8-8-2015 Skip Testing at SCR

Friday night testing shock - Wheelie bar changes
Mr. Skip & Eddie Fisher (Old Masterpiece) DSC 3346 DSC 3349 DSC 3350  Just before leaving line.
DSC 3358  Ready to Go! DSC 3359  Ready to move DSC 3360  Launch - Wheelie Bar on ground, tires wrinkled DSC 3361  Wheelie bar off ground - tire unloaded, car in air.
DSC 3362  Wheelie bar back on ground, tire just starting to wrinkle DSC 3363 DSC 3364 DSC 3365
DSC 3366 DSC 3367  Car ran 9.076 @ 148.27 MPH and was straight.  Only straight run of night. 2nd Pass-Left Lane Burnout
DSC 3405 DSC 3406 DSC 3407 DSC 3408
DSC 3409  Car is up too much on drivers side. DSC 3410  Looks to be dippping (pourposeing) as it passes the 60' marker DSC 3411  Going back up after the dip. DSC 3412  Got out of it right after this photo.  Out of the groove - Right