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Update 2-13-14

Contact: Skip:
(225) 356-6803

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Thanks Kevin, Thanks Miles Collins!

"Outlaw" came over Monday night and inside of one hour 20 min. he had the engine on the engine stand and we had the oil pan off.

The inside of the engine looked as good as the day I assembled it back in 2009 (see entry below). We must have done something right!

Today, I took the oil pan over to Miles Collins in Erwinville, LA and he welded the spot on the pan and tested it for leaks. The crack was in a very unique spot, under the trap door where the oil flows into the sump where the oil pump pickup resides. The welding had to be done on the outside. Miles did the welding while I waited. Again, Thanks Miles! Now all I have to do is clean all the gasket surfaces and reassemble the bottom. I am installing a new flex-plate, SFI date will be good.
March 25, 2014

(Entries From The Past)

Aug. 31, 2009 - My "Upper Room" reading today was, "Looking for Perfection". This reminded me of what I have been trying to get with my engine, and it reminded me how much perfection does not matter.

The reading goes: ... Perfection is a noble goal but one which is ultimately unattainable. It's silly to expect perfection in ourselves, and it is damaging to demand perfection from the people we love - our children, our spouses, our friends. It's better to look for the honest effort, not the perfect job. Jesus knew his followers would make mistakes and even turn against him, yet he never stopped loving them. Like him, we can learn to love imperfect people.

So rather than trying to build the perfect engine, I will seek to build a "good bracket engine". It will not be as good as Bryon Durham's, Steve's, or R-M, which may be close to perfection, but I will still be proud of my engine and I hope it will bring some enjoyment to Barbara and myself without being perfect.


Sept. 4, 2009 (at the end of the day) - Engine Start-Up
The engine started on the first try and ran well. Some leak problems, but nothing that a little "Ultra Gray" or "The Right Stuff" cannot handle. All the seals are holding.

I was really up-tight about starting this engine. I had made so many errors that I thought there was something that I had forgotten. I called Alvin and we discussed a few things before I actually pushed the button. Everything went well and I am really pleased with the way the start-up went.

I put in a different, milder, cam in this engine and you can tell the difference right away. I removed the 4-hole spacer from under the carb and went back to my old open spacer, coupled with my BG 1090 carb. It is nice and crisp and everything sounds good. All the pressures are good.

When I get a good Sunday testing session, I will try the Holley 1150 with 4-hole spacer again and I may put the 4-hole spacer under the BG just to see what difference it will make.

I put a new fuel regulator on because the old one would peg out high sometime. It would come right back down but scare the hell out of me. This happened three times within the last three months, so I ordered another one and it seems to be doing OK today. The old one was a little over 8 years old.

I reset all the valves after the 2nd warm-up. I hope these rings seat as they are suppose to. During the coming week I will do a compression test and leak down, after I warm it up and let it cool down naturally a few more times.

I believe after testing this coming Friday I will be pulling the converter out to get it tighten up for this milder engine. I will be very happy with 9.80's this time around and it may not be that quick. The converter change should get me back under 9.50.

3/25/2014 - The converter never came out. It worked just fine after we raised the launch RPM from 3600 to 3800 RPM. The best time to date is: 8.93 @ 149 MPH with 14X32 tires and 4.56 gear, 1150 Holley with 4-hole spacer,Best 60ft: 1.258 sec.

Shannun Walker Goes To Semi-Finals!

Shannun drove his Firebird to a Semi-Final finish at No Problem Raceway on Saturday, March 22nd at the Jeg's SportsNationals. He was competing in Super Street (S/ST) class, 10.90 Index.
Here is a in-car camera shot from that race.

Photos From No Problem Raceway Jeg's Sports Nationals - 3/22/2014

What Is Going On With Mr. Skip?

The Answer is, nothing! This has been coming on for a while now, but I have just been reluctant to pull the trigger. It is just a part of the aging process. As you get older, you also get a little slower, you think more about what is going on around you and you also want to do something different. This happens to some of us later in life (me) than others. Some of us start late and finish late, others start very young and get tired early.

Since I put things up for sale, I have had a lot of 2nd thoughts. Barbara has talked to me and said I should think it over (she loves to watch and cheer us on). I have thought about just being an owner and keep on running the car. Just this morning I was thinking about putting in Electronic Fuel Injection and how much it would cost, what parts I would have to change out, what system would I choose, and how much quicker the car would go and be even more consistent.

Many of you know I was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida and attended many races when I was a young boy. Speed and racing just come naturally. Mom liked to blast! away from stop lights. Dad loved to "See if it will do what's on the speedometer"! He once returned a 1949 Mercury because it would not do 120 MPH (It only got up to 108 MPH). Did I mention he was a Deputy Sheriff That's right, the 1st black Deputy Sheriff in Volusia County, FL. (That's also how I got "Press Passes" to all the races). He purchased a 1950 Chrysler that would bounce the needle off the peg, past 120 and was still going! I think will always have some, "Need For Speed"!

As I said a few years ago, I am slowing down another notch, getting out of the drivers seat, except on special occasions, and will just do like many would be racers and start it up, listen to it, polish it and let it rest. If someone comes with a fistful of money, I will sell, but I really don't care if anyone buys it.
March 18, 2014

Computer Problems Solved, On The Upswing!

The computer has been fixed by Dell, but the information reload it taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. My 5 web sites are up and running but the updates of photos and video is not functioning yet. I still have to reload all of those applications.

During this adventure, I have talked with and had my computer taken over by people in India and in The Philippines. Technology is great! Between all of them, they finally got the computer straight. I found out that the dislike for Windows 8 is universal!
March 18, 2014

Celebrating 50 Years of Drag Racing!

I have been actively participating in drag racing for over 50 years! Starting in 1963 when I attended my first drag race, and in 1964 when I worked in the pit crew for a friend on a Ford Fairlane Hi-Performance 289, it has been a lot of very good times.

My first time actually driving was in Pocatello, Idaho in 1967. I drove a 1961 Studebaker Lark, V* with 4.11:1, and overdrive to victory in L/stock class. My first trophy!

As the year goes on, I will share some of the good time with everyone. This is a very good year to retire from driving. I will probably drive in the Father's Day race and any of the Ironman races this year that are near here, but that will be it for me after 2014.

Status of the Car

Everything but the driver side header is off of the engine and I am almost ready to pull the engine out to make repairs to the oil pan and change the flywheel. The starter is draging and acting up in one spot and now is a good time to fix that potential problem.

Computer Problems

For the second time in less than a year I have had to have the hard-drive replaced in my Dell Computer. It is under warranty but the hassle of transferring all that data from a storage device (or s"The Cloud") is a real pain. The problem occurred over two weeks ago and Dell decided to replace the hard-drive. Then another problem occurred which was caused by the technician and it caused me to have to troubleshoot with the service techs. over the phone. We finally got it straight last Sunday and then I embarked on trying too get all of these web sites reloaded onto the computer. I did have a good backup, but moving over 1.6TB of data is a long process. I have move the web sites and have them working again, but many of my programs that do a lot of the grunt work are still not reloaded because they have to be put back on using the disks or downloaded from the web. I will be working to get everything back on track for a few more days.

I am seriously thinking about a Apple Mac computer. Between Windows 8.1, Adobe going over to a monthly fee for web applications and this computer failing so much, that seems like the way to go in the future.
March 12, 2014


Good Day, Bad Day!

We took the car to SCR for their Twin $5K race on Saturday, March 1, 2014. I paid for the two days in Top Doorslammer, which only pays $1K to win, but if you lose in the 1st round, you can buy into Super Pro. In Top, you only have to make 5 passes, or less, to win the money (32 car field).

I came off the trailer with a qualifying 5.785 @ 118 MPH. I was super happy because this run was made in the heat of the day, around 75F. I backed that up with a 5.745 @ 118 MPH. In the first round I got paired with a little Pinto , running 5.48 and I dialed in 5.73. I ran 5.732, with a .027 RT and took the win light!

The rest of the night was downhill from there. I had told myself to make sure I checked the oil pan after a couple of runs. We checked it just before being called for 2nd round and found oil in the diaper. What a letdown. We thought about running but I thought about some of the other wrecks that I had seen in the past few weeks and decided not to run. I went over the the car that I had been paired with and told him he could make a single pass. We could have staged and hoped for a red light or some other problem to give me a win, but I was not feeling too good about that leak.

All in all, I was very happy with the way the engine preformed and my driving. I guess that industrial strength, high dollar metal repair was not the answer. This week I will start to remove the engine so the oil pan can be fixed properly.

Mr. Skip Camaro For Sale! (Trailer & Truck Later)

Before the race on Sat. March 1, 2014, I had talked it over with Barbara and decided to sell the car (1967 Camaro) race-car with 555 BBC engine, enclosed trailer and Ford F-250, 7.3 Diesel, 4-dr truck. I told a few people at the track. The price for the car, turn-key, will be $25,000. Enough has been written about the car on this web site (and it's still there), for everyone to know everything about the car.

The Camaro is a back-half car that has provision for an 8" engine set-back, using motor plates. It has a 12-point cage and was certified by NHRA for 8.50 sec. in 2013 (expires in 2016). The cage and chassis is Chrome-Moly from under the driver back to the rear of the car. It has rack-and-pinion steering. The car has No-Mar Lexan on all the windows and doors. The hood and trunk cover are fiber-glass and the rest of the car is steel. The doors have been gutted. The car weighs approximately 2640 lbs. with driver. The car was certifies down to 7.50 in IHRA before it expired in 2013.

It has a Ford 9" rear end with Richmond Gear 4.56:1 gears in a Strange Center Section. The gear is a regular gear, but the Strange Center will take either a pro gear or regular gear. The car has 4-wheel disk brakes by Wilwood. The car rides on 15s x 32 x 14 M/T Slicks. This is a ladder bar car that goes straight and has 60' times around 1.289 up to 1.320, and this is according to track conditions or the length of the burn-out. If you keep everything the same, it is consistent.

The car has all MSD and Digital Delay electronics. The wiring is excellent. It has a air shifter with digital controls to set the shift point. It has a new MSD Digital 7-Plus CD ignition with the matching coil. It has a Strod Parachute. It does not have a throttle-stop, but does have a throttle-stop controller. It has a large Auto-Meter replay tach.

The engine is a GM Gen-V 555 BBC with Dart Pro-1 345 heads. The heads were CNC ported in 2010. One head is vintage 1999 and the other one was new in 2009. The engine has Comp Cams Cam, Springs, roller lifters and rockers. Eagle rods and crank with Ross pistons. All of this is fed by a Holley Ultimate 1150 CFM carburetor. Around 850 HP.

The car has a TCI 1.80 straight cut gear with pro-tree valve body. It is in a Deadebear case and tail shaft, which is certified for another 2 years. The car has a custom balanced drive shaft.

The Torque Converter is by Coan Transmissions sprageless, with 5700 stall. The converter is custom built for the combination and works great!

The oil pan is Stefs Aluminum and has a crack that can be welded to repair it (or you can replace it). The pan is custom built, 7Qt., with scraper and windage tray with kick-out and trap doors for oil control.

I call this my Rubber-Band Motor! Best time: 8.93 sec. @ 149 MPH (in excellent weather). Will run 9.10 sec. @ 145 MPH in very hot weather. It will run under 5.81 @ 118 MPH in hot weather in the 1/8th mile.
Price, 1967 Camaro: $25,000.

After Sale of Car, the Trailer & Truck will be sold (3/12/14)

The trailer, 1999 Classic 20 ft., V-nose (2 more feet) with cabinets and some storage bins with 4500 lb. Super-winch and battery will go for $3500. The trailer inside is not that great. It has A/C with heat that works in the Louisiana Summer. In very bad weather, it will leak, a little, through the A/C unit.

The truck is a 2001 Ford F-250, Lariat with fiberglass lockable cover for the bed, 4-dr, leather interior with wood grain and the good Diesel engine, 7.3L Power Stroke® turbo diesel V-8 with only 57,000 miles, $11,500.

mail:   Phone: (225) 356-6803
March 2, 2014


Mr. Skip Camaro Ready To Roll!

Finally worked on the car and put a temp. patch on the oil pan. Just too lazy to remove the engine and the pan... I used some high dollar aluminum filler that is suppose to be very good. I prepared it and applied the product as the instructions directed. Let it sit for over 30 hours to allow complete cure. I ran the engine for over 15 min. and there was no sign of a leak. I put a new diaper on, with a new pad, so I will run this weekend and inspect it once or twice at the track.
Feb. 27,2014

"Outlaw" Wins Super Pro At SCR!

Kevin "Outlaw" Gray won, driving his truck, in Super Pro class at State Capitol Raceway on Friday. Congratulations Kevin!
Feb. 23, 2014

PHOTOS From SCR Sat. Feb. 15, 2014 Opening

Photos From SCR Sun. Feb. 16, 2014

James Richardson, Charter Member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, died on Wednesday, February 12th in Baton Rouge

After a long illness, James was taken to the hospital Thursday, where he passed away. Arrangements: Funeral will be held at, Greater Oak Grove B. C., 23595 Plank Rd. Zachary, LA, 70791, Sat. Feb. 22, 2014 at 11:00am. (225) 654-9639

James was one of the original 9 members of Bracket Masters Racing Team.

Mild mannered, soft spoken and always willing to help a friend or fix a bicycle for a neighborhood child, James was a person that you could depend on when you needed help. His workmanship was excellent and he could always be depended on to make it look better and work better than anyone else could. James could look at a problem, think about it for a few seconds and come up with a fix that no one else had thought of, and it always worked! His attention to detail was without question better than most racers. His vehicles showed how much he cared about beauty and detail.

James will be missed by his family, teammates and friends.
Feb. 13, 2014

Winter Weather, Snow, Ice and Headaches!

Between the weather and being sick with old folks ailments, this has been a very lackluster period.

The car is still on jack-stands and nothing is going on.

We did have 6-7 people over for Superbowl. I cooked a pot of Gumbo and some greens. Everyone enjoyed the greens. We had a lot of other stuff, more than 9-10 people could eat, so a lot of guest took home plates of food. Only two people were pulling for the Seahawks. We were the only happy people. Most lost interest after the kickoff for the2nd half.

Wow! Seahawks - 43 Denver - 8

I finally picked a winner!
Feb. 5, 2014

Superbowl Time! Go Seahawks!


Skip's Daughter Visits!

Mrs. Cynthia Hymon and husband George visited Skip & Barbara over the MLK Holiday. They were on there way to Las Vegas for some fun at the casino's and to see the sights and shows. They live in Virginia Beach, VA. They are frequent visitors to Baton Rouge and had a list of favorite restaurants to visit while they were here. We had Bar-B-Que from Deep South BBQ, Catfish from Tony's Seafood, Steak from Outback and a very nice meal from Copeland's, where everyone got their personal favorite thing from the menu.

They have never been to Las Vegas, but I have been there enough to get a job as a tour guide or to run a Roulette wheel! When I was stationed in San Diego, military could fly over to Las Vegas for $22 round trip on Air West! Maybe that's why they don't exist any more... The last time I was there was in June 2001, just after my last retirement (before the world changed).

The one "Must See" I told them about was, "The Fremont St. Experience". If you go, make sure you take a night trip to the old part of the city and see the light show on Freemon St. It is free! There are many other attractions, in and close to Las Vegas, such as, Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon. These are also in the don't miss list. You don't have to gamble in Vegas to have a nice time. Many of the attractions are very reasonable priced, jut to get you there. If you are strong, you can resist the gambling, but I would not bet on it!  PHOTOS
Jan. 23, 2014

Joe Is At Home, Resting

Kevin Gray ("Outlaw") reported that Joe is home and doing well, on his way to recovery. We continue to pray for his complete recovery and to get back to fabrication and racing.
Jan. 19, 2014

Joe Scott, of Plaquimine, LA, Is In ICU at B. R. Gen. Hospital

Fellow racer and good friend, Joe Scott suffered a heart attack on Thursday, Jan. 16th at his home. He was rushed to the hospital where he is recovering.

I will give more information after I visit today. Update 2:00 pm 1-17-14: Joe is doing well and may be released today if the Dr. feels his recovery is progressing. He is still in ICU. Joe had one stint put in, and is feeling much better. Visitors and visiting hours are limited while he is in the ICU. Hospital phone is: 225- 387-7000.

Please be in prayer for Joe and Mrs. "B" Scott.
Jan. 17, 2014

Trying To Improve

For the past few weeks I've been trying to improve my web design and developing skills. Trying to learn HTML5 and CSS3. These are the languages that the computer speaks to make everything look good when viewing web page. If you look at many other sites, you see beautiful pages with lots of designs and good layout. Many have animation. My pages are very static, bland and plain.

As I learn some of the skills that make the pages "pop", I will implement them. The Bracket Masters site will be the last to change. It is so big it will be hard to work over. At some point, I will completely start all of my sites over using the new methods.

The Car

I have decided to remove the engine from the car and repair the oil pan by getting it welded. While I'm at it, I will do some other things. Right now I am dreaming, but what I want to do is change the cam to take advantage of the flow numbers are available with a little higher lift. I also want to change the intake manifold to try to even out the distribution. I want to follow my good friend, Mr. Van Johnson, and get the Profiler, Sniper BBC intake. Between the cam and the intake, I should be able to squeeze out a few more horsepower. These two changes will cost much less than the big plans that I had been dreaming about (new heads, block, pistons and rods). So much easier on the pocketbook of this old retired person!

Camera Time!

I am in the market for another new camera. The Sony super-zoom that I purchased last year did not fit my needs. I know what the problem was, I expected too much from the camera. My Kodak P712 was a great little camera and did everything great. It was getting old and since Kodak went out of the camera business, there was not a replacement for it from Kodak. I take photos with a very good Nikon D90 in church and at church events. This is an excellent, expensive, DSLR camera, owned by the church. I would love to bring it to the track and try it out, but I would be in deep trouble if anything happened to it. .

Although the Nikon D90 takes excellent photos, the movie part of the camera sucks! The Kodak was much, much better. The Sony does not take as good photos or movies as the Kodak. I am looking at purchasing a new Nikon D5300 DSLR, which just came out in November 2013. It is not as expensive as the D90, but it has about 5 years of technology incorporated, plus almost everything else that the D90 has. If I come into some money, I will get the D7100, the direct replacement (upgrade) for the D90. (I could take some of the money I save on the engine and put it on a better camera and assessors!)
Jan.14, 2014


Alive and Kicking in 2014!

A friend asked how I was doing today, and I have to say I am GREAT! The new year is treating me just fine so far and I am looking forward to a very good year.

I want to wish all racers and their families a very blessed and happy new year. All of you that are spectators and just readers of these pages, I want you to be blessed too!

Thank you all for the support you have shown in the past, the nice comments about the site and our car. I enjoy doing what I do. Taking photos, writing, driving and talking with all of you and the occasional help I get from many of you. That is what's great about drag racing. the overall majority of racers are there for each other in times of need to make it to the next round. But that same racer will line up and try to beat you in that next round! We still remain friends after the win light comes on!


Reunited with Friends and Family!

I found a cousin on Facebook on New Years Day. We had not talked, or seen each other, in over 20 years. He is a news reporter on WBBM-TV in Chicago. His son was just admitted to the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. What an honor!

I also found an old friend, or I should say, my friend found me with an Internet search. This was an old shipmate of mine from my days on USS Snook (SSN-592) out of San Diego, in 1969. This young man and I worked in the engineering dept. where he was a 2nd Class Electrician's Mate. He selected for a special Navy program that sent him to Oklahoma University, where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and got his Commission as a Officer in the U. S. Navy. He come back to the submarine force and served on 4 nuclear powered subs A Weapons Officer and Navigator before retiring with 20 years of service. He lives in Little Rock, AK. We plan to meet and have a few long conversations and get our families together.
Jan. 3, 2014


Gift Cards Galore! Food & People!

I got gift cards to Outback, Don's Seafood, Shoe Station, The Mall of Louisiana and J. C. Penney's! As I said before, I have no idea how much each of them is worth. When I go to the store or out to eat, it will be like a Scratch-Off! Let the spending begin! I also got some clothes, which was nice.

We had guests like rolling thunder yesterday. As soon as one group would leave, another set of people would come in. We had more people eating my Gumbo than ever. Good thing I made a big pot. Our grandson, Ryland, who was home from his ship in Mayport, FL, called late last night and said, "I'll take everything that you have left back to the ship with me". Barbara had already cooked him a big pot of Red Beans & Rice on Tuesday. That boy can eat!

We had a great time. The great grand boy got an electric car from his Aunt Lizzie. He also got a host of other gifts from all of his kin-folks and parents.

The kids pooled their money and purchased their step-father a very nice electric range for his home. We also gave him a set of pots and pans.

Granny-Barbara was the big winner, outside of my cache of cards. She got all kinds of clothing, Victoria's Secret, Jewelry, money, items for her car and gift cards. All in all it was a good Christmas.

We started off the day at 7:00am Church. The sermon was about the Christmas Story, but from a different prospective. One of our assistant Rev. had done some research into the events and genealogy leading up to the birth of Christ. For once we were not looking at out watches saying, when is he going to end this thing!

I cooked the Gumbo, Dirty Rice and Collard Greens (with good old heart attack Ham Hocks!). Once per year, maybe twice, we can go overboard. Barbara did the green beans, corn bread, rolls, dressing, lots of rice and we also had a small TurDucHen, courtesy of my good friends, Rudy & Brenda Slaughter, over in Tallahassee, FL.. We had sent them a dozen large crabs and three rolls of Louisiana Seafood Boudin. We also had enough deserts to feed a small army (which I think did pass through here)! We had 17 for the sit-down dinner and I know at least 15-20 others passed by here, not including the small children.
Dec. 26, 2013

Christmas Family Photos

The Giving Time Of Year!

I love Christmas! I especially enjoy watching someone open a gift that I have given them and seeing the joy it brings them (most of the time).

My wife is a "list" person. She wants everyone to give her a list of item she can get them for Christmas. On the other hand, I like to figure out what a person may want, or need, and get that special item for them. I want it to be a surprise when they open their gift from me.

With Barbara's method, she never has to worry about getting someone something that they may not want. It also takes the work out of shopping for the people on your shopping list.

This year, since most of the grand kids are grown up now, we are getting a lot of gift cards. That way, they can go out after Christmas and get exactly what they want. I don't particularly like that method. People open their gift card and say, "Thanks, now how much is this for?" Cash is better, but not the same as a gift. I send a lot of cash to my family located away from here. Mostly because some of them need the money. I know they are going to get joy from that.

When I get gift cards, I forget about them, leave them inside the Christmas card, or put them in my wallet and forget to spend them when I go into the particular store. I guess it is better than, "Another tie", "What a nice pair of socks", "This belt is just what I needed". Dads, grand-fathers or men in general, sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts. When I think about it, Barbara's method and the gift card method work well for men on your list. As I have said many times, "It's the thought that counts!"

Merry Christmas & Happy Gift Opening!


Car And Racing Update

I have decided to repair the crack in the oil pan (again) and run through the opening half of the racing season. After the Father's Day Race, I will decide what to do with the engine. That will give me time to accumulate parts to build my dream "565 CID BBC"!

It is getting real close to time for me to hang it up for driving on the track. I may still test periodically, but only under ideal conditions and just for fun or troubleshooting. After the Father's Day Race in June 2014, I will not drive any more in competition.
December 24, 2013


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