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January 1, 2011 (1/1/11) Four Aces!

Happy New Year!

I started the car yesterday for the final time in 2010, with the help of my good friend, Lacey, of Bracket Masters Racing Team. Everything ran and sounded very good. I am ready for the 2011 season!

Dec. 29, 2010 - Holbert Home Christmas Celebration - Gift Opening, 12-25-2010.
What was in the big box? A recliner, rocker, swivel lounge chair for Roland from the whole family!

Dec. 27, 2010 - My family had a wonderful Christmas and we hope all of you had as much fun as we did. It's always fun watching kids open gifts. Even the big kids, like my wife Barbara. I got some nice gifts also. Now that the grand kids (living here) are working, they are very thoughtful and appreciative.

The temp. was 24 this morning and just made it up to 55 during the day! No snow, as the rest of the north and eastern part of the country is having.

Just finished watching the Saints make it to the playoffs! They beat the "Dirty Birds" in Atlanta, 17-14. Now the road to the Super Bowl will still go through Atlanta, but now it will be a little easier.

Dec. 21, 2010 (First day of Winter, 70 degrees in Baton Rouge, LA)

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Skip & Barbara

Skip & Barbara

Dec. 16, 2010 - The PRI Trade Show was as exciting as it was the first year I attended. I would highly recommend attending if you are able to go. My Photos from 2010 PRI Trade Show. Cameras are not allowed, unless you ask in advance for a camera pass, which we did.

To obtain permission to attend, you must apply, in advance, for credentials. It's a trade only, so you must prove you own, manage or represent a racing business or professional race team. Race fans are not admitted. Companies such as engine building companies/machine shops, parts stores, Media/Press organizations (me), NASCAR race teams and circle track race teams are allowed to apply. There are others organizations too. You can go to

The 2011 show is: Dec. 1-3, 2010 in Orlando, FL at the Orlando Convention Center (changed from the 2nd week in Dec.). This is one huge, awesome, gigantic building! It takes at least 2 days to walk the place. The third day is needed if you attend the many seminars that are offered by industry giants from all sorts of businesses.

You can spend hours in "Machinery Row" section. You get to see the real CNC machine in action. There is an outdoor section where several Dyno Cells are set up and operating, testing actual engines.

You can talk to the presidents of companies or that salesperson that you order your parts from all the time. The technicians that give out the tips and help you solve the many problems that we run into after we purchase the part and try to install it are on site and they are willing to talk, sometimes for hours. They can do that because most major organizations that have displays have a lot of people available to answer questions.

I was mostly interested in Holley, Quickfuel, Willis, Braswell and a few smaller carburetor companies, such a Dambest Carbs. I also wanted to talk to some of the engine sleeve companies. My engine has some sleeves so I need to know what type limitations I have because of the sleeves. I talked at length to Dart and World Products. I passed by Sonny Leonard's monster engine that he had on display. I talked to a few hose and fitting suppliers. I talked to companies that either provided coatings that I could apply, or places where I could send my parts to get them coated. I was given a lot of information about the value of these coating products.

My best conversation was with Mr. Craig McCaughey of Coan Transmissions & Converters. I had just sent my Coan, spragless, converter back for a freshening up, and got it back and installed it right before the show. Craig sat with Barbara and I for almost 30 min. explaining the interior of my converter and how it works.

I want to build another fuel injected engine, but I want this one to be electronic fuel injected (EFI). There were some companies at the show that had some EFI units that I could adapt to my engine or put on a new engine. The new engine, with the new block, new CNC heads and new custom intake, is where I want to go from here. I only need to drive it once, then let Kevin handle it from then on!

The show offers a computer program that shows the layout of the floor and it lets you make up your personal map as to how you are going to attack this huge place. You can fill this out right after you receive your Attendees Credential Package. I had 27 vendors of my personal map and Barbara and I got to visit most of them. In route to some to them, we got sidetracked by other vendors that we learned a lot of good information from.

There are small businesses there that you never heard of with some great products. Many of us are very regional in our buying. Some companies that are not accessible because they don't advertise in National Dragster or DRM or they are not in the Summit or Jegs catalogs, are on site and they have great products. You get to see some of the latest in safety equipment and safety uniforms, like the pros wear.

There are racecar's all over the place. They only pick the best to display on the floor of PRI Trade Show.

I will attend again if God allows it. We had a ball. Barbara got carried away by a new 28 ft. trailer. It had everything in it that she is always talking to be about getting. The trailer is her private domain when we are at the track so she wants all the comforts of home!

I came away energized for the 2011 racing season. I expect our two vehicle race team, my car and Kevin's truck, will be winning some races this year. Right now the concentration is to get Kevin's truck on the track. The engine is done and installed. He only needs a few supporting items to be ready.

Dec. 12, 2010 - We just returned from the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Orlando, FL. (Photos)

Barbara and I had an excellent time. We took advantage of our last week of vacation for 2010 and stayed at Vacation village at Parkway, in Kissimmee, FL. We also visited my hometown, Daytona Beach, FL for a day.

We took the occasion to spend some time with my sister, Bea Bea. We were given a guided tour of Orlando and the Winter Park/Eatonville area of the city.

We really enjoyed the tour, along with a visit to a "Soul Food" restaurant. If you are ever in the Orlando area, and run out of things to do (How is that possible?), take a side trip to downtown Winter Park, FL. The quaint little shops, sidewalk cafes, parks, cobblestone streets and so much more will be worth the trip.

Oh bye the way, this is the really upscale neighborhood of Orlando. Like Georgetown is to Washington, DC.

Question: Have you ever seen a stand alone Mini Cooper dealership? It is across the interstate from the BMW dealership in Winter Haven. In very close proximity is, Infiniti, Lexus and Land Rover. That Mini Cooper dealership has as many "Mini's" as the whole state of Louisiana! Hundreds of them, all colors and configurations (models).

Dec. 2, 2010 - Photos of Shaker's wreck at Prescott
Photos by Paul Patterson Productions. - Photos # 261-279. Wow! Cycle through the 19 photos. Many more than was on the track website. Awesome photos!
I have talked to Moses since he was released from the hospital.

Dec. 1, 2010 - Where has the year gone? Seems like we just completed Nitro Jam. It's almost time for another one. I have already made up my mind for this coming Nitro Jam. I am going to run in the ET Bracket. I will have a much better chance at winning than in Quick Rod or Super Rod (and I don't have to dust off my old Throttle Stop that has not been run since 2002. It probably doesn't work anyway). Last year the car was running 8.93, which gave me a chance at Quick Rod. In fact, my weather station had predicted 8.87 for my qualifying run, but I never got to make that pass so we will never know.

Seems like we worked on every part of the chassis this year from front (rack & Pinion) to the rear (shocks and wheelie bars), then the transmission gave up. We had changed the torque converter earlier in the year too. The engine, thank God, made it through the whole year without a problem.

This has been a very good year. I enjoyed teaching Kevin "Outlaw" Gray all about "electronics" racing. He has come a long way and I have been completely happy with his progress. I expect he will win a few more rounds in the coming year, and get into the money rounds, now that we have the car completely ready to run.

Kevin is getting the final touches on his little truck. The engine sounds great! I can't wait to see it run. After a few easy shake down runs to get the bugs out and learn how it is going to handle, then he will let it all hang out!

Prayers go out for Moses Bryant, "Motown Shaker" from Shreveport. He destroyed his 7 second Pontiac Firebird race car in Prescott, TX last weekend.

Shaker suffered a concussion, cracked vertebrate and a hand and leg injuries. He spent one night in the hospital but he is home now and doing better. The car was a total loss. The funny car style cage protected the driver from worse injury.

One lesson learned: Try not to race at a track that does not have the new, concrete guard rails, like SCR and NPRP. Our home tracks are completely up to date with safety equipment (I am a living witness!). Prescott was running their last race with the old style guard rails. Shaker went through the rail at the 1/8th mile and ended up in a field next to the track.

Nov. 26, 2010 - I have gained at least 5 lbs.! The food was great! I made a big pot of Gumbo with crabs, sausage, shrimp, okra and many, many seasonings. Barbara cooked turkey and a mess of collards. We had Honey Baked ham, pies, cakes and lots of other stuff. We had a few visitors and lots of calls from friends and relatives.

Before dinner, Barbara, Jeremy, Liz and myself gave thanks to God for all the blessings that we have had during the past year and during our lives.

Monday, the family celebrated grand daughter Myeshia Whitfield's 20th birthday at the house. We had cake and ice cream and I made a large pot of Jambalaya, with crabmeat, shrimp and sausage. Her brother Avery, a few friends and all of her cousins were there to help her celebrate.

After the food, we watched The Saints beat the Cowboys (In Jerry's House)! Then the J - E - T - S, Jets, Jets, Jets won last night. Revis put it to Owens. Stay away from Revis Island!

During the past week, through Facebook, I managed to re-connect with my niece, Milana. She is in NYC. We have not seen each other since my sister passed away a few years ago. Milana just turned 21 and is about to enter Fashion Design school.

I was privileged to listen to Kevin's new engine earlier this week. I can't wait to see it run in Kevin's truck. After the normal shakedown and adjustments, it should give some good numbers. The engine, transmission and converter will all be new.

Mine is still on the jackstands. I will be helping Kevin with his truck until he gets it running correct.

Nov. 21, 2010 - Guess what? The car is still sitting up on the jackstands! There are still no leaks and I did take out all the plugs and clean and re-gap them. They look good, but very rich due to just running at idle in the workshop.

I had a very good visit from my oldest son, Oliver and his wife Chris who live in White Plains, MD, this past week. Barbara and I took them out to dine at Parrain's Seafood. We pigged out! They took off Sat. morning. We enjoyed their stay.

We will be getting ready for Thanksgiving. We hope all the readers of this web site will have a great holiday season. May God bless all of you and your families. Food, Football and Fun!

Nov. 17, 2010 - I finished the transmission installation and started up the car and ran it through all the gears. No leaks! Everything looks, sounds and runs good up on the jackstands. Later this week I will take it out of the shop and test the trans-brake.

Kevin's motor was started up today. After a few minor problems, it ran very well. Very responsive and sounds powerful. Tomorrow the engine will be warmed up again and the valves set. It should be ready to put into the truck by this coming weekend. Kevin and engine builder Alvin are very happy!

Nov. 16, 2010 - I got up this morning determined to make something happen on the car. I installed the transmission and converter. The only thing left is the drive shaft. I should finish tomorrow and start up and test everything.

I changed the engine oil and installed a new filter with 7 qts. of Mobil-1 5W-30 for the Winter months.

I like Donovan McNab, but I hate the Redskins! Michael Vick really put on a show last night. I wish I had him on my Fantasy team!

Kevin's engine should be ready this week. Alvin hopes to get it on the engine stand tomorrow (11/17/10). I will go over and help with the crank trigger and carb. adjustments.

I was asked yesterday, what am I going to do for a driver, now that Kevin has his truck almost ready to run? That is easy. I will wait until he is available, or he can drive both cars. That's not a problem for me. I may do some driving, but it will not be much. I hope to drive in the Nitro Jam in March. I don't want to miss that.

Nov. 15, 2010 - Yesterday was a significant day for two reasons. It was the 4th year anniversary of my wreck on the track where I demolished the purple Camaro.

The second item was even more significant: I had a real Christian religious experience in church yesterday. It caught me by surprise. I have not cried in church, or had any emotion more than clapping my hands and singing, since 1988. That is another story. Yesterday I felt something I cannot explain.

Lately, I have had a series of events happening in my extended family that has caused me to "worry" about those members. Being so remote from them, I have only been able to talk to them by phone and offer moral support. All of their recent problems are health related, so I cannot do my usual thing and send money. All I can offer in these cases are prayers and consul, which Barbara and I have been doing. My children, Barbara's children, grand's and family have always been able to call me and get advice.

Their problems, coupled with my health challenges of late, have caused me to take a long hard look at my life. It all came down on me yesterday.

Today I feel much better than I did, but still a little shook up. I have a wonderful, loving, caring wife. My family loves me and I love all of them and I am deeply concerned about their welfare. I have many good friends and I have lived a very, very good life. In this Thanksgiving season, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Today my daily reading in "The Upper Room" Daily Devotional directed me to read, Matthew 6:27 (NRSV) "Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?" I also had to read, Matthew 11:28-29, which tells you to rest your worries in Gods hands.

Was that a coincidence or a message from God? Barbara and I had just discussed that exact Bible passage this morning before she left for work!

On a lighter note, John Force won the Funny Car Championship yesterday at 61 years old! Congratulations John! I can't wait for the movie. What a great story.

Nov. 13, 2010 - I have been so lazy since returning from vacation. I have only looked at the car a couple of times and have done nothing. Barbara and I have both been working on different church projects that take our time. There is no rush on the car since the season is over. I sure save money (or have it to spend on other projects) when I don't go to the track!

I was told that the last race at SCR was run over the 1/8th mile after conditions caused it to be too dangerous at the top end. That was a very good decision by the racers and the track. Personally, I like 1/8th mile racing. It is less ware on our engines, less racing fuel, it takes less time to complete an event and it is less hazardous with the reduced speeds at the top end. The clean-up time is much less when a spill occurs. The track spends less money preparing the track when they only have to do 1/8th mile rather than the whole 1/4th mile. In these bad economic times we should be looking for ways to save money and running 1/8th mile is one good way to save for the racer and the track.

Some of the most exciting racing I have ever done was when I use to compete in the 6.00 Index Class a few years ago. Houston Hawkins and I ran on a circuit that had 1/8th mile index races all over the South. Houston was in the 5.30 Index class.

There is a 600 foot track in Mobile, AL that has some very exciting racing every week (that's 60 ft. shorter than 1/8 mile). If you think 1/8th mile is quick, try that one weekend. They have a lot of cars and a lot of spectators every week.

The holiday season is upon us. That means, in addition to shopping, we have the end of regular football season. We are still deciding if we want to go see The Bayou Classic this year (Grambling 8-2 vs. Southern 2-8). I don't think it will be very much of a game, but sometimes in this game the records do not mean anything. On the other hand, the joy of being a part of Bayou Classic pageantry in New Orleans may override the action on the field. Grambling should take this one easily, which would make Barbara very happy.

LSU is looking good, after taking it too Alabama and Nick Saban last week. Barbara and I listened to the game on XM Radio while returning from vacation. We even got to hear the local LSU announcers call the game while driving through Florida, Alabama and Mississippi). The miles just flew by as we enjoyed the game. I was so happy to see Les Miles out coach Nick, it did my heart good! Les has been bashed so much these last few weeks (just like Stump Mitchell - SU coach), even though he is winning (unlike Stump). It is a very long shot for LSU to get to the national championship game with one loss (assuming they can beat Arkansas - not an easy task). I think Auburn and TCU will lose one game but Boise State and Oregon will still be undefeated. If Boise State is given a chance to play for the national title, it should be a good game. If the computers overlook Boise, then LSU may have a chance to get in and if they do, they will win!

Nov. 10, 2010 - Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. As a 24 year veteran of the U. S. Navy Submarine Force, I would like to thank all of the current members of the armed forces and all veterans. (Don't forget, Vets eat free at Applebee's on Nov. 11, 2010 [Baton Rouge]).

Nov. 10, 2010 - Been too lazy to do very much. I did clean out my stowage a little when I went into it to find a trunk for the Camaro. I accumulate a lot of junk. I should have a big garage sale.

I had a lot to do on catching up my church website. Lot of photos and music from three special events. Very time consuming when you don't do it every week.

I went into the workshop and looked at the car. It's still there, waiting on the transmission and converter. I have to shorten one of the cooler lines to accommodate the new oil cooler.

Congratulations to two Charlie's! Charlie Robinson won the last Top Doorslammer race at SCR. Little Charlie was the runner-up (no relationship).

Nov. 7, 2010 - I spent the day on extended vacation as Barbara and I went to New Orleans to the "Riverwalk" and went shopping for a few things for Barbara.

Barbara goes back to work tomorrow and I go back to retirement. I will be able to work on putting my transmission back in the racecar. There are some vacation photos in the Travel &Vacation folder.

Nov. 6, 2010 - He's Back! Vacation was great! We spent 7 days in Hilton Head, SC just relaxing and enjoying each others company. We ate a lot too.

Oct. 29, 2010 - The weather looks and feels great! The cars should run real good this weekend. State Capitol Raceway will host the last Top Doorslammer race of the year this Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010.

The transmission has been shipped. It was dyno tested before shipping. It has the two new certification stickers. I'll be good for another 5 years. I flushed all the trans. cooler lines and the new cooler (and back-flushed). I am using all AN fittings on the transmission and the cooler. Don't want any leaks.

All of this transmission work started when I ordered a new trans. pan to get rid of the leaks from the old pan. Previously I had stopped the leak from the end of the tail shaft (at the U-joint yoke). "One leak at a time!"

The fact that the fwd. clutches were worn out and starting to burn, maybe I can expect to see a little more MPH from the car. I have always been suspect of the fact that when I went from 4.56 gear to 4.30 gear, I did not see any increase in MPH. The change in the weather is going to mask some of the analysis, but the tachometer should help tell the story.

Oct. 24, 2010 - Congratulations to Silas Rogers and Driver - Silas, Jr. on winning Super Pro Money Friday night at State Capitol Raceway!

While waiting on my transmission, I installed a new, higher capacity, trans. oil cooler. I hope to increase the longevity of my trans. and converter.

Oct. 21, 2010 - And a good time was had by all! Especially Barbara and me. We really enjoyed having the few neighbors and friends over to help us celebrate. Thanks to everyone who came over.

We had planned to have a BIG celebration, but church obligations this coming weekend and last weekend prevented us from having the 25th Anniversary party we had planned. We may have something later this year anyway.

Speaking of church, Barbara is the chairperson for the Shiloh Mass Choir Annual Musical, which will take place this Friday night, 7:30 pm, Oct. 22, 2010, at Shiloh M. B. C., 950 7th St., Port Allen, LA. Please come and enjoy a night of Gospel Music from some of the best choirs in Louisiana.

Oct. 20, 2010 (10/20/2010)- Noon - The converter is back from Coan Racing. I found some Castrol Type F Trans Fluid. That stuff is hard to find in the 4 recommended brands, at least in Baton Rouge. The last place I looked, not expecting them to have it, was Auto Zone. They had it!

Oct. 20, 2010 - Happy Birthday to ME! It is also me and Barbara's 25th year anniversary! Twenty-five of the happiest 72 year of my life!

I sent Barbara a BIG bouquet of Fall flowers and plants mixed. I gave her a card, got her one of her favorite scented candles (with another card), had an engraved trophy made, just for her, to commemorate the occasion, I composed an original poem titled, "Only You Can Tell" and tonight we will have cake and punch at the house with family, just before we go out to a big dinner (I have another card to give her at dinner)!

I have a son, Glenn, that tries to outdo me every year by giving his wife elaborate gifts and treats for her birthday and anniversary. He will have to get on his game to beat me this year!

Car news! When I talked to Coan Racing last week, I asked about having them do the certification (every 5 years by NHRA/IHRA rule) and freshen-up on my transmission, for future reference. I was shocked when he told me the Dedenbear case can ONLY be re-certified by TCI, if it was purchased from TCI. ALL other Dedenbear cases, no matter where they were purchased, must be returned to the Dedenbear factory for re-certification.

So, if I send my transmission to Coan, they will remove the internals, send the case to TCI (because mine originally came from TCI), and when it is sent back with the new SFI Certification, they would install the new parts and ship it back to me. Those of you that know how, and have the right tools, could just send the case for re-certification and then put the internals back into the case yourself.

Is it worth it to own an aftermarket transmission case? Let's look at the NHRA/IHRA legal alternative. With a OEM case you must have a SFI certified flexplate shield, explosion proof cover for the planetary section and straps under the oil pan. To get all of that to fit in the stock transmission tunnel is sometime impossible without major surgery on the transmission tunnel. With a SFI certified aftermarket bell housing or complete case, the task of fitting the assembly into the space provided is much easier. If you are building a car, or you don't mind modifying the tunnel, then that is not a problem.

Many of us have cracked transmission cases and tail shafts. That is a thing of the past with an aftermarket case and tail shaft. I have had the same case for over 15 years. It had endured a wreck, broken drive shafts and internal transmission failure (three planetary's). It still passed inspection for re-certification.

Another advantage of this case is, you can regulate the "Hit" on the slicks with and external adjustment screw. As you slicks get worn, you can soften the hit and prevent spinning. When you get new slicks, you can go back to the full "Hit".


Oct. 17, 2010 - I was not at the track Friday night, but several people called to tell me about Peter Byrd's accident. When I listened to the explanation of what happened, it sent shivers down my spine. It seems that he had the same trouble that I had, or at least the results were just about the same. I am truly sorry to hear about Byrd's misfortune. He is a very good racer, I have a lot of respect for him and he is a friend. I hope he will get a new car or have that one repaired and get back on the track as soon as possible. I am glad to report that Byrd was not hurt.

Oct. 17, 2010 - Here is a flyer from United Black Drag Racers of St. Louis. They are sponsoring a race at Holly Spring Motor Sports Park, MS on Oct. 22-24, 2010.

Oct. 15, 2010 - The SCR Schedule has "The Battle On The Bayou" on Friday & Sat., Oct. 29-30, 2010. That will also be the final race for Top Doorslammers. It should be a very good weekend!

I got word today that my converter is in excellent shape (only had 68 runs). They will put new bearings in and freshen up everything else. They will put some type of ring around the body that will allow it to be cut open and rewelded without problem in the future. Never heard of that, but I trust they know what they are doing. Since I am very happy with the 5800 stall and the way the car leaves, we are not making any changes. I have not heard anything from the transmission people since dropping it off on Tuesday.

Oct. 12, 2010 - Dropped off my transmission at TCI for re certification today. Liz helped me drive to Ashland, MS - 730 mile round trip. I will pay to have it sent back to me.

While taking in the Mississippi landscape, I was thinking about a conversation with Reggie Jackson and what I plan to do with the car. I think I will put the transmission and converter back into the car and test it before I go into the engine. I will leave well enough alone, for now.

Put me in a truck for 14 hours with nothing to do but think and I can change a lot of things and plan, plan, plan.

Oct. 9, 2010 - I was sitting here thinking about how quick your plans can be changed. I put the car in the workshop to find the source of my starting problem and to stop a leak. Now I have the transmission out, ready to be sent away, the converter is gone to be freshened up.

I am about to remove the heads. I am also going to send my old cam back to Comp Cams to be reconditioned. This is the cam that the motor had in it when it was on the dyno. It is a little bit stronger than the one in it now.

My grandson, Matthew Holbert, was just accepted at Tuskegee University! He wants to study Biology. There is probably not a better HBCU for him to go and study Biology. The home of Dr. George Washington Carver. Matt lives in Vacaville, CA. Matt was born and raised in California, so he has never been to a "Bayou Classic", "Florida Classic", "Tuskegee - Morehouse Classic" or "Tiger Paw Classic". He will get to enjoy the great bands and fanfare of the great HBCU college experience.

Oct. 8, 2010 - Correction - The clutches are Red Eagle Clutches and the steels are Koleen Steels.

I talked to Coan Racing Transmissions today and they will get the converter turned around in very short order.

Coan did not like the transmission fluid that I had been using. They recommend: Type " F", Pennzoil, Kendall, Royal Purple or Castrol transmission fluids.

I have been using Type "F" for many years and never had a problem. The Type F was recommended by TCI back in the 80's. I have never used any of the above brands.

I talked to Van Johnson last night. Stella, Van's wife, just had an operation yesterday and will be in the hospital for another day or two. Our prayers go out for Stella for a speedy recovery. We will not worry Van about working on my transmission for now.

I talked to Alvin about the heads. He is ready to work on them to see if we can extract a few more HP from them. This should be very interesting and beneficial.

At this point, I want to test in January 2011 and be really ready for Nitro Jam in early March.

I was looking forward to another "Battle on the Bayou", but I don't see it on the schedule for either track. I would have done whatever it took to be ready for that race. Too bad, I really enjoyed that series.

Oct. 5, 2010 - Spent a lot of time working on the yard in this excellent weather.

I tracked down some of my starting problem. Yes, there was a problem starting, even after changing out the starter just before loading up last Friday evening. The left Optima battery, that is about 9 years old, gave out. Under load (water pump & fan) it was only putting out 2.6 VDC. The other battery, which was new in 2007 is working just fine and had been doing the job. It has a no-load voltage of 13.06 VDC and a loaded voltage of 12.75 VDC with the water pump and fan running (I had to separate the batteries to test the voltage. While they are in parallel they both show the same voltage). If I did not have an alternator, I probably would have been out of luck during competition.

Kevin came over tonight to help me change the transmission pan. When we removed the pan, we found indication that the clutches were about to give up. The fluid did not smell right, but not the bad burnt smell that I am use too under these conditions. The color was light brown. There was a lot of grit and flakes in the bottom of the transmission oil pan.

This could have been the reason we have had to adjust the band to try to stop the slight backwards roll when we energized the Trans-brake the last two or three times we went too the track. I lost once because of that and Kevin has had to go in deep to keep the bottom light on.

We removed the transmission and will have it overhauled. The case is due for SFI re-certification in April 2011, so we will send it back to TCI for re-certification. SFI certification is due every 5 years on the Dedenbear case and the internal blanket. The transmission internals have to be removed to do the re-certification. TCI did it last time, along with a overhaul. They put the best Red Eagle Clutches and Koleen Steels in it. It has been shifting just fine for 4.5 years.

Mr. Van Johnson has promised to teach me how to do the overhaul on my Powerglide. I do want to learn that task.

While we are down, I may remove the heads, freshen up the valve job and install new springs. I will ask Alvin if he can flow the heads again and get them equalize. Maybe we can pull out a few more HP to get me into the 8 second range, even in the hot weather.

This combination has been working very well for the past 13 months. I have been very happy with the engine, transmission, converter and the car. We are probably down for the rest of this year.

Oct. 4, 2010 - Congratulations to Mr. Reggie Jackson, first of all, he got his dragster into the 7's at SCR this past weekend!

The second item that Reggie accomplished was, getting his NHRA Competition Drivers License. He took advantage of the NHRA crossover program. Reggie only had to present his IHRA License and make TWO full passes (they allowed him to make his passes side-by-side during time trials). And of course, he had to submit his Medical Exam along with his NHRA paperwork and a copy of his IHRA License. I know it feels good to be able to go anywhere and not worry about being able to run at any track.

Oct. 3, 2010 - I asked Kevin to drive for the SCR Sat. Bracket Race. We entered Super-Pro and lost in the first round, bought back and won in the 2nd round. That was Kevin's 1st competition round win! In round three, our air shifter bottle was empty and the car did not shift into high gear. Kevin had the light covered but when the shift did not occur, he let up and shifted, allowing the other car to win the round.

We had a good time. I have a back-up bottle and we will be ready for No Problem this coming weekend. I will have to drive, Kevin is not licensed in NHRA yet (We may take the opportunity to make those license passes...).

I have a lot of Photos to post later this week.

Oct. 1, 2010 - I took "Mr. Skip" to SCR last night and ran in Super Pro $$$ bracket. It was good to get behind the wheel again. I really enjoyed driving again.

I came out of the trailer with a 9.18 @ 145 MPH. Everything was working excellent. Earlier in the day I changed out the starter (again), and it worked perfectly. All the shifts were good and the converter was doing its thing. On my second time trial, the car backed out of the lights when I pushed the T/B button, because I did it at idle. After that run, I went in a little deeper and I raised the RPM to just above 1500 RPM. That seemed to work.

In the first round I won because my opponent ran too quick. I was right at his front fender when we crossed the line, but my win light came on. In the second round I ran Charlie Robinson in his TDS Beretta I red lighted by -.018. Before the run, I had taken .030 out of the box. That's the way it goes.

The car ran 9.186; 9.163 and 9.173. Pretty good for not driving for about 4 months. I was very happy with the way the car ran and my driving.

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