Mr. Skip

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Class: Top Doorslammer (5.79 and quicker -1/8 mile)

Best Time: 8.58 @ 154 MPH (1/4 Mile) and 5.63 @ 124 MPH (1/8 mile)

Engine: 565 cid BBC (Built by Mr. Skip), Holley Ultimate 1250 Carburetor

AFR Heads (CNC), TCI Transmission, Coan Converter, Ford 4.56 Rear End


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The Year Review 2018



Happy New Year!! 2019


Mark Washington's Mother Passes

We are asking for a special prayer for the family of Mark Washington. His mother was admitted to the hospital on Christmas morning and passed away later that same afternoon. The funeral was in Brookhaven, MS on Dec. 31, 2018.


Christmas At Grandma's House

The Holbert, Herbert, Morris & Gardner families and all the great-grand children gathered to open gifts, eat and watch the kids knock themselves out playing with the multitude of toys and gadgets they got for Christmas. It was a lot of fun.

We opened gifts from the oldest to the youngest, having done it just the opposite last year, we found out it works much better this way.

The food was outstanding! Each family contributed a dish, and Barbara had her turkey wings and I made a BIG pot of gumbo. We had cakes and pies of many types. There were Cornish Game Hen (sent from Florida by Mr. & Mrs. Slaughter), Ham, Turkey, Collard Greens from Georgia, Pecan Candy and a 3 layer coconut cake from Mrs. Plummer, pies from Mrs. Ann Brown and Mrs. Dukes and sides by Barbara Morris and Ophelia Herbert. Everything was excellent!

Barbara gave a wonderful Christmas Prayer for the family and the food. We also prayed for the sick and shut-in people around the world.

Dec. 28, 2018


We Enjoyed Our-vacation!

We went to Bluewater Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, for our annual getaway. My baby sister, Bea Bea Smith, drove over from her home in Augusta, GA for a short stay. Her friend Lamar joined her. It is only 136 miles from Augusta to Hilton Head. We had a very good tome, which included a great seafood dinner at "Crazy Crab", right down the street from the resort.

We took a side trip to Eaton, GA to see Rev. Handrice Griffin, who ones a large farm in the area. He also sells real estate. His farm includes many pecan trees. We purchased 7 lbs. of pecan halves. Barbara is always asking someone to make pecan candy for us during the holidays. We gave our "Pecan Lady" 3 bags, and our friends in Tallahassee, FL two bags. We also purchased 6 bunches of collard greens, and gave three of them to the same couple on Florida. Those greens had the largest leaves that I have ever seen on a collard. Barbara cooked some as soon as we arrived and they were excellent! Rev. Griffin's farm is all organic.

PHOTOS from Hilton Head Island, SC

On the way home, we stopped at my childhood friend's home in Tallahassee, FL for a overnight stay. "Rudy" and Brenda Slaughter were very gracious hosts and loaded us up with fruit, picked in their yard, and Deer Sausage, ham hocks and other things. We gave them two bags of Georgia Pecans and three bunches of collard greens.

It is always nice to visit with old friends, especially when they are a long way from home and you don't get to see them often. Rudy and I grew up on the same street in Daytona Beach, FL. He is retired from Florida A & M University as their top recruiting officer. He also worked for HHR in Wash. D. C. back in the 70's.

During our trip,going and coming, we listened to the audio book, "Becoming" by former 1st Lady, Michelle Obama. Good Read, as they say.

Dec. 19, 2018


Car Is Ready, But It's Bayou Classic Time

Some things are more important than racing (not many)! Between the weather and home projects, Thanksgiving Dinner, a very nice visit by my daughter and the Bayou Classic, I put racing on the back burner.

My daughter Cynthia called from Virginia and said, "I have a "Bucket List" item that I want to check off. Going to the Bayou Classic"! So, I got us some 50 yard line tickets in Box Terrace and Barbara, Cynthia and I attended the Bayou Classic. Southern University won, 38 - 28, over Grambling University for the first time in 3 years! Everyone was happy, except Mrs. Grambling, Barbara Holbert, who lost $20 to me.

Before the game, we took in the street experience of the Classic, which is just as exciting as the game The vendors, the food and the people. Just being in the crowd and watching the people is enough to drive down there for Many people go just for the halftime show. The two school bands are outstanding. (Both bands had played for half-time at the Saints and Falcons game on Thursday night in the Superdome). Cynthia enjoyed all of it. Two years ago, she checked off Mardi Gras from her list.

I had a very good time. The walking took it's toll on my old legs, but I found a curb to sit on, and some Jumbo Shrimp to eat and I was all right.

It may be a while before the car gets to the track, if at all, this year.

Photos (Thanksgiving & Bayou Classic)

Nov. 28, 2018


Prayers Going Out For Gary (SCR Track Manager)

Gary is recovering at home with relatives after bypass surgery last week. He is reported to be resting well. I have not been able to talk to him, but I have talked to one of his co-workers at Engine Parts Warehouse. Please keep Gary in your prayers and wish for a speedy recovery.

Nov. 14, 2018


Almost Ready To Go Testing

Spent most of last week with "Honey Do's", but I did take time to get the heads re-torqued and the valves reset (hot) fro the 2nd time. Most of the valves were right-on, but two or three on each side needed a slight tweek. Only two of the head bolts (studs) moved a very slight amount. They were the outside two on the drivers side, 13 & 16. None on the passenger side moved.

I changed the oil, from Havoline 10W-40, too Lucas synthetic 10W-50. I also changed the valve cover gaskets from the expensive blue rubber gaskets to the cork Fel-Pro gaskets. The blue ones did not stop my leaks. I also put some Ultra-Gray sealer on the head surface and on the covers. The covers are the main problem. They are not true. These are the welded sheet metal valve covers. The look good, but they leak.

I am finished with the engine! Now all I have is clean-up of the car, load the trailer, purchase gas and head out to the track. I would like to make two easy passes and then get into it. I'll check it out after each pass and make a determination if I will race on Saturday (Nov. 17, 2018). That's only a month or two later than I wanted to be back.

How 'bout dem Saints!

Nov. 12, 2018


Engine Rebuild Tests Are Good!

Monday, after returning from vacation, I did a Compression Test and a Leakdown Test after warming up the engine to about 185 degrees F. I did the compression test first and all of the cylinders were between 210 psi and 190 psi. Will within the 20% tolerance that I am told is good. Greater than 20% is suppose to be outside of the range.

The leakdown test was even better. All cylinders were 100%. I know better, the reading was probably 98-99%, but the gauge is so small, it looked like 100%. This was after 5 warm-ups to about 180 - 190 degrees and letting it cool down with no fan or water-pump running.

My next step is to warm it up again, and re-torque the heads. I hope to do this on Wed., but that is not set in stone. We are getting closer to going to the track!

October 30, 2018


Birthday Celebration Continues In Texas!

Barbara & Skip visited Willis, TX on Lake Conroe, to complete Skip's 80th birthday celebration. We had a super dinner at Papadeaux"s Seafood in Houston, TX. We visited Barbara's favorite place, Blue Bell Creamery in Brennan, TX. We toured the plant and got to sample all 32 flavors of their ice cream, some of which are not sole in Baton Rouge.

We enjoyed the 7 day vacation at, The Landing at 7 Coves, in Willis, TX. Very quite and relaxing. We also enjoyed Barbara's 2nd love, shopping!. She purchased a few things, including a birthday gift for me. We also ate at 3 different Bar-B-Que places (my 2nd love is Bar-B-Que!). All in all, we had a very good time. On the way home, we stopped at Steamboat Bill's Seafood, in Lake Charles, LA, and had a very nice lunch. At 1:30 pm, on Saturday, it was packed. It is right off I-10, but you have to get off way before you see it, going East or West. Use you GPS or study a map to get off I-10 at the right place.


October 30, 2018


Mr. Skip Celebrates 80th Birthday! Happy Anniversary To Barbara!

Family, friends and neighbors helped Skip celebrate his 80th birthday at home. Barbara, who loves to give parties, insisted on a birthday party to celebrate this milestone birthday. Mr. Skip is now a "Octogenarian"!

I have so many things to be thankful for, and I thank God for allowing me to come this far. I thank God for my wonderful wife, Barbara and for my five children, grand children and great-grand children. I have been blessed by being able to help, however small, with raising Melinda Herbert's 4 children, Barbara, Jeremy, Lizzie and Ryland. They have been as much of a blessing as my 5 children, Cynthia, Oliver III, Sarah, Glenn and Larry. As the song "Hold My Mule" goes, "Never once have I been to the jail-house" (To get a child out of jail).

Barbara has been a real blessing in my life. All of you that know her, from the neighbors to the racers at the track, know that she is a straight forward person that will do almost anything for others. She is also "No Non since". She loves me, and I love her with all my heart. The 33 years that we have been married (Anniversary is also Oct. 20th), have been the best years of my married life.

I am also blessed with some of the best friends in the world. That includes racers that I have competed with from coast-to-coast and drag strips large and small all over the USA. Thanks to all the racers that I have loaned parts, that have loaned me parts and that lined up next to me.

Birthday Party Photos

Oct. 20, 2018


Number 3 Startup Is Complete

After many hours of cleaning, inspecting, cutting and grinding, we finally got the header on the left side back on. I had to order a new evacuation system for that side of the engine. Actually a part of the problem was the touting of the evacuation hose. It was kinked very bad down close to the motor plate, right next to the starter. I had to grind about a half-inch wide opening, so the hose could pass the motor plate without the restriction.

After starting the engine and warming it up to about 180 degrees, I inspected the inside of the header and did not have any oil inside the header. Everything seemed to be going just as it should. The engine sounds good, but not as good as with the other cam. Maybe when I get a few passes, it will come around. Right now, it has less than an hour of running time and I still have to re-torquer the heads.

Oct. 19, 2018


Fire In The Hole! 565 Comes To Life!

Friday afternoon, around 5 pm, the 565 BBC came to life! After 4 months of work determining what the problems were, purchasing the parts, machine shop work and hours of assembly of the engine (and a whole lot of money $$$$), we are finally almost finished.

The startup was not without problems. The least of the problems was a brand new, bad, spark plug. Number 6 plug would not fire. First time that has happened in over 15 years. The second problem was much harder to find, and I had to have Outlaw's help to find this problem.

After running the engine for about 10 min. at around 2000 RPM, I noticed oil dripping from the right side header collector. I removed all the plugs from 2, 4, 6 (bad plug) and #8. They looked rich, except #6, which looked almost new, just like I had installed it. I checked the ohmic value of all the spark plug wires and checked the distributor cap. Everything looked and checked out good. Since the valve cover was off and the engine was hot, I reset all the valves on that side. The hot setting is; Intake - .026" and Exhaust - .028". They were almost all correct. I did not see anything that would have caused the oil to be coming out of the collector. I cleaned up the inside of the collector and got ready to start up for the 2nd time I also called Outlaw.

Saturday morning, I started the engine for the second time and ran it at around 1100 RPM for about 15 minutes. The temp. got up to a little over 180 degrees, about the same as before. This time, all the plugs were firing and everything sounded good, much better than the first run. The inside of the collector was wet with oil again!

I am not having all kinds of thoughts about what I might have done wrong during assembly, or just about anything that I could think of. All of which involved removing the engine.

Saturday afternoon, about the time LSU had a 13 point lead on Georgia, Outlaw showed up to help me find my problem. He repeated some of the things that I had already done, but he also pulled the right side header. The inside of each exhaust tube was dry! There was no sign of oil inside the exhaust ports in the heads. BIG SIGH OF RELIEFE! Outlaw determined the source of the oil in the collector was from my evacuation tube, connected to the valve cover at the back, over #8 Intake and Exhaust valves. The stud girdle normally keeps the oil from being sucked unto the evacuation system. We may have to devise a way to shield off the inlet to that evac. tube.

I am now ready for the third start up and cool down to seat the rings. Then I will re torque the heads. As of now I am happy with the way things are going, Thanks to Outlaw!


October 14, 2018


Almost There!

We have everything ready to go except the carburetor, plugs, distributor and timing (Crank Trigger). Had it not been for respect for my neighbors, we could have started it up this evening. I will shoot for Thursday afternoon.

Oct. 9, 2018


The Engine Is Installed!

I was suppose to wait on someone to help, but I woke up Monday morning and said, "I think I will just put the flywheel on and get it ready to swing into the car". When I stopped, 4 hours later, and two floor jacks, a bottle jack and an engine hoist later, the engine was sitting in place, waiting on everything to be connected. In my younger days, I could do that in about an hour, or less.

Outlaw and I will finish on Tuesday afternoon. Startup will be later this week. Barbara and I have appointments so I will lose a couple of days. But the hard part is over!


Oct. 8, 2018


Would You Believe?

I am done with assembly of the engine. Yesterday I finished the valve setting and got ready for the intake to be put on. I set the valves at .022" Intake and .024" Exhaust. The Cam Card calls for .026" and .028" for the "Hot" settings. They will loosen up some when the engine is run and bought up to Normal Operating Temp.. That is when I will set them to the correct valve lash.

I have two things that must be done before I am ready to swing the engine back in place. These are not really stopping me, but I am going to change the filter in my transmission and rebuild my carburetor. Coan rebuilt the Torque Converter and found nothing wrong inside. It had over 400 runs. It is a 5700 stall, spragless converter.


October 4, 2018



I flipped the engine and started to put the pan on. This is a Gen. IV engine block with a two-piece seal adapter installed. This requires a Gen V gasket that has to be modified to fit the pan. I have always been bothered by leaks. The diaper towels have served to keep the oil off the track, but it is a pain to keep changing the diaper towels. This time, I am paying special attention to all the places where I think the oil could be coming out. Not that I have not done this in the past, but this time I am using Ultra Gray everywhere, and then some.

I put the oil pump and the shaft that drives it from the distributor. Tomorrow I will finish the pan install and then start on the lifters, push rods and rockers. As I said before, I hope I have all the correct length push rods for this cam.

October 2, 2018


More Progress

Today I got the studs in the block, after two or three tries, and got the head gaskets and both heads sitting in place. I will start clamping down the heads tomorrow. I have some family and church work to do first thing tomorrow, but I will get some time to work on the engine.

I am pleased with the way things are going, so far. Although I have had to put some things on, take them off and do it over again, It is still coming along OK. I get so distracted in my old age. I start one thing, get up to do something and forget what it was I started to do in the first place. PHOTOS

Barbara went to the doctor yesterday. She is coming along just fine. He still has her on "light duty", so that is killing her more than anything else. I pray that she returns to normal quickly. I need my "Crew Chief"!

I am paying particular attention to any paths for leaks. That was a problem in the past. I purchased a new "Diaper" for the engine. It is really heavy duty(SFI). At the rate I am going, I should be done in the next week or so.

Sept. 28, 2018


Now We're Moving!

After many tries, I got the cam almost perfect at, 110.2 degrees, with the cam card calling for 110 degrees. I like this Comp Cams adjustable cam gear for degreingg the cam.

Everything should go very smooth, and quick, from here on. I will torque the heads on next and install the lifters, rockers and check for the correct push rod length. I hope the same push rods will work with the new cam, but if not, I have several different lengths, accumulated over the years, that I can try before I have to order new ones.

I did make one mistake. I folded the tabs on the three cam bolts before I put the cam thrust button in place. Now I have to take that off, install the cam button and put anew locking tab in place. Good thing I thought about it before I put the timing chain cover and water pump in place.

Barbara if feeling much better. I am almost finished with my nurse duties. I do have a lot of church things to do, that may hold me up some. The weather is about to change, along with Daylight Saving Time. It has been a long hot Summer!

Sept. 25, 2018 (Saints Beat Falcons,Southern University Is 1-0 in SWAC, LSU is #5 in National Polls)


Some Progress!

All pistons are in, ready to degree cam. Using one of those adjustable cam gear units for the first time. Seems like that will work out much better than the cam button or crank sprocket arrangement. I am soaking my 1150 Holley to get it ready for the startup. From the looks of the piston tops and the plugs when I got into everything, I have been too rich for a ling time. The smaller carb and the smaller cam may be a better combination. I will also go through the 1250 Holley and have it ready, just in case.

Barbara is doing just fine. Good Doctors report! I went to the Voice Center. No help for my voice. Liz had a birthday party at Texas Roadhouse last night. Everyone had a good tome. She is off to see the Saints and Falcons play.

Sept. 21, 2018


No Progress! Good Choices!

I went two steps back this last week. I did not like the way the crank turned after the torquing of the caps. Everything was good until I torqued #1 cap, and then it tightened up. The problem was the torque sequence. I had gone from back to front. You are suppose to go from the middle inside, and tighten them, working out to the ends, then the outsides, in the same sequence. When I used the correct sequence, everything worked correct and the crank turns easy, using only my hands.

I have been playing "nurse" and "house husband" all week for Barbara. She had surgery on Weds. of this week. She is doing very well and I am doing my best to take care of her. I will finish the engine after she is back to 100%.

Sept. 15, 2018 (LSU-22, Auburn-21)

Pit Item Maintenance

I spent a good part of the day working on my pit generator and pit motorcycle. I changed oil in both of them and cleaned the filter on the bike. The air filter for the generator had to be ordered. Just like the trailer, you must take time to keep those pit items in top shape.

I did not do anything on the engine, except clean up all the push rods , poly locks and the head studs. My intention was to get at least two pistons in the block, but I did not make it.

Sept. 7, 2018 (I am so happy the "Dirty Birds" lost. Geaux Saints!)


Ring Gaps Are Cut

My Wisco Pistons have the very thin ring package. The top ring requires a gap of, .024", and the middle ring gets, >028", according to the ring company. That seems awful big, but that's what I ran for the past 3 years and it made good power,

Next step is to put the pistons and rods on the crank. It is all downhill from here. The next big step will be degree the cam. Since it is a different cam, I must go through that again. I am still thinking about a new cam, but I still have time to think about it. Since I already have the new springs installed, spring capacity is the only limitation on selecting a new cam.

Sept. 6, 2018 (First day of real NFL FOOTBALL!)


Some Progress!

Not much by my standards and a very slow pace by any other engine builder's standards, but I am doing my best with what I have to work with, mainly vision problems. Those Digital measuring instruments are super! My only problem was with the digital dial bore gauge. I went for the cheap one from one of the national wholesale tool companies and it did not work. I had had it too long to take it back. All of the other instruments were from well known instrument makers, and worked very well. I had to revert to my "snap gages" for my bore readings, using digital outside mics. for the final readings.

Mrs. Barbara celebrated her 70th birthday on Saturday. We had all most of the grand-kids and a few others over for my famous Seafood & Sausage Gumbo. Barbara had a big coconut cake made by one of her friends and Lizzie made a small plain cake for those that did not like coconut. ALL of the Gumbo was consumed, and it was a very large pot.

Barbara and I go to Senior, Low Impact Aerobics, twice a week. It is very enjoyable. I am not the oldest in the room, by a long shot. Mostly women, but a few men, out of a class of about 60 people.

So, you can see why I have been taking my time on the re-build project. I have looked at the SCR schedule and I may by ready to test by the end of the month. I want to go back to NPR and finish my license passes. I have 4 passes left, and that could be a good break-in for the engine.

Now that I have all the rods hung (see PHOTOS below). Those Spiral Locks were a challenge, until I got down to the last 8-10. The trick was to pull them apart about 2.5 in. and make sure the both ends are pointed out. Then you can push it in with your fingers to start, and sometimes all the way. But if not, I used a flat blade screwdriver to work the last inch into place. Out of the 32 locks, I only cut one index finger and punctured one thumb! (I tried gloves, but that did not work, just be careful).

Now I can start on the piston ring end gaps. After that, the piston get installed, the bottom end gets finished and the heads get torqued on the block. We had some leakage from cylinder to cylinder on both sides this last time. I am going back with the same type (new) Cometic MLS head gasket. I hope it holds this time. My new Lifters and Rockers arrived today (That is a story all its own. I am not too happy with Comp Cams right now, and there are a lot of other cam companies).

With all the problems that we found on the old engine, It is a wonder that it ran as good as it did. All I want from the new engine is to run equal to the old engine (8.58 @ 154 MPH).

Sept. 4, 2018 (PHOTOS)


Playing With Rod Clearances and Other Things

I have been working hard to get the correct Rod Bearing clearances after the crank was cut, .010/.010. To get the specified .003-.045" reading, I had to go to the .009 bearings on #8 rod bearing. I was able to get .0033" on that one. All the rest will fall into the .0035 - .004" range.

I got my heads back today. They have the new springs and locks. All the valves were checked and the heads were cleaned up. They look good.

The Torque Converter came in from Coan Engineering. They said it was in excellent shape when they went into it. It had not been services since 2010.

The only parts I need are the Rockers and Lifters from Comp Cams.

Now the hard work starts. Filing he rings for end gap clearance and hanging each rod on the pistons. I hate those spiral locks.

August 28, 2018


Rods Are Here, New Flex Plate

I picked up a new set of Eagle H-Beam 6.385d" rods from Eng. Parts. The machine shop had given the weight of the old rod, and Eng. Parts ordered a matched set. Now I do not have to rebalanced the engine.

The old flex plate had expired, so now I have a new, legal, flex plate. I called Coan to check on the status of my converter.

I did one more piston pin keeper. Like Dr. Ralph Moore says, "It's harder by the mile, but it's a cinch by the inch". I have fore more to do.

I will start the measurements this wee. Still waiting on my valve springs to come in.

August 22, 2018


Clean, Clean, Clean & Batteries

I have spent a lot of time cleaning parts that will be put back on the entwine, Manifold, water pump, motor plates and pan. The old con rods had to be taken off the pistons. It took me almost 3 hours to get the spiral locks out of the piston (4 each). I have inserted two new spiral locks on one side of three pistons. I had to take a brake. This is one reason Engine Builders charge so much.

All of my digital measuring instruments had to eve new batteries. They had not been used since the 2015 rebuild. I am ready to check my mains and rod bearings. Also the piston to cylinder wall clearance. That one is always hard for me to get an accurate, repeatable reading. I must have done a good job last time, the piston skirts look real good.

I am waiting on my con rods, Torque Converter, new springs, lifters and rockers.

The cam was in bad shape, so I will swap out that one for a old cam that is just a tad milder. We will see what it runs. That will be the only change form the current setup.

To save money, I will not send the transmission back to TCI for freshening.. When it goes out, I will take it to Keith Hunter. He put the 1.80 in ti a few years ago and it is still kicking after an overhaul in early 2016.

August 19, 2018


The Block and Crank are Back!

Yesterday Remi Baker called and said the block and crank were ready. I went out there , picked us everything and today the block is ready for me to take all my measurements to determine the rod & main clearances and the piston to wall clearances.

The new rods are not here yet, and I am waiting on Comp Cams to send my lifters and rockers. I sent them in for refurbishment, but 15 of 16 rockers could not be rebuilt and only 12 of 16 lifters could be rebuilt. I had to purchase a new set of rockers and 4 new lifters.

I am also waiting on springs for my heads. These have well over 250 runs. The converter was sent back to Coan Transmissions for freshing. They have not called with any bad news yet. The transmission is doing good and it was reworked by Keith Hunter a little over 2 years ago and is still doing very good. The converter had been in the car since 2013.

What was found

There was indication of water in the engine. The rods were rusted on the sides, and some rust was on the springs. There is indication on the heads, and intake gasket that the water was coming in through both sides, left and right head, and going into the engine. I had been adding about a 1/2 cup of water to the radiator after each trip to the track. I never saw any water in the oil.

When the engine was a 555, I could always hear a little release of water pressure when I took the radiator cap off, after the engine was coled down. Since it has been a 565, I have never heard this pressure release. I did re-torque the intake, but that did not help. I should have changed the intake gaskets and put sealant around the water jacket holes. Another lesson learned the hard way.

Number one and two rod bearings were the worse, #3 was almost as bad, but #4, on the same journal, was not near as bad as the other two. Number 5 rod bearing was bad, but #6 was not.

Junior (Jr.) at Womack's Block & Head inspected both heads and made the determination. I had also been using the wrong Intake Gasket for my Gen !V block. That did not contribute to the leak. I was using the gasket with the extra two head bolt holes at the top, which I do not have.

Remi told me, "Mr Skip, it's time for a new block. We have been working on this one for 20 years". He is almost right. The block, GM Bow-Tie Gen IV, was purchased as a 540 CID block in 1999.

I am cleaning parts, taking rods off of pistons and getting ready to go back up. I hope to be ready for Sept. 15th Top Doorslammer.

August 16, 2018


The Engine Is Out!

Many, Many Thanks to "Outlaw", who came over and removed my engine last night.

We both had a theory about what the problem was. I just thought it was a collapsed oil filter. Outlaw thought it was a broken oil pump pickup. We were both wrong. The filter was good (no metal, not collapsed) and the oil pump pickup was in one piece and no cracks. Mine is welded to the pump, 360 degrees.

Now we are thinking it is the oil pump itself that has given up. We have not removed it yet, but it could also be the shaft between the pump and the distributor. one thing of note; the oil looked very, very bad. The oil was changed in late March and only had a few passes, 13 to be exact. We did not change the brand or type of oil.

Anyway, thanks again to Outlaw, I am about a month ahead of where I would have been, doing it with Barbara and myself.

The heads are off, the lifters and rockers are boxed and ready to ship back to Comp Cams for refurbishing.

July 25, 2018


Fathers Day Classic - 2018


That is likely the understatement of the year! You know chocolate melts when it is too hot, well I melted on Saturday. I wanted to drive so bad, but my body just would not let me get into that drivers suit and all of that safety equipment and sit in the staging lanes for any amount of time. I probably would have passed out. Kevin did the driving.

Congratulations to all the racers that came out and braved the heat to race with us. The turnout was very light but those that came had a good time.

Our car broke down in round one of Top Doorslammer. We lost almost all of the oil pressure from some undetermined reason. The car just slowed down on the big end of our first round race and Patrick Allen, Jr. drove around us for the win. We have not determined what the problem is at this point. We do not have a dip-stick, so we put 2 qt. of oil in it just to see if that was the problem. When it coled off, it was bouncing between 20-40 psi, and it sounds good.

When I take it out of the trailer, I will change the oil filter and check it again. In the past, we have had this happen 3 times and each time it was a collapsed oil filter. We have had oil filter problems since the new headers were installed and we had to change from the long Fram Racing Filter, too a short K&N and now a short WIX. The problem could be the oil pickup, inside the engine, on the oil pump. Later this week, after I finish some Dr. appointments and some work around the house, I will start my troubleshooting. No other races scheduled for the near future, so we have lots of time. If I have to pull the engine, it will be overhaul time for this motor.

July 23, 2018


No Problem Raceway Track Improvements

This was copied from the NPR website:

NOTE:Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23 have been canceled.  We are working on repairs to the track this week.  We are tearing up the concrete water boxes and pouring new concrete there.  We are also tearing up concrete at starting line where crack runs across the beams and pouring new concrete there.  We are also repairing the hump at the 1/8 mile finish line.  Stay tuned for more updates or follow us on Facebook for pictures and more info!


Unloaded and Back In Shop

I am still trying to get over the fact that we did not have the race. Looking at the weather report on Tues. Weds.. Thurs. and Friday, it seemed like a wash-out for both Saturday and Sunday. I said to myself, "We will get the Jr. Dragsters in, and get started with time trials and then the ran will stop us for a while, and maybe we would clean up the track and race until they call it at mid-night or call it off". None of that would have happened. The weather was perfect in Port Allen on Saturday. It was even relatively cool!

Anyway, I am back in the shop and just waiting on the new race date of July 21, 2018. I sure hope the weather is as good as it was last Saturday. I hope all the racers come to the race and we all have a good time may have even more spectators than we would have because of no competition from June tenth Celebrations that always occurs on the 3rd Sat. in June. That is always our race date.

I wanted to get started with another engine overhaul, but I guess I will wait until after the next race. The engine is performing very well, but it is time for some of the valve train components to be freshened up. I would love to have a new block, but that is not in the budget. A new set of rods is within reach. I must buy a lottery ticket...

June 21, 2018 (First Day of Summer)


Just Finished Loading Up!

The car sounded good, ready to roll on Saturday. I will not run tonight but we will be ready for Saturday. Outlaw will probably drive for me. I am not feeling very good as of now and the heat will not make it any better. The old body slows down when you get up in age. Sometimes you just have to admit that you cannot do the things that you did, even five years ago. We still plan on having a good time at the race!

Now Lord, we are all praying for a good, safe, fun race. We pray that the weather will let us get the Jr. Dragsters completed in the morning and let the Big Cars get their race completed in the evening. God Bless Our Race and all the racers, spectators and track personnel. AMEN

June 15, 2018 (10:30 am)


The Big Race Of The Year Is Coming!

The Annual Fathers Day Race is just around the corner. This coming Saturday, with the tune-up on Friday night at State Capitol Raceway is what most of us local racers look forward to all year. Many racers in the Baton Rouge Metro Area only race once per year, at the Fathers Day Classic. Sort of like football Homecoming Game.

I have not been to the track to race or watch since late April. Rusty (hot and wet) would be the correct name for the way I feel right now. As usual, Barbara has been keeping me busy with a few very large home improvement projects. I am going to have HGTV removed from our cable package. She gets more ideas from those shows than anywhere else. Right now we are in the middle of a total remodel of our guest bathroom. New tile, shower and fixtures, sliding glass door and new toilet. We did our bathroom a couple of months ago with a new granite double counter-top and backslash. So far, things are looking good.

I did get to wash and wax the truck. The car is next. I already did the rims and all the maintenance. The car sounds good. All I need is a little racing fuel

This year, Bracket Masters Racing Team members will be allowed to run in the race. I am so happy! It is sort of like being the host team at the Super bowl and not playing because it's your home field. No NFL team has ever make it to the Super bowl when the game was played in their home stadium, but when it happens, I am sure that team will try extra hard to win. That will be me on Saturday!

As a friend of mine likes to say, "There is a big elephant in the room", but I am ready anyway!

June 13, 2018


Racer, Lloyd Gaines Passes

Mr. Lloyd Gaines passed away on Tuesday night (or early Wed. morning) at OLOL Hospital. Please keep the family in prayer.

May 25, 2018


Prayer At Work

Barbara and I spent some time in the hospital room with Mr. Lloyd Gaines and family today. Lloyd has been moved from ICU to a room at OLOL Hospital in Baton Rouge.

We talked with the family and Barbara said a prayer with everyone in the room.

asking God for the recovery of Mr. Gaines. Lloyd is progressing and we are still looking for that miracle.



Our Prayers go out for Lloyd Gaines, father of Bryan Gaines (BG/BG), who suffered a stroke and is in OLOL Hospital ICU. No other information.



Bracket Masters Racing Team's 13th Annual "Fathers Day Classic" will be held at State Capitol Raceway, Highway 190, West Port Allen, LA on, New Date: Sat. July 21, 2018

The Race will have the following classes; Super Pro, No-Box, Footbrake, Street, Motorcycle and Top Doorslammer, along with 3 classes of Jr. Dragsters. Test & Tune and Grudge Racers welcome.

Same Flyer
Fathers Day Classic - New Date: Sat. July 21, 2018 @ State Capitol Raceway


Get your Fathers Day Raffle Tickets from any member of Bracket Masters Racing Team. Tickets are $5.00 Each.

T-Shirts for the Fathers Day Classic are also on sale, $15.00 each.

See Mr. Skip for your tickets or T-Shirts.



YouTube Video's

Mr. Skip Tests At SCR - 3-25-2018

Testing "Sidepiece" (BG/BG) at SCR - 3-25-2018


Again, The Car Was Perfect, The Driver Sucks!

Barbara and I took the "Mr. Skip" Camaro to the Summit IHRA Race this past weekend at SCR and lost every round, including all the time trials Most of my lights were too late, except the last race where I had a -.017 red light in the 1st round of the 2nd race. The other guy went red too, but I left first. As I said earlier, the car was there. I had a 5.604 @ 123 MPH, on a 5.60 dial-in on that run. The car was doing its job.

Due to the weather forecast, they ran both races on Saturday, which I thought was a good move. It did ran a lot on Sunday morning, but cleared up in the early afternoon.

I did learn something Saturday. The Amber sunglasses really work for seeing the tree better. Those yellow bulbs really pop out at you. I did not use the Amber glasses until the last run and that was the main reason for the red light. Now all I have to do is adjust the delay box and I should be back in business.

April 23, 2018


Engine Maintenance

Saturday I did a hot valve lash check. Only a few were off just a little. I am getting close to the point where I must get new valve springs and have my lifters and rockers overhauled (Comp Cams). So far, there is no indication of any problems, but I want to be safe. I won't say how many runs, because I so not want others to use my numbers and blow up their engines:>)

I may run in the Summit IHRA race at SCR, Apr. 20-22, 2018, later this month. That may be my last runs before I take the top end apart. If it does not blow up first. Either way, this may be my last runs before the Fathers Day Classic, June 16, 2018.

I also put my Summertime jets back in, 981, which is just a little smaller than the 983 jets that were in there. The back is still 102.

Startup oil pressure was 74 psi!

April 8, 2018


Trying To Get NHRA Competition License (Renewal) at No Problem Raceway

Barbara, Reggie and I went down to NPR on Saturday to the Pro-Test and Tune. We were required to make 6 passes. Two 60' passes, Two 1/8 Mile passes and two all out passes. We were only able to get in the two short passes. This was not a "No Problem" day. The car did run very good all day.

We will complete the rest of the passes in the coming weeks, when we get a chance.

Low Oil Pressure!! (But No Panic!)

I have notices a steady decline in my oil pressure over the past few months. Nothing else seems to be wrong with the car. I am close to 300 runs on this overhaul, but there is no smoking and all temps. are good. In fact, the car has run some of its best times and MPH since switching to the new, taller, tires.

I suspected the problem to be the oil pressure gauge, or air in the line. Could it be main and rod bearing wear? I was determined to get to the bottom of the problem after making the license passes.

The normal (for me) pressure at cold start is, about 72 psi. When it warms up, 140-145 degrees, it may drop to 65-67 psi. That has been my normal since 1999 when the engine was new and was a 540 cid engine. Now it is a 565 cid, with the same lower end and oil pump combination. After coming home from NPR on Saturday, the oil pressure was only 38-40 psi, at 140 degrees F.. I called and talked to "Outlaw" and the first thing he said was, "It's a collapsed oil filter!"

I should have known that myself. Twice in the past, with this same engine, I have had this happen. We had the problem solved until I had the new headers installed and had to go with a different, shorter, design of a brand that I will not name. What I will say is, it was not a FRAM Racing Filter, which worked well until I ran out of room for it. Outlaw suggested I switch to the short, WIX Racing oil filter. It works like a charm!

I now have 73 psi at startup, cold, and after it is warm I have 66-68 psi at 145 degrees F, at 1100 RPM. That is excellent! I will most likely have to drop the left side header to change the filter, or install a remote filter setup, but for now, I am a very happy racer!

March 27, 2018


Friends & Family Day At Jordan United Methodist Church

We went to church last Sunday to a special program at my old church. The purpose of the program is to raise money for the church. Four- five families were designated to be in competition to raise the most money. The goal was $8K and they raised close to $7,500.00. Not bad for such a small congregation (<150 people reg. attendance).

The best part of the program was the singing and the message delivered by Rev. Edwards. He spoke on family relations, interaction between relatives and friends.

The sermon was so moving that I sat down and wrote a cousin that I had not talked with since 1991. A man that I had grown up with and who now lives in Denmark. I also called some other family members and some friends that I had not talked with for a long time. I got a call from a friend-girl (that's code for a good friend that just happens to be a girl that you never were involved with), and we talked for a very long time on the phone.

Last but not least, I called a friend that lives in West Florida and told him how much his friendship has meant to me over our lives. We are about the same age, played football in high school and were raised on the same street in Daytona Beach, FL. We have continued to visit each others homes over the years. While I went into the Navy, he went into government service (HHR) and he also worked for Florida A & M University in several capacities. I have always been very proud of all of his accomplishments and I thought it was time to let him know how I feel, before both of us check out of here. He was touched at my little speech and it became a mutual admiration society conversation.

Anyway, Rev. Edwards sermon really inspired me. I really like his style of preaching. Looking forward to our next visit to Jordan U.M.C..

March 21, 2018


Chassis Certification (NHRA) Complete

Mr. Skip Camaro passed another certification today. Now all I have to do is complete my NHRA License passes at No Problem Raceway later this month, hopefully.

Mr. Wesley, the NHRA inspector, has been inspecting my cars since 1989. Today he was teasing me about knowing me for "decades! When you say it like that, it seems like a very long time, and makes me feel old. There is a lot of respect for Mr. Wesley and the job he has done for NHRA and the racers for "decades". Keep up the good work!

The cost of racing is getting higher and higher each year. Chassis Cert. was $160.00, for 3 years. License and numbers will be at least $260.00 for 2 numbers for 2 years. It does include NHRA Membership and National Dragster, print and digital, a very large insurance policy. There are many other perks listed on

At least IHRA allows us to race with either a Chassis Certification from NHRA or IHRA. Saves some money.

March 10, 2018


Passing Of Darrell Williams - President of United Black Drag Racers Association (UBDRA)

March 7, 2018 - St. Louis, MO

Darrell Williams and the members of UBDRA helped Bracket Masters Racing Team and The United Black Racers of New Orleans get started with the first and 2nd “Louisiana Drag Classic” races, back in 2000. Their team bought 6-7 cars, including Darrell's 8 Sec. Nova, and a Pro-Mod, to our race. They also brought the first black Jr. Dragster driver to run at SCR (a young lady). He was a real good person, a real friend and visionary. He was dedicated to community service in the St. Louis area and their non-profit organization, UBDRA, contributed to many families and organizations in the city annually. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, they had at least two other organizations in different cities.

Darrell and the UBDRA were real trailblazers for many black racing organizations of the USA. “Black Sunday” is by far the biggest and best black drag racing event that has ever been given, and has survived for all these years. Barbara and I attended our first "Black Sunday" around 1997 and again the following year. Bracket Masters Racing Team and the United Black Racers of New Orleans, took 10-12 cars to their event for two years, 1999 and 2000. Several racers from the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area have attended over the past 20 years.

Black Sunday 2018 will be, Sept. 7-9, 2018, at Gateway Motorsports Park. 700 Raceway Blvd., Madison, IL 62060
Just 5 Minutes from downtown St. Louis

Photo from Gateway Motorsports Park Site


Please keep Darrell Williams, president of the United Black Drag Racers Association (UBDRA), and his family in you thoughts and prayers. Mr. Williams passed away today.

Mar 7, 2018


Bracket Masters Racing Team's 13th Annual "Fathers Day Classic" will be held at State Capitol Raceway, Highway 190, West Port Allen, LA on, June 16, 2018.

The Race will have the following classes; Super Pro, No-Box, Footbrake, Street, Motorcycle and Top Doorslammer, along with 3 classes of Jr. Dragsters. Test & Tune and Grudge Racers welcome.

First Points Race of 2018 @ SCR - 2/24/18

Not many cars were there, most likely because of the weather, but a good time was had by just about everyone.

I drove the car and qualified #11 out of 17 cars. I went out in the first round on a red light. The car ran a 5.63d9 on a 5.63 dial-in and went straight as an arrow. That was on me. I still need seat time to get my lights and electronics coordinated.

Our only changes from last season is the switch to Renegade 116, from 114, and a very small front jet change from 98(1) to 98(3). I cannot see a difference yet. Mainly due to weather and track conditions not being the same. We have not equaled our best times on Sunoco 114 yet. With the warming up of the weather, I am going back to the 981, or smaller[96(2)] jets in the front.

"Outlaw" had knee surgery on 2/28/18. He is home and and doing very well. He is on crutches for about a month. He will be able to drive in a few weeks. A complete recovery is expected. Please pray that Kevin is back with us shortly.

March 1, 2018


Cars, Cars, Cars and more Cars: SCR Test & Tune

Like hundreds of other drivers around South Louisiana, Sunday was our 2nd chance to get out on the track this preseason and get some practice. It was my first time at the track since mid-November.

Right out of the trailer, the car clicked off a 8.85 @ 153 MPH (5.65 @ 123 in the 1/8). I was very happy! The car went straight and with the exception of not being told it was a .500 pro-tree, everything was great. Until I got home and looked at Barbara's video, I did not understand what happened (why the car did not leave). Anyway, all went well the rest of the day. The 2dnd pass, I had a little spin off the line, was a 8.91 @ 122 MPH (5.70 @ 122 MPH). It's all good!

There were so many cars, I only tried to get two passes before calling it a day. I have never seen that many cars out for a test & tune. There were lots of motorcycles too. Mustang's and Camaro's all over the place.

Outlaw is still recovering from his fall in October last year and will not be available to drive. When he does come back, his truck will be ready for him to drive.

Mr. Reggie Jackson [Jackson & Jackson Racing (Mopar Dragster)] has agreed to get into the drivers seat of the "Mr. Skip" Camaro for this season. We will start our practice sessions this coming Friday at SCR. Reggie is a very fast learner and I know he will be a good replacement for Outlaw. Reggie and I have been friends and worked together for over 35 + years. Reggie has always been considered a member of Mr. Skip Racing Team. Thanks for taking the challenge Reggie!

I plan to drive in Top Doorslammer this Saturday and in the Iron Man race in April. There is another Test & Tune on Sunday, maybe we can get some test runs in then.

Feb, 19, 2018 (My oldest child, Cynthia, Birthday)

Edited: 2/20/18


Congratulations to All SCR 2017 Track Chan pinions and 2nd and 3rd Place Winners!

Barbara and I attended the 2017 Awards Banquet last night. We attended as representatives of Bracket Masters Racing Team.

I was happy to see the Top Doorslammer Winner, Keith "Youngblood" Veal. Second Place was, Jessie Marceaux and 3rd Place was "Bubba" Rhine. Congratulations to all my class competitors.

Wayne Henry won Super Pro (again) and Mike Nicholl won Quick 16.

Top Doorslammer is where my car has run for the past few years, since the class was established. "Outlaw" will not be available to drive this season, so I will go back into the drivers seat. This will be a real challenge, after not driving, except for occasional testing or a round or two, for the past 5 years.


Rain, Wet, No Racing!

we are in the middle of Louisiana's wet season, which just happens to be also Mardi Gras season this year. The parade goers are having to dodge raindrops and us racers are just looking up to the sky and wanting to get on the track for some time trials. Some have new combinations to work out, some of us, like me, just want to practice on the lights and get ready for the start of the season.

Feb. 12, 2018


Skip & Barbara Visit Houston Auto Show

Last week this time, Thursday night, we were just settling down to a wonderful seafood dinner in Beaumont, TX after walking around NRG Arena in Houston all day. We had a very enjoyable time at the show. This was our third time going and each visit is better than the last. They always have something new or different on display in addition to the new cars and concept cars of the future.

This time it was the super Jeep display. It took up about 15% of the display floor. Spectators and actual riders were treated to a actual obstacle course of very, steep hill climes, rocky surfaces, tilts that would put a normal car on its side and many other treacherous paths. The had almost every model of Jeep participating in the ride. It was very impressive (and probably sold a lot of Jeeps!) The admission to the ride was free. (Jeep Photos)

For the 1st time, you could sign up for on-site test drives in the make and model of your choice (most makes participated). This was right off the NRG Arena floor.

They had three other sections of the floor dedicated to vintage cars. The new cars took up the rest of the space. See Photos below.

When I was a little kid, every year my father would drive me to each dealership in Daytona Beach and I would get a new car brochure for that year. I pasted each model in a large album and kept it all year. I was a car nut at a very young age. I still cannot get enough of cars!

Here in Houston was everything in one place and you could get in, sit down, adjust the seats, mirror and look at and feel the upholstery. We had a ball. Barbara had as much fun as I did. One of our very first dates, in 1985, was to a car show in the Centroplex in Baton Rouge.

The show is around the same time each year, 3rd or 4th week in January, for4 days. Military Veterans got in free in the first day. We paid $1.00 each on the 2nd day! Regular admission is $12.00 with many discounts and free tickets available from area auto dealers.


Feb. 2, 2018


Ronnie Jackson, Jr. is better! Prayer Works!

Ronnie is in Rehab and is doing much better.

I just found out that Ronnie Jr. was the paint designer on Morreo's new Pro Mod. The painter did the final tweak on the paint job. Congratulations to Ronnie and to Morreo on the fine machine.


The 1250 Holley Carburetor is Back On The Engine

I will try to start up tomorrow to test my work. It seems to be working just fine right now. As a backup, I left the helper spring on the rear butterfly return. Nothing like extra insurance.

I also changed the front jets from 981 too 983. The backs are 102's. I removes the distributor cap and checked everything inside and used a little sandpaper on the tip of the rotor and all the posts.

Jan. 22, 2018


Visit to Jordan United Methodist Church - Jan. 14, 2918

Yesterday Barbara and I decided to sleep in and not to attend our church, Shiloh M.B.C., that starts at 7 am each Sunday. Jordan UMC starts at 11:00 am. As cold as it was, 25 degrees at 7 am, we just could not pull ourselves from under the covers.

This was the best service we had attended in years! Jordan has a new pastor, Rev. Hadley R. Edwards, from New Orleans, LA.

Sunday was the churches day to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, and celebrate they did! The combined choir did an excellent job on several songs, including a Prayer Chant version of, "I Don't Fee No-Ways Tired", that I just loved.

The Pastor is a fiery young man, about 60 years old, and he is very, very outspoken. He is not your normal, low key, by the book, Methodist Minister! Far from it!

During the service, Rev. Edwards talked about the loss of many of the gains that minorities had made during the past few years. Gains that people marched for, went to jail for and lost lives over.

Brandon Kelly, son of former Baton Rouge City Councilman, the late, Charles R. Kelly, recited the complete speech that Dr. King delivered to a young high school class, just a few weeks before his death. The speech was about being the best at whatever you are doing: "If you are a Street Sweeper, be the best street sweeper that you can be"!

The Pastor also took out his cel-phone and played the complete "I Have A Dream" speech for the congregation. Every on sat in complete silence while we listened.

I was a member of Jordan United Methodist Church until 2007 and had been a Methodist since I was a teen, over 55 years. This experience was the best church program service that I had ever attended. I have heard better sermons and better singing but the combined experience of yesterdays program was the best. I will be visiting Jordan again, real soon!

Jan. 15, 2018 (Celebrating Dr. M. L. King, Jr. Day)


All is well with the computer. I changed back to a PC. The Mac is great, but just not for the purpose that I am using it for. I use too many programs to produce my sites that the Mac will not run. There are other programs for the Mac that will do the same thing, but I would have to purchase them and learn how to use them. At this point in my life, it is not worth it.

Jan. 15, 2018


We are changing this web site over to another computer. This may take a few days. (Done - 1/15/2018)

Jan. 13, 2018


Please be in prayer for Ronnie Jackson, Jr. He is in ICU at OLOL Hospital.

Tarrus Jones' family needs prayers also. This past two months has been very hard on many of our families, including mine. We are all in need of prayers.


I did go out and start the car today, then I removes the carburetor to see is I could fix the problem with the back butterflys not closing all the way. It is soaking in carb. cleaner now. I will work on it in the next few days.

Jan. 10, 2018!


Vacation At Hilton Head Island, SC

Barbara and I had a very nice vacation and shopping trip to Hilton Head Island.

Most of the time was spent off the island, over on the mainland at Bluffton, SC at their two Tanger Outlet malls, looking for that special gift for family and friends.

Unlike most men, I like to shop for nice gifts. The joy it brings me to see how much the receiving person enjoys my selection is worth all the time and effort.

We also took a side trip to Beaufort, SC, about 32 miles NW of Hilton Head Is. It was a very good selection and we will return. Most East Coast Marines will know where this is, just a few miles from the Marine boot camp at Paris Island, SC.

The vacation was very relaxing. While Baton Rouge and most of Louisiana had snow, we missed all of it and had a lot of rain for the middle three days of our trip. We had excellent traveling weather on the way back.

Barbara was driving when we left, and decided she wanted some Georgia Pecans. We took a side trip to a little place called Eaton, GA, where we spent almost 2 hours talking to Rev. Griffin, pastor of two small Baptist churches in the area. This side trip was the most interesting part of our trip.

When Barbara went into a Wal-Mart to ask if they sold Georgia Pecans, she got into a conversation with Rev. Griffin and he said, "I sell pecans"! Now what are the odds of that happening? When she found me outside the store, she told me we were headed to Eaton, GA to get pecans. We had already been off the planned route for about 45 min. and Eaton was another 30 miles, in the wrong direction!

Rev. Griffin met us and had 12 bags of most beautiful pecans you have ever seen. We purchased 3 bags, about 1.5 lbs. each, for $21.00. Worth the trip! Rev. Griffin is also a real estate man and a farmer.

Rev. Griffin, true to the Baptist minister that he is, gave us a mini-sermon (it was Sunday) on, "Eating properly, the value of organic foods, budgeting according to your financial status and the old fashion way to properly raise your children ".

So you can see why we had a two hour side trip! It was very enlightening. Plus we got our pecans! The next time we are in the area, we will tour Rev. Griffin's farm. Rev. Griffin said his collard green leaves are as big as Tobacco leaves.

Dec. 15, 2017



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