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Sept. 29, 2011 - What a day in sports! If you ask any sports fan in Baton Rouge what's happening in sports, they would say, "The Tigers are No. 1" or Jordan Jefferson is back on the team, or even Seimone Augustus and her Minnesota Lynx are in the WNBA playoffs! Or maybe, Stump Mitchell has more excuses for Southern's losses.

To me the best thing that happened today was the major league baseball Wild Card Race. After playing a boring 161 games, it actually went down to the last game of the season for several teams to determine who would play in the Playoffs in both leagues and eventually who will play in the World Series.

The most stunning victory came when the Tampa Bay Rays beat the New York Yankees. The Rays were behind 7- 0 in the 8th inning and scored 6 runs to pull to within one run of the Yankees going into the 9th inning. The Rays were down to their last out, with two strikes on the batter, when they got a homer from Dan Johnson to tie the game! Then in the bottom of the 12th inning, they got a walk-off home run from Even Longoria to win the game! Longoria had also hit a 3 run homer in the 8th inning to bring the Rays to within one run.

That was not the only down to the wire game. The Orioles and the Red Sox battled it out and the poor old Red Sox, returning to their old ways of folding at the last moment, lost, Orioles 4, Red Sox 3, and they will not get to play in the Playoffs this year. The Red Sox blew a 9 game lead over the last month of the season.

The Cards beat the Astros, 8 - 0, for a playoff berth and the Braves were eliminated by getting beat in a close game by the Phillies, 4 - 3, in 13 innings. All of that on the last day of the season!

I watched all of that unfold on the MLB Network on one of those very high HD channels on cable TV. They swapped between all the games, sometimes putting two games on split-screen at a time. It was a very exciting night of watching baseball.

The playoffs start Friday and I am pulling for the Milwaukee Brewers. I like Rickie Weeks, former Southern University standout 2nd baseman for Coach Roger Cador.

I would love to see the Tampa Bay Rays and Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series.

Sept. 24, 2011 - This has been a week! Every day has been a different challenge for me. But I have enjoyed being busy and able to do everything without any problems.

I drove to New Orleans and back, by myself, Friday! Most people will say, "So what"! This was my first highway experience since the eye surgery and to me, it was a big deal. I prayed before and after the trip.

For the past few weeks I have been consulting with Mr. Leonard Miller, author of "Silent Thunder", the book about the challenges of blacks in racing, especially NASCAR.

Mr. Miller's son, Lenny Jr., wrote the book, "Racing While Black", which chronicles his experience with running a racing team. It looks at the problems of getting sponsorship and good drivers and mechanics to field a competitive racing team in the circle track minor leagues to try to make it to the big time of NASCAR Nationwide or Sprint Cup racing.

Mr. Miller and I attended the Millennium Drag Racing Conference in Maryland in the year 2000 that was sponsored by the Quartermasters Racing Team of Maryland.

I have always wanted to write a book but could never get around to it. I would like to write the story of my life from the early years at home to my Navy career and then working in the corporate world followed by my retirement years. The story would have a lot of racing experiences spread throughout. I would include many of my problems and successes of working in Nuclear Submarines and then the Nuclear Industry after leaving the Navy.

Mr. Miller has a different idea. He wants me to write about my racing experience from a little boy attending the races on the old NASCAR "Beach-Road Course" in Daytona Beach, through my involvement with the different racing teams around the eastern part of the nation. Especially Bracket Masters Racing Team.

During the past few weeks I have given Mr. Miller enough information for him to write the book on the racing teams in our part of the country. I think he will compile information on the West coast teams and some others that are spread around. The chapter on Bracket Masters should be well worth reading.

I have enough in depth information and memories to write a second book on my team experiences with Bracket Masters and the host of other racers that I have been associated with. After racing from Idaho to California to Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tenn., Alabama, Maryland, Texas and Missouri, I think I have enough information to tell a good story that should be different and fun to read.

Sept. 21, 2011 - Liz has her 20th birthday party! She invited 12 people, or so she said, but at least 21 were there to sing Happy Birthday to Ms. Lizzie Herbert. More people showed up after that. Not a spoonful of food was left and all the cake was consumed! Everyone enjoyed themselves. PHOTOS

Sept. 20, 2011 - Happy Birthday grand daughter, Liz Herbert! Liz is 20 today. She will have a cake and ice cream gathering at the house tonight. I'm cooking a big pot of Jambalaya.

Friday night I attended the bracket racing at State Capitol Raceway for the first time since before my eye surgery. I can read the scoreboard! That just makes it so much more fun! I enjoyed walking around, taking photos just like a few months ago.

I used the churches good camera, Nikon D90, and the photos came out very good. The camera has HD Video, but it is 1st generation and is not near as good as my little cheap Kodak. The video on the Kodak is excellent, but I only had the Nikon so my videos kind of sucked on Friday evening. Next time I will take my camcorder and get some good video for the site.

Now all I need is my heads and I will be back in business. I had told Alvin not to rush with my heads and to put anyone ahead of me that wanted theirs quickly. That gave me time to accumulate the money! I talked to Alvin at the track Friday night. I should have my heads in a week or so. They still have to go to the machine shop after he finishes.

The weather was excellent. Not too hot and not too cool. Not many cars, but enough to see some good racing.

Sept. 14, 2011 - Grandson, Ryland Gardner, has been assigned to the USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58. The Roberts is home ported in Mayport, FL, just North East of Jacksonville, FL. He will only be about 10 hours from home when he is in port.

Sept. 13, 2011 - I finally broke down and got a Smartphone! It's one of the Android models. I got it last Friday, the same day I got my new progressive glasses, and I have been trying to learn how to use it every since (trying to learn to use the new glasses too).

The phone is a lot of fun. There are so many things to do on it. I am having to dig up old passwords and ID names that go to things that I had told the phone or computer to "Remember this password". This is as bad as purchasing a new desktop computer to replace on old one that the hard drive died on.

I now know what people are talking about when they say, "There's an app. for that"!

I still have a few days to go before I cannot turn it back in for a more simple model (or a more intuitive Smartphone like the one from Apple).

I have an app. called "Swype". It allows you to input text real fast by sliding (swiping) your finger tip over the keyboard to spell out words. It works real well.

This phone reads the "QR" codes on letters, ads in stores, on products and in magazines. The QR code is that approximately 1" square block of squiggly lines that look like a bar code that you see on different things now. The QR code reader in the phone takes you to the website for that product where you learn more about the product.

So far I am extremely happy with my phone. Today I sat in a doctors office and used the phone to surf the internet and pass the time. This thing even has a Barnes & Nobel "Nook" app. for reading books on-line. I can watch movies and TV (if I want to pay for all of that). A few things are free and some services are paid for in my data plan. I don't have the unlimited plan, so I have to keep up with my time I spend on the internet.

Tom Brady... Do I have to say anything else? And I don't care for the Pats, but you have to respect a performance like he had. I was happy to see my son's team, the Raiders, win last night. I was very, very happy to see the Jets put it to the Cowboys! All I can do is pray for my Saints.

Sept. 10, 2011 - 2001 was my first year of retirement. On 9/11/01 I had just started a course in "Flash", the computer application responsible for much of the fancy animation and movement on web sites today (I never did learn to master Flash). Barbara had treated me to a year of computer training at Comp USA, which is now out of business.

At the end of the first break, the instructor, who had gone to the instructors lounge and had seen the first plane hit the first World Trade Center tower, came back and told the class, "I just want to go home and hold my daughter in my arms". We had no idea what she was talking about. She was very upset and told us to "take another break". During that break, we saw the replays of both towers being hit by the planes.

After about an hour, we went back to class and then went to lunch. During lunch all we saw and heard was about the WTC. Then it was the Pentagon and then we heard about the 4th plane and the President being whisked off to some Air Force base in Louisiana. The vice-president was calling the shots. Finally we heard about the heroic people on Flight 93 crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. It was all over... But it was the beginning of a new era.

Life in the USA would never be the same. That statement has been used many times in the past 10 years, but it has never been more true. For the first time, an enemy had attacked the USA inside the continental shores of our country. We were at war with terrorist.

The people of the United States became more patriot than ever before. Flags flew from every home in cities all over the country. Everyone felt a sense of unity.

Before that day, I traveled by plane at least 2-3 times per year. After that day, I did not get on another plane until 2005 when I visited my son's in California. I have only made 3 plane trips in the past 10 years.

Osama bin Laden is dead. There were no WMD in Iraq. Saddam Hussein is dead. We are still in a war on terrorism. Many thousands died in the WTC and thousands of heroic Americans have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect our shores from another terrorist attack. The people of the USA are now much more vigilant.

I pray that we get through this weekend without an incident.

Sept. 7, 2011 - This morning we woke up to 60 degree, low humidity weather. What a change after a string of record setting, greater than 95 degree days. The high temp. yesterday was only 81 degrees. This is weather that we normally get in October.

I have been answering questions for an on-line publication called . They also have a talk radio show. They are going to do an article on me later this year. The site is mostly interested in circle track right now. Maybe we can get them on the straight track...

I feel flattered every time someone wants to write anything about me. I am not that interesting. I have been able to answer all of their questions, so far, and they seem to like my answers.

Sept. 2, 2011 - I can finally wind down. Yesterday was hectic from the time I got up until I fell into bed early this morning.

Everything went just right for Barbara's birthday celebration. I only invited family and a couple of people that called to wish her happy birthday when I caught the calls.

I started the day getting all my ingredients together for my famous "Skip's Gumbo". Everything fresh, Manda hot sausage, medium spicy crab bodies and claws from Tony's, 2 lbs. of small shrimp, lump crabmeat, all kinds of secret seasonings, fresh okra from the garden of Kathleen Saizon in New Roads, bell pepper, two kinds of onion, celery and roux.

To save time, I went to Mr. Frank Brown at "Bayou Cafe" on Airline, next to the Vel Rose Motel, and asked him to sell me 4qts. of rice. I took the pot and dropped it off at 11am. When I came back around 3pm, Frank had it ready and said, "Just take it". What a blessing! A birthday present for Barbara.

I had to go pick up a large coconut cake from Sam's Club. That was a request from Barbara (this was not a surprise party). I also got a sheet birthday cake and had Happy Birthday Barbara written on it. A quick stop at Party City and I had to pick up some drinks at Winn-Dixie and I was all set. On the way home I picked up my rice. Thanks Mr. Brown!

I started the decorations around 4pm and was done and cooking by 5pm. All the food and setup was complete and simmering by 6:30pm and the celebration started at 7pm.

The Saints came on at the same time but with the 3rd string QB starting and most of the 1st team players on the bench, it was not much of a game. I think they could cut everyone who played it that game and get down to the the 53 man limit! The Saints really looked bad. By the same standard, they looked very good, beating the Raiders last week, using the starters.

When the party started, we sang happy birthday to Barbara and she got a few gifts and cards. Everyone in the family knows her two favorite places are, Piccadilly's, any time of day or night, and J. C. Penney's for shopping. She got a lot of gift cards to those two places. I relaxed for the rest of the night.

I must say that Barbara also likes Mr. Brown's Ox Tails, which he serves every Tuesday at the Bayou Cafe. In fact, I love them, my brother-in-law and his wife love them and you have to get there early Tuesday afternoon to get some!

Put those Ox Tails over a bed of rice, get some stewed okra and sweet potatoes (yams), or some original recipe creamed corn, string beans or white beans for your two sides, along with a corn bread muffin or biscuit and you have yourself a meal!

Our next big celebration will be my birthday and our anniversary, which happened to be on the same day, Oct. 20th. Last year was our 25th anniversary and we had planned to have a big party. Many things stacked up on us and we just could not find a date to do it. We may get it done this year if God wants us to do it.
Barbara's Birthday Celebration PHOTOS.

9/1/2011 - Happy Birthday Barbara!

My beautiful wife ("The Tiger") celebrates her birthday today, Sept. 1, 2011.

I am blessed to have her in my life. I love her more and more every year! I thank God for her all the time. She is also my best friend (BFF, as the young folks say).

Enjoy YOUR Day!
Love, "Skip"

Late Aug. 28, 2011 - Cancel that sale of Silas' Nova! He is not selling the car. I think the trip to the track last week swayed his intentions. It can be awful hard to sell a car that runs that good. Welcome back to the Rogers family!

August 28, 2011 - Thank God all of my kids, grand kids and relatives got through Hurricane Irene! I have two daughters in Va. Beach, VA, my oldest son is in Maryland and a niece in NYC. All are OK. In fact, they did not lose power and they got no water in their homes. We are Blessed.

My sympathy goes out to the families of the victims of the storm (close to 30 dead and many injuries). The flooding, loss of power, down trees and debris clean-up has caused a lot of havoc to an area of the country that is not use to that kind of natural disaster. Due to the widespread flooding, Hurricane Irene will go down as one of the most destructive natural disasters in the USA.

Early this Sunday morning, I asked my church to pray for the whole East Coast. I forgot the people that are in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that were impacted before the storm got to the USA. We should be in prayer for ALL the people that are being impacted all the way through Canada. .

I passed by the car earlier this week and thought about doing something, like changing the expired seatbelts (I have the new ones) or changing the oil, but I did not do anything. I may call "Outlaw", he would have everything done in about an hour, plus a whole lot of other things. That man is a working machine! When I need something done, and don't feel like doing it myself, I just call Outlaw and say, "Would you mine...?" Before I can finish the sentence, the work is done!

I did spray the cylinder walls and turn the engine over about one revolution and spray a little more. Everything looks good in there.

Nothing new on my heads. Alvin had to send a part that has to do with the digitizing back to the factory. I am not in a hurry. I could not care less about running in this heat.

I have been spending a lot of time with my Fantasy Football teams. I have completed my draft for three teams. I have Drew Brees for QB on one team, Tom Brady on one and Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay) for the other one. I have some good running backs and WR too.

With the football season (college) just one week away, I am very happy. I plan to go to the Florida Classic this year for the first time. That will have my hometown Bethune Cookman University vs. Florida A & M University. We usually go to, or watch, the Bayou Classic, Southern vs. Grambling, every year. We decided to do something different. It should be a good game. BCU wins about every 5-6 years, but it is always hard fought. BCU is a private Methodist supported school and has about 2300 students, while FAMU is a state university and has over 25,000 students. Given those facts (David vs. Goliath), BCU still make it a good game.

For the past three years we have attended the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Orlando, FL. This year we will not go. We are thinking about going to the International Motorsports Industry Show next year. This show concentrates on Drag Racing more than the other motorsports. The two shows are back to back in early December.

Barbara and I have enjoyed the PRI show every time we have attended. I have a hard time seeing how the IMI show can be as good as PRI. Many of the same vendors would have to be at both shows, only a week apart. The PRI show is so close to my hometown, I always get to take a side trip home. It will be hard to give that up.

After watching one episode of "Hoarders", and that was the last time I will watch that show, I decided to throw away two years of PRI catalogs that I had accumulated. The first and 2nd years I picked up something from almost everyone I stopped and talked too. Last year I was a little more conservative. I still had a lot of junk to toss. Now all I have to do is go through my shop and office and have a garage sale! I would probably be able to afford that new chunk, with 4.56:1 gears, that I want.

August 21, 2011 - Silas took the Nova (Photo) to State Capitol Raceway last Sat. for their regular bracket race. The car performed perfect, clicking off some 9.0's in the heat and sixty foot times in the 1.370 sec. range. The 60' times are coming down in spite of the heat. The car is running good, especially in this heat.

(See late Aug. 28, 2011 entry) The car is for sale, but you better act quick. After watching Jr. run, Silas is having second thoughts... Everything in the car is high dollar. It has been run on Royal Purple oil since it was built. The car has a Mark Williams 3rd member with 35 spline axles. The 555 BBC engine has the best of parts and the heads are CNC 355 Dart Pro-1. The PG transmission is fresh and the converter is top dollar. The car has run 8.92 @ over 150 MPH in mild weather. That was after the lexan and tilt front end was installed.

Silas, Jr. was driving this past Saturday and he cut a -.002 red in time trials and came back in eliminations and had a .041 green on a dragster that cut a much better light and Silas Jr. lost.

August 17, 2011 - Silas Rogers Nova is for sale: 555 CID, BBC with Powerglide and Ford 9" rear end, delay box, brake and throttle stop, hatchback, lexan, fiberglass tilt front end. (See late Aug. 28, 2011 entry - The car is NOT for sale)
Call Silas for price (225-715-6547.

See Video of Silas' Nova

August 13, 2011 - Ryland called this morning. He is very happy to be around relatives again and to have his cell phone for the first time in 7 weeks! He looks good in his new uniform. We talked for about 45 mins.. They are on their way to Chicago for a day in the big city.

Ryland will be attending Quartermaster school (navigation, maps, GPS, tides & currents, steering and such). That school is 10 weeks long. At the end of that time he will come home for a short vacation and then be assigned to a ship or shore station.

August 11, 2011- Grandson, Ryland Gardner will graduate from Navy Boot Camp on Friday, Aug. 12, 2011. Congratulations to Ryland!

Has anyone been keeping up with the stock market? I know Charlie has been glued to CNBC!

My few shares of stock in, Shaw Group and Ford Motor Co. [Yes, I own Ford stock (I have a F-250)], have both been hammered in the past week. I sold the Shaw stock at a loss, but my Ford is still above the price where I bought it a year ago and is starting to recover. The market is on an upswing today. I hope it holds through tomorrow. When is the smart time to buy? It was probably yesterday, and I missed the bottom!

The foreign markets are a big problem right now. They are dragging down our market. In today's global economy, with the internet and instant messaging, when something happens in China, New York reacts and France feels the reaction instantly.

What is wrong with the people rioting in England?

The overall world economy is real bad and that is stating the obvious! Businesses have found out that they can be very profitable using the few employees that they have left and by working them into the ground. Each remaining employee is now doing the job of 3-5 people, companies are making money and they are not hiring because they have found out they don't need all those employees.

The trend was being set when I retired 10 years ago. When I left, I was doing a job that had previously been done by 3 people. They have been concentrating, or combining jobs every since. Most big companies are taking advantage of the economy and down-sizing to cut costs.

Individuals are keeping more of their money in their pockets and in the bank. The credit cards are being paid down and we are all being a lot more cautious.

I was looking at my racing log books. I have cut back, way back, not just because of my health, but because of my pocketbook. I remember when I could go to the races on Friday night and only spend around $45-$50. Now it costs me over $100 to go racing on Friday night. Saturday is double or more. I count racing fuel, truck gas, generator gas, oil and filters, admission for two, Super-pro registration and food. There are a lot more costs, but these are the every week costs. If we pro-rated chassis inspection, association fees, license fees and permanent number fees, it would be a lot more.

I have always needed a sponsor, now more than ever. I have a very good car that is competitive. I plan to participate more this year, using Kevin as my driver. Seat time is very important to winning and we plan to get more seat time this year. I hope to impress someone and get a couple of sponsors to help with costs. If not, we are still going to be out there winning rounds and races until my pocketbook (and the economy) will not allow us to race. I have a lot of fender and door space for sponsors!

Speaking of sponsors, even NASCAR is feeling the pinch. Sponsors are leaving them. Racing teams are having to cut drivers and cars from teams.

IHRA and NHRA are actually doing better the past few years in the professional ranks. The spectators are flocking to the major events in both associations.

The sportsman ranks of IHRA are growing and more and more tracks are joining IHRA. I like what they are doing with the "Win and you're in" concept. I also love the inclusion of bracket racing at the IHRA national events. I would love to win just one Ironman!

August 4, 2011 - If I talked about the +100 degree heat, everyone in about 2/3 of the USA would know what I am talking about. Everyone else is only in the high 80's, which is too hot also.

Even if the car was running, I would not be going to the track in the daytime, and maybe not at night either!

I have been looking at some of the "crate engine" combinations and daydreaming. You know, if I hit the lottery... If I only won a small payout, I would probably purchase a 1150 HP, lo deck, 598 cu. in. engine so I would not have any clearance problems getting it in my current body. That engine would plant me solid into Top Doorslammer Class and I could run under 8.99, even in the heat of Summer.

Since I am dreaming, if I won a bigger lottery payoff, I would have a new racecar built from the ground up (or purchase an old Pro Stock car) and then purchase an engine to run Top Sportsman! Probably a mild 632 (1400 HP), or slightly larger, that I could qualify to just get into the field. The new car would be a lot lighter than the current one so It will be quicker on weight alone. All I want to do is be in the field. It's an old fashioned bracket race after that.

Back to reality. What do I expect out of the car when I get the CNC heads back from Alvin? I expect my 555 to be able to run 8.70's in the cool weather (70 degrees or less) and 8.95 or so in the Summer. That is my goal. If we don't make those numbers when we first come out, I have a few tricks planned to try to get there. We have never used spray, yet... I wonder what it would run on the juice, say a 200 shot?

August 2, 2011 - I looked at my site statistics yesterday. The last two months have had a lot of traffic on the site. This is good! It lets me know that people are interested in what is happening in our neck of the woods, even if the car is not running.

I have been consulting with several of my friends on their engine rebuilds, such as Reggie Jackson with his Mopar dragster. He is about to invest in a INDY short block to try to combat the bearing problems that he has encountered while using the stock block. Heaven knows we tried to get that to work. All the specs. were correct both times and we double and triple checked everything, had the best of parts and it still did not last. One thing that it did was, run quick while it was in one piece! We know it will be an excellent combination once Reggie gets the new short block.

My friend and driver, Kevin "Outlaw" Gray, is in the process of collecting parts for his engine. He had to have some machine shop work done to the block, but not much, and he needs a set of pistons, 2 new rods and a new crank. It will be Fall before this project comes back to life, just in time for the good weather. Kevin is going to be stronger and quicker when the little truck comes back out later this year.

I checked on my heads last week. I told Alvin not to hurry. I still have one more eye operation to get over and I have to order my parts. I have the gaskets. All I need is the seals, springs and locks. We don't know exactly what is going to be needed in the valve guide area. Alvin has to do the create the digital program heads before he actually does the work. This will be his first set of Dart Pro-1 345 heads. After these, he will be able to turn them out quickly.

I have spent a lot of time working on my church project (building a 7K sq. ft. Fellowship Hall). It is very time consuming, very frustrating and it is hard to please everyone or even get a compromise (sounds like the U. S. Congress!). Just like in congress, the fellowship hall budget appropriations and church debt ceiling is a big problem. We have some members that are for building the fellowship hall and want to go deep in debt to do it. We have the people that are against building at any cost and don't see the need for the building, and the people that don't want to increase our debt ceiling, but want the building to be paid for within the current budget. You can insert Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party wherever you want!

President Obama just signed the new appropriations bill. Now veterans can be paid, the troops can be paid, Soc. Sec. can be paid and our government can continue to work. None of congress is happy about this outcome.

Maybe we can improve the process. I would love to see all of them term limited to no more than 8 years total, including cutting senators too two four year terms, not 6 year terms.

July 26, 2011 - I had an eye appt. yesterday. Everything is coming along good. Still healing but the Dr. was happy with my progress. I go back on Aug. 5th.

I have had a lot of church things to do the past week. Vacation Bible School and my building project. I also have two books on church construction. The only problem is, I can only read for a few pages before I get tired of reading with one eye! Don't think I will be finishing either of them in the near future.

Since I can't read much, I have watched a lot of movies and TV lately. I keep the postman busy with Netflix movies. I watch Y & R daily (for years).

Barbara and I went to dinner Sunday evening. After dinner I got into the drivers seat. I only drove a block before I pulled over and let her drive. It was right at dusk and I had a lot of trouble with the lights. In the daytime, or at night, I have no trouble driving. Hopefully it will get better when I am done completely and have new glasses. .

I'm happy the NFL is back on track to play the season. Now if the President and Congress could get their act together... I am in danger of having two of my retirement checks stopped. Mr. President should, at least, agree to sign a short term deal. I think they would come up with something they could agree on in 6 more months.

I can see a big turnaround in congress, just like in the last mid-term election, if those people up there don't get their behinds in gear.

July 20, 2011 - I forgot! 1320go allows FREE use of their web site to see the current cars going down the track. Any track that subscribes to the service, if that track is currently running time trials or test runs, can be viewed by just going to this link on the 1320go . Just select the track and then select the series and then the car or look and any car running or has run. You don't have to be a member to watch time trials.

July 19, 2011 - I had a call yesterday from one of my faithful readers, Houston Hawkins, and he was worried about me. Since I had not updated the site in a week, he thought something must be wrong.

I stopped talking about my eye surgery because everyone that has had cataract surgery feels it was "no big deal". Most have recovered without a problem and can see much better than before. I can say, for the most part, that is true. My big problem is getting through the healing stage. This was a very easy surgery. It hurts more to go to a dentist for a cleaning than to have this surgery. Nothing has hurt, not even a headache!

What has happened to me is, the lens that was implanted in my right eye continues to move as the eye heals. That causes my focus to change frequently, almost every two or three days it seems to change. They cannot prescribe any glasses because they will not work in a few days. Therefore, I have trouble with one eye focused one way and one focused another. My old glasses work on my left eye, but the right eye is way out of focus, and that right one is changing frequently. I have not decided when, or if, I will have the other one worked on. The left eye qualifies for the surgery also, but it is not as bad as the right one was.

It has been three weeks since the surgery. The healing is suppose to be complete but I don't go back to the doctor until Friday, a week from now. That is when I hope they give me a new eyeglass prescription.

Dealing with this keyboard and computer monitor is not much fun when I have to use one eye on the monitor and the other one is out of focus.

With the heat and my eyes, it is a very good time to have work being done to the car. My heads are still in the process of being reworked. I ordered the Cometic Head Gaskets. I also got some prices on the springs that I run. They are the Comp Cams Pacoloy triple spring set. I have not had any trouble out of them in the 5 years they have been on the engine.

I looked at some of the results at State Capitol Raceway for this past weekend using the 1320go web site ( I don's know why State Capitol Raceway does not advertise that they have this service (not available for NPRP yet). I have been using it for the past 1 1/2 years and I enjoy it.

For the very low cost of $19.95 per YEAR, you can see the results of all the cars that go down the track, just like sitting in the tower and watching the timing computer as the cars go down the track. It's like seeing each cars time slip as it is being made. This is NOT a video of each run, just the timing information.

The 1320go site has a lot of other good features too. I like the one where I set up the site to tell me when up to 4 cars are ready to make a run. I like to follow Silas Rogers, Earl Folse, Charlie Robinson and Jason Adams. The site produces a very loud burnout sound whenever the cars I select are getting ready to run. If you have a Smartphone or a laptop at the track, you can call up 1320 Go and watch results in the trailer or the truck (or the stands).

Another nice feature is the Analysis. It will give you specs on how your car, or any other racers cars, have done on any given night or day.

One thing I don't care for is, you only get data from one track for the $19.95. That does not include any series, such as Nitro Jam, even when it occurs at State Capitol Raceway. That sucks! The people at 1320go are trying to get the series owners to let the subscribers have that data (I called and complained and got this years Nitro Jam at SCR for free). This year I paid the subscription price of $39.95 and got ALL tracks and series for one price. That deal is no longer available. Each track or series is $19.95.

Back to the good things about 1320go. Many of you use the JEGS or SUMMIT racing log books. There is space to calculate "split times", or how long it takes to go from 60' to 330' and 330' to 660' and 660' to 1000' and 1000' to 1320'. Those split times really come in handy, just like looking at 60' times. Saves you the time of calculating them (Come on now, how many of you actually do this, except Van Johnson, on a regular basis!)?

The 1320 Go site has it's own weather station. You get to see how your weather station compares to the tracks weather station or just use the one in 1320go.

You can print out all of your runs for one day on a single sheet of paper. Just tell it what runs you want. Time trials or competition or both. It stores all you past time slips in one place.

The customer service is great at 1320go. They bend over backwards to try to please me. I highly recommend 1320go.

July 12, 2011 - When I removed the heads from my engine a couple of weeks ago, I glanced at the head gaskets but did not pay a lot of attention to them. "Outlaw" came over and pointed out a couple of places on each one that had been leaking from cylinder to cylinder. Alvin also agreed with that assessment. I had been losing compression on each side.

The last time I had the heads off, I used a popular brand MLS head gasket, not the Cometic MLS gaskets that I had been using. Never had a problem with the Cometic's.

Now the reason for the leaks could have something to do with the straightness of the head and block surfaces, and not the gaskets. We are going to measure the block with a straight edge, and take a clean-up cut on the head surfaces before we reassemble everything. Something good has already come out of this tare down!

July 9, 2011 - Silas Rogers, Jr & Sr. took the white Nova to the track last night and ran a 9.12 @ 152 MPH on the first pass and came back later and ran a 9.02 @ 152 MPH. This is on a Friday night with not many cars at the track. They only had a 1.397 sixty ft. time on that last pass. Looking at the temperature and humidity last night, I know that car will be in the 8's easy the next time there is a good track prep.

Many thanks go out to David Crochet for identifying and correcting a wiring problem that was preventing the Nova from going on the low RPM chip at launch. Everything is working perfect now.

July 6, 2011 - I got my NHRA License! NHRA sent an email with a temp. license for all my classes, including Super Gas! Another two years! I will be 74 by then. I remember when I was 68 and said that would be my last time to apply for a license.

Driving in competition is not that important any more, but being able to test now and then is very important. To be able to sign off other racers when they are trying to get their 1st license is also very important to me. I will probably keep a license until they reject me or they drag me out of the car and take me away kicking and screaming!

US Flag

July 4, 2011 - Happy Birthday America!

July 3, 2011 - God Bless America!

A friend of mine just returned from his 1st cruise to the Western Caribbean. He had a very good time but he was happy to get back home to the USA. He found it hard to believe some of the conditions that people were living in.

As a member of the U. S. Navy, I traveled to many foreign countries. I have had a lot of fun and seen some of the most beautiful sights in the world, but I have always been happy to return home to the USA. There is no place like it. I'm Proud To Be An American - God Bless The USA!

July 1, 2011 - Thank God for my successful eye surgery! Now all I need is some rest and relaxation, or R&R, as we say in the Navy (some sailors say, I & I).


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