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July - August - Septmeber - 2012    

1st Qtr. 2012   2nd Qtr. 2012

Here is video of several racers, shot at the "Bash for Cash"
The videos were taken at State Capitol Raceway the weekend of Sept. 14-16, 2012. Some more videos are posted below with the photos.

Here are some more that I found, mostly Top Doorslammer's on Sept. 15, 2012.

This is the last group of video's from the Bash.
Sept. 30, 2012

Arnold vs. Rudy at the Bash
Arnold  Rudy
Video: Arnold vs. Rudy
Sept. 15, 2012

"Young Blood" at the Bash

Video: Sat. Sept. 15, 2012

Sonny's El Camino at the Bash
Video - Sat. Sept. 15, 2012
Sept. 29, 2012

Video: Kevin's Truck at the Bash!
Kevin's Truck   Kevin Truck2
Video Five runs,
Friday - Sun. 9/14-16/12.

Silas Rogers, Jr. at the Bash
Silas, Jr.  Silas' Nova
Video - Sept. 16, 2012

Tarrus Jones at the Bash
Video - Sept. 16, 2012
Sept. 28, 2012

Carburetor Cleaning & Adjustment - Quick Fuel & Holley

Over the past 10 days I have worked on 4 different carburetors. First Kevin borrowed Rudy Vedros' Holley 1150 (Williams modified), which was designed to run as a two carb set, mounted crossways. It did not have any jet extensions and the result was, leave, slow down, leave, slow down (as the fuel ran away from the secondary jets on launch), until the truck got out to about the 330' mark on the track. We installed jet extensions from my BG 1090 and everything ran just fine. Kevin posted a 9.007 sec. time trial on Friday night at SCR using Rudy's carb.

Sunday, Silas Rogers dropped off his Quick Fuel Technology 1250 CFM carb, which was so far out of adjustment that it would not run on his Nova's BBC engine. I just happen to have a QFT rebuild kit and installed it after cleaning all the passages in the body and metering blocks. That new style QFT-1250 has 28 screw-in orifices that shape the fuel curve and meter the fuel, plus the 4 main jets. It also has 12 air metering orifices in the main body. All of these were removed and the parts were soaked overnight. After soaking, I sprayed all the passages with Gumout Carb Cleaner and then used compressed air to blow every passage out. After all of that, I installed the QFT 1250 on my engine and tried to start it. It would not run! The problem was the adjustment on the secondary butterfly's. After getting them straight, the engine fired up and ran perfect.

I have a Holley 1150 (Ultimate). The QFT and Holley Ultimate look to be exactly the same, except for the size of the ventures on the QFT-1250. Those ventures look like 'Dun kin Donuts'!. Talk about big, this thing is almost big enough to put your hand into the intake. Both carb's have all the same screw-in orifices. The big difference is the idle adjust on the secondary's. The Holley uses a tube that comes into the ventures above the secondary butterfly's to allow it to idle (get air) with the butterflies closed. The QFT must be cracked a small amount to allow some air to enter back there (some carburetors have a small hole drilled in the secondary butterflies to achieve the same thing).

Using the 4 idle adjust screws, set at 2 turns open, which also feed the intermediate ckt. on those 3-ckt. carburetors, and getting the RPM at around 1100, using the primary butterfly adjustment and then adjusting the float levels on both ends, I got the QFT tuned perfectly on my engine. It now sounds crisp and responsive at a touch of the throttle.

I called Silas and let him observe it running on my engine and he wants me to take it to the track this weekend and run it on my car. I have always wanted to try this carburetor!

I attended the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show a few times and had the opportunity to talk to the Quick Fuel Technologies people at length. They make some nice looking pieces. Most of their stuff will bolt right on a Holley. Their gasket sets come with enough gaskets to change them out a couple of times, and they fit the Holley also.

The last carburetor I worked on was my 1150 Holley. It was new in 2006 and had never been worked on, or cleaned. I went through the same procedure that I had done on the QFT-1250. New gaskets, new needle and seats, new accelerator pump diaphragms and springs and new idle adjustment screws. The hardest, most time consuming part of these carb jobs is the cleaning. I have an assortment of wire brushes and other cleaning tools that help me get into the real tight spots. I did not put my Holley on the engine to make the final adjustments yet. I will do that at the track this weekend.

After I get to the track and test the QFT-1250, I will install my 1150 and see what the difference is. The QFT has 96 jets, and the Holley 1150 has 92 jets. I will have the EGT working to see what the difference is. I will try to make the correct adjustments after looking at the plugs. I have a feeling both are jetted too high for this weather. Then, on the other hand, the QFT may be lean. We shall see...
Sept. 26, 2012

Maintenance On Mr. Skip Camaro - Sept. 22, 2012

The oil was changed, I used the last of my Lucus 10W-50 Racing Synthetic motor oil. I greased the 4 fittings under the front end. All the plugs were pulled, cleaned and re-gapped to .040". The valves were checked again and set at, Intake = .028 and Exh. = .026". Everything looked good after the runs we made this past weekend.
Sept. 22, 2012

Photos From Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, "Bash For Cash"

Most of these photos were taken by Barbara, a few by Mr. Skip. PHOTOS
Sept. 22, 2012

Photos From Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, "Bash For Cash"

These photos were mostly Top Doorslammer, but some others are mixed in, that I took walking through the staging lanes on Saturday. PHOTOS
Sept. 22, 2012

Video of Mr. Skip - Friday, Sept. 14, 2012

Mott Beats Skip!

I am; 0 - 1, in my quest to beat four of my friends at the track (Silas, Jr., Mott, Van & Jason). James Mott, of New Orleans, driving his Pontiac Firebird, really laid it on me. I was late on the tree and could not catch him, although I would not have beat him any way. He was ready to run in Top Doorslammer and was shooting the gas. Mott's car ran real good all weekend, pulling the wheels and doing big wheelstands, I think that's John Shea in the Camaro. Barbara got this photo on Sunday. Here is a video of another run by James' Firebird.
Sept. 19, 2012

Reason For "Cough" On Line For Mr. Skip

I discovered a missing secondary squinter for the back of my Holley carb. This allowed a lot of raw gas to enter the secondary when I pressed the accelerator to the floor in round 4 on Sunday. That large amount of gas caused the car to hesitate very bad before picking up and running. As I have said before, I can find the most unique ways to lose races.
Sept. 18, 2012

Top Doorslammer Close To Full Field On Saturday!

There were 31 cars in the Top class at State Capitol Raceway on Sat., Sept. 15, 2012. This is the largest field of Top cars (I have seen) ever at SCR. The winner was Dave Robinson in his 555 powered Chevy Beretta.

Sunday's field of Top had 20 cars, which was still a very good number for this all 8-second class of cars (5.79 in the 1/8 mile). The winner of the Sat., Sept. 16, 2012 Top class was, Patrick Allen in his Chevy Camaro. Congratulations to both Dave and Patrick!

We will have some photos and video, taken by Barbara and myself, later this week. That will be when I recover from the long, hot, weekend. I'll tell a little about how the Mr. Skip Racing Team (Kevin, Reggie, Silas, Jr. and myself) made out all three days of racing at the Bash For Cash! - This weekend at State Capitol Raceway..
- Sept. 17, 2012.

Full House For Friday Night At State Capitol Raceway

I arrived at the track a few minutes after the gates were suppose to open and there was already a lot of big rigs parked and the cars were streaming in for the "Bash For Cash". By the 10:00pm the place was packed.

The Saturday race should be a good one. Many of us have a lot of pent up "gas on our chests"! This race comes at just the right time.

I don't think I will be running in Top Doorslammer this weekend. The best time I could get was a 5.802 @ 117.81 MPH, and that was after the Sun went down. Looks like I will be in Super Pro.

How The Teams, At The State Capitol Raceway "Bash For Cash", Will Work.

I talked to Gary tonight at the track and he explained. Each team pays $100 entry fee. That money will go into a pool. Each round win by a team member, no matter what class that team member is in, will get points. At the end of the weekend the team with the highest amount of points will win a percentage of the pool, maybe as much as 75%. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams to split the pool of money. Any questions, see Gary in the tower. Sept. 14, 2012 (Late).

Mr. Skip's Racing Team

This weekend at the Bash For Cash!  State Capitol Raceway will have team competition. I don't know how the scoring will be kept, but it will be fun.

The teams will be made up of 4 cars, max. I plan to have Reggie Jackson's dragster, Kevin's truck, Silas Jr's. Nova and my car on our team. The cost for each team to enter is $100.

I hope to run in Top Doorslammer, but I still have my old concerns; can I run 5.79 in the 1/8th mile to qualify? The first time trial will tell the story. Now that the outside temp. is under 90 degrees, I may be able to hit my number. - Sept. 14, 2012.

________(new format - above)__________

Sept. 6, 2012 - No Problem Raceway has a big, $50,000 payout race this Saturday, with Friday and Sunday payout's of $7,500 each day. See NPR Web Site for details.

Sept. 2, 2012 - No TNT today at SCR. They got in some testing on Sat. and that was it. We can all relax today and spend time with the families and friends.

Sept. 1, 2012 - Happy Birthday to Mrs. Barbara!

Aug. 31, 2012 - State Capitol Raceway has rescheduled "The Bash" (Labor Day Race) until, September 15-16, 2012. Gary Carter, on the SCR Forum, says due to Hurricane Isaac and the aftermath, which saw some damages at the track, they will not have any racing on Friday, Aug. 31st and they may try to get some TNT in on Saturday, late in the day, or Sunday, Sept. 1st or 2nd. Call the track to confirm the date and time: Track Ph. (225) 627-4574. You can also look at the SCR web site.

For you racers that are not a member of the State Capitol Raceway Forum, you should join. It is free and the management does a good job of updating information about the track operations. The same comment can be made for No Problem Raceway's Forum.

August 30, 2012 @ 8:45pm - We have power back! The A/C feels real good! Barbara and I went to Outback and had dinner this afternoon. When we returned, it was only about an hour before power was restored.

We thank God for bringing us through this storm. Now we have to continue to pray for safe passage through the remainder of hurricane season. "Let The Church Say Amen".

August 30, 2012 @ 1:06pm - The sun is out, no rain or wind but we don't have power yet. The storm is well to the Northeast of us now. The utility company is doing assessments and will start fixing things shortly (I hope).

Our generator ran for a little over 15 hours before kicking off. We were using everything in the house except, A/C, stove, oven, washer and dryer.

After Katrina, we had a Transfer Switch installed next to the main power box. This was factored into the cost of the new workshop since I had to put in 200 amp service at the same time. The transfer switch allows us to disconnect from the main power line and connect to our generator to power the house. My generator is only 5000W, but it is adequate for now.

Barbara will probably opt for one of those automatic generators that will run the whole house, including A/C and stove. She has wanted one for about 20 years, every since Hurricane Andrew.

The automatic generators operate off of natural gas and that does away with the problem of keeping a lot of gas containers on hand to run the generator. Another advantage is, it is fully automatic. Starts upon loss of power, disconnects from the main line and connects to the generator, without you having to do anything. Some of them even test themselves once per month to make sure they work. Less expensive units have to be manually tested. The all require periodic maintenance by a technician. The older I get, the better this option looks, and the cost would be well justified.

I have looked at several of the automatic generators and found the prices vary a lot. It is very important to get a company that you can trust to install your generator. Shop for price, but beware of the company. Check them out! The least expensive may not be the best deal (like racing aftermarket parts).

August 30, 2012 @ 12:16am - We are still without lights (from the utility), and we are sitting in the calm "Eye" of the storm. No wind, just a little rain. In a few hours we will be back in the wind and rain, only from a different direction.

The utility company will hit the road at 8am and start restoring power to the customers that are out.

We may get at least one day of racing in this weekend. State Capitol Raceway has a two-day event, and Sunday looks like it may be OK. With all the aftermath of the storm, trees down and power may not be restored, even Sunday look doubtful.

None of that is going to effect LSU vs. North Texas State for this Saturday's game in Tiger Stadium.

Southern U. plays New Mexico (Lobos) in New Mexico this Saturday. I think Southern has a good chance of winning that game.

August 29, 2012 @ 11:00am - We lost our lights at
7:25am and I started our generator at 10:05am. We are now running on Aux. Power for the next few days.

The wind is still going through gusts and calm. We are getting very little rain, but it is a slight mist and then a small downpour followed by no rain. They are saying we will be getting much worse over the next two days.

August 29, 2012 @ 6:55am - Wow! We still have lights!

The storm, hurricane Isaac, is still well South of us. We are starting to get some wind gusts and the rain is very light right now. Isaac moved to the West when it made landfall, and that is bad for Baton Rouge. Now we will be on the East side of the storm where most of the heavy rain and wind will come from.

I cannot see how any racing will take place this weekend, unless Isaac starts to speed up and gets out of here. Barbara's birthday is on Sept. 1st, so I would now have raced on that day anyway.

Kevin stopped by last night to check on us. He has his headers back and installed on his truck. He is ready to go back to racing.

August 27, 2012 - Batten down the hatches! The big one is on the way! Hurricane Isaac may be coming to our area. We are preparing for the worse and praying for the storm losses it's punch before it get to Louisiana.

The car is running! Our church had it's Men's Day this past Sunday. That involves a lot of song preparation and coordination. Seems like every time I started to do something on the car, I got held up.

I am very happy with the way the repairs worked out. As Reggie Jackson pointed out, at least I did not hurt anything. A major failure would have been much more expensive. Charlie, you were right! There was more than one lifter that was bad and all but one of the exhaust rockers indicated some non-standard wear.

I got the valves set, cold, and then started the engine. It fired on the first try. I put the BG 1090 back on, after working on the secondary butterfly problem. This thing has brass bushings along the shaft in 4 locations. I decided not to take that apart, but to soak it in penetrating oil. This seemed to work and it opened and closed with ease after an overnight soak. Just to make sure, I put Kevin's two return springs back on to give it a little extra help!

I changed the jets in the carburetor from 94 square, to 90 square.

The startup went very well and I warmed it up to around 165 degrees F. I checked the timing at 38 degrees and also checked the rotor phasing for the crank trigger. It was perfect and required no adjustment. Now I can switch out the distributor cap with the hole, for the new one.

After that, I set the valves, hot. I used a different procedure that my normal valve setting procedure. This one came directly out of the Comp Cams catalog. This leads me to believe I have been too loose on all my exhaust valves, forever! Probably as much as .005 - .007 off. I am not going to go through how I set my exhaust before, but the CC method is much more accurate.

The car now has all the furniture from my patio crowded around it. It is still on the jackstands. We are ready for the wind, rain and water.

August 20, 2012 - Warning! If you change any parts in your valve train, recheck your pushrod length!

I used the direct replacement rockers for CC #1120, stainless steel rockers, which is CC #1820. Both are 1.70:1 ratio rockers for the BBC engine. I thought they were just a simple swap out replacement, but they would not work with the pushrods that I had used with the 1120 rockers on the intake valves.

I called Comp and talked to the tech. rep. and was told that this was the correct rocker arm, and I needed "about" .100" longer pushrods. This is not written anywhere. Oh, I forgot to mention, the CC #1120 rockers are no longer available.

Those rockers are rebuildable, and mine have been rebuilt once. I decided not to have them rebuilt a second time because the exhaust rockers had started to ware in the area of the roller tip on the rocker arm itself. This was happening on 7 of the 8 exhaust rockers.

After using my CC pushrod length checker, I discovered I needed .153" longer pushrods (total length is now 8.650"). Of course nobody has them locally, but Engine Parts Warehouse (Gary) will have 8 of them tomorrow and I will be back in business.

Only the intake (short ones) need replacing. The exhaust pushrods work just fine. Does that mean the exhaust pushrods were wrong from the start? Anyway, the new CC #1820 rockers work just fine on the exhaust valves with the old pushrods.

August 19, 2012 - I am taking my time, cleaning and soaking the new parts. I have the intake back on and water in the system. The push rods are in and all I have to do is put the new rockers on, set the valves and drop the distributor.

I have to fix the return spring on my BG 1090 carburetor. Kevin has a couple of aux. return springs on it right now that are serving the purpose, but I want to correct the problem the right way, if possible. BG has stopped making these carb's and there are no parts available.

After working on the carb, or reinstalling the Holley 1150, I can start and warm it up, check the timing and reset the valves. That should make us ready to go testing this Friday to get ready for the Labor Day Race at State Capitol Raceway.

August 16, 2012 - My lifters are here! I should have the intake set tomorrow. The car will be running this weekend (not), as stated earlier.

Today I had a Botox shot for my voice. This is the 2nd one this year. The other one was on March 15th and did not do any good. I hope this one will be much better. So, if I whisper when I talk to you for the next two or three weeks, this is the normal progression of the shot. After that I should be almost normal for the next 6 months or so.

August 15, 2012 - I removed the intake and #8 Exhaust was bad. It felt very rough, compared to the others. One other lifter on the other side was a little rough also. A new set of lifters are on the way and I should be up and running by the end of this weekend. Thank you Charlie for the information!

August 13, 2012 - Barbara and I just returned from a trip to Atlanta, GA. It was not a vacation, but we went to help comfort a relative of Barbara's who was under Hospice care.

While in Atlanta I calculated the runs on this set of roller lifters. I have 190 runs on them. My friend Charlie Robinson let me know that this is the amount of runs that these lifters usually began to fail. I ordered a new set today. The old set had been reconditioned one time and I don't want to trust them again.

When this engine was a 540, a lifter failed at around 220 runs and took out the cam and hurt one of the heads real bad along with one lifter bore. I will not let that happen again.

August 9, 2012 - We have not started the engine and it will be at least Tuesday before I can continue working on the engine. I am still thinking about that lash and feeling that the lifter could still be the problem... As I told Kevin, sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. To pull that intake and look at the lifter will only cost me an intake set.

August 7, 2012 - Upon further review...  Kevin came over with three new roller rockers. He looked at everything and pointed out the roller rocker that I said was OK, was not OK. In fact I have three rockers on that head that are bad and one on the other head. The other two were also exhaust rockers too, but not as worn as #8 exhaust. It is time for a new set of roller rockers.

I also borrowed a borescope from Reggie Jackson to inspect the lifters but it was too big to go down in the lifter galley.

We replaced the one rocker on #8 exhaust, set the lash, and spun the engine over a several times and could not duplicate the problem. All calculations and measurements indicated the cam is giving the correct lift and the lifter is doing what it is suppose to do. It was night time and I did not start the engine. Tomorrow I will run it and take more measurements.

August 6, 2012 - Looks like I will be down for a while. I rechecked #8 exhaust lash today after warming the engine. The gap was .041" again. I removed the rocker and push rod. They are in good shape. All the other exhaust valves were set at .030", just where I set them.

Later this week I will pull the intake and send all the rocker arms and lifters back to Comp. Cams for reconditioning. I will check the cam and anything else that might need checking. If any metal is found, the engine will come out.

I had just told Barbara that I was going to take the engine down after October racing is over. This will give me a chance to tweek the engine a little to get under that 8.99 in the heat. Just a small cam adjustment or maybe a different cam, which I already have.

August 5, 2012 - Video of Kevin at SCR yesterday, by Barbara. Four runs. One time trial and three elimination runs.

Photos by Skip & Barbara from State Capitol Raceway's Saturday race.

August 4, 2012 - (Late) We went back to the track for the SCR Bracket Points Race. Again, the car ran very well. The problem was ME!

In round one, I forgot to put the time in for our opponent and we had a big red light. We won round two(buy-back), but lost in round three when we had our weather station tell us we would run about 5 tenths slower than we had been running. We split the difference and the car actually ran quicker than it had run all night, thus, we broke out, 5.82 on a 5.84 dial-in, with Kevin patting the gas at the finish line! We ran 117.47 MPH, which is only .33 MPH slower than our best MPH earlier in the day. I would love to know what it would have run if he had stayed in it! I also wonder what the heck that weather station was thinking...

Kevin was on the tree all night. He had five passes with RT between .014 and .023 sec. for the night. I put times in the box so I was certain we did not red light. The car went straight and we had a lot of fun!

(Early 8-4-12) We took the car to SCR last night (Friday) and did some testing and ran one round of Super Pro. The car ran just fine. I did not put enough time in the box to keep from red lighting.

We had changed the complete throttle cable system, including the petal, and put the old BG carb back on. It is still jetted for Winter, so we are a bit rich. If I drop the jets down from 94 square, to about 90 square, it would run a little quicker in this heat.

We decided to let Kevin do all the driving tonight. The first pass was aborted due to slick conditions, but the 2nd pass was very good. It ran a 5.88 in the 1/8 and 9.251 in the 1/4. This is about normal for the 90 degree F and 89% Hum. that was was the present weather condition.

We did not run the last session of time trials and dialed in a 5.82 in the 1st round of eliminations. Kevin had a red light, -.002, for the loss. The car hooked hard, pulled the wheels and ran a 5.852 @ 117 MPH. This was almost exactly what I had run in daytime time trials on Father's Day. The car is super consistent. The conditions on Father's Day were better than last night, so I was very pleased. I had put an extra .010 in the box. I needed .012 and he would have been perfect. That was what we needed, because the other car had a .005 green, and ran .04 off of his dial-in.

The working and friendship relationship between Kevin and me has been great over the past two - three years. Everyone talks about how much his driving has improved, and gives me the credit, but nobody sees the things that Kevin has done for both me and the car.

Kevin is an excellent mechanic (his occupation). I have learned a lot from him. Most of them are little tricks and things that I would not think of, or struggle with. I know what we have is a symbiotic relationship. I bring some things to the table and he brings some things to the table, and together we form a good team.

August 3, 2012 - Hail Queen Gabby!
Women's Olympic Gymnastic Individual All Around Champion - Gold Mentalist
Gabby Douglass - USA!

August 2, 2012 - Cleaned up my truck, wiped off the car and put it into the trailer, in preparation for a weekend of racing. I hope to go to State Capitol Raceway Friday night and race there on Saturday also.

August 1, 2012 - I have turned into a true couch potato watching the Olympics! "The Fab Five" were great! Michael Phelps was super, as usual, and the others on the men's and women's swim teams did an excellent job. There were many other outstanding young men and women that made the USA proud. I am waiting on the track and field events! LSU is well represented and some of them should bring home metals.

Houston Hawkins has his 1998 Pontiac Firebird for sale. This is a high 8 second, low 9 second car, with trailer. Asking $18,000.00. Much more invested.

July 30, 2012 - I spoke to at least 5 people that attended the Go Hard or Go Home race. Mixed reviews. On a scale of 1 to 10, they gave it scores all the way from 1, up to, lets just say, 7. There were some bumps along the way. I think a lot was learned and the next event can't help but be improved.

July 28, 2012 - Too much church work to do and I did not make it to the track. I so much wanted to go and support that race. My car is probably saying, "Come on man! Let's go racing! I'm sitting here all ready to go and you're dragging your feet! Come on man!"

July 27, 2012 - Update on the Go Hard or Go Home race. I talked to the race promoter at 4:15pm on Friday. He says they WILL RACE at No Problem Raceway tomorrow and if it rains, they will wait, clean the track and go back to racing!

Gary Carter has posted on the SCR web site that everyone will gather at the gate at 5pm (Friday) and do a "Rain Dance"! That is so they can get in some Friday night racing! Good luck with that...

July 26, 2012 - Yesterday I warmed up the engine and set my valves. All of them, except one, were within .002 of being where they were suppose to be, and all of them were on the high side (loose). I think that was because I heated the engine to a higher temp. this time (165F vs. 150F).

The one valve, #7 exhaust, was found at, .041" and should have been at .030". I have no idea how it got off that far. The lash-cap was in place and after setting it, I rotated the engine and checked the lash again and it was OK. I am going to say that I was distracted when I was setting that one the last time. After I run this weekend, I will come back and check that one again, or maybe even at the track after a couple of passes.

I also changed the oil. The old oil looked very good. It had been in there since March and had just over 20 passes. The car has not been to the track since Father's Day.

I found another advantage to the white interior. It is very easy to locate holes and open seams that are leaking. During good burnouts, we tend to get various amounts of smoke inside the car. I have closed a lot of holes, sealed some seams and covered one very big slot next to the brake petal on the floor. This should also reduce some of the exhaust fumes that we get in the staging lanes and other times when we are just idling.

I want this weekend to be a good racing weekend. I hope to go to No Problem Raceway to the "Go Hard of Go Home" race. If I go out to State Capitol Raceway on Friday night, I will practice trying to hit the 6.0 Index. That will determine what I do on Saturday.

"Outlaw" will not have his truck at the track this weekend. His header work will not be finished. He is also having a parachute installed. The truck now has a tailgate and back bumper (I feel a better 60' time coming)!

July 23, 2012 - In the past, I have read posts on different forums by people that found their cars did not fit into any of the posted Index Classes at those 1/8 mile races. Now I find myself in that same situation.

When I had my car with the 383 CID engine, it fit real good into the 6.0 Index Class (1/8 mile). The car would run around 9.20 to 9.35 sec. in the 1/4 mile and it would run 5.92- 6.05 in the 1/8 mile.

Now I am driving a car that runs 5.68 - 5. 84 sec. in the 1/8 mile. That does not fit into the 6.0 class, and the next class down is 5.30. I don't think Throttle-stops are allowed in the Index Classes.

There are way to slow the car down, such as, retarding the timing, or killing the sixty ft. times by changing the launch RPM, or I could change the shift RPM to slow the car down. All of these methods will still allow me to be consistent because the car should run the same thing each time. Just think of all the racing fuel I would use trying to hit 6.0.

There are probably a lot of people that fall half way between 6.0 and 7.0 or the 8.0 classes. I guess the only place for me is to run a few time trials, or try to get a grudge race.

July 20. 2012 - Rain, rain, go away... Every Friday and Sat. for the past few weeks. If not actually raining, the threat of rain or wet grounds has stopped us from being able to enjoy our racing.

Earlier this week, I was invited to come and look at my old car, "Masterpiece". Eddie Fisher, the present owner, has been working on the car for the past few years and his efforts have really paid off. I wanted to see the car during the construction period, but was not allowed to see any of the work, until now.

The car is immaculate! It is almost unrecognizable. Ed has redone the interior in custom fitted aluminum. Everything inside is beautiful. I did not take the camera with me, but the car should be out in a month or so, for everyone to see.

The paint job is 1st class. It was done by Michael Jackson and his son, Michael, Jr., and it is beyond perfect! Smooth as glass and flawless. Michael painted the original Masterpiece and that paint job got rave reviews everywhere I went. This new (blue) paint job should be a show winner.

Ed has put a new, forward facing, scoop on the car to make it look even better. It now has Camaro white racing stripes, a full fiberglass front end and he has hung both doors so they can be removed. There is all new "No-mar Lexan" all around. Ed did 90% of the work, taking his time and paying attention to detail, himself, including all of the interior work. The car should run as good as it looks. Congratulations Ed!

July 13, 2012 - I may go down to No Problem Raceway on July 28, 2012 and race with the "Big Dawgs" at the Go Hard or Go Home Grudge & ET Bracket Race. Sounds like fun! (see flyers above)

Whenever I get with the guys from New Orleans, it is always a pleasure to hang out with them. They have some of the fastest, cleanest, most beautiful cars in the area. ALL of them have more NO2 gas than you can find in a dentist office. "Mailman", Everett, "Rey", "Big Nuck" and "Little Nuck" and many others are friends with good running cars.

July 11, 2012 - I have worked on several home projects this past two weeks while dodging raindrops and trying to stay cool. I worked on finishing touches on the white interior of the car. I had a leak on my CO2 air shift system that I stopped also.

Kevin came over and inspected all of my work and gave it his seal of approval. We decided to raise the right wheelie bar another inch. I had painted the wheels the last time at the track and found the right wheel was hitting much harder than the left. I have found, in the past, that my 60' time decreases each time I raise the wheelie bars (the front comes up higher too). Right now, looking at photos and video, we are not lifting the front too much when we leave, so it won't get crazy on me.

We are also going to raise the starting line RPM from 3800 up to 4000 for Friday night races and we will go up to 4500 on Saturday races. We will also try raising the shift point from 7000 RPM, up to 7200 RPM. During the last race I moved the shift point down to 6750 RPM and lost four hundredths of a second. All of these changes will be one thing at a time.

July 4, 2012 - Happy Birthday USA!

June 29, 2012 - Someone asked me the other day, "When are you going to the track again"? My answer was, "I really hadn't thought about it..."

Now that the excitement of getting ready for Father's Day, and racing, and me winning even one round, and "Outlaw" going all the way to the winners circle, It feels like there is nothing left to look forward too. At least in the near future.

I think I will get ready for the two day Labor Day Race, Sept. 1st & 2nd, at SCR. Barbara's birthday is the 1st, so I don't think you will see me on that day! That is the next time the Top Doorslammer cars will be running.

I mentioned the throttle petal problem that I had at the race. Kevin did an outstanding job of getting it fixed at the track before I had to go into round one.

During the past week, I got all the parts to replace the complete throttle system. This is a lot harder than it looks, and the instructions that come with the parts are total junk! I found myself on the verge of, #%@#!, a few times. If I got it right at the carburetor end, it was wrong at the petal. If it was right at the petal, it would not open all the way, If it opened all the way, something else was wrong, like the cable pulling out and having to be spliced. I finally got it right. It works great and looks good (but don't look too close).

I put my old BG 1090 Carburetor back on. I am sure most of my problems that I thought was due to the carburetor linkage, was actually the fault of the cable system. Now the butterflies go all the way open. The only change is, the carb. is no longer progressive. Both butterflies go open at the same time. I will have to remember that in case I "pop" or hesitate on the line when I floor it.

I like my interior white paint job! The temperature was not that hot on Father's Day (high 80's/low 90's), but I could tell the difference in the car.

Another thing that I did to combat the heat was to finish the interior of my trailer around the A/C unit. We first had to stop a few leaks, then I replaced the insulation and boards in the ceiling. I also covered them with white shelf paper to, sort of, match what was already up there. It's not beautiful, but it works and it is much cooler in the trailer. The A/C kept us very comfortable during the race. Now all I need to do is get the exterior finished. It is as ugly as they come!

June 21, 2012 - Kevin "Outlaw" Gray - Series of runs on the way to winning Super Pro 1/4 mile at SCR @ the Father's Day Race. (Camcorder battery gave out before the final).

Reggie Jackson makes time trial (You Tube) - 6-16-12

Henry's Time Trial (You Tube) 6-16-12

Mott's Time Trial (You Tube) 6-16-12

All my new throttle petal and new cable came in the mail yesterday!

June 19, 2012 - Here are some Photos from the Father's Day race.

The weather was not as unbearable as last year and I actually had a very good time running my car. I ran in Top Doorslammer and won in the 1st round due to a red light by my opponent. I was not so lucky in the 2nd round and lost to T. J. Adams in his little truck when I could only run 5.81 on my 5.79 mandatory dial-in. In another hour, when the Sun want down, I would have been able to run on my dial-in. Anyway, it was a very good day for me at the races. Again, the car ran perfect all day. I had forgot how quick the car was and the feel of being pressed back into the seat on launch. It really leaves hard! I actually RAISED my air pressure 1/2 psi (from 8.5 too 9.00) and picked up .032 in sixty-foot time, from 1.335 too1.303, on my last pass.

I did have a small problem with my throttle petal, just the opposite of Kevin's stuck open throttle last week. Mine went all the way closed, too idle, at the end on my 2nd time trial. That may be why I only ran 5.85 on that run.

Kevin worked on my throttle for about an hour and got it functioning again. That allowed me to make the call for 1st round. I ordered everything new, from the petal to the cable, on Monday.

All in all, it was a great race. I was so happy to watch "Outlaw" win  in his little truck. It was worth all the time to install the electronics into the truck. To have him win in his first competition with the electronics is almost unbelievable!

June 16, 2012 - Congratulations Kevin "Outlaw" Gray, winner of Super Pro, 1/4 mile at the BMRT Father's Day Race. Congratulations are also in order for Warren Birkett, winner of Non-Electronics at the BMRT race!

June 15, 2012 - I am 95% complete with my interior paint job. It came out nice. I just have a little touch-up and one big spot where all my electronics reside, front right floorboard. I will finish that next week. When I removed the paper and tape from the windows, I was not as lucky as I had wished for. It took a lot of elbow grease to clean the little over spray that had leaked through the spots I missed with the tape.

I am excited about this Father's Day race.  If the weather holds out, which changes each time I look at the news, we should have a very good race.

If I can run 5.79 in the 1/8 mile, I will run in Top Doorslammer. Otherwise, it will be Super Pro 1/8 mile for points. .

June 12, 2012 - I am almost finished with the interior painting. Just a few touch-up spots and removing the tape and paper. Then I have to do the final clean-up, which will take more time than it did to paint it.

The baby boy is doing just fine. Mom, dad and "Tray" were over Sunday for Bar-B-Que ribs, by Chief Chef & Grill Master, "Skip" Holbert.

Looks like we will be dry, but hot for Saturday's Bracket Masters race.

I plan to drive in competition this Saturday! It would be nice to get my season off on a winning note. I have no excuses. My eyes are fine, I feel great and the car is running perfect. All I have to do is let go of the button and hang on!

There is this check-list of challenges that I must take care of: James Mott, Mr. Van Johnson, Silas Rogers, Jr. and last, but not least, Jason Adams.


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