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Fall - Winter 2015

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1st Qtr. 2015   Summer - 2015


Happy New Year 2016!


From My Family To Yours, The Holbert's Wish All Of You A Very Healthy, Rich & Happy New Year! God Bless Us All.


Rising Water and Floods

We are praying for all of our racing friends in the St. Louis area and all along the rivers that are rising and putting families out of their homes and businesses. In our area, the water will not crest until January 18th or around that time. We are not predicted to get as high as we did in 2011, but that was high enough to cause major flooding in some of our areas that are not protected by concreat reenfourced levies. If the spillway is opened it will be good for some and bad for others.


Racing Season

Looks like the racing in our area will not start for any serious competition until February. We have a lot of test-and-tune before that. Keep an eye on the two tracks schedules. There may be sone races before that.

Well, I am going back to watching football and eating... I started the car last week, just to hear it run. It is still ready to go, and so am I.


NHRA Changes?

There is suppost to be some changes announced by NHRA about their license requirements. They are about to back down some on the requirements (they may be closer to IHRA... Would you believe that??!!). Keep and eye on National Dragster and the NHRA web site.
Jan. 2, 2016


Vacation, vacation, vacation!

We just returned from 10 days of glorious days of vacation in South Carolina. We stayed in Hilton Head Island, SC and took a one day side trip to Charleston, SC where we took a tour of the city.

The trip was excellent, Barbara did most of the driving and I enjoyed the ride. The 2013 XPS performed without flaw.

We did just about all of our Christmas shopping while we were in South Carolina.

After we returned, my Christmas present was installed. Barbara had my office remodeled with new hardwood floors and a new desk with wall unit with cabinets. It is really nice. Only one problem. Everything is lost, or in boxes, or hidden so we can't find anything. The shop is full of office equipment and things out of the trailer, which is being painted on the inside. For a while all of the electronics, computer, security system and phones were down. We will, most likely, be disorganized for the next few months. It is beautiful! I love it.

The installing company did not take into account all of the electronics that I have in here and that caused a delay in installing everything. In fact, I had to do the majority of the wiring and hole cutting to make everything fit and look professional. My Navy electrical training came in handy. A good hole saw was another big asset! I have also done all the painting to make the walls nice behind the new wall units. Johnny Tate has given me technical direction in paint selection and how to handle the baseboards and shoe molding.
December 19, 2015


End Of Season Update

The Car is put up for the next few weeks. I don't plan on running until January. Too much home fix-up and other things to do.

I have been painting my office, getting ready for a new wall unit to be installed. This will give me much more room for books and camera gear that I had stacked all over and under things.

Barbara is having all of that installed for my big Christmas gift. What a Wife!

She also had my floors in the office done with wood flooring. I took advantage of all the furniture being out to do the painting. Reminded me of my Navy days, clean and paint, even if it was already looking good.

The computer was down because of the renovations. I still have not located everything and will not be back up to speed until everything is done around mid-month. Then I can take everything out of the boxes, through away the excess and make it look good and organized.
Dec. 3, 2015


What Does Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Skip Holbert Have In Common?

Neither one wanted to retire, and they don't know when to quit!

Except for a few seconds, I had a ball driving on Sunday in the Battle On The Bayou. I only won one round but that was the most exciting one. Almost hit the wall, almost crossed the center line, almost spun the car around, but still managed to win the round. Scared my wife almost to death and Kevin, Reggie,Silas, Jr, Gary May and James Mott, along with plenty of others, were really more upset than I was. Through it all, I was very calm.

I did allow Outlaw to make the next round, after a through check under the car and under the hood, looking for what could have been the problem. We did not find anything wrong and it was determined that I had backed up too close to the wall on my burn-out and got the right side rear tire full of sand and other stuff.

The car went straight on the next pass and Outlay made the quickest pass that the car ever made; 5.510 @ 123.9 MPH. Earlier I had gone 5.532 @ 123.2 MPH (1/8 mile times). Not bad for my 2nd time driving this year since Father's Day!

Saturday was a washout and after the forecast for the weekend was suppose to be very good, I woke up to heavy rain and it continued for most of the day, even when they said it was clearing. The track finally gave up around 4:pm and called it a day.

That's it for racing at SCD this year, except for Sunday Test & Tune until the end of the year. See the SCR Web Site.

For the past two weeks our house has been in a state of repair. We are having new floors put down in some rooms, including the office. The computer has been out for all that time. It is still not 100% back on line. As soon as all the work is complete AND we get things back in place (providing we find everything), we will get back to weekly updates and some photos.

It's the end of the racing season anyway, and it's the end of football season (college) and it is holiday time. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other things to do with the holidays!

This is Bayou Classic weekend! Go S. U.! We will send Grambling back to north Louisiana!
Nov. 23, 2015



Big Test & Tune Scheduled. for Sat. @ SCR. Import Faceoff Will Be Run On Sunday @ SCR.

This weekend will be a tuneup for next weekend (Nov. 21-22, 2015) when two big days of racing will occur at State Capitol Raceway. The annual Battle on the Bayou (rescheduled) and the annual Ironman Race. See SCR Website for details.

We will be racing on Saturday for sure, but Sunday will be my celebration of Barbara and myself being married for 30 years!

The hood is painted and back on the car. All the Dzus fittings are perfect and the hood looks great! Thanks Leroy Mathis of Mathis Automotive. Leroy did all the fit-up and painted the hood.

My workshop is being used as a storage shed right now. There is almost no room left for any work. After the floors are done, I will get back on the car. No racing for me this weekend.
Nov. 10, 2015


The Rain, Forecast For This Weekend, Another Big Race Canceled.

According to the SCR Forum, Gary has canceled the race for this Saturday. Seems they are waiting on my hood to be ready. The rain is holding that up too!

Barbara is finding many things for me to do with my spare time. The one great thing is, she is putting a new wood floor in my office along with a new set of shelves, drawers and cabinets. Not all "Honey-Do's" are bad.

I have been trying to construct a new air pan to fit my new hood. Seems I don't have enough Lexan left to make the pan. I am going to use some other material, maybe aluminum.
Nov. 4, 2015


Rain Tests Roof Of Trailer!

Baton Rouge has received record amounts of rain for the month of October, with over 3.7 inches today so far. The record rain has been a good test for the new roof on my trailer. The people at Pro-Pull LLC. in Greenwell Springs, LA did a fine job. There has been no leaks and the inside and the roof look 100% better than it was. Thanks Pro-Pull (and the price was less than expected)!

Photos of Hood progress from start to the present.
Oct. 31, 2015


The Trailer Is Completed!

I picked up the trailer on Weds. of this week and it looked good. Now all it has to do is pass the rain test. I am about to paint the inside front wall and the floor with non-skid paint.

The decision by SCR to cancel this weekends Battle on the Bayou will most likely be a good one.

My hood work is progressing along just fine. It is fitted and is about to be painted.
Oct. 31, 2015.


Skip's 77th Birthday Party - Oct. 25, 2015
(Actual Birthday - 10/20/15)


Canceled: State Capitol Raceway's Battle On The Bayou Event - Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, Canceled:

I am looking fwd. to the weekend to watch the Pro-Mod's run! We hope to be able to run in Top Doorslammer at that event. We will not have our hood back and the trailer is a very long shot also.

Lucky I have a small open trailer to put the car on. Reggie Jackson has invited us to use some of his trailer space for my gear and to pit next to him. Thanks Reggie!

During the past week I checked all the valves, removed the spark plugs and cleaned them and reset all the gaps. All the plugs colors were even, but on the rich side, which is good. As the weather gets cooler, the mixture will be just right, I hope. We still have the new Gen-3 Holley 1250 on the engine, with the front jets at 92 with a power-valve, and the rear jets at 102 with no power-valve. That is the "out of the box" configuration. I want to remove that power-valve and go too about a 96 jet in the front. It is running so good, I am afraid to mess with it.

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015, I turned 77 years old. Sunday, we had a very small gathering, mostly family, to wish me a happy birthday. The weather was so bad, only a few people showed up. We had Bar-B-Que Ribs, Jambalaya, chicken, catfish, two cakes (one with two big seven's), ice cream and lots of other things to eat. At the end, all of the food was gone! Lucky the weather was bad! I am very Blessed to have the family and friends that I have, and to have the life that I have been able to live. I thank God for all my blessings. I thank God for all my family (especially my wife, Barbara), my friends and associates.
Oct. 26, 2015


The Car Is There...

This was the first big points race after the summer break and the car ran just perfect. The car did not miss a beat all night. We did not have our hood back yet so we ran with the K& N Air Cleaner and an open engine compartment. The car seemed to like it.

Friday night we made three passes and picked up where we had left off the week before. Kevin was sharp in time trials, with back to back .002 & .003 reaction times and the car ran a best of 8.83 @ 149 MPH. We lost in the first round of eliminations when Kevin;s concentration got broken by a stop and wait after he had started his burn-out and had a very bad light. He ran dead on, 5.604 on a 5.60 dial-in.

Friday Night VIDEO 3 Runs


Saturday was no better. We lost in the first round of Top Doorslammer due to a red light. We bought back into Super Pro and won two rounds, where we put two dragsters on the trailer, and then we had another red light in round 4 to end our day. On that last pass, we had another 5.60 on a 5.60 dial-in.

I don't know which had the most effect on how good the car is running (going straight), the new shocks and coil-overs, or the anti-sway bar. Although I think I know the answer, I am not about to try to do any experimenting to find out. The Go-Pro camera inside the car shows Kevin just taking a normal ride down the track, with no fighting of the wheel, as he use to do.

Trailer Repairs

I dropped the trailer off for some much needed repairs at Pro-Pull Trailers of Greenwell Springs, LA. We had settled on a few leak repairs on my trailer top and a few other things. They called the next day and sent photos of the rotten areas of my roof that will make it necessary to replace the whole roof, instead of just two sections.

I researched getting a new trailer, but the repairs will cost much, much less than a new trailer. Since I cannot store a longer trailer than the one I have, and I have made this one fit all of our needs, I am going to stick with this old trailer.

Weather Station

I also did some on-line research on hand-held weather stations. After I recover from the trailer repairs, I may invest in one.

Battle-On-The-Bayou - Oct. 31st and The Ironman Classic - Nov. 21st. I will probably drive in these two events. I would love to win an Ironman trophy.
Oct. 14, 2015      PHOTOS


Cool Weather and Low Numbers!

Well, Friday night wasn't exactly cool, around 72 degrees and 58% humidity, but that was great for Louisiana! We made two 1/4 mile time trials and had a 8.929 @ 148 MPH and then come back with a best ever, 8.852 @ 149 MPH! We were super happy!

I forgot all the cameras at home and did not get any photos all night.

The car was really running great. I was very proud of how it performed (I built the engine, so when/if it blows, I'll take credit for that too).

During eliminations, over the 1/8 mile, we had a Red Light start and lost in the 1st round. The car ran a 5.604 @ 121 MPH. The run before that, 2nd time trial, was a 5.603 @ 121 MPH in the same lane. Nice and consistent.

All of these runs were made without the hood. The hood was delivered to the paint shop on Monday and should be ready by the race on October 24th.

We changed oil and filter before we went to the track on Friday. I also swapped the rear tires. Best 60' time was, 1.257 sec. The week before we had a best of 1.267 sec. with no other changes except the tire swap (and weather).
October 6, 2015


We Will Go To SCR on Friday

The hood arrived on Tuesday and it is not the same as the old one. This one has the vent (windshield wiper) panel attached, unlike the stock configuration that I have. After much discussion, we decided to go with the new hood configuration and do away with the vent panel. That will require us to relocate the fuel gauge.

We will paint the front of the car while we are at it and do a few more things to dress up the front. The work will be done by Mr. Lands of Mathis Automotive, 5813 Greenwell Springs Rd., Baton Rouge (225) 924-3232. He does paint and body and fiberglass work.

We will continue racing with the K&N Air Filter setup.
October 1, 2015


Great Visit By Son, Glenn Holbert

Glenn, a Prospective Division Manager with AXA Insurance Co., visited with Barbara and I over the past week. Glenn had a conference in New Orleans and he turned it into a mini-vacation by spending 5 days with his father (Me)!

While he was here, he enjoyed "Knuckle Sucking Good" Fried Chicken from Delpits and great Bar-B-Que from Deep South BBQ (two visits each). We also visited a few other good seafood places, including Tony's and Drusilla Seafood. We took a tour around Southern and LSU's campus' and many other places in Baton Rouge and the West Side. We attended Shiloh M. B. C. on Sunday and watched a lot of football. Glenn is a die-hard Oakland Raiders fan (one of those crazy ones that you see on TV)!

On Friday, Sept. 25th, Glenn talked me into running my car at State Capitol Raceway. We did not have the hood yet, but I had my K&N Air Filter that allowed us to run. Outlaw met us at the track and after our warm-ups, and watching a lot of other cars go down the track without a problem, we took a shot. We ran a 8.960 @ 148 MPH! We were very, very happy. After a cool-down, we came back with a 8.942 @ 148 MPH. In eliminations, we ran a 5.63 on a 5.65 dial-in and broke out for a loss. It was a very good night. Temps. were around 84 degrees all night and Humidity was high, up around 69% when we made our last run. Glenn enjoyed his visit to the track, and we enjoyed his visit.

Photos of Visit by son Glenn Holbert

Photos At SCR During Glenn's Visit
Sept. 27, 2015


Perfect Saturday & Sunday At The Track!

PHOTOS - Saturday 9/12/15

Photos - Sunday 9/13/15

I spent most of Friday watching the weather and getting the car ready for racing on Saturday. I also put the car back on the scales and moved some weight around to see if I could get close to the recommended numbers the on-line calculators said my car should have for corner weights. No matter what I did, including removing one battery, I could not come close to those numbers.

I put everything back to the way it was and connected the anti-roll bar. At that point, I took a final set of numbers off the scales and put the car back on the floor. The anti-sway bar is set up with no pre-load on either side.

(Update - 9/16/15) The scaling never got done. All we did was weigh the car, after all work was complete. ALL of the improvements was the direct result of installation of the new rear shocks, new rear coil-over springs and the Anti-roll bar - 99%).

Saturday morning we loaded up and went to State Capitol Raceway. I had planned to make two passes and then decide what to do, but when I got to Tech., I paid for two days of Top Doorslammer before we had made any passes!

The first thing I did was to give "Outlaw" strict instructions on, "Be Safe First" and paying attention to how the car is reacting, second. We headed to the line for our first qualifying run. The car went straight as an arrow and the left front wheel did not come up over two or three inches off the ground. We ran 5.680 @ 118 MPH. We were happy!

The second pass was 5.656 @ 120 MPH, which put us in the #13 spot in Top Doorslammer out of 27 cars.

We won in the 1st round, when Dave Walker had a red light. That was the first time we had beat Dave in 4 tries! The car just kept getting better. We had a 5.608 @ 121 MPH. In the next round we lost when we had a -.002 red light, running another 5.605 @ 121 MPH to end our day.

We were super happy with the car and our day. Each pass was straight and Outlaw did not have to fight it at any point. The front tires don't come up very much and our best 60' time Saturday was, 1.257 sec.. That was about avg. for the whole weekend, with a best of 1.255 on one pass Sunday. That 1.255 is the best ever for this car. (I know others are much quicker, but we are just as happy with what we have).

Sunday we qualified with a 5.608 @ 122 MPH. We were still way down the ladder and had to run the #3 qualifier. We had another red light and had to buy back into Super-pro. We won two rounds of Super-pro, and right after crossing the finish line on the 2nd win, we had our hood split and we lost over 2/3 of the hood. We have no idea what happened. Everything was secure. The part that flew off broke off several of the springs on the Dzus fittings. I have never seen a failure like that. The fiberglass hood split from front to back on the drivers side and went about 50-75 ft. in the air. The other part was still attached to the car.

In the 5th round of Super-pro, we lost to a dragster when we had to run with a borrowed air cleaner from "Mr. Willie Beathley". We thought the car would never run the numbers that it had been running, so Kevin had put 5.60 on the window for a Dial-in. I thought it should be higher, given the size of the air cleaner and no hood, and I changed the dial-in to 5.65 sec.. We broke out big time with a 5.599 @ 122.08 MPH! We were shocked! Both of us were wrong, but Kevin was closer. We were also very happy with the way the car ran all weekend.

After sleeping on it, and looking at the damage, and talking to my Crew Chief (Mrs. Barbara) and talking with Outlaw, we are going to order another 6" Cowl Induction hood and put it back the way it was. We will be down a few weeks, but that is all we have to do, thank God! We prayed for safety and to go straight all weekend. Our prayers were answered...

Barbara shot a good video of the hood flying off, and we both took a lot of photos.
 PHOTOS - Saturday 9/12/15

Photos - Sunday 9/13/15

Photos of Loss Hood - 9-21-2015

Sept. 16, 2015 (update)




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