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Jet Change

After reading my spark plugs, I decided to lean out the engine by moving from 89 jets too 87 jets. I will be listening for indications of the too lean condition and I will pull a couple of plugs at the top end the next time I make a full 1/4 mile pass in time trials. The time slip should help also.

I just read the R-M article in DRM this last issue. They don't support changing jets from season to season (cool weather to hot weather). For once, I don't agree with the experts. I do agree that you can settle on one set of jets that allow you to run without detonation in both hot and cool weather, but then you should use a weather station to predict what the car will run. Consistancy is the name of the game in Bracket Racing. If you are like me, and need to run as quick as I can to qualify in my class (Top Doorslammer), I need all the help I can get!

Photos From This Past Weekend

April 2, 2013


Great Race, but...

I attending the race at State Capitol Raceway yesterday and really enjoyed seeing the Pro-Mods running. The concept was very good, to have only 4-5 very fast classes and put on a good show, which they did, but the flow of the show was horrible.

There was too much time between rounds and for a lot of that time, there was nobody in the staging lanes. I can understand giving time to cool down and to make repairs (Pro-Mods), but this was way too much time. Most of the spectators left before the third round. Some of those fans may not come back. This is just my personal opinion. If I had been running a car, I would still feel the same way.

Exhibitions cost money, but something should be done to keep the interest of the spectators. As much as I hate watching the Index classes, I guess they serve a purpose (but not at this type of event). Some Super-Pro or Quick-16 would have been a good fill-in for the time we spent watching nothing going on on the track. In fact, I think Q-16 would be a good fit for this type of event.
March 31, 2013

Change of Plans

I will not be racing Friday night. I will try to make it to the race on Saturday, but that is in danger of not happening too.

The weather should be great for both days. The cars should really fly, and the drivers should not sweat!
March 29, 2013

Top Standings

I looked at the points standings in SCR's Top Doorslammer class and I am #17 of 35 Top Doorslammer racers. If I had participated in the first and last races. I would have had at least forty more points and I would have been much higher. I will try not to miss any more races and get myself into the top 10. That is my goal for 2013. Since I have already missed two of the 12 scheduled for 2013, I think that is a good goal. You can only count 10 races.

Hot Weather Racing

SCR is shutting down the points racing during the hot months of June, July and August. That will help me a lot. My car does not like those hot months any way. The only scheduled race on a Saturday is the Bracket Masters Father's Day Race on Saturday, June 15, 2013. That is not a points race, but as always, that race is a lot of fun!


This will be our chance to see some of the top sportsman NHRA racers in the nation. The usually put on a good show. Some of our local racers usually do well in that event. It looks like the weather will clear up for the event. With the NHRA officials overseeing the track prep, it should be a good event.

Good Italian Food

First of all, the food was Super Good!. I decided to take Barbara to a place where we had never dined in Baton Rouge. This was last Wednesday night. I decided on Ruffino's Steak, Seafood & Italian Restaurant over on Highland Rd.

We were blown away by the elegance of the place. Before we got to the door, we could tell this was not going to be our normal monthly night out.

This restaurant was originally opened by LSU coach, Gerry DiNardo (LSU - 1995 - 1999) and was sold to the present owner, Mr. Ruffin Rodrigue, when coach DiNardo left the school after the 1999 season. I seem to remember coach DiNardo saying that Baton Rouge did not have a real, upscale Italian Restaurant and he wanted to fill that void.

Did I say that the food was Super? Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves. We hardly ever have a "Doggie Bag", but both of us had enough left of our meals to have the leftovers for dinner on Thursday evening.

Barbara had Spaghetti and Meatballs. I had their Lasagna. The Lasagna had a red sauce, that I had never had, spread around the outside of this huge conjugation of meats, sauces, cheeses and pasta. Now I have had Lasagna in a few places around the world, including Rome, Italy, but this was the best I had ever tasted. Barbara was equally impressed with her dish.

We cannot wait until the next time we are in the mood for Italian food. Move over Olive Garden, Skip & Barbara have a new place to get our Italian craven taken care of.
March 22, 2013.

Luck Of The Draw - You Tube Video - March 17, 2013
Skip, Shannun & Kevin

Starter Repaired

Yesterday I repaired my starter solenoid and inspected the starter drive and the flywheel. Everything is in good shape. I went to O'Reilly Auto Parts and purchased a "Lifetime Warranty" (which translates too, costs more money) solenoid. The new solenoid had different mounting and wire post positions, but I made it work. I mounted it on a cage bar. Since the mounting plate is a part of the ground circuit, I had to scrape some of the paint off the bar. To be safe, and insure a good ground connection, I ran a wire from my ground buss to the mounting plate for the solenoid. All is well in the electrical world of "Mr. Skip".

Good Product

Let me take this moment to tell you about an excellent product. The Phoenix Flexplate (SFI Approved). This flexplate is a super product. I have been using them since 1999 on my BBC. The only time I change them is when the SFI certification expires. This is also the result of lining up the components correctly when I install the starter and flexplate.

Nitro Jam Trip

I am thinking about attending the Nitro Jam in San Antonio, TX the first week in April (5th - 6th). I have never been there. We do have some friends over there and I hear the track is great. There is suppose to be a lot to see and do over there also. Lots of time to think about it and I have to check with Crew Chief, Mrs. Barbara. They have a bracket event incorporated where I would feel very comfortable running.
March 19, 2013

No Luck At The Draw, But A Good Race!

Congratulations to the members of Drag Race Co-Op LTD. on the great race they put on this past Sunday at SCR. For a first try, they did very well. I am sure they will get their procedure down pat for coming events of that type. I did not hear any complaints by the time I left after the 4th round. There were lots of members helping out to keep things moving and vi sable to help racers and spectators. Good job Drag Race Co-Op LTD!

I was told there were 29 cars in the Luck of the Draw event. That is more than they had for the first few Top Doorslammer's events. I think, now that people see how it worked, more will sign up to be a part of the action.

I want to thank Mr. Donald Knox for helping me with a little problem that I had with my starter solenoid. It would not disengage after starting the engine, and I could not turn it off from inside the car. Thank God for Emergency Shut Off Switches! I need a new solenoid. which should be installed today. I already checked the switch, push button and the wires around the starter. I must check the flywheel and starter to make sure they did not get damaged.

I did not do well in the Luck of the Draw race. I had two time trials, one of which was just awful, from the burn-out, to staging, where I turned out the top bulb, and through the run. Everything was just awful. The second time trial was just a little better, but not much. I lost in the first round, where I broke out by .001, 5.789 on a 5.79 dial-in against the Nova of Charles Laurent, Jr. I bought back and had a big red light against the Red Hot Dragster of Scott Marcotte. Congratulations to both of those drivers.

When I was ready to put the car in the trailer was when I had the starter problem. I would not have made the next round any way.

One good thing that happened, I ran under the magic time of 5.79 in 76 degree heat. Maybe I can find a few more horses, or tweek something to make it stay there in 80 degree temperatures. I know there is no way in the 90's.

PHOTOS From Luck Of The Draw Race

Mrs. Barbara took the majority of the photos from the stands. The new camera does a good job. She did some movies too, which I will post much later (mostly of me and Kevin).
March 18, 2013

Eddie Lee White, a member of Bracket Masters Racing Team and a Board of Directors member, passed away, March 9, 2013. He was a resident of La Place, LA. Our condolences go out to Mrs. Ann White, his wife, and family.

Getting Ready For The Weekend!

I cleaned the car, polished the wheels, changed the oil and filter to be ready for this coming weekend. Earlier this week, I changed to a new set of NGK-7 spark plugs. They are all indexed and when I started it up, to warm up for the valve check, it sounded very responsive.

Those old plugs had been in there since November 2011. In the old days, back in the 60's when we ran points, I use to change plugs about every 6-8 weeks. That was before MSD and Capacitive Discharge Ignitions. Now I just re-gap them about every 3-4 months and put them back in. When I do change, I don't notice any change in my times. Not like in the old days, a new set of plugs would make the car noticeably quicker. We were also dealing with Points back then and that made a lot of difference. Now I have a Crank Trigger and I only check the timing just to see that it is still where I put it, months ago. Technology, isn't it great! I know many of you will not agree with my methods, but it works for me.

I will not be able to race on Saturday due to the funeral of Mr. Eddie Lee White, a member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, and a friend.

I also checked the setting of all of my valves. Only three were a little off. Number 3 intake and both valves on #8 cylinder. They were only off .002 - .004 each.

All I have left now is to load up, which I will do on Saturday afternoon. I really hate to miss the Top Doorslammer race on Saturday. This is probably the last time my car would be quick enough to run in the class. During the Summer it normally slows down due to the heat and it does not run under the required 5.79 until the Sun goes down.

Kevin "Outlaw" Gray will have his S-10 Truck back on the track this Friday for testing his rebuilt engine. I will be at the track to support him and help with the tuning. I expect some good times out of the truck after we get everything sorted out.
March 14, 2013

Photos from "Da Invasion Of Louisiana" at No Problem Raceway - March 9, 2013.


Video's Taken at State Capitol Raceway, Sunday - March 3, 2013

Top Doorslammer Eliminations 3-3-2013

Top Dragster Finals - 3-3-2013

Mr. Skip, 1st Time Trial & 1st Round Win
March 3, 2013

Lionel's Nova at SCR - March 3, 2013

Bryan Collie at SCR - March 3, 2013
March 8, 2013


Skip & Barbara's Photos From SCR -
"March Madness" March 2-3, 2013

Photos - Sat. 3-2-13     

Photos - Sun. 3-3-13

March 5, 2013

"...change that to a zero". "No, leave it alone".

After thinking long and hard, Barbara talked me into racing again on Sunday. The weather was just perfect. The wind was gone and the temp. was great.

We got one time trial and we were ready for the first round of Top Doorslammer. I qualified with a 5.725 @ 119.06 MPH. In round one I cut the tree down with a triple zero Reaction Time and ran a 5.723 on a 5.72 dial-in! Saturday night I had run back to back RT of, .035 sec.. So I took .035 out of the box to start the day.

The car was running, and reacting, just as it had on Saturday. All we did was let air out of the tires, back down to 8.5 PSI, and filled the gas tank with Sunoco 112 Blue. We were still running the BG 1090, with 89 square jets. We are leaving at 3800 RPM and shifting at 6800 RPM. This seems to be about the best combination for this engine, dating back to January 2010. The only difference is, we use to run 42 degrees timing and killed a few starters. Now we are running 36 degrees and the starter has been on there for over two years. We are just 4 or 5 hundredths slower, in the same weather conditions, than we were with the higher timing.

When we got to round two, we were pared with this 4.87 sec Camaro. We had put 5.71 on the window in the pits. By now Kevin had come to the track after attending church. The fast car had lane choice and took the right lane. Kevin said, "You better change that too a zero. I said, "Leave it alone". We left the line with a .048 light, to his .200 light. When I crossed the line first and my win light did not come on, I knew I had broken out! We ran a 5.708 on our 5.71 dial-in. Kevin was right! All he did was look at me when I got back to the trailer. I was sick! The car was there all weekend. For the three runs, my 60' times were, 1.284 (time trial), 1.280 (1st round) & 1.279 on that last run.

Now I will do my routine maintenance and get everything cleaned up. It is time for an oil change and I need to check the valves. I'll wait for the "Luck of the Draw Shootout" on March 17, 2012, at SCR before I run again.
March 4, 2013

Cold Day of Racing

It was too cold to be enjoyable. The wind-chill was the problem. According to the tracks weather station, it got to 13 MPH with a temp of 42 degrees, at one point during the day.

I entered the Top Doorslammer class and on my first pass, I laid down a 5.690 @ 118 MPH to make it into the field. You have to run at least 5.79 sec. to qualify, or they will let you run if you enter and put 5.79 on the window. My final qualifying run was a 5.703 @ 118 MPH. In round one, I won by the smallest of margins. That put me into the 2nd round with, Mr. Dave Walker, who had beat me last night for the money in Super Pro $$$. His .024 RT, too my .035 RT, and his 5.471 ET (5.47 dial-in) too my 5.696 (5.69 dial-in) was the end of my day. Dave had put me out two straight days!

Again, the car ran very, very well and I was happy with the car.


I took the car to SCR Friday night and ran in Super Pro $$$ Class. After three rounds of racing, I found myself faced off with Mr. Dave Walker of Double-D Electric in his little truck. I did not give myself a chance with a big Red Light! When I say big, that's what I mean. When I released the button, instantly the car left (I am a top bulb racer). When it happened, I thought it was a mistake of using the wrong button. I have one button for launch, and a second button for backing up, or just by-passing the box. What really happened was, I had mistakenly erased my delay from my side of the box. That caused me to have 0000 in the box, or No Delay. Anyway, I lost, big time. It was good enough for a check and one of those coveted Money Stickers.

The car ran exceptionally good all night. As I have said before, I can find unique ways of losing races. Kevin was with me all night and was very helpful, as usual. I was so happy to get past the first round, I did not know what to do. In the second round, my opponent turned on the red light and put me into round three, which I won. Dave and I squared off in the final and I lost.

Along the way I set some new "Best" times for the car and for me individually, ever. To some of you, these time may be slow, but to me, I am extremely happy. We clicked off a 1.233 sixty-foot time, my best ever. The new tires are working just fine. That run come on the 4th pass on the tires.

The 1st pass was almost a disaster. When I left the line, the car took off for the right wall. In my younger days, I would have tried to correct it and stayed in the gas, but now, wiser and more careful, I just got out of it and came back on the 2nd pass and it ran perfectly, hanging the wheels and cutting a 1.279 sixty-ft time. Which for me was very good.

Kevin had me doing some unusually long burn-outs to try to get the tires in shape for competition. I am sure those burn-outs had a lot to do with the low times. We will go back to our regular, short, burn-out shortly.
March 2, 2013

New Camera

Purchased a new Sony Super zoom HD camera. This one is smaller than the Nikon D90 that I use in church, but it has a lot of features that are not available on the D90. Although the D90 is a DSLR with interchangeable lens, the new Sony camera, with one lens, will reach out even more and will take movies and keep the focus while using the zoom feature. This was my major gripe with the Nikon D90. It took beautiful photos, but the movies were not so good. My old Kodak Super zoom was great with photos, but the quality was not there because it was not full, or even low quality, HD. The new Sony is full HD with excellent quality.

With the three day weekend of racing coming up at SCR, I will have plenty of opportunity to test the new camera.

Racing Weekend

Three days of good (but cold) weather is coming for this racing weekend! I have not had the car at the track since November, and then I only had two runs to check out the launch.

Looking at the flyer, it seems like it will be a couple of very good races.

I plan on driving, while it is cool, because once the weather heats up, I know I will not want to be inside that car.

I would normally skip this Friday, but I need a few good burnouts and launches to break in the new tires for Saturday and Sunday.
Feb. 28, 2013

Visit by Oliver (Photos)

Just relaxing, enjoying my son's visit. Oliver came in last Friday and will leave tomorrow morning. We enjoyed every moment of his visit. He attended church with Barbara and myself today. We were out eating at the local places that he enjoys. I may have gained a few pounds while he was here. Kevin stopped by while Oliver was here.
Feb. 24, 2013

Wedding Bells!

Barbara's cousin, Mr. Daniel Bond, was married on Feb. 16, 2013, to Ms. Debra Robinson of St. Louis, MO. Barbara and Skip traveled to St. Louis for the wedding and had a very nice time. ( I missed the first race of the season, but still managed to enjoy myself).

It was the first marriage for both of them. There were over 300 people in attendance. The ceremony was held at a wedding chapel and the reception was held in the same location.

Barbara and I left on Friday, the wedding was on Saturday at Noon and we returned to Baton Rouge Monday. This was only a 675 Mile trip, shorter than most of our vacation trips, and Barbara drove most of the way up to St. Louis and I drove all but 100 miles coming home. PHOTOS
Feb. 18, 2013

Still Willing to Learn

I have been reading some Web Site Design information, trying to make this, and other web sites that I run, better looking sites. Since 2001, I have taught myself everything I know about web site design. I took a couple of courses a few years ago trying to learn Flash, but that did not do any good. Flash is a very complicated application. As things have worked out, the major web designers and mobil app designers, especially Apple, are not using Flash or they are moving away from it.

HTML5 is now the way to go. I never learned the old HTML, so I am not that much better off than I was with Flash. My only saving grace is, the HTML Editor that I use, Dreamweaver, does not require that you know how to write HTML. All you need to know is, basically, how to use a word processor and follow directions. Something like MS Word.

A few weeks ago, I sat down to try to teach someone how to take over one of the sites that I am working on. At that time I realized just how little I know about web site design and construction of web sites. There were so many questions that I could not answer. Over the years, I have accumulated many books on all aspects of web design but I have not concentrated of making that information available to anyone else or to teach anyone.

I have been doing everything on my sites. Things that normally several different people, with specific skills, would do. To name a few; Photographer, Journalistic Reporting and Editor; Web Site Design; Computer Operator and Application Manager; Graphic Design (or in my case, lack of graphic design). There are probably a few other jobs that go into making a good web site.

I know one thing, there are a lot of beautiful web sites on the internet. I am going to try to make my site look better in the future. That will probably mean enlisting some help from people with the skills that I don't have. Until then, keep an eye on this site.

Feb. 14, 2013 (Happy Valentine's Day - I remembered to get my wife a gift and a card, did you?)

Tire Change

Since I now have plenty of time, I removed the slicks and took the locking screws out so I can have the new tires mounted. When I got the tires off, I was shocked by the strange ware pattern. They had been wearing really deep on the inside edge, about 2" wide on both tires. The left side was much worse than the right. I have never seen that type of ware before. The tires have just over 200 runs and have been swapped from side to side several times.
Feb. 10, 2013

Early Registration

I paid my early entry fee for the 50 car, 1/8 mile, race at SCR this Sunday ("Luck of the Draw"). I am told I was #37, or so. Only 13 more slots to fill out the 50 car field. The Race Is RESCHEDULED: Rain date is: Feb. 24, 2013.

Mr. Skip Racing Photos (Various Old)Feb. 6, 2013

Racing Season Starts!

I looked at our two local tracks calendar's to see where I will be racing the next two months. The 1st big day, has already been RESCHEDULED, the "Luck of the Draw" race at State Capitol Raceway will be held on Feb. 24, 2013, due to prediction of a lot of rain this Sunday.

No Problem Raceway will have a Mardi Gras race on Tuesday, Feb. 12th (Mardi Gras day).

The next event will be the opening bracket event at SCR on Sat., Feb. 16th. This will have Q16, Top Doorslammer and all the normal classes. This is the initial 2013 points race.

Feb. 23rd and 24th No Problem Raceway will have their Race #2 & #3 (the season opener got rained out and was reschedule for October 12, 2013). This will be two points races for all of their normal classes.

This if the 1st conflict. The "Luck of the Draw" race was rescheduled to Feb. 24, 2013 at SCR.This race was cancelled, Feb. 20, 2013, due to prediction of 4-5 days of rain and bad weather through the weekend.

March 2nd & 3rd will be a Big Bucks bracket event at State Capitol Raceway that also features the 2nd points event for Q16, Top and all the normal brackets.

The 2nd conflict occurs's on March 9th when a group from New Orleans will sponsor their initial "Da Invasion of Louisiana" race. This will be a Index Racing and Grudge racing format. The conflict is with the big IHRA event at State Capitol Raceway.

March 8-10, 2013 at State Capitol Raceway -  IHRA Summit Racing Pro-AM Points event. This is one of two chances (locally) that we will get to qualify for the IHRA national year end championship event.

March 16th, at SCR, will be another points event that will have Q16 and Top classes, along with the normal bracket classes.

MARCH 22-24 JEGS Cajun Nationals will take place at No Problem Raceway.

MARCH 30 Super Street Car Shootout 5 will also be at No Problem Raceway.

Looks like we have a full schedule of racing for the start of our racing season.

I did not list the Motorcycle events, Jr. Dragster events and other non-car events at both tracks. NPR has a full sports car schedule that some of you may be interested in (My pastor has a Vett that he runs on the sports car ckt. at NPR).
Feb. 1, 2013

Mr. Skip Testing - 1-27-2013

As stated earlier, we went to the track Sunday and made two passes. We had a 9.13 out of the trailer and came back with a 9.071 @ 148 MPH.


There were a lot of nice cars out testing. We had a real good time for our 1st trip out in 2013.

We saw Stephen "Gunney" Funderburk, retired E-9 Marine Gunnery Sgt. and his wife. They live in New Iberia, LA. "Gunney" finished #7 in Division 4's Super Street class in 2012. Congratulations! We also saw Van Johnson, another Super Street driver from New Iberia, with his new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and two of his biker friends. PHOTOS
Jan. 30, 2013

IHRA Has Been Sold!

Here is the email I received today:

To:  All IHRA Member Tracks, Sponsors and Members

 I’am pleased to announce that IHRA has been purchased from Feld Entertainment by an investor group of “car guys” and current members of the drag racing community.

 Each time we have been through an ownership group change, that group purchased the entire motorsports division that we have been a part of for the last 10 + years and we basically came along for the ride.  This time we will be breaking away from the motorsports division and will be 100% owned by the group that currently owns and manages Palm Beach International Raceway and Memphis International Raceway.  These folks have been working on purchasing IHRA from Feld Entertainment for the last several years even though IHRA was never “for sale”. 

 Joe Lubek, Michael Dezer and Jason Rittenberry are the three people that will own IHRA.  I have included some background info on each below and a quick link to Mr. Dezer’s personal car collection which spans over 1,800 vehicles!

 To be honest, it will be nice to get back to being owned by folks in our industry.  It does’t change anything from a business plan point of view.  We are still a for profit company that conducts sportsman racing events, sanctions tracks and puts on shows during the season. 

 The reason IHRA was purchased was because of our focus on member tracks, sportsman racing and entertainment.  These things really line up with the ownership’s core values since they have purchased and restored major facilities.  The Nitro Jam entertainment model has made enough steady progress to be invested in and grown.  The product of our hard work is that were targeted for being purchased because these folks see what the potential is and they understand our business. 

 Each time IHRA is purchased there is always hesitation, reservation and speculation about the future.  I swear IHRA has probably been out of business or dead ten times in the last ten years according to the internet.  This time there won’t be any of that.  The ownership vision is much clearer, there are no corporate giants to contend with for resources and as a bonus, the new owners already have a track record of buying, investing in and growing two magnificent facilities within our sport.    

 IHRA will still be located in Norwalk Ohio in the same offices we just moved into a few months ago.  The same people will still be here working hard every day to help our member tracks, improve sportsman racing and help our corporate partners sell their products.  None of the core philosophies I’ve just mentioned will be changing.  What will be changing is our ability to think beyond our limits and make a good business plan to grow that is nurtured by several people with the financial resources and passion for our sport.  These folks made an investment in today’s IHRA and all that it has become.  They will provide the stability and resources necessary to move IHRA forward as it continues to evolve as long as we have a financially sound game plan in place.     

 I hope you are as excited about the future as we are.  This is all pretty new to us so I’m sure there will be more that I have not covered.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Other than an e-mail change back to in a few weeks, all of my contact info below is still the same.

 Best Regards,

 Skooter Peaco

 Skooter Peaco | Vice President 

IHRA Motorsports
(:: (419) 660-4217 / 419-668-6601 fax
*:: 300 Cleveland Road | Norwalk, Ohio | 44857

I wonder what changes we can expect to see at our track, if any (SCR)?
Jan. 29, 2013

Mr. Skip Testing At SCR

Kevin, Barbara the car and myself arrived at the track about the same time. Kevin got the car out of the trailer while I went to sign us in. We decided to have Kevin drive for today while Barbara and I took pictures. I also wanted to get a good movie of my right wheelie bar wheel.

Kevin came out of the trailer with a super, 9.132 @ 146 MPH. We were very happy. Everything worked and I got a good look at the wheelie bar wheel. It looked good, the car went straight and the 60' time was, 1.317 on the worn out tires. Our 2nd run was even better. We had a 9.071 @ 148 MPH, with a 1.298 sec. 60' time. After that pass we decided to pack up and go home. Nothing else to prove and everything was still working just fine.

All in all, we had a super day at the track. When I got home and put the car in the shop, I removed all 8 spark plugs and checked the gap along with reading how each cylinder was burning. That was a lost cause because all of them looked like they were too rich. I know that's from driving down the return road and driving the car into the workshop. We will not make any changes for the race on the 10th. We should be just fine, and we will have new tires.

We will have some photos later.

State Capitol's 1320Go is working as it should now. At the end of last season it was not giving the correct final ET. You can also get 1320Go for No Problem Raceway, IHRA series, NHRA series or any number of tracks in the USA. I love the members section with stats for my car (and other racers, except those that pup N/T on their windows) for the whole year, by date, that I went to the track for time trials or competition.
Jan. 27, 2013


I put the Camaro in the trailer today after cleaning it up and checking underneath from one end to the other for anything that may be wrong (hose fittings, nuts & bolts on ladder bars, converter bolts and anything else I could see and get a wrench on). I cleaned all the grounds and primary connections to the battery and the main cut-off switch, along with the battery charging posts.

Earlier this week I had to do some troubleshooting on my fan circuit. Reggie Jackson and myself had bypassed the fan switch the last time we ran.

I found the push-in connector, right behind my switch panel, charred and showing signs of drawing too much current. It could have been a loose connection. None of the other components showed any signs of a problem.

The ckt. has a 25A fuse and no relay. I cut out the bad section containing the male and female connectors and replaced them. I tested the ckt. and everything seems to be in good shape. I may lower that fuse to a 15A.

At one point, with my other car, I had one 30A ckt. breaker for both the fan and water pump and never had a problem. I should install relays for both of them. That way I would not have that high current up to the switch panel. The relay would direct that high current from the battery straight too the fan and water pump. I have that arrangement on my fuel pump.

I have a voltmeter on my dashboard that I can switch on and off. With everything running, the fan did not cause any fluctuation in voltage, and by itself, it was no more than I would expect, compared to the other components. I don't have anything to measure the current in that ckt., DC ammeters are not that common (at least the ones that measure 1- 50 amps DC), and they are a pain to connect and remove in a DC ckt..

I will go to State Capitol Raceway on Sunday, Jan. 29th, to the test & tune and make a few passes. My main concern is the right wheelie bar wheel, where we had to straighten it out. If that is OK, I should be ready for the race on Feb. 10th.

Oh! While I was under the car, I discovered my slicks are worn out! I ordered a new set of Micky's. The last time I was at the track, I had some of the best 60' times that I have had...

Mr. Willie Blesses "Trinity"

Trinity is a member of Shiloh Missionary B. C. in Port Allen, LA.. Blind from birth, she is one of the most wonderful children you would ever meet. She sings in the youth choir, speaks very well and loves public speaking, but her specialty is praying.

Last Sunday, Trinity recited the Lord's Prayer, and at the end, she added, "Dear Lord, please let Pastor Allen have a safe trip home from Washington"! Our pastor had traveled up to D. C. to see the Presidential Inauguration.

Mr. Willie had heard about this amazing little girl and he and his wife, Elois, were about to donate their full size upright piano to another group. They decided to ask Trinity's parents if she might want to have a piano. Of course the answer was, "Yes"! When Trinity's grandfather and one helper arrived, they were surprised to see a full size piano, that would require more than the few hands that they had available. Some help was enlisted from the neighborhood, and they got the piano on the truck.

I was told that Trinity's mom and grandparents had just discussed enrolling her in piano lessons and trying to save up to purchase a piano.

I was told Trinity sat at the piano all of Tuesday afternoon and a good part of yesterday, enjoying her new piano. When Trinity and her grandmother called to thank Mr. Willie, he asked Trinity to pray for him, and she did. Blessings go both ways...
Jan. 24, 2013

Congratulations Mr. President!

I was happy that President Obama will get to serve a 2nd term. The 1st Lady's wardrobe was great all day and into the night. Grambling's band was outstanding. What an honor to be invited.

My pastor, Rev. Raymond E. Allen, Sr. of Shiloh Missionary B. C. in Port Allen, LA and three of our congregation got to travel to Washington, D. C. to witness the ceremony. Port Allen City Councilwoman, Ray Helen Lawrence, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Collins were in attendance. They were a part of history. I just wish my father and mother had been alive to see that great day.

Super Bowl

Well, that just shows how good I am at predicting the NFL. I did not get either team correct!

I have two sons in California that are big time Raiders fans. They are both upset (along with their sons) about the 49's getting into the big game. I will probably end up pulling for the 49's anyway (does that mean they will lose?).

I would not be unhappy to see Ray Lewis get another ring, just before retiring. All the Raven's need is Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) on the sidelines to inspire Michael Oher and Joe Flacco!

Mr. Skip's Camaro Featured On Drag Race Co-Op Web Site

It's an honor to be the feature car on the site. I just hope that Kevin and I have another good year in my car, as we did in 2012. We did not break anything! That alone makes us winners and know that we are blessed.

We will get Kevin's truck back on track shortly. Unlike me, Kevin's truck did get into the winner's circle last year. We hope to keep that winning attitude going for 2013.
Jan. 22, 2013

No Problem Raceway (schedule change)

This Saturday's 1st big bracket race of the season has been rescheduled to October 2013 at No Problem Raceway. They also cancelled the Weds. night event for tomorrow, due to the weather. See Web Site
Jan. 15, 2013

Next Up, Super Bowl XLVII

I predict we will see New England (Ugh!) and The Dirty Birds (Double Ugh!). Can't stand either one of them. New England is like the Yankees, I am a Dodger fan, and no Saints fan can pull for Atlanta, except maybe, against New England.

Seattle has a good chance. The Seahawks got a taste of winning a playoff game last year, so they will not be, "Just happy to be here". I will be pulling for them.
Jan. 12, 2013 (Update 1-15-13: I'll bet Pete Carroll will not try to "Ice" a kicker again!)

Again I Say, Roll Tide!

Not much of a game after the first two Alabama possessions. Congratulations to the Crimson Tide. Little Nicky is good!

The storied program of Notre Dame was outplayed in every avenue of the game. I felt sorry for Manti Te'o, their best defender. He looked very bad, as did the rest of the defenders. Te'o will probably be a 1st round draft pick in the NFL, and it will be well deserved.
Jan. 8, 2013

Roll Tide!

Time For Towing Maintenance

I checked over the truck yesterday. Cleaned the battery posts, checked the anti-freeze, oil and trans. fluid. Checked all the tires for correct air pressure and also checked the trailer's tire air. It's time to grease the bearings on the trailer, or change them, on some trailers.
Jan. 6, 2013

Pulled From The Brink!

The Fiscal Cliff might have been avoided, but I feel sorry for the Hurricane Sandy people that were waiting on Congress to do something for them. I lived through Katrina and Gustave, and a few more, but was never cold and wet, with snow. This should be the new Congresses first order of business.

Drag Race Co-Op LLC Organization

A group of men have joined forces to start Drag Race Co-op. They will start out be sponsoring a race at State Capitol Raceway on Feb. 10, 2013. This will serve to introduce the group to the local racing community and to let us know what their purpose and goals will be.

More information is coming in the near future. You can visit their web site at: . See the flyer for the race.

Members of the group are; Willie Beathley, Rickey Collins and Randy Celestine.
Jan. 3, 2013

No Problem Raceway 2013 Schedule

No Problem Raceway will start their season early in January! See their web site for flyers and the schedule.  Lots of racing, including a big Jr. Dragster event.

State Capitol Raceway 2013 Schedule

There is a lot going on at State Capitol Raceway in February! Fast cars and lots of noise! Get those cars ready, the season is starting with a bang! The track will start Sunday Test & Tune on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013. The Feb. 10th Sunday Test & Tune will feature a special race, the Dragrace Coop 1st Annual " Luck Of The Draw Shootout". See web site for details:


We are hanging on the edge of the "Fiscal Cliff", but Congress has until Thursday to pull us back up. Today, I think they will clear the log jam (political grid lock) and get the job done. I think $450K is a good deal (I will never see it, but it's still a good number to wish for).
January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Those of you that have a problem with the number 13, just go to sleep at midnight tonight and someone will awaken you next year (2014)!

Another solution would be to go to Watch Night service of your choice and pray to have a good year in 2013. That always seems to work for me.

This year we should all pray that we survive the fall off the "Fiscal Cliff"! I have no confidence that Congress, the President, Vice-President Biden,or any of them up there on the hill, will do anything to prevent the tax increase. I should probably increase my withholding to pay my share.

Someone once said, don't talk about religion and politics if you want to cut down on arguments...
Dec. 31, 2012

Christmas Day Celebration At Home!

And a good time was had by all!

Skip & Barbara hosted the annual Christmas gift exchange and dinner at the Holbert Home today. We had a big attendance, all family, except a friend of Ryland's, a sailor, Marvelous Brown, from Cleveland, OH (We made him feel like a part of the family too!). Others in attendance were: Quel, Tray (1st Christmas) & Barbara Morris, Liz & Jeremy Herbert, Roland, Kim & Rodrick Gardner, Avery Johnson and Myeshia Whitfield. PHOTOS
Dec. 25, 2012

Bracket Masters Christmas Party!

Barbara and myself were invited to the Annual Bracket Masters Christmas Party & Dinner on Dec. 22, 2012. The dinner was held at Ralph & Kacoo's in Baton Rouge. Most of the active members were on hand, with their wives or friends. A good time was had by all. The food and service was great!

Two members, "Mr. Willie" and James Richardson could not attend due to health reasons. Willie Davis and Earl Mackey were working and could not attend. Earl's wife and son were on hand and handed out gifts to each couple present.

Trophies were handed out by, President Tarrus Jones, Sr. and Vice President Johnny Tate, to all members. The trophies were super nice, a piston on a pedestal with the members name.

I completed my shopping this morning. Everyone is taken care of, especially Mrs. Barbara. I hope she likes her gifts. Merry Christmas!
Dec. 24, 2012

Christmas Shopping

I think many people, including our family, are saving money this year. Since returning from vacation, and while on vacation, I noticed there are very few shoppers in the malls. We have cut back a lot and we think the retailers are going to have a very slim holiday season. One reason may be the early start. Black Friday actually started on Thanksgiving Day in many areas.

Nothing going on with the car. Most of us are down for the Winter. I am going to use this time to tighten up screws and nuts and bolts. During the last trip to the track, a screw fell out of the on-off switch connection for the fan. I suspect the culprit was vibration. I am going to put the car on jackstands and tighten everything on the back end of the car. While I am back there, I will clean my battery and ground connections.

Happy Holidays!

For those of us that celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas!
December 17, 2012

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