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12/30/08 - Today, I was contacted by my friend, Larry Gotreaux ("The Stampeede Bandit" Mustang), about my views on trying to establish a bracket at State Capitol Raceway for cars that run between 8.99 and 7.50 seconds. This bracket would be limited to doorslammers only.

One of the main benefits would be to decrease the amount of rounds that these cars must run to win a bracket (Q-16 only goes 4 rounds). The field could be unlimited entry, or if the racers prefer, it could be limited to 8, 16 or 32 cars (5 rounds). Another benefit would be the exicting racing between these closely matched, really quick doorslammers!

This idea is new for this area, and is open for discussion. There are no rules yet, and they would be decided upon with the track and the racers.

If you have thoughts on the idea, pro or con, please contact Larry at:
you can also email me at: and I will pass your comments to Larry.

Dec. 30, 2008 - Not much on the car, just trying to figure out what attachment method to use for the wing. They sent a load of locking nuts and screws, but I am thinking about using Rivet Nuts (Riv-nuts). I think I explained what these are some time ago. The big advantage is being able to assemble and disassemble without drilling out "pop-rivets). I purchased them for the Lexan installation, but the wing would be another good place to use them.

Dec. 29, 2008 - I started work on installing the wing. The hardest part was making the first cut. The wing only has 5 parts (I decided not to use the piano hinge across the trunk). I made a paper templet for the sides and measured and measured and measured and then made the cut. It came out about an inch too short, so I cut an inch off that side piece and instead of having a wing side fin that extends back 14 inches, it will only go back about 13 inches. The wing will go back about 2-3 inches less.

When I opened the box that the wing came in, I did not see any instructions. I purchased this about a year ago and opened it when it came. I thought I had lost or misplaced the instructions. I looked at the vendors web site (A.R.T.) and wrote an email asking for instructions. They don't have instructions for this "universal wing". They were nice enough to give me a phone number and offer to help. Very fortunate for me, the old "Masterpiece" had a wing that is very close the this one. I took photos of the wing a few months ago, when Eddie Fisher had the car out at the track, and I found them and printed them. Me advice to anyone installing a wing, stay away from the Universal Wing and pay a few $$$ more and get the custom fit for your body style.

Dec. 28, 2008 - I have a current IHRA Competition License that is good until 2010. I have a lot of time to make that 8 second run.

Today I started working on the car again. I made a list and put priorities of each item. The list has 26 items on it right now, and I know it will grow. I cleaned the inside and put some flat black paint on the dashboard. I have been partially blinded by the sun reflecting off of a gloss black dashboard or a highly polished dash. I also put flat black on all the side window bars that hold the Lexan in place. Nothing like confusing the tower with what they thought was a one (1) next to a nine (9) and giving you a 19.00 dial-in. That is one reason tracks insist on the driver looking at the dial-in before turning on the pre-stage light. It is the drivers responsibility for his/her dial-in. Over the years I have found some unique, or stupid, ways to lose races.

I put a smoke detector in my workshop today. It is one of those dual, smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

Tomorrow I will start on the electrical system. After that I will put the remainder of the sheet metal in the trunk to cover the bottom of the fuel cell. Gauges, delay box other instruments, along with lights will be next. I will put the shifter and cable in somewhere along the way, and the Lexan will go in after all of that is complete. I hope to be done with those items by the end of next week. The cowl panel and bumpers is where I need help with the welding. After they are in place it is back to the painter with those individual pieces only.

I will complete assembly of the engine while the welding and painting is being done. It will be a small challenged to get this engine into this new body. At least the radiator and headers came with the car. I may change the radiator just to be on the safe (cool) side. I also need some new brackets for the alternator. I saw some nice setups for BBC at the PRI show. Complete setup with alt., belt and mounting bracket. I fabricated the one on the old car and never did get it exactly correct. The engine/trans. should be in the car by..., maybe, Feb. 20, 2009.

Dec. 25, 2008 - It has been an extremely good year. I turned 70 and my health has not been better in the past 8 years, since I retired. I am looking forward to a good 2009, when I should get my car back on the track.

Two years ago I stated my License was expiring in April of 2006 and I probably would not renew. Again I am coming up on renewal. I have been considering giving up active driving and just being an owner/tuner. I would like to find someone that can out drive me, that I can trust, or someone that I can train, then I will consider getting out of the drivers seat.

I would like to make some 8 second runs before I retire from driving. I know my engine has the horsepower. All I need is a good car with a safe, suspension that goes straight to get into the eights. Some of you are running sevens, sixes and even 5's, but my goal is 8.99.

After attending the PRI Trade Show, I know there is so much more that I can do and try out, even with a new driver. I am looking forward to going back to Orlando to the PRI Show, Dec. 10-12, 2009.

I have been very pleased with my web site work for my church, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church ( ). The people in the church are very happy with the site. This started out as a simple set of photos and just to establish a place for us on the web. It has grown to so much more. The members have upgraded to either DSL or Cable so they can look at video and listen to the music and they just love the many photos that I take each Sunday.

All the work at my home is complete. We have no more construction workers and the painting is complete. I finished the sliding shelves in the pantry and the workshop is complete. Now all I have to do is get back to working on the car. I need some welding and painting, which is slightly out of my control, so to speak, but there is a lot of work that I can do myself. I would love to be ready for Super Chevy at State Capitol Raceway on Feb. 6-8, 2009. That is the goal for now (I could run my first 8 at Super Chevy!)

Dec. 10-14, 2008 - Visit to the PRI Trade Show in Orlando. Photos from the show.

Weds., 12/10/08, Alvin, Devin and myself left for the PRI Show early in the morning expecting to have a short 5 hour plane trip to Orlando. We arrived after traveling for 14 hours. The weather caused delays all along the east coast. This was the same weather cell that produced 3-5 inches of SNOW in the Baton Rouge area starting early Thursday morning and the ice storms in the northeast.

Thursday morning, we arrived at the Orlando Convention Center and I promptly got in line to get my Media Camera Credentials.

This place is awesome! Many times "Awesome" gets overused, but there are not many words that can describe the size of this show. The size of the Orlando Convention Center complex (1 million Sq. Ft.), the amount of displays (1400 Vendors), the cost that the vendors have gone too to make their displays the best that they can. If I had to give an award for the best display, it would go to SRP (Scorpion Racing Products), along with several of the companies that displayed full working CNC machines in Machinery Row. I did not have official attendance numbers, but I am told it was well over 45,000 people that attended.

I walked, took photos and collected information from so many vendors, I had to stop taking every book and I had to become very selective. The smart people that had attended before had small suitcases on wheels that they were collecting their booklets in. There must have been at least 20 - 25 rows of vendors lining each side of an aisle. There were many trailer vendors, RV vendors and hauler vendors. Outside there were full working dyno test stations.

There were scheduled news conferences and presentations in a special press/media area. Each day had several scheduled seminars. I had planned to attend several of them, but did not make any. Maybe next year.

After the first day I had only covered about 5 rows. I had too many books, my feet were hurting and I was just overwhelmed with the enormity of the show. Alvin, who has attended the past two years, was in heaven. Talking to many of the great people that he has talked to on the phone, including Joe Mondello.  Joe invited Alvin and his crew to dinner after the show on Friday night. We ate at a place called Tu - Tu's Tango. It was unique. We enjoyed the dinner and the conversation with the total of 12 people that were invited.

Wednesday night we had dinner at The Butcher Block, a steakhouse with excellent steaks. We were joined by my sister, Bea Bea Smith, from Ft. Pierce, FL.

Friday I completed all the remaining rows of vendors and purchased a few items that I thought were unique products or that I always wanted but did not know where that product was available. Some of the vendors were allowed to sell at the show, while others were only allowed to take orders. Some took my card, or swiped my credentials and said they would call me this coming week.

While Alvin concentrated on cylinder head porting and Ford racing engines, I was looking at race car graphics, computer engine control, computer simulation software, racing suits and shirts, transmission and converter technology and of course, all the information that I could gather on carburetors. I found three carburetor manufacturers that I did not know existed. All of them use some of the Holley design and most of them use the Holley gaskets and needle & seats. All of them have their own body and venturi configuration. All of them claim to be better than Holley. I own a Holley HP 1150 of the new modular billit design. I would sure like to run each of these new designs on my 555 BBC to see what they can do. Since I have owned three Barry Grant carbs, I spent a lot of time at their display talking to the salesmen and technical experts. I heard a lot of talk about "Wet Flow Benches", for carbs and for heads.

I am already preparing to go back next year. Barbara did not attend this year, but she wants to go next year. I know we will drive over and stay in our Time Share in Daytona Beach (60 miles). This will allow us to bring back much more equipment and information. Being restricted on a plane, with the tight security, was a definite draw-back.

I did not attend the Sat. session, but I traveled over to my home town of Daytona Beach and did some visiting, which was very relaxing, and I had a very good time.

Our trip home was very uneventful, and we got back to Baton Rouge in just under 5 1/2 hours.

Dec. 9, 2008 - This past weekend I attended Rich Christensens "Arm Drop Live" event at No Problem Raceway Park. Rich is the star, and starter, for the Speed Channels "Pinks All Out" events. At first take I did not want to attend, but several of my friends had signed up and I wanted to see them compete.

The format is strange, but after reading the rules of the event, I got kind of interested (plus, you cannot lose your ride). They limited entries to 450 cars. This limit allows them to pick 128 cars that will race for $1000 for eight 16 car fields, plus a Quick-8 field. The field was to be picked from the time trial cars that ran on Friday and Sat. morning. The finals were to start on Sat. after the qualifying and selection of the 128 car field plus the one Quick-8 field. That comes out to 136 total positions out to the 450 entries. The reminding cars were entered in a regular bracket race.

Arm-Drop, means just that. No Christmas Tree. The host, Rich, is on a tall platform and he signals the start of each race like the old time drag races use to start (of present day street racing). He is also wearing a microphone and narrates each race. The No Problem speaker system is excellent and you could hear Rich all over the track.

So far this is not too much to be excited about. The fun starts when you find out that cars in the Arm-Drop event are not allowed to return to their pits between races, but must come directly back to the starting line, passing in front of the grandstands, to "hot lap" for the next race! They are allowed to bring gas and air to the front of the staging lanes and the track provided a generator to help get cars started.

From the standpoint of the drivers and cars, it is brutal. But from the fans point of view, it is great! Many of you that know me, know that I am the worse drag race spectator in the world. If I am not running my car, or taking photos, drag racing does not hold my attention. Not so for the Arm-Drop event! I enjoyed every second. The action is non-stop and because the cars come back so quick, as a spectator, you can keep up with who is who and who won what very easy. This is heads-up, no handicap racing. Cars, motorcycles, pro-mod's and dragsters.

When they come back, I will be in the stands or have a car in the field (with a big radiator), so I can enjoy the action.

I would get into the qualifying and how the cars got picked, but I did not have a chance to attend the early morning time trials where the cars qualified. I think it is sort of discretionary, aided by the time slips, and in the hands of the host who runs the show. They try to get the 128 most competitive cars bunched around a certain number, such a 8.00, 8.50, 9.00 sec. and 10.00 sec. If you run much under your time slip qualifying time, you are kicked out. As I said, there were eight (8) sixteen car fields plus the Quick-8. That left over 300 cars for the bracket race. Arm-Drop Live was one Super Event! They should change the name to, "Arm-Drop, Hot-Lap!"

"Pinks" will be at No Problem Raceway Park, Belle Rose, LA on Feb, 27-28, 2009.

Dec. 8, 2008 - Update on the car. I have not done anything else!

I have been working on installing the shelves in my wife's pantry. They are kicking my $*@#. The cost of this project, in time and money, is going to be very high by the time I finish. I am about 75% finished, but I can see many things that I could have improved on, or done a better job, had I planned it a little better.

I will travel to the PRI Trade Show later this week. My sister "Bea Bea" and her son Omar, who live in Ft. Pierce, FL will come over to have dinner with us one night. I will go over to my home town of Daytona Beach to visit with a sick friend, Earl Griggs. Earl and I played high school football on the same team. He went on to be a star tackle at Morris Brown University.

Dec. 5, 2008 - Silas Rogers and crew took the little white Nova to No Problem Raceway Park to participate in the "Arm Drop Live" event. They made a best ever qualifying pass of 9.29 @ 145 mph. They just jumped right over the 9.30's! Silas is very happy with the engine and the car. Silas Jr. was the driver.

Silas' Nova

Dec. 1, 2008 - This past week was dedicated to thanking God for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon my family. We attended church on Thursday morning and again on Sunday.

Sandwiched in between church was "The Bayou Classic". The annual match up between Southern University and Grambling State University in New Orleans, LA.

If you have never experienced a Bayou Classic (or Florida Classic for that matter), you have missed one of the true spectacles on Earth. This is the essence of the "Black College Football Experience". The Bayou Classic is more than a football game, it is food, fun & drinks, The Battle of the Bands, Greek Step Show, parties, enjoying meeting old and new friends, job fairs, college recruiting, introducing new products and just being a part of the experience.

They say the economy of New Orleans is enhanced by over 40 million dollars each year as a result of the Bayou Classic. That's a lot of Lucky Dogs and Hurricanes!

Barbara, myself and the grand kids usually go down to the city the morning of the game and walk up and down Canal Street and visit The Riverwalk. After the game we walk through some of the street vendors displays and try to get some bargains.

Before Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Centre, with Macy's, Lord & Taylor, The Hyatt Hotel and the excellent food court next to the dome was the place to congregate before the game (if you didn't have a hotel room). All of that is gone now, but we are hopeful that it will reopen before too long.

The crossover from New Orleans Center to the dome is always full of entertainers and sponsors giving away "stuff". Thousands of people just hover around the booths and you get to see a lot of celebrates. Some of the biggest entertainers come to the Bayou Classic each year.

People that go down early in the week and those that travel down to New Orleans the day after Thanksgiving have a lot of things to do and see. Many of these people never make it to the game. They say normally over 200,000 people come to New Orleans for the festivities. The Superdome only holds about 70,000. The city has everything for entertainment and the food is so good, I always eat too much and still want more.

This year it rained on game day, which meant we did not get to do our walking. We went directly into the dome and watched all of the pre-game show. We watched the people come into the dome. That is a show all its own! Talk about dressed! No money is spared for this once per year fashion show!

Some fans only go to see the half-time show. Grambling's band is one of the most traveled bands in the country. They have performed all over the world and done many commercials for big time companies in the states. Southern's band is world class too. They have one of the largest, and loudest, marching bands in all of college football (FAMU's band is much larger). Both bands can march and play with the best. I have seen some of the best half-time shows of my life at the Bayou Classic. This year both bands spelled out "OBAMA" on the field and Southern's band even spelled out "Jan. 20, 2009". During the pre-game show, Grambling's band did an all gospel music show. Southern also has a gospel presentation in their repertoire.

The game was won by Grambling this year, GSU Tigers -29; SU Jaguars - 24. Barbara "The Tiger" was very happy. She had a new Grambling shirt hand crafted just for the game. She was so happy about the win that she wore her shirt to church Sunday (casual dress 5th Sunday) to harass all the Jaguar fans, including me.
Barbara-Tiger Shirt Barbara's Tiger Shirt

The pastor failed to mention who won the game (in other years when S. U. wins, he always talks about the victory). He did mention the half-time show but not the score. So Barbara went to the pastor's study after church and showed him her shirt and told him about his omission! I have told her that one of these days I am going to have to pull some diehard S. U. fan off of her!

The best thing about Grambling winning is, I will have some peace for the next year and my wife will be happy. That is, until we kick the Tigers in the 2009 Bayou Classic!

Nov. 23, 2008 - Van Johnson took the Chevelle out to State Capitol Raceway to test the new engine and transmission combination. Van made two slow, low 10 sec and high 9 sec. passes while checking for different things that he had on his list of things-to-do. The third pass, which was suppose to be a full pass at normal shift points, resulted in a problem with the transmission or converter. Van will remove the trans. when he gets home. PHOTOS

Nov. 19, 2008 - Arrangements for J. C. Floyd are as follows: Visiting at Winfield Funeral Home: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm, Sat. Nov. 29, 2008, with the funeral to follow at 1:00 pm.

Nov. 18, 2008 - Today I was informed of the passing of one of the original nine members of Bracket Masters Racing Team, Mr. J. C. Floyd.
The original concept of a Baton Rouge racing team was born at a New Years Eve party, Dec. 1996, given by J. C. and his wife, Deloris Floyd. Mr. Floyd was a Christian man, and that party broke up at 11:30 pm so that we could go to church for midnight services.
J. C. was a avid Pontiac racer. During the past few years he had been battling with diabetes. J. C. stopped racing when his eyesight began to fail a few years ago, but he remained a fan of the sport. He retired from LSU where he worked for over 30 years. He was also an excellent mechanic.
Skip & Barbara would like to offer our condolences to Dee and the family.

Nov. 15, 2008 - Attended "The Battle on the Bayou" today at SCR. Eddie Stears,, did a great job. The Pro-Mod's and True 10.5 were a real treat. I will have some photos later this coming week.

Nov. 13, 2008-I am on countdown to the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Orlando, Dec. 11-13, 2008. I know I will be like a kid in a candy store. My credentials arrived earlier this week along with a lot of information about what is going on in Orlando during the convention. Expect a good story when I return, and if they issue me a camera pass, lots of good photos.

I will be about 60 miles from my hometown of Daytona Beach, FL and I will take a short day trip over there to see some friends and visit my parents grave site.

News Flash! Beware - Van Johnson is installing his new BBC 567 cid engine tonight. Van selected all the parts, had his machine shop work done at Southland in Houma, LA and he assembled it himself. Dyno testing was completed Monday. All I am going to say is, don't mess with Van!

Nov. 6, 2008 - Over the past three days, I have learned a lot about buffing and sanding out flaws in my clearcoat paint job.

The car has several spots that I want to have buffed out. I own a variable speed sander/polisher, but it did not have the correct thread for retaining the buffer pad. Most new style buffer pads have a velcro retention system, and I do mean system.

The last time I did any serious sanding on a paint job, the smoothest sandpaper available was 1200 grit. Now, sandpaper comes in grits up to 2000! Talk about smooth.

I experimented on one out-of-the-way spot and it came out very good. I purchased the required adaptor to change my polisher to the correct thread size and the buffer pad retention pad, along with two different foam buffing pads. I also purchased a quart of some very expensive 3M buffing compound that is suppose to work with greater than 1500 grit sandpaper.

The one spot that I did looked so good, I want to do the whole car, but for now I will concentrate on the 8-10 spots that are most noticeable, hood, tops of fenders and below the back window glass.

This is going to be another learning experience. The countermen at B&T Paints on Choctaw Ave. were very helpful.

November 5, 2008 - I wish my mother and father were alive to celebrate this day! My mother, father and myself are from Florida. Florida went to President Elect Obama.

November 2, 2008 - Every other time I answer the phone it is a political candidate calling to ask me to vote for...

I am voting for Barack Obama for President!

As in the past, I am asking all of you that read my site to go out on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, and vote for the candidate of YOUR choice.

One of the many good things about living in the greatest country in the world, the USA, is that we get to vote for who we want to support. In Louisiana, as in many other states, people will have about 5-6 different political party candidates to vote for, including the traditional Democrats and Republicans.

After spending 24 years in the U. S. Navy and traveling to many other great places in the world, as much fun and enjoyment as I had in those other places, I still love the USA better than any other place that I have ever visited or lived.

Nov. 1, 2008 - The work inside the house is complete with the exception of a few punch list items, all to do with the new floor in the dining room. We are starting a new project, adding new carpet to the two bedrooms that had work and we are going to get all the carpets cleaned in the house. This was not a part of the repair effort, but it is a good time to do it before the furniture is moved back into place.

Silas Rogers Nova was at the track Friday night and had a best ever time of 9.38 @ 144 mph. They took the car back on Sat. for the big bracket race and got down to 9.26, which was on a breakout run in the second round. Silas Jr. was the driver.

Early Friday afternoon, Silas Jr. and I sat down to the practice tree and we discussed how to stop his tendency to red light. After a few practice tree lessons, Silas Jr. was consistently cutting lights under .015 on the practice tree. We had a good discussion on human reaction time and car reaction time. We also discussed how to determine how much delay to put into the box and what goes into determining that number. We talked about daytime vs. nighttime and how the tree is easier to see at night. We talked about LED bulbs vs. incandescent bulbs. All of which determine how much delay you put into your box.

During time trials Friday night he had one RT of .007 and another of .009. Saturday he continued to cut good lights but he broke out in the first and second rounds as the car continued to get quicker.

Now all we have to do is learn how to dial in good numbers. After they get comfortable with the delay box, I will introduce them to the weather station. With any luck, you will see that white Nova in the winners circle before too long.

The Nova will be slowed down by cutting down on the 540's power. Silas wants to run in the low 10 second range. This will give us more consistency, it will be easier to control and it will be safer on those eleven inch tires.

October 31, 2008 - You may think I am a Chevrolet Camaro dealer, but I just love the new Camaro.

Here is a Halloween Treat: The GM website where you can get ordering information. GM Camaro web site.

October 29, 2008 (late) - Congratulations to the Phillies on winning the World Series! Brad Lidge is finally off the hook. Great save!

October 29, 2008 - We are still working on repairing the inside of our home. All of the sheet rock is complete, the final coats of paint are being applied and the flooring is being put down now. They are trying to be out of here by Friday.

I have received many parts for the "67" Camaro. As previously noted, the car was sold to me as a 68, but the serial number indicated it was a 67. The grill and tail lights were 68, but there were no side marker lights in the front or rear fenders and that got me to looking into it a little more. I have ordered all the correct outside trim to make it a 1967 Rally Sport Camaro. Most of it is here with a few parts on back order. After the work is complete in the house I will start to work on the car again.

Hurricane Gustav and the paint job really put a dent into my schedule for testing, which I had said would be late Sept. or early Oct. 2008. Looks like I may be ready early in the 2009 season.

Alvin Calhoun and myself will attend the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando, Florida. The show will be held, Dec. 11-13, 2008. Alvin has attended the past two years, but this will be my first time.

The PRI show is billed as a "Trade Only Show", so you cannot enter the Orange County Convention Center unless you have credentials issued by PRI. There are many categories that are allowed to apply for complementary tickets/credentials. My company, Holbert Enterprises, which has a license issued by the State of Louisiana, was allowed to obtain credentials. I had to send a business card, a copy of my business license and describe what my business does in the racing community.

There will be over 1450 exhibitors who will have their latest products on display. There will be many demonstrations and seminars over the three day period. This should be better than any car show or seminar I have ever attended.

I have applied for special permission to bring a camera inside the show. If I am allowed to take photos, I will try to show my readers a good portion of what I see at the show.

P. S. I am pulling for the Rays, but I am old school about rain-outs and complete games after 4.5 innings. Philly should be winners of the World Series. The new rule, as of 2007, is good for the Rays and baseball. I guess this is progress. Go Rays (Ringing a cow-bell)!

October 23, 2008 - My pastor made a statement that hit me. Many of you will not appreciate this logic now, but when you are my age you will understand. Rev. Allen said, "God does not want us to rust out, He wants us to wear out". That is why I try to keep my mind and body active.

Speaking of keeping my mind active, I paid to take two Baton Rouge Community College computer classes starting in November. I will take Photoshop CS3 and Flash CS3. After I finish, you should see some improvements in the way my web sites and photographs look. Now if I could just fine a good course in Dreamweaver CS3, that would be just great. I already own all of those programs. Mastering them is another challenge.

October 20, 1938 - Skip's Birthday! Seventy Years Young! Also Barbara and I celebrated our 23rd Anniversary - 10/20/2008.

Oct. 19, 2008 - Update on 2010 Camaro. During the first three days that GM opened up orders for the new Camaro, almost 3000 orders were taken. All for coupes. They are not taking orders for the convertible yet.

I want to sit in one first, before placing an order. They are still scheduled for production in Feb. 2009, so that probably means we will not see one in showrooms until later in early 2009.

Here is a website with some good information on the car: 2010 Camaro.

Oct. 17, 2008 - Photos of gap between hood and windshield.

Oct. 16, 2008 - The construction company has started on the inside of the house. What a mess! All of the insulation in the front half of the house will be replaced and they removed it during the last two days. They have put R-30 Batty insulation back in place of the old stuff.

The longer I look at the new paint job, the more I like it. Everyone that has looked at it cannot agree with me on the flaws that I found. I guess I am too picky.

I have not had a chance to work on the car due to the work going on in the house and other things. I did order a new front cowl panel to go in front of the windshield. It will cover the space between the windshield and the hood and hold the two gauges, while giving support to the hood.

Oct. 11, 2008 - The roof is finished!

We picked up the car today from the painter. We have had two visitors before we could get it completely parked in the workshop. It came out very good. With the things I mentioned yesterday, it should be really nice when it is finished. PHOTOS

Oct. 10, 2008 - THE PAINTER CALLED! The car is ready (almost) to be picked up. Our deal was that the trunk and bumpers would not be painted until we attached the spoiler and bumpers to the car. We also have to make a brace for the new cowl induction hood, next to the windshield. Since all of my Camaro's have the fuel and oil gauges located outside in direct view of the driver, that must be worked out too. They will finish up everything and buff out some spots I didn't like when I bring it back. It looks OK, and I really like the color.

The real finishing touch will be the decals, or wrap, that Central Graphics will apply, with the new logo and flames.

The roofers are finishing up today!

Oct. 8, 2008 - My friend Glend McDonald was laid to rest today. The service was very nice and was well attended by his motorcycle friends from all over the state, along with his drag racing friends and co-workers. Glend will be missed by all.

One of the last conversations that Glend had with his son, Glend Jr., was about getting their racecar back on the track. Glend Jr. is going to fulfill that wish of his father.

The family used at least 11 photos from the Bracket Masters web site in a photo gallery in the funeral program. We are very happy to be of service.

Oct. 8, 2008 - The roof is being put on the house!

Oct. 4, 2008 - I will leave the stock market to my son. I will go back to savings accounts and CD's.

Oct. 3, 2008 - Went over to Silas Rogers house and pulled a couple of plugs to see how the engine was running. Just a little rich, but I decided to leave it that way for the protection of the engine. All of the plugs were consistently the same amount of richness. Maybe I should try that 4-hole spacer that he has. I cleaned up all of the plugs and reset the gap on all of them.

Silas took the car to SCR tonight (Friday) and again, Jr. red light in the 2nd round against "Little Charlie" of Young Blood Racing. Jr. put the wrong number in the box and left too early. The car ran a best of 9.49 @ 135 mph with him getting out of it on the top end. I am very proud of the Nova!

Tonight I stayed home to finish my workbench. It is completely done! I put the final two coats of Walnut Gloss stain/polyurethane paint on it tonight. It really looks nice, and it came out almost as good as I wanted it too. I am ready for Mr. Johnson to come over and inspect.

October (the best month) 1, 2008
Checked on the car at the painter yesterday. He promised I would have it back by Friday of next week.

We will be starting on home repairs this coming Monday, so I will not have a lot of time to devote to the car for the next month. My time table for testing is, realistically, back into early 2009.

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