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Battle On The Bayou Photos - Oct. 29, 2011

Barbara, Kevin and I want to wish everyone who reads these ramblings and personal opinions a Very Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year!

Dec. 30, 2012 - We took Milana to New Orleans today to catch her plane back home to NYC. We will miss her and we look forward to her next visit.

Dec. 27, 2011 - We had an excellent Christmas! Milana and all the grand kids went shopping before and after Christmas and closed down the malls on both days. All of the girls went to church with Barbara and I at 7am on Christmas morning. PHOTOS

I cooked a big pot of "Skip's Gumbo" and a pot of Jambalaya to go along with the ham, turkey and a big assortment of baked delicacies.

We had about 16 people here while we opened gifts and we sat 12 people for dinner. There was not much left of anything.

Dec. 23, 2011 - My niece, Milana Longmire, arrived for a one week vacation and to help us celebrate Christmas! Milana lives in New York city.

Barbara Morris, Liz Herbert and I rode down to New Orleans to pick her up from the airport. As soon as they arrived in Baton Rouge, they promptly joined Jeremy Herbert, and a few friends, and hit the town. Welcome Milana!

Dec. 21, 2011 - Our racing season is officially over. SCR will not be open until Jan. 15th and NPRP will not open until Jan. 4th.

I contacted Alvin and Kevin today to put the wheels in motion to change out my rear end gears. Kevin will take everything apart and Alvin will set up the gears. That should happen in the next two weeks. With the 4:56 gears, I should be ready for any 1/8 mile competition and we should run better in the 1/4 mile also.

This year, I am going to make a personal goal to run Mr. Silas Rogers' Nova, that Pontiac of Mr. Mott and the show car Chevelle of Mr. Van Johnson. Like the Country & Western song says, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was"... I plan on beating each of them!

Mrs. Richarda W. Jones, wife of Bracket Masters President Tarrus Jones, will graduate from Southern University, with a Masters Degree in Education, this Friday, Dec. 16, 2011. Congratulations Richarda!

Ms. Toshia Jackson, daughter of fellow racer Mr. Reginald Jackson, graduated from Southeastern University this past Saturday with a Bachelors of Arts in Marketing. Toshia's family gave a graduation party after the ceremony with many of Toshia's friends present to wish her well. Congratulations Toshia!

Dec. 16, 2011 - Our Navy man, Ryland, is home for Christmas! Welcome home Ryland.

Dec. 13, 2011 - I am going to a weekly updates during the holidays. Nothing going on right now.

Barbara @ 23Barbara Morris, Melinda's oldest child, had her 23rd birthday last Sunday. The family attended, along with a few friends. Husband, "Quale" , was suppose to be home but his job had him stranded in Texas. PHOTOS

Barbara and her husband, Marquale Morris, are expecting their first child in May 2012! They are both very happy. They will find out the sex of the child on the next doctors visit. They have already seen a few ultrasound and the baby is doing excellent. Barbara and "Quale" have been married for 4 years and they have been trying to have a baby for some time now. Quale wants to hurry and find out the sex so he can start shopping for the baby. Both husband and wife love to shop, so we know this baby will be well provided for!

During the party we had a call from cousin Daniel Bond, from St. Louis, MO. Dan graduated from Grambling, as did his mother, Robertine Bond. Dan keeps up with the family on Facebook.

Ryland, our Navy man, is on his way back from "The Med". He should be back in Mayport, FL (Jacksonville), by Thursday of this week. He has been gone for about two months.

The Navy paid over $3K for him to fly over to North Africa to meet the ship. His shipmates are now calling him, "Million Dollar Baby". It is almost unheard of for them to spend that kind of money on a non-rated person. They normally just wait in the home port for the ship to return. Ryland likes his ship and crew members. He says the shipboard food is very bad. He had a little seasickness, but he is over that now (he got his "sea legs").

Ryland reports that he has learned a lot in his short tour on board the ship. He had gotten a chance to get some of his shipboard, at sea, qualifications completed. This will help him to get promoted to the next rate. He and I have been communicating by email about two or three time per week. He has already traveled to some places that I never got to see during my time in the Navy.

Dec. 8, 2011 - Stolen Engine! Fellow racer, Warren Birkett, had a brand new SBC 305 CID engine stolen from his shop in Baton Rouge yesterday.

Please be on the lookout for anyone trying to get rid of a new SBC racing engine. This is a legal NHRA Stock Class engine.

If you hear of anything to do with this engine, please contact Warren at: 225-328-6004.

Dec. 5, 2011 - Rematch! LSU vs. Alabama for the BCS Championship.

Tyrann Mathieu, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Robert Griffin III and Montee Ball are the official Heisman Trophy finalist.

Dec. 3, 2011 - LSU! LSU! LSU! Congratulations to the SEC Champs!

The final score of the 2011 SEC Championship Game is 42-10 in favor of the No. 1 Tigers, who'll next play in the BCS National Championship Game.

I would like to see LSU play Okla. State in the BCS Championship game.

Houston, who was the only other undefeated team going into today's games, had a pin stuck in their bubble by Southern Miss. today in the C-USA Championship game, 49-28.

Dec. 2, 2011 - Today I had two visitors. Both Mopar lovers. It was refreshing to hear someone talk about something other than a Chevrolet, or Ford. Reggie and Henry stopped by to talk and hang out.

In 1972, when I was in California, I worked with a young man that owned a 1964 Plymouth with a 383 engine. That car ran real good but we seemed to be working on it all the time. Back then bracket racing was just getting started and that was where we ran our Plymouth. I owned a 1962 Chevrolet with a 283 engine that ran in P/S. I sold my Chevrolet and turned all me attention to working on, and driving, the Plymouth.

We joined a car club named, Mopac LTD, that consisted of only people that owned any model Mopar. It was a very large club with people from all walks of life. The club was so big, and rich, they owned their own warehouse which served as the clubhouse. They purchased 6 ex-Border Patrol cars, all Mopar's with Chrysler 383 engines, and offered the members free parts off of any of the cars. In fact, we blew our original 361 engine and the club allowed us to get one of the 383 short-blocks to get us back up and running as quick as possible. We used our old heads and other parts.

The Mopac LTD club had people from Mopar dealerships all over the San Diego area that gave the club their extra inventory of gaskets and other parts. We also got real good discounts from those dealerships on new cars and racing parts.

San Diego has several cam companies. A few of those companies use to ask some of our better running cars to test new Mopar cam grinds. The test cams had to be returned soon after the test were complete. We never got to do any of those tests but we did help the teammates do the cam swaps. Other parts were tested by our team members, all free of charge.

The team competition at State Capitol Raceway reminded me of the same type of competition that we did in California back in the early 70's. Teams were so large they picked a set amount of racers from each team to take part in the weekly competition. Points were awarded each round and a champion was crowned at the end of the season. At the time, each team was required to have at least two women drivers. Each monthly team event was hosted by a different team and that team was responsible for awards and trophies for that month. The team events were a lot of fun.

Nov. 29, 2011 - I did some calculations on what size carburetor I should have on my 555 engine. When the max. RPM is 7400 RPM, I should have a 1300 CFM carburetor!

When we went from the BG 1090, up to the Holley 1150, the car was quicker. We also increased our shift point, from 6800 up to 7200 and again, the car went quicker. We need to change our rear end gear before we go any higher because we are still only crossing the line at about 67 - 6800 RPM. I want to cross the line at approximately 72 - 7300 RPM.

With the fresh CNC port job that Alvin did, the engine is begging for more air and RPM.

Between the too small carburetor and the too high gear, we are killing our time on both ends of the track. We are probably going to try to have both of these items fixed before Nitro Jam.

When I finish with the upgrades, the car will probably pin Outlaw's ears back to the seat and rocket him down the track!

Nov. 26, 2011 - Liz road down to the Bayou Classic with two girlfriends. They went in on a room for two days at the Marriott on Canal St. in New Orleans. I know they will have a good time. They attended the Battle of the Bands last night.

Barbara and I waited late to go into the shopping centers and there were no crowds and we still got bargains on a couple of items we wanted. Barbara got a new iPhone. All that technology in her hands! I moved to a Android Smartphone about two months ago so I told her not to get one of them. Too complicated and not at all user friendly. I am waiting on my 20 months to expire so I can get an iPhone. Probably by then I will learn to like my Android.

Congratulations to LSU's football team and coach Les Miles! 12- 0, and Western Division Champs! Now comes the SEC Championship game with Georgia. If they win that, they can play for the BCS championship. Win or lose that game, they may still be into the BCS championship game. The big questions will be, who will they play? Alabama, OK State, Va. Tech or Stanford. All one loss teams. The computers for the BCS are weird.

We never know how the BCS computers will pick the teams to play. That computer may even give Houston a shot... Houston is 12 - 0, but is out of C-USA. After beating Tulsa yesterday, Houston will go for more next Saturday, when they host either Southern Mississippi or Marshall in the C-USA title game. With a win, the Cougars will earn their first BCS bid and become the first C-USA team to play in the BCS.

Nov. 23, 2011 - When you go on vacation there is just so much to do when you return... Barbara went back to work for the short work week and I have been taking care of business with the house. Answering over 50 emails, paying bills, talking on the phone to friends and family. It has been quiet a task.

I looked at the car, but that was all I could do. I cooked a big pot of collard greens and a pot of gumbo today. We have a ham and some turkey wings. We don't get a whole turkey because most of us don't care that much for it. We will go to church in the morning, come home and pig out, watch football and sleep!

Barbara and I want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. We pray for the economy to turn around and for the jobless and homeless to have a much better year ahead. We pray for our troops to come home to stay. We are saying a special prayer for those wounded warriors to be able to cope, with the help of family, friends and the VA. God Bless all of you.

Did I mention that while we were on vacation we test drove a 2012, loaded, SRX...

Nov. 21, 2011 - Barbara and I just returned from one of the best football experiences we have ever had. Up until this past weekend, we thought the Bayou Classic was the best football experience ever.

Move over Bayou Classic, the Florida Classic is just as good, if not better! Bethune-Cookman University and Florida A&M University play the game at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida each year the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The format is the same for both events, but the tailgaters are wild (this may be the only difference in the two events)! The concessions and vendors are all over the place, on both sides of the stadium, about 3 blocks deep! The food is great.

The battle of the bands is put on at the Am way Center, where the Magic play basketball and that is very nice. The halftime show is spectacular. B-CU, which is actually a very small school, has a band that has over 250 members. Anyone that has ever seen FAMU's Marching 100 knows that they have way over 300 members and they are great. This year, B-CU out marched and outplayed FAMU. Both bands were super!

As I said, the format is the same as the Bayou Classic, but it is amplified by a factor of 2 and it just seems that everything is just bigger and better.

Of course the city of Orlando has a hard time being as entertaining as New Orleans, but the hotel prices are not elevated for the Florida Classic, a big plus for Orlando. Parking at the stadium is almost nonexistent (The tailgaters take almost all of it.) so you have to park in the yards of the homes that surround the stadium. Public transportation comes right up to the facility from all over the city. The stadium is outdoors, no dome, so there is a chance you may get some rain.

They had over 60,000 fans, maybe as many as 67,000. B-CU won the game, 26-16, their first win in 4 years! We had a great time and look forward to going back.

Nov. 11, 2011 - Thanks for the kind words last night from Mr. and Mrs. Randolph. I hope you enjoyed your meal.

I hope all veterans enjoyed their holiday. I served 24 years, but peacetime submarine duty is nothing compared to the combat that the young armed forces are seeing today. My thanks and prayers go out to all of them that are serving now. Thanks to all veterans that have served for our great country.

I worked on cleaning up the engine compt. on the car today. Put a little polish on my valve covers and a new "Mr. Skip" decal on each cover. Makes the whole engine compt. look a lot better.

I remove the valve covers and checked (just looked) at the valve springs. Everything looked great. When we come back I will change the oil and install a new set of spark plugs. I sat in front of the TV and indexed a set of 12 plugs and set the gaps. I should be able to fine 8 to fit with the electrode in the upper quadrant.

Nov. 10, 2011 - Barbara invited a couple of her co-workers over to see the race car today. Debbie & Gloria were treated to lunch and they toured the workshop. PHOTOS

Nov. 7, 2011 - Hey Race Fans! - We competed in the IHRA Ironman Classic at State Capitol Raceway Sunday Nov. 6, 2011. We did not win anything!

The car continued to be very consistent and I finally got my act together and dialed in the delay box for Kevin. How do you like the new graphics?

Mr. Skip Racing . Com Photos

We had a training session on Sunday morning about the layout of the starting line sensors for the stage light and pre-stage light. It helped a lot. He is staging at the same point now and trying to do everything the same each time.

The last three runs resulted in a -.017 red, a .024 green, and a .014 green when he broke out in the third round. These are the best lights we have had all year. We had been having between -.122 red and .329 green, in the past. We were both very pleased at the end of the day on Sunday.

I also have got to get some good data into my weather station for the 1/8 mile. I tried to use just two runs to predict our 3rd round dial-in, but it was off. I should have used the Sat. data because the temp. had dropped between round 2 and 3 due to a long cleanup and the Sun going down early during Daylight Saving time.

SCR Weekend Photos Nov. 5-6, 2011:

Bracket Masters Racing Team Photos

Jr. Dragsters

Top Doorslammers

Saturday Racers - BMRT Shootout

Sunday Racers - Ironman Classic


Nov. 5, 2011 - We participated in the Bracket Masters Fall Shootout today. The car ran excellent. We had time trials of 5.77 and 5.78, then in eliminations we had two straight 5.77 runs. Super Pro was run over the 1/8 mile. We had trouble all day getting the delay box set correct and my incorrect settings caused us to lose. Kevin did an excellent job of driving all day.

I spoke to Rose Ezell today. She is doing very well. She was walking around the pits and at the starting line. She described the accident, from inside the dragster, and it must have been a horrifying experience. Thank God for the IHRA & NHRA safety rules.

Nov. 4, 2011 - New Graphics! Come out this weekend and see the new logo. We want to look good for the photo when we take home that Ironman trophy!

10-31-11 Halloween - We have never been so happy to lose in our life! Actually we were happy to get in out of the cold Saturday night air at State Capitol Raceway.

We struggled with the car all through time trials and the 1st round of eliminations. After losing in round one, we changed from the BG 1090 Carburetor to the Holley 1150 and that solved all the problems. Sometimes it is hard to give up on something that has worked so well for so many years.

The last run, with the Holley 1150, was 0.110 quicker than the best time of the day. We were running 1/8 mile, so I extrapolated my 1/4 mile time to be around 9.02 sec., which is real good for us. The best 1/8 time was, 5.735 @ 120 MPH. The MPH was 2 MPH higher than we had been running in the eighth mile.

The Holley 1150 had 90 jets all around which resulted in a Exhaust Gas Temp. of 1430 degrees F on that last run. The BG 1090 had 87 jets, which gave a EGT of 1350 degrees F. These numbers should have been reversed. Something internally with the BG carb needs to be tuned. This is dyno type troubleshooting.

I was told today that Rose Ezell had a very bad wreck when her dragster got a little out of the grove and the track was a little slick at the top end. I was told she is OK, but a lot of bumps and bruises. My prayers go out to Rose. We have been competitors since I started running at State Capitol, in the late 80's, back in the old Pro Class (Non-E). She has ALLWAYS been hard to beat.

My prayers go out to Rose and to Shawn Davis, driver/owner of the "Big Red" 1957 Chevy Pro Mod, who also had a very bad explosion and wreck on Sat. at the Battle on the Bayou.

The trailer leak is still being worked on.

Oct. 26, 2011 - I am looking forward to this racing weekend! Battle on the Bayou. Last weekend was filled with church activities, so I have told everyone not to even think about asking me to do anything this coming weekend that does not involve racing at SCR.

We had a church picnic Saturday, Friends and Family day on Sunday morning and the pastor's 10th anniversary celebration on Sunday evening. I did the photos, audio and video at all three events.

Monday, I started to do some much needed work on my trailer. After washing the outside I decided to fix a small leak around the A/C unit.

Let me digress... Last week, I had decided to sell my 20' Classic V-nose trailer. It needs painting, it leaks, it is small and just not as beautiful as other trailers that I see at the track.

A friend heard me say that I wanted to sell it and asked my for a price. Well, I started to tell him about how I picked the trailer up at the factory in 1999 and all the things that I had done to customize the trailer to my racing operation. I told him about how the trailer had been custom ordered to fit into the small space in my yard, and how good it tows behind any truck, how few miles it has on it, the custom cabinets and storage bins I had installed along with the workbench. The new 6-ply trailer tires with 2 spares and the 4500 lbs. winch with 30 ft. cord, the excellent outside running and signal lights and how good the A/C works in the summertime and how much security it affords when we are on the road. Then I decided to keep my little ugly trailer!

I have spent the last two days finding and fixing leaks. After the leaks are fixed it will be time to repaint the inside and to complete the two side panels on the outside. This Winter will be a good time to get all those things done. Then I will be the proud owner of a beautiful, 20 ft., custom for me, trailer.

Oct. 23, 2011 - No big car testing today (Sunday). Jr. Dragsters have the track for the whole weekend.

Oct. 21, 2011 - And a good time was had by all! Barbara did not get her big party, but we had 20 friends and mostly family and friends of Ryland, home from the Navy, over for cake and ice cream last night to celebrate our 26 anniversary and my 73rd birthday. Barbara and I will continue to celebrate this entire weekend! Party Photos

Ryland surprised everyone by showing up last night, Oct. 19th. He has completed Navy Quartermaster school (navigation). He was number 2 in his class of 20 sailors.

Ryland will be home for 15 days before reporting to his ships home port of Mayport, FL (Jacksonville). He will immediately deploy to his ship which is in the Mediterranean Sea. Ryland should be gone for approximately two months before returning to Mayport. He looks good and has actually grown about an inch. Maybe it's because he is standing straight and his pants are not hanging off his...!

We did not get to run this Friday night as I had planned. I may take the car out on Sunday to Test & Tune. That would be a part of MY birthday weekend celebration.

Oct. 19, 2011 - What if, the reason for the trans-brake not holding was, the engine stumbling and the transmission oil pump not putting out enough pressure to hold the transmission in neutral (locked in reverse and low)? This is a very possible cause of the problem.

I have had the problem of the car moving fwd. or backward when I press the T/B button. And sometime the car will roll through the lights if I go in and press the button at dead idle, around 1000 RPM. The short term solution to that problem is to go in at greater than 2000 RPM so the transmission oil pump will be putting out enough pressure to apply the lock on the transmission when the T/B button is pressed. The long term solution is to overhaul or replace the transmission oil pump.

If the carburetor overhaul stops the stumbling, and the problem never occurs again, we may never know the real answer (if I rewire also). Right now, everything is still connected electrically as it was last week. I am waiting on a ckt. bkr. to make the change too direct wiring of the delay box. I could test my theory by leaving it as is, making a run or two, evaluate and then make the connection if I still have the problem. That's assuming the stumble has been corrected.

P. S.: I was wide awake when I came up with this idea!

Oct. 17, 2011 - A couple of weeks ago our pastor told a story about a biblical person that found the answer to a problem while he was sleeping. To me, this was not strange. It happens to me all the time. I tend to solve a lot of my perplexing problems while I am sleeping, dreaming or the answer will just pop into my head.

Many days, when I wake up, Barbara asks me, "What did you work on last night", or she may say, "Did you fix the car in your sleep?"

When I was in the Navy, sometimes I would work on an electrical troubleshooting problem along with my guys, and unable to solve the problem, I would get off watch and go to sleep. During my sleep period, I would continue to go over the problem, reading the wiring diagrams and prints, and then spot the trouble. I'd wake up, call the people on watch that were still working and tell them to check a certain resistor or other part. After a while, they would call back and say, "That's it!", how did you do that?! I'd say, don't worry about it, then I would go back to sleep and get a good nights rest.

Last night I think I fixed the car! The trans-brake problem that we had in the finals last Friday, I said at the time it was a voltage problem.

The original "Masterpiece" Camaro had the same problem. The only common item between these two cars is, they both used the same Digital Delay Crossover Delay Box. When I sold the car, I removed all the electronics. This is the 3rd car for this electronic setup. I remember having to run a direct line from the battery to the delay box, with a switch and fuse, to solve the voltage drop problem on that car.

Right now, all the power is taken off of the starter relay hot terminal, through a terminal strip, through a switch and fuse and then to the delay box. I remembered this during a dream last night!

This time, I think I will use a switch and circuit breaker in my direct line to the delay box positive terminal. The delay box will be energized all the time the safety switch at the back of the car is on. That should result in minimal voltage drop in that circuit.

Oct. 16, 2011 - I could not sleep and got up at 4:30am and went to the shop. I had two carburetors for other people to get out and I wanted to get mine apart to see what I could fine causing the hesitation.

First, I stopped the fuel bowl leak on the one unit that I had been working on last week. Then I started cleaning another unit that I had soaked before going to bed last night. It is a small Holley that a young man wanted back to test on Wednesday this coming week. I finished both of them by 8:30am and then started to work on my BG 1090. As I suspected, there was nothing visible wrong. I just soaked it for a few hours. cleaned everything and shot Gumout through all the passages. All the hard parts were new in March, so I left them alone.

While I was in there, I changed the jets to 87 square, from 89 square. This was in reaction to reading the plugs Friday night and finding them very rich.

I tried to troubleshoot the trans-brake problem but could fine nothing, mainly because everything is working. Earlier this year, I replaced the trans-brake solenoid and made sure all the wiring and grounds were good. Everything is still good.

By the time the Saints came on at 3:00pm, and got beat, I was getting a little tired. We will try it again on Friday at SCR. I want to be ready to do battle at the "Battle on the Bayou" on Oct. 29th. I have a couple of testing opportunities before then.

Oct. 15, 2011 - We're back! Nine twenty-four with an eight at 144.81 MPH off the trailer! Kevin "Outlaw" Gray was the driver all night. We came back with a small adjustment to the shift point and ran a 9.159 @ 145.91 MPH. We raised the shift point from 6800 to 7000 RPM. That was the only change. The 60' time only improved by 0.01 (1.365 too 1.352) on the 2nd pass, so the bulk of the improvement was from the new shift point. We later had a 9.126 pass with no other changes.

We decided to leave the shift point alone for the remainder of the night but we think with the improved flow in the heads, from Alvin's CNC port job, we will benefit from moving up in shift point RPM. We will try 200 RPM changes until it stops improving, or we reach 7400 RPM, whichever comes first. The 7400 is a self-imposed limit. When we had the 4.56 gear installed, we crossed the finish line at 7350 RPM. Right now, with the 4.30 gear, we are only crossing at 6750 RPM.

The car ran very straight all night and Kevin said it felt like it was improving almost every run. We had the tire pressure at 8.5 PSI all night and we finally got down to 1.331 sixty foot time. We held the timing at 36 degrees. Other than the heads, the only other change was a slight loosing of the drivers side shock in the front and I raised the wheelie bars one inch. We expected it to be more violent, but it went straight and was easy to drive, according to Kevin.

The best all out run of the night was in the 1st round of eliminations when we ran a dragster. We dialed in a 9.12 and ran 9.126 @146.19 MPH.

The night was not without problems. Again, "The Carburetor Man" had trouble with his BG 1090 Carburetor. This is the 2nd time it has started to bog down on the starting line when we turn on the 2nd light to get up to leaving RPM. It goes away right away but it is very distracting and caused Kevin to have some bad lights last night.

We also had an electrical problem in the final round when we had to run Wayne Henry's old car for the trophy. The trans-brake did not hold and we rolled through the lights. This is also a problem that we have seen in the past, but not lately.

The carburetor problem will be fixed quickly, I own a Holley 1150 that can be swapped out. The electrical problem will take a little more effort because it is intermittent and right now, everything is working. Looks like I will be tightening connections and cleaning grounds again.

A few months ago I was lamenting about not having won any rounds this year. Last night we won twice in competition and Kevin had the pleasure of running against his good friend, Slim Davis, in our 2nd time trial and he won! I think he got more pleasure out of that than winning the runner-up trophy!

There is an outside chance that I may go to Test & Tune on Sunday at SCR. That depends of finding and fixing my two problems.

Right now I am very, very happy with the way things came out. I know with a little tuning, tinkering and maybe a gear change, I will be running much quicker.

Oct. 13, 2011 - I am beat! You know the saying about the "Bad Penny", it keeps coming back... Well, I worked on a couple of "bad pennies" today. Two Holley Dominators. One with a leak, the other with parts missing, water damage and in general just bad shape. I was suppose to take the two of them and make one good carburetor out of them, but I decided to fix both of them. Poor choice.

Since my car was running, I decided to use it as a test bed to troubleshoot both units after I had installed kits in both of them and replaced some of the hard parts on one of them.

After cleaning and installing good parts, both carburetors ran just fine, in fact, they sound better than my carburetor! But both had leaks in different areas. I swapped, replaced, tightened, and everything else I could think of to stop both of them from leaking, but no luck.

One of them needs to have a heli-coil installed in the body to seal the fuel bowl. I will take care of that tomorrow. The other one has a small drip that comes down the secondary butterfly shaft to the outside of the carb.. I have seen this before, but never had it happen to me. This particular carburetor was sitting up for months (maybe years) and it was the one with all the missing parts and water damage in the float bowls and metering blocks.

Today I started my engine several times while testing and I must say, it sounds SUPER! After sitting all night, when I started it up this morning it fired right up and that rhymic sound, around 1300 RPM, of the engine that you get when the valves are set just right and everything in the tune-up is perfect, was back. It has been years since I heard my engine do that. It is the sound that you hear when "Young Blood" (Keith Veal) comes to the line in his Camaro to run. There are several other good running cars out there that have that sound (Jason Adams).

I should be at SCR Friday night with "Mr. Skip". Kevin "Outlaw" Gray will be driving again, after I make one pass.

Oct. 12, 2011 - Houston, we have lift off! The 555 came back to life today! Everything seems to be working just fine. The warmup and re-setting the valves went very well. All pressures and temps. are very good with no leaks.

The engine sounds good, but no better than before. I hope it runs a little quicker. I am not hearing what I expected when it is at idle, but it sound real strong when it goes up through the RPM's. Well, at least everything is fresh and I should not be any slower than it was before. We shall see this weekend!

October 11, 2011 - Not Yet! But close! I had a few personal things to do today and did not finish.

October 10, 2011 - Have you ever installed an engine diaper? Mine came (from Summit), with zero instructions. Just the diaper, four attachment loops, some absorbent material and a warning.

At first I thought I would attach it to the valve cover bolts, but that was not a good choice. I almost went to Home Depot or Lowe's to try to find some type of attachment mechanism.

Before leaving, I looked at it one more time and decided to use four of the header bolts. The front two and the back two on each side. That worked to perfection.

I did it by myself, but with two people, it would go very smooth. I'm glad the headers were not on, but it would not be much of a problem with the headers installed.

I can't wait to get the car back on the track. The CNC port job has produced some excellent flow numbers. The most significant thing is the mid-range flow and the top flow.

Alvin provided all the flow numbers from the Superflow flow bench. I had held onto the flow numbers that Alvin had provided back in 2006 when I purchased one replacement head from Dart after I destroyed one of the old heads that had been ported by Alvin in 2005.

With my old port job, the flow topped out at .750" lift. Therefore I only ran a .748" lift cam since I had this engine. With the new CNC port job, the flow is still increasing at .900" lift. I have enough room on the springs and P/V clearance to run a .825" lift cam.

Right now, I will stay with what I have in the engine. That way I can see what the changes are going to do for me.

My flow numbers from .300" lift through .750" lift are higher than they were before. Right now, I will not be able to take advantage of anything above .750", but the improvement up to that number is impressive.

I want my next change to be the rear end gear. I want to go back to 4.56:1 ratio. Nothing has improved since I changed to the 4.30:1 gear.

I should be able to start up my engine tomorrow. The oil is in, the water is in, the batteries are charged and the valves have been set, cold. Everything is ready except plugs, wires and the carburetor. After start-up, if everything is OK, I will reset the valves, hot and put the car back on the ground.

Oct. 7th (Late) - Congratulations to Seimone Augustus and her Minnesota Lynx. They are the WNBA Champions for the first time in team history! Seimone was voted the unanimous choice for MVP of the finals! The final score was, Lynx 72 - Atlanta Dream 67. Seimone played her high school basketball at Capital High School in Baton Rouge and her college ball at LSU.

My Tampa Bay Rays did not make it past the first round of the baseball playoffs, but my Milwaukee Brewers are in the NLCS finals.

Oct. 7, 2011 - "Cruzin On The Coast" over on the Mississippi Gulf Coast has expanded to a full week, starting this past weekend. Many of the auto lovers in our area are taking in the sights and showing their cars.

This last weekend promises to be good. Gulfport Dragway has been open each day from Oct. 5th through Oct. 8th for a Car Show, Swap Meet and Grudge Racing plus other entertainment, seems to be a good way to keep the drag racing fans happy. Only $10 for spectators and $10 for a tech. card. Gates open at 10am each day.

Reggie is not feeling too good right now and will postpone his engine testing until this coming Sunday. I plan to be there to see the new combination run. Seems that "bug" is going around.

October 3, 2011 - Reggie Jackson has his dragster running again. He reports it's sounding great. He expects to go out and test this Friday night at SCR.

The change in weather is taking its toll on our family. Everyone in the house is feeling a little under the weather. Liz and Jeremy had the worse of it, but both are going to work (they have to pay their cell phone bills!) Barbara and I are doing OK.

Wow! Southern University (2 - 3) won a close game. MSVU (0 - 5) had not won a game in their last 14 try's, so I should not put much on them winning that game. This week Southern plays Prairie View (3 - 2), a division opponent, who just beat Grambling State University (1 - 4). Mrs. "Tiger" is some upset!

October 1, 2011 - Big day for the, #1 in the nation, LSU Tigers. They play the Kentucky Wildcats at 11:21 CDT today. Southern University, reeling from a late collapse at the hands of the Florida A&M Rattlers last week, will try to come back with a win over the winless Mississippi Valley Delta Devils up in Mississippi.

It is also a big weekend at State Capitol Raceway. They will have big bracket race, featuring the Top Doorslammer Class, along with all the regular brackets. On Sunday, they will have a Import Face-off and a Test & Tune for everyone else.

I was looking forward to this weekend to have my car ready to run, but I will not be ready. It sure would have been nice to run in that Top Doorslammer event. I can still make three of the events. The next one is on October 29th.

The last few days, I have been working on the car. Doing little things that we always put off until the last moment. I changed my seat belts. This is normally a 20 min. job, but for me, it turned into a little over an hour! I installed the shoulder belts backwards. The crotch belt is always hard to get at. The cutouts in my seat covers are too small for the seatbelt adjustment mechanisms and they had to be forced through. Then when I got in and tried to adjust them, that was when I discovered the shoulder belts were not correct. That belt is the worse one to get in and out.

I made a nice holder for my shoe polish. It's right down on the transmission tunnel, on the passenger side. That's something that I have been meaning to do for years. I had a piece of tape to hold it, but that did not work very well. It will hold an ink pen and flashlight, all within easy reach of the driver. After the first burnout and run, I will know if I need to fabricate a cover for the holder.

I am installing a diaper for the oil pan. I understand the track in Houston will not let you run without one. It's a good idea anyway, even if it's not required.


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