had happened, but all I wanted to know was, "Are you OK? How is the other driver?

Outlaw told me he had not hit the other car or the wall! He had stopped and run over to try to help the other driver out of the burning car. He talked about the fear of running to the burning car and trying to get the other drivers seat belts loose and helping the driver out.

After calming Outlaw down, a little, I located the other driver, Charles Oubre, and talked to him. He was busy on his phone talking to family and friends, but told me he was OK. I was very happy about that.

Later in the day, Charles came over and thanked Outlaw for helping him get out of the car. Very classy young man. Charles also knows another classy racer from New Iberia, Mr. Van Johnson.

We started up my 67 Camaro and drove it back to the pits to check the tires and to continue calming Outlaw. I was very proud of him!

We lost in the next round, but we were still very happy for the way out weekend came out.



We Win! Friday Night Super Pro $$$

We were hitting on all cylinders Friday night as we went through 4 rounds and did not miss a beat. "Outlaw" took over after Mr. Skip made a test pass at 8.89 @ 150 MPH to test out his new glasses. I did not feel very comfortable and asked Outlaw to take over ( I did have a .017 RT for my only pass.

We are in need of a new set of tires. I am looking to try a set of Hoosiers for the 1st time. I want to move up to 33" tall at 14.5" wide. We now run 32 x 14s x 15 M/T tires. My limit is on the fender well, on the outside top. I have a lot of room in the inside. A different wheel backspace would work to take advantage of that tub space.

During eliminations, we took out two dragsters and a little truck before meeting "Bubba" in The Lizard". Outlaw cut a better light and took the win running a 5.57 @ 124 MPH, on a 5.57 Dial-In. We were super happy with our win!
April 9, 2017


Racing Weekend Is Here!

State Capitol Raceway has its 2nd big racing weekend with all classes, Super Pro, Non-E (Mod), Quick-16 Top Doorslammer, Jr. Dragster and Motorcycle.

The Camaro is ready for Top Doorslammer! All the maintenance has been done, we added new driving lights and everything is clean. We have a new Weather Station, that I must learn how to operate and the weather looks like it is going to cooperate.

We plan to run on Friday night to test our lights and get a few "good" runs in the computer.

April 6, 2017


Lacey Is At Rest

Wonderful words were spoken, songs of praise were sung and everything turned out very nice. Befitting for a man that has lived such a peaceful and wonderful life. Bro. Johnny Tate spoke on behalf of Bracket Masters Racing Team and did a wonderful job. Lacey was a Charter Member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, Inc.

It would be fitting to say that as a racer, Lacey loved his 1957 Plymouth GTX, with a 440 Mopar engine, he named it, "The Tank". Every year he would bring it out to the track and run in the annual Fathers Day race and that was all the racing he needed each year. It should be noted that in his last race, July of 2016, Lacey won two rounds and he was so happy. Lacey was on his game and the car ran flawlessly. That made all of the team very happy!

There has never been a more caring teammate than Lacey. He would help anyone and it made helping him a pleasure. He would call team members just to say hello and check on your family. We will miss the smile and loving nature of Lacey.

Team members and close friends served as pallbearers, active and honorary, during the service and internment.

March 29, 2017


Lacey Has Run His Final Race

J. Lacey, member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, passed away shortly after noon on Friday, March 17, 2017 at Our Lady Of The Lake Hospital. His family was in attendance.

Lacey Arrangements:

Visiting will be at Hall Davis & Son Funeral Home, 9348 Scenic Highway, Friday evening, 3 - 7 pm, March 24, 2017.

The Funeral will be at Ebenezer B. C., 1915 Fairchild St., Baton Rouge, LA, 70807, at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Internment at Southern Memorial Gardens

Car Update - Driving lights

Driving lights have been installed below the grill area on the Camaro. They are two small, 6 LED lights that should help me see the grove on the track at night and help me get back down the return road at night..

The lights are very small, measuring about 3.5" W x 2.75" H. They may weigh just over a pound total. I had to run the wiring and add a switch to the inside on the left side of the dash. I did one of my special wiring jobs and I have them so either one can be disconnected.


New Weather Station

Tired of "breaking out" and "not running our number", I finally purchased another weather station. The old one, a TAG Weather Station, was real simple and predicted great, if you put in only "good runs". My TAG was broken more than it was in good working order and I had to send it back to the factory several times. I just gave up the last time it failed, about 5 years ago, and we have been "weather guessing" every since.

Now I have purchased a new weather station. I will not mention the brand name yet because this is the second one I have purchased in the past two weeks. Different brands. I sent the first one back because it was not very user friendly. This new one is more like my old TAG unit, but it has many, many, more functions and programs. . I am about half way through the owners manual, after a 2 hour Dr. office wait today.

Many racers are upgrading to the stationary weather station that is used in the trailer and communicates via pager or cell phone with the crew in the staging lanes. This is the top of the line in prediction equipment.

After I go to the track and get some "good runs" (4-5 runs) entered, I will let you know how the prediction program works.

Shout out to "Anthony" in Texas!


New Tires - Front

I purchased a new set of M/T Front Runners for the car. Better safe than sorry.

The plan is to let the granddaughter, Barbara, learn to drive the car this season (Outlaw will be busy with his truck). We will slow it down to around low eleven's or high ten's for her to get use to it and then let her get her Competition Drivers License.

Oh by the way, I cannot wait to line up with Outlaw (in the finals) so we can take home the money!
March 23, 2017.


Lacey Has Run His Final Race

J. Lacey, member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, passed away shortly after noon on Friday, March 17, 2017 at Our Lady Of The Lake Hospital. His family was in attendance. Arrangements are incomplete at this time.
March 17, 2017


Team Member, J. Lacey, is in OLOL Hospital in Baton Rouge. Lacey is in ICU. Several members of his family are with him and he has been visited by several friends. As of the morning of 3/16/17, he has not regained conscientiousness since being taken to the hospital on Wed. morning.
March 16, 2017


Liz Has Baby!

7 lbs. 5 oz. and 21" long - It's A Boy! Jamari Earl Lee Tucker was born approximately 3:35 am on Wed. March 15, 2017. Congratulations Liz.

We know this little boy will be a standout at ALL sports! His mother was great at every sport she played, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball and Track and his grandmother (Melinda) was a very, very fast track star. My vote is for Baseball and Basketball!
March 16, 2017 - PHOTOS


"Lock-In" Motorcycle Race at State Capitol On March 18, 2017

A motorcycle event, with a 6.0 Bracket for the big cars, will be conducted on March 18, 2017. Come out and support Phillip Deen, sponsor of the race.

FLYER Motorcycle Event (with) A Big Car 6.0 Index Bracket



Myeshia Talks!

Shortly after our visit to on Saturday, Myeshia said her first words in months. She said, "Momma" and she counted to four. She also listened to a conversation about blocking a call and wrote the correct procedure for blocking a call on a iPhone. This is great!
March 8, 2017

Family Time!

Jeremy Herbert, grandson, graduated from ITI Technical College with an Associates Degree in Process Technology on Friday, March 3, 2017. Many family members attended to support and cheer him on. Jeremy has accepted an offer for a position at Dow Chemical Corp. Congratulations Jeremy! PHOTOS

Granddaughter update

Many family members traveled to New Orleans Saturday to visit with Myeshia. She is doing well. She can communicate by writing now, and she really writes well! When asked, "Who is that ?" , she wrote, " My grandfather, "Father Skip"! She is giving the "thumbs up" and OK signs and she gave me a Hi-5 when we agreed on something that excited her.

We are very happy with her progress and pray that she will continue to improve. The facility at Touro, in New Orleans is suppose to be the best at brain rehab in the area. They have her standing, with support and making good progress on trying to get her left side back to normal.

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes.

Car Time

I changed the oil last week and that became an adventure. The new headers are too close to the oil filter and would not allow a filter wrench to get on the outside of the filter to screw it off (without loosening the headers). This was not the case with the old headers. We only need about 3/8" more to clear. After using a VW ring compressor, I got the old one off. I found that the K&N BBC oil filter has a 1" socket fitting on the bottom. This is what I used for a replacement of my Fram HP-4 filter.

I also warmed the engine and checked the setting of the valves. Only two were a little too tight, #8 exhaust and #4 intake were both .002" tight.

I also greased the front end (4 fittings).

March 5, 2017


Opening Day @ State Capitol Raceway

Mr. Skip Camaro ran the quickest and fastest times ever and had the best 60' time ever for this combination with "Outlaw" driving on Saturday at SCR. We had a (break-out) 5.507 @ 124 MPH. We had a 60' time of 1.239 sec., all personal best for this combination. That would have been very close to a 8.71 pass in the quarter mile.


Feb. 28, 2017



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