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Win A Racecar!

July 30, 2010 - The new driver is, Kevin "Outlaw" Gray! Only one person guessed correct on who the new driver would be. Good guess Shannun Walker of Texas.

Kevin gets cap.  Outlaw  Skip Instructs

Everything went right last night. The car ran perfect, in fact, when we got home, Barbara commented that we did not take the hood off all night. We filled the gas tank once. All the wiring changes, rear end change and other things that we tweaked worked out fine.

I was so proud of Kevin. He got more confident as the night progressed. After the two allotted time trials, I asked if he wanted to wait until after round two for another time trial, or did he want to go into eliminations. Before he could answer, I said, "Let's go into round one of Electronic Trophy", and away we went.

We were blessed to get a bye in round one. Before the night started, "A. J.", the SCR Tech Inspector, said we could only make 1/2 track passes at full throttle. We did that on the first two run and ran 11.46 and then 10.84. I dialed in 10.50 for round one. On the bye run Kevin was "feeling it" and stayed in it a little too long and ran a 9.999 sec. at 99.94 MPH.

There was three cars left after round one and we got to run Dave Walker in his little 9 second truck in the semi-finals. We dialed in 10.00 and Dave had 9.98 on his window. We should have left first, but due to having the delay box set for me, we were a little late and Dave went into the finals. All in all, it was an excellent night.

I was so excited and happy that I forgot all about the 97 degree heat (my weather station said, 107 degrees F, but it is alway a few degrees high). Not having to put on the drivers suit is a big plus for me not doing the driving.

This week Kevin and I will spend a lot of time on the practice tree to get the Reaction Time down to a respectable number. Now that he has actually "been into combat", we can work on some of the little things. Kevin is a quick learner and Barbara and I are very happy with our choice.

July 29, 2010 - Earlier this week, Robert Sanders, new member of the Mr. Skip Racing Team, had a slight stroke. The stroke effected his sight in his right eye and caused double vision. Robert is in Baton Rouge Gen. mid-city. I visited him today and he doing well and should be released today or tomorrow. They will use meds. to correct the problem.

Also earlier this week, I had a training session with my prospective new driver. He sat in the drivers seat and went over all the switches, buttons, dials, gauges, shifter, belt system and other safety equipment, in preparation for starting up the car and driving on Friday night at SCR. Having never driven an electronic car, this is going to be interesting and a challenge. We will start out with some burn-outs, then some slow, very slow, passes. Then we will work our way up to full throttle runs. We will start our license passes as quick as he becomes familiar with the layout of the car and how it handles.

There has been so many changes (rear end, timing retard, jets, wheelie bar height increase and one click tighter on the right shock) since I last ran the car, I will make the first couple of passes to determine how the changes effect the performance.

July 27, 2010 - Arrangements for Cecil Augustas -Thursday, July 29, 2010. Viewing, 8 - 10 am at Ministries of New Life, 951 Eddie Robinson Blvd. in Baton Rouge, LA. Funeral at, 10 am at Ministries of New Life. Internment immediately following at Southern Memorial Gardens; Repast at Mr. Carmel B. C. in Scottlandville on Sorrell St.

July 26, 2010 (Late) - After thinking about it for a few months, and talking it over with Barbara, I have decided to ask a friend to drive "Mr. Skip" for me.

I have talked to the prospective new driver and he has agreed to come over and discuss the driving arrangement. He will first just learn how the car handles and how all the "Non-E" stuff works. Later we will get into the "Box" and he will learn the electronics.

This has not been an easy decision. I wanted to win at least one "Wally" or "Ironman" before retiring, but that will not happen. I will probably take a few more trips down the "1320", mostly for testing and tuning, but for the most part, I am giving up competition driving. I will just be an "Owner" from here on.

Who is going to be the new driver? It is a person that I trust, I have confidence in, and I feel he will do his best to take care of the car. We will have a lot of fun! If we break something along the way, "That's racing!

July 26, 2010 - The Baton Rouge SMART Program awarded Glen Oaks High School Valedictorian, Tyre' Jenkins, a check for $1000.00. Tyre has enrolled at LSU and will be majoring in English. Tyre' would like to become a college English teacher.

Jenkins FamilyTyre' Jenkins' Family (Mom, Sister and Tyre);

SMART Presentation - $1000Mr. Skip, SMART Secretary, makes presentation for SMART President, Mr. Warren O. Birkett, Jr.

July 24, 2010 - Barbara, Robert and I took the car over to our church, Shiloh Missionary B. C. in Port Allen, LA today. The occasion was the annual Vacation Bible School Picnic. We had a very good time and the adults enjoyed seeing the car.
The most frequently asked question was: "Who drives?" The most frequent response after I tell them: "You do...?"
The kids were eating and enjoying the giant waterslide and the large jumping house that Deacon Willie Beverly provided for the kids enjoyment.

July 20, 2010 - Good friend & racer, Cecil Augustas, passed away on Tuesday morning, July 20, 2010. No arrangements have been made yet.

Cecil introduced me to Byron Durham, who built my original 540 BBC, back in 1999. Cecil was a very outspoken man who had a lot of good ideas about everything, and he was not bashful about letting you know where he stood on any subject. I always enjoyed getting into discussions with Cecil and listening to his opinion on various subjects. He always made you think. Cecil will be missed by many friends in Baton Rouge.

Please say a special prayer for Blanch Augustas, Cecil's wife, and their family.

July 15, 2010 - The Holbert family would like to extend condolences to the Tate family on the loss of their daughter-in-law on last Saturday. She was the wife of Johnny Tate's son, Carlos Tate.

Barbara and I have been on vacation over in the Lone Star State of Texas. We spent 6 days in the "Piney Woods" of East Texas. Very relaxing, restful, peaceful, quiet, so much so that we came back a day early because we were so rested. I almost finished a book that I had wanted to read for a long time.

We were about 15 miles North of Jasper, TX at the Rayburn Country Club Resort. We took a few side trips to nearby towns, such as Lufkin, TX and Toledo Bend, LA. We were right between the Sam Rayburn Lake reservoir and the Sabine/Toledo Bend reservoirs. Most people go up there for the great fishing and golfing. The place had a 27 hole golf course. There are some beautiful homes in the area. Most of the homes sit on very large lots back in the woods.

On the way back we stopped in Lake Charles and donated a few dollars at the large casino back on the loop around the city.

We are so glad to get back home! We miss our bed, the internet, Tony's Seafood, The Bayou Cafe, Piccadilly's, Pirain's Seafood, The Table Is Bread, Deep South Bar-B-Que and good Chinese food. We missed Cortana Mall and The Mall of LA.

One of the local residents, that we met in Wal-Mart, directed us to "Billy's Bar-B-Que", in Jasper, and we had some good Texas ribs.

Lufkin, TX was just over 60 miles from where we were and they had a IHOP. We enjoyed breakfast there one morning. In fact, Lufkin has a lot of the stores and eating places that we have in Baton Rouge, including a Ralph & Kacoo's!

Lufkin is also the home of Lufkin Trailers. That place is awesome! It takes up many, many football fields for their buildings, almost as far as the eye can see from the highway. If you have ever seen the Winn-Dixie distribution center in North Florida on I-10, or the Nissan plant on I-55 in Mississippi, that is about how large the Lufkin Trailer plant is.

I did not see one drag race car the whole time I was gone. We did see a few old circle track cars for sale out next to the road.

The Navigation System in the car was great! We might still be in the Texas woods, lost, if we didn't have the GPS.

July 9, 2010 - I am thinking about taking some college courses. I only need 30 hours to graduate from the U. of Phoenix. I actually need less than that, but you have to take at least 30 from them to earn the degree. At 71 years old, it would just be something I could put on the wall and say, "I got my college degree".

The car is still sitting on jackstands. I have been looking for leaks, but there are none, right now.

I need to test all of the wiring changes, addition of the retard at 5800 RPM and the new 4.30 gear. I will not get to go to the track until, at least, July 23rd, when I will test. If I test before that, which is highly unlikely, I may enter the first day of that big 1/8 mile race at No Problem. If I win something, I may enter one, or both, of the other days. I picked the wrong time to change gears!

July 4, 2010 - Happy Birthday USA!!

As my Pastor, Rev. Raymond E. Allen of Shiloh M.B.C. said this morning, I am proud to be living in the United States of America! I was proud to serve in the U. S. Navy for 24 years.

Saturday evening I attended the races at State Capitol Raceway. Not many cars, but the ones that were there put on a good show and provided plenty of excitement.

The best run of the night was by "Fo Fo", in his 1969 Outlaw 10.5, "Black Beast"Black Beast Camaro. He put down a 7.67 @ 177.37 MPH, just before I departed. View earlier run of partial pass.

The other story of the night was Mr. Reggie Jackson
and his Mopar powered Ezell dragster. Reggie made 5 passes and the last two were 8.28 & 8.27 @ 164 MPH. He is really doing well with the dragster. The car is looking good and it goes straight down the track. Reggie is very happy with his car, and all the hard work is paying off.

June 30, 2010 - Finished up the lock wire on the brakes. Checked a few spark plugs, although I have changed so much the readings are almost worthless. My neighbor, Robert, cleaned under the rear of the car to get all the oil and tire debris from under the car. I also reset the wheelie bars, up 1/4". That will let the front end come up a little higher and, hopefully, give me a little less 60 foot time. I am swapping the rear tires from side to side, looking for the same result. The next time I go to the track it will be a new adventure with all the changes.

June 29, 2010 - The rear end is complete! Kevin "Outlaw" Gray installed the chunk and everything looks real good. Thanks Kevin!

I watched and learned from Kevin and Alvin. Excellent teachers. Next time I will do it all myself.

June 28, 2010 - The gears are all set up in the chunk and ready to go back into the car. Thanks Alvin!

I have been working on some other things while waiting on the gears. I installed a rear view mirror, at the insistence of Barbara. She has been after me for years to do that. It's only for moving around in the pits. It will be useless on the track.

Speaking of moving around in the pits, I need to put a toggle switch on my trans-brake so I can keep the button depressed while backing and turning. That Pro-brake is a pain when backing up.

I activated my timing retard that is built into my MSD Digital 7 Plus. This was not an easy task. I had to use a RPM Activated Switch and a relay. I hooked it up without the relay and then realized I could only go from Ground to Ground or, 12V to 12V, which is not good. The relay will allow me to go from 12V to Ground through the MSD retard. Now I have to correct my electrical drawings of the car electrical system.

I have always used a lot to timing (42 degrees) with my engine. It has always worked for me, but most experts say, including Bryon, I need to be around 36-38 degrees. This may be one reason I don't have the MPH that others with my setup run. With the gear change (4.30) and putting in 5 degrees retard, I should pick up a few MPH. The retard will come in at 5800 RPM, which is just above the stall of the converter. I will play with different settings to fine the best spot. Byron (and Alvin's computer program) say I should pick up a few tenths too.

I re-jeted to 90 Sq. in the BG 1090 carb.. As mentioned earlier, I would like to get my Exhaust Gas Temp. (EGT) down to around 1250 degrees.

I made a major change to the vent on the rear end. I installed a catch-can and put thread compound on all the fittings.

June 25, 2010 - Ah $*#%! It's not a pro gear! Oh well, at least I already have the correct gear set. Pyle Bros was very nice. They will restock the Pro Gear set I purchased.

June 24, 2010 - The gears are here and delivered to Alvin to set up the chunk. While waiting, I cleaned out the rear end housing and changed the engine oil and filter.

I re-engineered my air box for the carb intake. It is now a little more secure. I could see it moving around when going down the track Sunday.

June 23, 2010 - The gears were not available anywhere in our area, Zimmer, Summit, Jegs, Strange or Richmond Gear. Pyle Bros. in Baytown, TX had a set of Motive Gear ring & pinion in stock. The set should be here tomorrow.

I had a new set of Richmond Gear 4.30:1 regular gears that I had purchased for the other car, thinking that I was all ready for the switch.

June 22, 2010 - I have taken the car out of service for a few weeks. Last night Kevin "Outlaw" Gray took the rear end chunk out. Today it was delivered to Alvin Calhoun to change the gears. I have 4.56:1 Pro gears in there now and I am putting in a set of 4.29:1 Pro gears.

The car has a Strange, nodular carrier with Moser, 35 spline axles.

There were some leaks that I wanted to address also. They will be taken care of while I wait on the gears.

The EGT on my two good runs Sunday was in the 1360 degree F range. This is higher than before. This means the jets are too small or the new isolation pan that I put in is too restrictive. I will change the jets and see what happens. I need to get down to around 1250 EGT.

After removing the tires, I cleaned off the surface of the tires and found the ware cups are still showing a lot of thread life. They were just covered up. I will swap sides and keep these tires on for a lot more runs.

In addition to the (1) slick that Barbara gave me for Father's Day, she also gave me a 30" shop fan. This will come in very handy for removing smoke from the shop and circulating the air. The grand kids gave me a gift certificate to my favorite place to eat lunch, "The Bayou Cafe".

June 20, 2010 - It was HOT! My weather station, which reads about 4 degrees high, had a temp. of 102 degrees when I went into round 1. The official high was 96 degrees F.

I got disqualified in round one! Totally my fault. After my opponent pre-staged, I turned on my top light and then backed out, without the permission of the starter. I would not have won anyway, I could not do a decent burnout. The car would not have left straight and I did not want to take a chance. I was not mad or upset, just too hot to care! End of story.

By the time I got to round one, my ice vest had melted all the ice and I was really feeling the heat. After losing, I was too tired and hot to put the car in the trailer. The trailer has A/C, and was keeping everything nice and cool. I just sat and relaxed.

I was so hot that I did not get any photos of the awards to Silas Rogers and Wayne Henry, presented by Bracket Masters Racing Team, to the Father's of the Year.

Father's Day Race Photos!

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