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July-Aug.-Sept. - 2013    

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Mopar Testing At SCR - Reggie, Justin and Ronnie Test Dragster

I am ready for the weekend! I have been ready for the past month. Between the weather and family work, trying to get a house ready for sale, we have been stopped at every turn. I hope this weekend will not be a complete wash out. Friday may be OK, we will pray for Saturday.

Football (Teams I follow)

Saints 4-0
LSU 3-1
Southern University 2-3
Grambling State University 0-5

Testing At SCR - Friday 9-27-13


Mr. Skip Becomes An Active Bracket Masters Racing Team Member

After several years of missing the fellowship of the racing team and with the urging of Barbara and several friends, I decided to become an active member of Bracket Masters Racing Team again. I will not be a candidate or run for any office but will continue to serve as the Web Master for the team, which I have been since the web site was created in January 2001.

Under the leadership of President Tarrus Jones and Vice President Johnny Tate, the team has done some good work in the East and West Baton Rouge areas. The team sponsors two races each year at State Capitol Raceway and dedicates a portion of their profits to community organizations that serve the area. The have supported the Port Allen High School sports teams, Pat's Coats For Kids and the Stuff The Bus effort to supply school supplies to children of the area. The team has given away several bicycles and had other toy giveaways for needy children.

During the past 5 years, Barbara and I have been invited to attend all of the social events given by the team and we have enjoyed having a good time at those events. This past month, when the team sponsored a trip to Gulfport Raceway, we were happy to make that trip and had an excellent time. The team plans to have many more trips to tracks in the area. Barbara and I do our part to continue their support of the community.

Bracket Masters Racing Team is looking for members to help in their community service efforts and too take part in the teams social events. The team currently has 14 members. You do not have to have a race car to become a member. The team will welcome anyone with skills, such as, cooking, teachers, writers, people with computer skills, professional people and just anyone that wants to be a part of a growing, caring organization. People with slow cars (most of us) and fast cars along with mechanics and machinist of any kind are welcome. People that love to "talk cars" are also welcome.

Football, Three Winners, Again!

Congratulations to Southern University on their 2nd SWAC win of the year, congratulations to LSU on their 3-0 season and 1-0 in the SEC, and finally to The Saints for their 3-0 start and 31-7 win over the Arizona Cardinals.
Sept. 23, 2013

Nothing Going On. Good Football Weekend!

Barbara and myself have been working real hard to try to get her brothers home ready for sale. I have been knee deep in electrical work inside the house and a hundred other small projects.

Football, Football, Football!

Southern University, LSU and The Saints all won their games this past weekend! I hope that is not the last time I get to write that statement. I wanted "Johnny Football" to beat up on "Little Nicky", but it just did not happen. LSU has to play both Alabama and Texas A&M later in the season. Out of all the games, Southern and PVA&M was the best game of all. Double OT win for Southern after being down by 22 points, they came back in the 4th quarter to tie it up and then win it with a dramatic 24 yard touchdown pass after PV had kicked a field goal! It was great! Congratulations to coach Odems and his staff.

Barbara is shouting for joy after Grambling fired Doug Williams! She has been wanting him gone since they re-hired him. She disliked him so much, she actually pulled for Southern a few times in the past year.

Mr. Skip Racing

Looks like we will have another wet weekend for our racing. Kevin and myself had planned to go out Friday and Saturday, but now we will be watching the sky.

A funny thing happened to us last week. I had three gallons of Super Unleaded gas in a racing fuel jug (for my pit bike). Somehow, it got into the race cars fuel cell. I wondered why the car had slowed down so much on out last run three weeks ago. Now I know. We had two gallons of racing fuel and three gallons of Super Unleaded. The problem is corrected now, but we had been running 5.78 in the 1/8, and on our last run we only ran 5.83 sec.. I had started to lean out the carb. but changed my mind. Good thing we stayed on the rich side, as we almost always are. That could have been a real big problem!

Lesson learned: Mark Your Fuel Jugs! Don't put pump gas in racing fuel jugs!
Sept. 17, 2013

Rain For The First Big Race Of Fall (End of Summer)

Barbara, Kevin and myself took the car to State Capitol Raceway on Saturday, Sept. 7th and got in one time trial before the sky let loose. We will try again on Sept. 21st. The car ran good but the track was so hot, everyone was having trouble with 60' times and many cars and dragsters could not get down the track. We made a good run, but due to some type of computer error, we did not get a 1/8th mile time, but we did get 60' and 330' times. I have some real good photos, taken on Sat., Sept. 7, 2013

Web Site and Computer Problems

This computer is killing me. I am so sorry that I have not been able to update. Hang in there with me and we should be up and running before long.

Dell Computers is trying, but they keep replacing parts and the machine is still not working as it should. I am very lucky, I was able to same all of my files. The hard drive was replaced but I was able to get most of the data off of it. Loading all of my programs is a real pain in the... I they have had a technician at my house for the past two days and I have talked to many people in India as they try to troubleshoot my problem, even after parts were replaced twice (two motherboards, a hard drive and a flash drive).
Sept. 11, 2013

Big Family & Friends Weekend

Friday night, Aug. 30th we took Mrs. Ivory Boatner out to Mike Anderson's Seafood to celebrate her 99th Birthday! She is Truly Blessed and we were all happy to have this wonderful woman, who is still as sharp as a tack, and can get around on he own, with us.

Saturday night was another birthday party of a good friend. It was suppose to be a surprise, but he ruined it. Barbara and I had 7am church so we did not stay very long. Church was good. We stayed there longer than at either party.

Happy Birthday Barbara! My Wife Is Social Security and Medicare qualified! Sept. 1, 2013.

My baby is almost ready to retire. Now if I could just get her to stop working, it would be great. We could hook up the car and drive to track after track, whenever we felt like going.

We had a family birthday party for Barbara at our house on Sunday afternoon. Many of the neighbors dropped in for a bite to eat and to say Happy Birthday! She got a few gifts, although we had told everyone not to bring anything. I gave her some Circle E Candles, two pairs of earrings, and a mixed, black and white diamond ring. She was well pleased! (PHOTOS)
Sept. 1, 2013


Friday Night At State Capitol Raceway!

Nothing Going On

I spent a lot of time updating my church web site, after our annual Men's Day Program. Lots of good Gospel music. The Man Of The Year was Bro. Charles Lewis. I did the photos and video's of the music and presentations.

Of course my wife found lots for me to do, but that was computer work also. I made myself clean gutters, which I hate.

I have gotten use to the quirks of Windows 8 on my computer and have become fairly productive. Microsoft if going to change W8 back, close to to the way, and provide that update to all current owners of W8, but that will occur in October. The new revision will retain all of the good features of W8 and put some of the more familiar features that people had become accustomed too, back into the program. Bye then, I won't need the revision.

I have been looking at some of our time slips from March of 2013, compared to recent runs this past weekend. We are running approximately the same times that we did back then. I found some runs that had approximately the same Density Altitude as this past weekend and we were very, very close. This tells me the car has not lost any performance or gained anything. I am happy with what I have!

We are like the Pro Stock teams that are just on the bubble and qualify some weeks and don't the next. We stay around that 5.80 to 5.78 in the 1/8, in this heat. When it cools down, we will not have a problem.

I plan to run on next Friday, and in the Top Doorslammer event on Sept. 7th. After that, we will get the car scaled by Sonny at Pro-Fab. I hope all we need is to put it on the scales and write the information, with no adjustments.
August 29, 2013

Photos from Friday - 8-23-13

Mr. Skip Camaro runs great! (Outlaw Driving)
(4 Runs)You Tube Video

We made 4 passes and all were straight down the middle of the lane. The changes had done exactly what we wanted. It was Friday night, and our 60' times were not as good as they could have been, but before the night was over, we had one run at, 1.291 sec.. The worse was the first pass at, 1.318 sec.. We have seen much worse. Times were not all that good, ranging from 9.238 & 9.163 in the quarter, with 1/8 miles times from, 5.874 down to 5.790 sec., but we will take it! It was on a Friday.

I had planned to get the car scaled this week, but I have changed my mind and will have it done after the races on Sept. 6-7th. That way we will have some good data from a well prepared track.
Aug. 26, 2013

Reggie Jackson & Son, Justin, were at the track with their Mopar Dragster. you Tube Video 

More on Mr. Skip & Outlaw later (We had a good night).
Aug. 25, 2013

Working Hard!

Or should I say, Kevin has been working hard. I ordered the recommended spring spacer and Kevin installed it Wednesday night. The spring spacer that was installed was 5/8" high. It leveled the car in the rear, but the front right is just a little high. Sonny had said we needed a 1/2 high spacer. They will be able to take care of that when the car is scaled.

We now have plenty of room between the tie-rod and the chassis.

Plans are to run the car the way it is on Friday at SCR and see what the changes have accomplished. We will take it to Pro-Fab for scaling when Sonny if feeling good and can get us into the shop.

I changed the oil & filter today. Everything looks good.

Spring Back In The Camaro

Kevin put the right front spring back in the car last night and we took several measurements. Still cannot find anything wrong, except the distance between the chassis and the tie rod end is too small.

Kevin and I did a lot of measuring last night after the spring was replaced. We put the correct amount of air in the tires and I sat in the drivers seat while the measurements were taken. We also used a level to see where the bubble was in relation to the car being correct, left to right.

I took the car to Pro-Fab today and Sonny looked at it and determined that the rack is installed incorrect and the last scale calculations were not done correct. I just happened to have all of those numbers with me.

Sonny had his own way of determining if the car was right, from left to right, using a jack and a round piece of pipe under the rear end housing, we found the same thing that Kevin and I had found.

The rack will not be moved, but a spacer will be inserted above the right front spring to make the space for the correct clearance and to help correct the lean of the car. This seems to be the equivalent of shimming a valve spring. After the spacer is installed, the car will be scaled again.
August 19, 2013

Action At No Problem Raceway

Starting Aug. 23rd, there will be lots of racing at NPR with a three day event posted. Their schedule shows several major events for the next few months.

State Capitol September 6-7th Race

The first big race of the, "after the heat dies down" in the Summer at SCR is scheduled for Sept. 7, 2013. The purse in Non-E and Electronics will be 100% Guaranteed. The Q-16 and Top Doorslammer purses will be based on 16 cars showing up. Top Doorslammer will be limited to a 32 car field and you must dial-in no more than 5.79 sec. for the 1/8 mile.
Aug. 15, 2013


Back To Work!

I have neglected my site for the past three weeks while I was putting the finishing touches on the Drag Race Co-Op "Fast Girls At State Capitol Raceway" article. I did not write any of the stories, they were all written by the "Fast Girls". I only did some editing and posting. I even let my church web site, Shiloh M. B. C., go during that time, much to the dismay of some of the faithful followers.

I thought the seven ladies did a fine job of writing about themselves. All of the stories were very interesting. There will be more feature stories in the future about various subjects and some of the fine racers in our area.

Keep an eye on Drag Race Co-Op, LTD. See Mr. Willie if you want to get your name and a photo of your ride on the web site as an Associate Member and get to take advantage of the discounts at Participating Businesses. Call or e-mail if you are interested:Willie Beathley Jr. (Mr Willie) (225-921-6628, and you can also communicate with us on Facebook 

The Car Is Down

Outlaw came over last night and removed the right front spring from the car. He suspects that the spring has collapsed. I do not agree, but we took it out anyway.

Before we left for Gulfport, Barbara and I noticed the rear of the car sitting down on the right side, in the rear. We put a level on the wing and I got into the drivers seat with all my gear and the bubble almost came into the center. There was a slight drop to the right. After returning from Gulfport, the offset was just a little bit worse. Kevin had noticed, while in Gulfport, that the car was tilted to the right in the front and the rod coming out of the rack, on the right, had been coming into contact with the chassis. He was convinced that the right front spring had collapsed. Both of us inspected the rear of the car, all the ladder bar connections, spring, shock towers, diagonal link and anything else that we could look at in the rear and found nothing wrong.

I did have a slight leak from the left rear axle seal right behind the brake. I replaced the O-ring and that stopped that leak.

Early this morning, I took the spring to Pro-Fab and let Sonny look at it. I also told him what we had found (or not found). He had some suggestions, but did not believe there was anything wrong with the spring. After going back over the rear of the car, where Sonny told me to look, I called him and told him there was nothing wrong back there. He is now as puzzled as we are. Kevin is adamant that the spring is bad, I don't know, and Sonny thinks it's the rear end setup.

We will replace the spring and take the car to Pro-Fab next week to have it "Scaled" again. That will tell us the condition of the springs and setup and get all the corner weights correct again.

Bye the way, the last two runs at Gulfport were very bad. On the last run the car jerked to the right and Outlaw had to get out of it to bring it back. Both of those runs were in the right lane (bad). Our only good run was in the left lane (good lane) during time trials.
August 13, 2013

Fast Girls At State Capitol Raceway

Check out the new posting on Drag Race Co-Op, LTD web site about some of the Fast Girl racers at SCR.

Also visit Drag Race Co-Op on FACEBOOK. Like it!

Road Trip To Gulfport, MS - Aug. 3-4, 2013

Other than missing my Crew Chief, Barbara, the trip was great. Barbara had the very pleasant duty of keeping the Great Grand Son while his mom and dad attended "Couples Training" for two days with their Pastor and members of their church.

I had circled this date on my calendar a few months ago and the trip was excellent. The truck performed great, for the first time on the road in a couple of years, and the car ran very well.

On Saturday, for the Summit Race, we won two rounds and felt very good about our performance. Sunday, for the Ironman Race, we did not do well at all, losing in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

Outlaw complained about the handling of the car for both days and after we were eliminated, we found our right front spring has collapsed, or gotten very weak. The rack rod that attaches too the right wheel is coming into contact with the chassis, most likely when we launch, and the whole car is tilted to the right. We had made a wheelie bar adjustment on Sunday morning, but we just proved that that was not the problem. This fix will be relatively easy. Outlaw does this type work for a living, and his boss, Joe Lewis, of Joe Louis' Car Care, in Plaquemine, LA is an expert at front end alignment.

Our numbers were all over the place, according to which lane you flipped for and won, or lost. The left land was excellent and we made some good passes over there. The right land was so bad, when they called for eliminations, most of the drivers lined up in lanes 1, 3, 5 & 7, for the left lane! We ended up losing the toss in the third round on Saturday and getting put into the right lane, but that was not the reason for out loss. Our opponent cut a .502 (.002) light and ran dead on his dial, with a .002 (6.022 on a 6.02). That is hard to beat. Outlaw was doing very good on the tree himself. Most of his lights for the whole weekend were in the .005 - .017 range.

Bracket Masters Racing Team and the Coleman Bros., "Running Scared" Racing Team shared food and space in the pits. Everyone had a very good time. Many of the wife's went shopping at the outlet mall in Gulfport. Some MAY have gone to other forms of entertainment.

One thing I noticed. If it said something was suppose to start at a certain time, it did, and maybe a little early. There was just a few, very few, breakdowns. The staff of the track was pleasant. I did not like the track prep. All classes ran 1/8 mile, which was just fine with me. Racing at State Capitol in Super Pro and Top Doorslammer has made us ready for that. Due to one of the race sponsors, the entry fee and buy back were less that published on the flier. I can live with lower prices to race. I did not mention the heat... It has taken me two days to recover.
August 6, 2013


This appears on the Bracket Masters site. Mr. Skip would like to add his congratulations!

Alvin Calhoun Head Porting Service

Bracket Masters Racing Team would like to congratulate "Mr. Alvin" on the publishing of his article, ‘A Sculpture from the Inside’, in Performance Business Magazine. Great article. Well written and from the heart. Lots of knowledge here.

Mr. Alvin offers custom CNC and hand head porting. He can flow test and cc heads. First class service and the top of the line equipment, such as his 5-axis CNC machine.


Friday Night At State Capitol Raceway

I took the car to the track and I only drove for the 1st time trial. I just had to do better than that last run. With no changes, not even a full tank of gas, I made my pass in the left lane. Outlaw and I had done a walk-down after the short rain that happened as soon as we got to the track, and I thought the left lane was in better shape, especially around the starting line where the rear tires would sit when fully staged. I made the pass, as straight as an arrow, and everything worked as it was suppose too. We had a 1.289 sixty foot time and 1/8th mile time of 5.784 @117.8 MPH. I was very happy with that and the 1/4 mile time was, 9.132 @145.6 MPH. This was quicker than any of last weeks runs.

I was so happy that I told Outlaw that he could drive for the rest of the night. He made one pass in the right lane and as suspected, the 60' time went away, all the way up to 1.326, and the car only ran 9.215 @ 145.2 MPH (1/8th mile was 5.857 @ 117.47 MPH).

In eliminations, we had to run Mike Adams, for about the 3rd time this year. The result was the same, Mike beat us again! This time, we ran too quick. Dialing a 5.78, we ran a 5.777 @ 118.28 MPH. We forgot to turn the air bottle on for the shifter and Outlaw had to shift by hand. With all that drama, we broke out by .003 sec.! Wow! I sure wish I knew where that shift-point was so we could shift there all the time. Outlaw caught Mike. let up and still broke out, running in the left lane!

All is well at Mr. Skip Racing. We don't have anything broke. We are going to Gulfport this coming weekend. We have been invited to travel with Bracket Masters Racing Team. They are leaving Friday morning at 6am from Memorial Stadium. It's only 136 miles to the Canal Rd. exit in Gulfport where the drag strip is located.
July 28, 2013

We Will Be There!

The car is still in the trailer and ready to go. We will be back out at SCR on Friday night to try to redeem ourselves for that bad showing last week.

Looks like the weather will be good for Friday. I am really pumped about racing this week. It will be a tune-up for the Ironman race in Gulfport next week.

Bracket Masters Racing Team and Drag Race Co-OP, LTD will be making the trip. I think everyone will have a good outing. Plenty of food and good racing.

I have not raced in Gulfport in a few years, so I don't know anything about the track or the staff over there. I can still remember racing in Gulfport in the early 70's when they did not have a scoreboard and they had two people sitting in two cars at the finish line to tell what lane won. They would open the door of a car on the lane that won. Occasionally, they would open both car doors at the same time, after conferring, and indicate a tie. That race would be run again. With our present digital timing systems, there is little chance of a tie. In 1972 I had just come from California, where bracket racing was just catching on. When I got to Gulfport, and other tracks in the area, they were still running NHRA classes. When they started running bracket racing, I was one of the few drivers that understood RT (Reaction Time), and I won a lot of races because of that. The big thing was, you don't wait on the green light, if you do, you lose! They installed all the new timing systems while I was stationed over there from 1972-76. I enjoyed racing and living in southern Mississippi. The people and the food are great. Almost as good as Louisiana! One of these days I will tell a story about how the Navy got me to go to Mississippi. It was not easy...
July 25, 2013


Skip Rides Again!

This was written Friday night (7-19)and I failed to post it.

Barbara and Kevin predicted I would come home and beat myself up over my driving tonight, so here goes.

We came out of the trailer with a 1/4 mile pass of 9.154 @ 145 MPH. The 1/8 mile time was 5.804 sec. The temp. at the track was 83 degrees and Rel. Hum. was 80%. I think the car was running great. We made another time trial and ran a 9.144 in the 1/4, and 5.785 in the 1/8.

In round 1 of the new Combo Shootout bracket, where all the classes run for the same (guaranteed) purse, with no Crosstalk, we were paired up with my good friend, Jason Adams, driving his 69 gray Camaro. I had to spot him and he cut a .007 green light to my .156 green light, but Jason broke out by .002, with a 9.768 on a 9.77. We ran a 9.135 on a 9.13 to take the win light.

As you can see, the car was right-on, but the driver was not doing his job. In the 2nd round, I forgot to put the shifter into low and rolled through the lights to give L & B Racing the win.

All in all it was a good night. The Air Dam seemed to work as I expected. Our final run EGT was 1394, which is not bad. I want to be closer to 1450, but under 1550 degrees F.. I know I can jet down to get there. For now, we will stay slightly rich (and safe). We are very happy with what we have at this point.
July 23, 2013

Getting Ready For Racing

I have a lot of gas on my chest! Although the rain chance for Friday is 40%, as of now, I am ready to go and today is only Tuesday! I started the car and let it warm up today. Sounded excellent, with that little rhythmic valve train song at around 1300 RPM. I just love that sound. Young Blood's Camaro does it all the time. I always say, when you hear that sound, the valves are set just right.
July 16, 2013

After 3 Tries, The Damm Dam Is Built!

Good thing I had plenty of Lexan on hand. It took me three cutouts to get the hole for the carburetor correct. Then I did something stupid (again) and cut the hole before I cut drilled the two holes for the float adjustment screws. I ended up with holes that are elongated and too big. But, now, everything fits.

When I put the hood on, other problems were present. The seal was not tight under the hood. I had to install some foam padding and I will put some additional weatherstripping around and under the plate where it touches the car and under the hood.

So far, it looks like it will come out good, at least cosmetically. Functional is another story. I want to see some improvement in Summertime ET.

The functional testing will include re-jetting to match the new airflow. I am also going to have to change the undercarb spacer from 4-hole to open, and maybe go back to both spacers. There is a lot to do, but it is a very long Summer.

State Capitol Raceway to Start Friday Combo $$$ Bracket Race

Go to the State Capitol Raceway Forum and read the post from Gary Carter about the new addition to the Friday night race lineup. I don't want to put out false information on the details, but here is a copy of the post from Gary:

 SCR heating things up Friday July 19th

UNREAD_POSTby Gary Carter » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:00 pm

:arrow: For the Super Pro, No Electronics and any others :mrgreen: that would like to participate, we will have a guaranteed $500 :D to win combo race. Tech card fee will be $30.
All other classes will remain the same with Trophy to class winners and runner-ups.

I want to win the 1st Combo Race! Maybe I should not help them put the word out and the car count would be small and give me a better chance... Hum mm, just thinking out loud.
July 14, 2013

The Weekend Is Here!

No Problem Raceway has a points bracket race this coming Saturday. Both State Capitol and No Problem will have their Friday night drag racing.
July 11, 2013

Relaxing Sunday, With Friends

Today was a very good day. Went to church early this morning, came home a took a nap (old folks like to take naps), and then I had several visitors.

Henry Turner stopped over to bring a Holley 830 carburetor for me to freshen up before he puts it on his new engine that is slated to go on the dyno in about two weeks. Henry and I talked for a couple of hours before being joined by Reggie Jackson. This was made it two for Mopar and one for Chevrolet. Around 5pm, Lacey came over and wanted to turn the TV on to ESPN2 for the NHRA racing. I am now really outnumbered, Mopar-3, Chevrolet-1. I was able to hold my own and have a good time in the process.

Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and have good conversation. We talked about family, dogs, travel, racing, cars we have owned, tracks that we have raced at, work and finally about my air dam project. Since the car was sitting right there in the shop, we all took a look at what I had done so far.

Henry suggested I use some leftover Lexan that I had showed him early in his visit. I had not considered that. It is a great idea. The big advantage over the metal sheet that I had planned to use is, you can see through it! That will make inspecting the carburetor, and adjustments, much easier. Talk about two heads being better than one. Using the idea from Joe Scott to brace the air dam from the valve covers and Henry's idea to use Lexan, I am going to have a good final product.

I enjoyed my Mopar visitors and probably got a lot more out of them than I was able to give them today. Thanks fellows!
July 7, 2013

Fooled By The Weatherman, Again

I wanted to take the car out Friday night, but the forecast was so bad, I decided not to go early in the day. Around 3pm, there was a few drops, but nothing to stop anything. I checked the 1320Go site last night and saw that SCR had run, although they only had a handful of cars, they did get the race in with no rain.

Last night would have been perfect for the testing of my air dam. Hopefully I will get it tested this coming weekend.
July 6, 2013

How Wrong Can I Be?

Today, in Baton Rouge, was one of the best Summer days that anyone could wish for. The promised cold front passed through. The low was 68 degrees when we got up this morning, and the high was ONLY 87 degrees with a very low (for us) Humidity. I washed my car and truck, without sweating, late in the evening. Tomorrow is suppose to be just like today. Thank God for these two days, at least.
July 1, 2013 (Late)

Second Week Of Summer - Wow!

It is hot! The weather man says we have a "Cool Front" arriving today. The temp. is going to drop from 95, way down too 92 for the high! I talked to some friends in Little Rock, AK over the weekend and they are having a very hot Summer also. I really feel for the people in Nevada and Arizona, they seem to stay in the 100 - 115 range. Their humidity is normally low, unlike Louisiana, where we have high humidity and makes it feel so much hotter and muggy.

The Golf courses are deserted, the tracks have cut out daytime racing, for the most part they only have special events. Friday nights are the only racing dates we have until late August (except a few special events).

This is a good time to do some of those little things that you have been putting off. You have time to order parts, take your time and install them, or have them installed, and get ready for the end of the racing season and start of the new season.

Letting My Mind Drift...

I have been looking through the various Cam Catalogs for the past few days. I am back in the dark ages when it comes to a cam and valve train. I don't have the Chevy 4-7 swap cam, belt drive or the newest rocker system. I only have a .748 lift cam! Most of the BBC people are running cams with lift way over .800". I got out my valve clearance specs. inside my engine the other day and found that I can go up to .855 lift and still have enough exhaust valve clearance to safely run, and not have any coil bind too. When Alvin did the CNC porting of the heads, we found that we have good flow all the way up to .950 lift before it drops off. I am leaving a lot on he table. I have found several cams that fit into my combination from various cam companies. The cost are about the same from all of them, with a few exceptions.

I want to take my heads to a good machine shop to have a complete competition valve job, resurface the heads and even out the cc's of the combustion chambers. The lifters were just reconditioned and the rockers are new. Springs don't have many runs, less than 75, so they can be reused (if they fit the new cam requirements).

I would like to get a new block over the Winter months. Right now I am researching several options. 1) Short-block (565) and my heads and other stuff. 2) New block and a new rotation assembly, that I would assemble, for a 565 CID engine. 3) Use my old block (555 CID) and get new pistons and rods, using all of my other old stuff. And of course if I come into some money, 4) New, complete, engine - probably a 565 is about all I would want, even if I could afford more.
July 1, 2013

Fab On Throttle Cable Complete

After looking and thinking about it for a few days, I finally did away with the fancy throttle cable holder that I had purchased a year ago and designed my own. I now have full travel on my secondary butterflies, without doing anything to the carburetor. All it took was to move the support point down to the level of the carburetor baseplate, below the pivot point, instead of even with the pivot point.

I am still working on the air dam. It is in the final stages. I have all the supports fabricated. I am going to try it one more time with the temp. plastic sheet before I cut the aluminum sheet.

Windows 8.1

I guess I'm not the only one that is having trouble with Windows 8. Microsoft just announced they have available a "tweak" that will reintroduce some of the old features that they took away, such as the Start Button. You can go to the Microsoft web site and download Windows 8.1, which is a test version of what will be available to the general public late this Summer. I am not brave enough to download it yet. This is just day two of availability. I'll give it a few weeks and read some reviews before I jump in.

I had purchased three books on Windows 8. Looks like they are going to be almost useless.

One thing that I like about my new computer is the speed. I purchased the top of the line, Intel Core I7 processor and this thing screams! Once you get past the OS, and into the applications, you can really tell the difference. This Core I7 chip is the fastest thing out there (It is not a gaming computer, but it is close). Video processing, web site updating and precessing photos for the sites are really fast now. Even the Anti-virus scans and Mal-ware scans are quick. I don't know if a Core I5 would have done the same, but I am glad I spent the extra $100 and got this one.
June 27, 2013


For the past few days I have been working on perfecting the air dam that I installed before the Father's Day race. The initial installation was made of thick, white, plastic board. The kind of stuff that kids display their science projects on in school. It worked OK, but I wanted something a little more permanent (professional).

I talked to Joe Scott at the track and he made several suggestions. Joe did a lot of the fabrication on Outlaw's truck and has been at this kind of work for years. He is very good. I decided to try to do some of the things that he suggested.

Carburetor Cable

In the process of working on the air dam, I decided to remove one of my two spacers from under the carburetor. I had an open spacer and a new style 4-hole spacer right next to the carburetor. I removed the open spacer. When I checked the linkage for completely opening the butterflies, I found that my secondaries were only going about 75% open. This is the same thing that was happening with the old BG carburetor. I thought the Holley did not have that problem. As a matter of fact, last week when I sat down with the BG to try to fix the linkage on that carburetor, I found that it was going all the way open if you operated the linkage with your hand. At the time I just said I would check it out later.

Now I find that the Holley is doing the identical thing as the BG. IT IS NOT THE CARBURETOR! The linkage, from the accelerator too the carburetor, is the problem. (I will finish this later).
June 24, 2013


Last night I went on-line to find out what other racers have done about this problem. Not a lot of help there.

I decided to modify my cable mount. I have a hi-tech cable mount made for the 4500 style carburetor. It has so many adjustments that you would think there has got to be a spot where this thing will work. I am sure I have tried them all. My next step is to modify the bracket.

What is happening is, the cable is pulling straight back on the accelerator arm. That arm needs to go just a little below the centerline to make the secondary open all the way.

Before I modify the cable bracket, I am going to try an old trick, that I have not done for a while, and put a small screw & nut in the slot with the secondary linkage. That should make that secondary open a little sooner (before it reaches the centerline) and open those butterflies all the way. If that does not work, I will start bending and cutting!
June 24, 2013 late


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