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Summer - Fall 2016        Home


State Capitol Raceway Racer Appreciation Weekend

We made 16 passes (about 1/3 of the passes that Wayne Henry made) from Friday night to Sunday evening. The car ran excellent. Our only two problems were, two cracked header tubes (360 degrees) on the drivers side, and our throttle cable moved and we were not getting full open on the carburetor. We were very happy with the car, especially my engine.

Outlaw will have his truck back shortly and I will be looking for another driver. I will fill in occasionally until I can train someone. I have some grandsons that I would love to have in the drivers seat.

PHOTOS - Sunday Oct. 9, 2016 SCR - Racer Appreciation

PHOTOS - Friday Night & Saturday

B. Gaines Testing Pro-Mod at SCR on Sunday, 10-9-2016 (You Tube video) new 10-17-16

Oct. 12, 2016 Happy Birthday Houston Hawkins!

Admission & Parking

In the old days, 60's, when you went to the track you were charged one entry fee to be a spectator or to race. The purse came from the gate. You could race your car or watch. I can understand the price of everything has gone up and admission is still relatively low.

Parking was first come, first served. This last item is the most bothersome to me. On regular weekend race days, non special event, the parking should be unrestricted, not including spots that have services such at water, sewage and electric service. All other spots should still be unrestricted. The Friday night restriction is especially bad for the street racers but it hurts all of us, especially people that do not have enclosed trailers that want to leave their cars and trucks at the track overnight on racing weekends. This parking policy should be revisited and changed.
10-10-2016 (Updated 10-24-2016)

Back On Track!

The Mr. Skip Camaro was on the track for the first time since Father's Day and came out of the trailer with a 8.64 @ 15.10 MPH. Our 1/8 mile time was 5.64 @ 122 MPH. Outlaw noted that the last time he entered into the box in June, was 5.64 for our dial-in. Is that consistent or not? The next pass was 5.631 @ 122 MPH and everything was working just as we wanted it too.

We made one pass in competition, Super-Pro Money and lost to a little gray S-10 truck when Outlaw let him have the stripe thinking he might break out. I really thought we had it. We would have run Silas Jr. in the next round. Silas Jr. was the winner of Super-Pro $$$. Congratulations Silas Jr.
Oct. 1, 2016

Bracket Masters Racing Team Meeting

Barbara and "Mr. Skip" hosted the monthly meeting of BMRT on Sunday Sept. 25, 2016. Members, which included the spouses, attended.

The meeting was very productive and the food was great. The food, supplied by Barbara and Skip, consisted of "Skips" home-made Jambalaya, bar-b-cue baby-back ribs, and a assorted seafood tray, backed beans, potato salad , cake and ice cream and cold drinks.

The major item of discussion during the meeting was the flood victims. The team approved several donations to families that were effected. Only one of our members was effected, Johnell Redd, but several relatives and friends of members were put out of their homes and are residing with members of the team. A check was given to each of those families and a check was given to Wilford, who is now at home.

Baton Rouge S.M.A.R.T. Program

Originally conceived as a program to support the Auto-Technology programs inside inner-city Baton Rouge at Capital High School, Glen Oaks High School and McKinley High School. This started in 2002. The SMART Program has become almost non-extant during the past few years due to the loss of the Auto-Tech programs at Capital and Glen Oaks high schools.

After the loss of the Auto-Tech programs, BR SMART looked for other avenues to help students and gave their support to any student that was deserving of our help.

As a Non-profit approved IRS 501(c)(3) organization, for the past 14 years, we have been helping selected students with college tuition, living expenses and books. Awards for each student have been between $300 and $1000 to each student.

During the past flooding event in our area, BR SMART has reached out to help several needy families.

Baton Rouge SMART Program's President is Warren O. Birkett, Sr. and he also serves as Treasurer. The Vice-President and Secretary is Oliver "Skip" Holbert, Jr.. These two are the only remaining members of the organization. Warren and "Mr. Skip" will continue to support the students of our area.
October 1, 2016


Visit With Wilford

Wilford Guerin is now in a room (6643) at Baton Rouge Gen., Bluebonnet, and is doing much better. This turn for the better cam after a visit from his grandson four days ago while he was still in ICU. Wilford's wife said, when the little boy came into the room Wilford was in very bad shape. The little boy spoke to Wilford and his eyes lit up. He has been doing much better since that visit. Sometimes Angles come in all shapes and sizes...

I enjoyed my visit and got a chance to meet Wilford's wife and her mother. They have been with him since Aug. 4th when he was admitted. I left a couple of magazines to help pass the time (car books).

Please continue to pray for Wilford and his family.
Sept. 17, 2016


Prayer Request

Please pray for Wilford Guerin (Arnold's Crew). Wilford is in Intensive Care Unit at Baton Rouge General (Bluebonnet) and is being treated for Pneumonia and other ailments.
Sept. 15, 2016


Looking At Schedule

We are pointing towards to running the car this coming Friday to do a little testing and in the $$$ bracket to dust off some rust from the Summer layoff. We have Kevin's Quick-fuel carburetor on my car to test it out and see what the difference is between my Holley 1250 and his Quick fuel 1150. I am going to guess that it will be about 3 tenths in the 1/8 mile, or a little less. The Quick fuel will be jetted a little better for this hot weather (smaller jets).

We plan to run in the first Top Doorslammer race in October after we complete our testing. Outlaw will have his truck ready by then, so I will need a driver. Since I don't care for one person driving two cars (that are not his own), that cuts it down a lot.

I have been looking for one of the young guns to learn to drive my car, but so far, I have not found one that meets my requirements or is not already spoken for. I do still have a license...
Sept. 10, 2016


Help Available to Veterans

If you are a Veteran, you may be eligible for some help with your flood recovery. This help is available from the State of Louisiana through the local V.A. office at, 1755 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA on the 3rd floor. The building is on the corner, close to the cemetery, and there is plenty of parking in the back of the building.

Bring a DD-214 or a military ID card or your VA ID card card. Sign in and get the form from the person at the window in the VA office. This is the same office where you apply for VA Disability benefits. Help is available but you can take to form and complete it at home, and turn it in later.

Nobody can tell you what you will get or when you will get it. That will, most likely, be determined by the amount of loss you had during the flood.

PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO OTHER VETS. THIS IS WORD OF MOUTH ONLY (just like the last two major hurricanes when the VA gave out money). I would not know about it if I had not been in the office for other business. Since I had no loss, I did not apply.
August 31, 2016


Trip To St. Louis

Barbara Morris, Lizzie Herbert, Mrs. Barbara and myself, took a quick trip to St. Louis last weekend. We had to attend the funeral of our cousin, Robertine Bond. Mrs. Barbara and Robertine grew up in Port Allen, LA. Robertine graduated from Grambling and Barbara followed her to Grambling in 1966. We went to support her son, Daniel Bond and his wife and daughter and to to honor Robertine. The service was very nice.

After the main event, the girls went sightseeing and went to the top of the Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis. They had a good time while I took a nap in our hotel. We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in Crave Cove, MO. The room was a two room suite with Barbara and I in one king bed and Mrs. Barbara Morris and Lizzie in a two-queen bedroom. Lots of space and real comfortable.

Mrs. Barbara did all the driving and we made it in record time, counting the amount of stops for food and drinks. The car performed great! We did run into three fierce thunder storms on the way up there. The type that many drivers pull over for, but Barbara kept on going and drove like a champ. We had a very good return trip.
August 30, 2016


1000 Year Flood

This is worse than I could ever imagine. After riding around and looking at the piles of trash, drywall, furniture and other debris from so many homes, I was so depressed that all I could do was pray for all those families and individuals that have been wiped out. I also continue to thank God for getting my family and immediate relatives through with out much loss. We had one niece that went under and several of my wifes co-workers. We have been doing our part to help all of them.

The whole area, not just Baton Rouge, but many of the parishes on the east side of the river (Miss.) were 30 to 95% under water at some time in the last week. Many, south and east of Baton Rouge, are still under water. Many thousands are still in shelters. We have seen some quick response from the state and FEMA, unlike during Katrina, which is good.

The new Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has been excellent in his handling of the event and got FEMA in here quickly, along with the National Guard, which has been super during the rescue stage and they continue to help. The Coast Guard also plucked many people from rooftops and out of the waters. The people of the community have been helping each other. Private boat owners have pitched in to rescue many people.

The bad thing is, only a few of the people that got flooded have Flood Insurance. I have heard that only about 20-30% of the flooded people have the insurance to cover their losses. Many, many people that got flooded were in areas outside of any flood zone.

We have been in a flood zone since 2012, and were required to have it. We had never had water on our street, but with 24 inches of rain in 4 days, we got plenty of water in our yard, right up to the front door.

My granddaughter lost her handbag with all of their important papers, cash money, credit cards, jewelry, and two designer hand bags while she was being evacuated by the National Guard. When she discovered the bag was missing, she and my wife started to backtrack to find it. Asking several police stations and staging area supervisors if the bag had been turned in. A day later, the phone rang and a young lady from the National Guard said she had the bag. She had already called the bank and canceled the debit card, and she had all to the cash and other papers! What a blessing! The young lady would not accept any amount of reward. All she said was, "I just want you to know there are some good people left in this world". Thank God for that young lady.
August 21, 2016


Water, Water, Everywhere...

We are OK! By the grace of God, we did not get a enough water to do anything but wet a small part of the garage floor. Two of my neighbors have to replace floors in one or two rooms.

Barbara and I would like to say to everyone that has experienced a loss during this latest Louisiana disaster. They are calling this flood, "The Great Flood of 2016". Before now, the flood of 1083 was the worse one in recent history, back to the early 1900's. I was here for the flood of 1983. They called it, "The 100 year flood". This one must be the 500 year flood.

I have to believe that Climate Change is for real and we must do something to slow down the erosion of our earth. (Thank you Shannun for reminding me.)

During the rain, before the flood, I rebuilt 4 Holley carburetors. Gave me something to do while watching (listening) to the Olympics. How about those "Final Five" and "Bolt"!
Aug. 15, 2016


You Tube of Shannun's Crash @ No Problem Raceway - 7-30-2016


Photos Of Shannun;s Car and the Mustang Involved In Crash


Mr Skip Win Round 2 in Super Pro -7-9-16

Mr. Skip Wins Round 3 in Super Pro-7-9-16

Mr. Skip Loses To Reggie Jackson's Mopar Dragster in Rd. 4 of Super Pro - 7-9-16

Mr. Skip Launch
(20 shot sequence) - July 9, 2016


Photos From Fun Friday at SCR - 7-8-2016


Photos From Test & Tune - July 6, 2016

Photos - July 1, 2016 @ SCR - BG/BG Pro-Mod and L'il Charlie's Pro-Mod Testing

Photos From Friday - Sat. June 24/25, 2016 at SCR

Shannun T. Walker Crashed At No Problem Raceway On Saturday.

Shannun walked away from the crash. The beautiful Firebird is in very bad shape. See You Tube Video (above) and a few photos.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Shunnun and his crew. A highly respected driver and a top notch operation. (Drag Race Coop story on Shannun)
Aug. 1, 2016


Starter Install

I installed the new starter after exchanging the first one for a much better choice than the ALL Chrome starter that I ordered by mistake. It saved me over $75 and nobody was going to see it anyway!

I tested both the new starter and the repaired one to make sure they worked in a real world installation, and they did.

I also checked the tooth clearance (.030" or a small paper clip slipped between the top of the engaged tooth of the starter gear and the fly-wheel tooth) and the engagement depth on the flexplate (60-70%). And finally the clearance from the starter gear to the flexplate (.062" min.), with the starter at rest, in three locations around the flex-plate, with both starters.

I did not require any shims, but the starter comes with several shims for the block, but they don't include the shim that would be needed to adjust the engagement depth, if needed.

This attention to detail is why I normally don't have any wear on my flexplate when I change them due to SFI sticker expiration.

Now I have a fresh starter in place and a repaired, and tested one one, ready for emergency service.
July 28, 2016


Mr. Skip Run Analysis

I have been looking at the data from all my runs. The big thing I learned is, I need another Weather Station> During the past three months, we have lost due to break-out more than red lights. The car is very, very consistent. Reminds me of my "Masterpiece" with the 383 SBC car. That car was very consistent and we won many rounds. Usually when we lost, it was because I did not believe the Weather Station, which was usually correct.

On a brighter note, we ran out all of our runs from 1320go and looked at the data from the past weekend. The first thing that jumped out was the first pass on Friday evening. The car ran a 8.966 @ 150 MPH in 91F degree heat and 56% Humidity (according to the track weather monitors. About 45 min. later, we ran 8.921 @ 150 MPH, in 88F degree heat with 61% Humidity. Before the engine overhaul and the change from 555 CID up to 565 CID, the best I could do at those temps. was around 9.17 @ 146 MPH. The other changes to the engine was a new set of AFR 355 heads and a new 1250 CFM Holley carburetor. The cam was not changed. The cam is a COMP Cams roller with .748/.748 lift and .284/.296 duration. I have run this same cam since 2006. I would probably run quicker if I changed to a more up to date cam to match my heads. When I hit the lottery or my SS check gets a raise, maybe I will change the cam. On the other hand, this proves something about matching the right parts. We have run the same gear (4.56:1) and PG Transmission with 5700 stall, Coan, sprageless, converter. We have run that since 2006 also.


Starter Adventure

During the past week, with nothing else to do, I took apart two starters that were not working and tried to make one good on out of them. I learned a lot! Most of all I learned that I do not have the special tools necessary to Re-assemble the starter. But, being a old submarine electrician, I improvised and got one of them working. Tie-wraps, needle-nose vice-grips and a battery charger to run tests, works wonders. I did have to order a few new part to make both of them work, but right now, I have one good working spare.

If I had to repair starter for a living, I would have some good small gear and bearing removers and installers, some snap-ring pliers that are very small and a few other special tools. After this, I will just pay the Alternator/Starter shop to work on my starters.
July 18, 2016

Fathers Day Classic - 2016

The day started out well, with Outlaw swapping out my starter. We checked out the rest of the car and did not find anything else wrong. The only problem was the unbearable heat. I almost passed out and had to stay under the A/C in the trailer for several long periods. Heat and old age do not mix well. The Bracket Masters Racing Team did a good job on the race. After cars slowly trickled in, we actually had a very good turn-out. We ran in Top Doorslammer and qualified with a 5.673 on the 2nd pass. We lost in the 1st round on a double red light start for both drivers. We bought back into Super-pro and we were matched up with Patrick Allen's Camaro again. This time it was a different story as we won the round when they went a little too quick and "Outlaw" ran a 5.650 on a 5.64 dial-in. After winning rounds 2 and 3, we ended up having to run my good friend Reggie Jackson in his Mopar Dragster. Reggie beat us when we went too quick with a 5.638 on a 5.64 dial-in. That ended out night, but we had lots of fun and the car ran super and Outlaw was on his game. Video: Mr. Skip Loses To Reggie Jackson's Mopar
July 11, 2016 .


Mr. Skip Friday Prep For Fathers Day Classic - July 8, 2016

I went to the track with the intention of getting some competition seat time before the Fathers Day Classic. The car had been idle since mid- June and nothing had been changed, just charge the batteries and put in gas. We checked all the fluids and made sure everything was in working order.

Time trials went well. We ran a 8.968 @ 150.25 MPH in 87 degree F heat, with 67% Hum., which was very good for us. I was very happy. The 1/8 mile time was, 5.721 @ 121.2 MPH. Good enough to qualify in Top Doorslammer.

We made one more time trial before eliminations and that was a 8.921 @ 150.3 MPH with a temp of 84 degrees F and 71% Hum. Again, we were pleased. All of the runs for the whole weekend were made by "Outlaw".

In eliminations, we won round 1 and lost to Patrick Allen's son in the second round. That was a very good race and the the Margin of Victory was .0041 sec.. We ran dead on with an eight (5.648) and they had a dead on, 5.553 and we had actually cut a better light, thus the narrow MOV.

All four passes were straight down the track and we did not have a problem, until I tried to put the car in the trailer. The starter drive shaft broke!

Outlaw loaned me his starter from his truck and he changed it out in about 15-20 min. on Sat. morning before the big race started.
July 11, 2016

Mr. Skip - Friday Night Testing - June 17, 2016

The Air Damn works very well! We ran in 88 degree late afternoon weather, with 68% Humidity and we had a 8.98 @ 149 MPH. We were vary happy. There were no other changes from 2 weeks ago. Later that evening, with the temp about the same, we had a 8.91 @ 150 MPH in the left lane (1/8 time was, 5.66 @ 121 MPH). The Fathers Day Classic was rained out. It has been rescheduled to: July 9, 2016 at State Capitol Raceway.
June 20, 2016.

We Are Ready To Go!

We finished the Air Damn and checked it out as much as possible in the shop, but what we really needed was a test hit at the track. I did not want to take a chance last Friday night, due to the rain, although they did run at SCR. Everything seems to be falling into place for the Fathers Day Classic. Now all we have to look at, and pray for, is the weather. Gary says the parking will be open, 1st come 1st served on Saturday. That's good. Looks like some cars that have not run in a while will be ready for this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing the new car of Lloyd and Bryan Gaines run. I know two more that should be ready, but they may want to surprise folks. People will be working around the clock and keeping one eye on the sky
June 14, 2016.

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